Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 94: Escape

The door opened!

Rocky was a little confused.

After many tests, the door that couldn't be opened alive and charged all the time was opened like this!

Is it malfunctioning?

Loki just guessed secretly, and then flashed out of the laboratory extremely quickly.

Otherwise, others will discover that something is really wrong, and then close the door again.

Coming to the outside of the laboratory, Loki smiled wickedly and shook his arms: "Hahaha, I finally came out!"

He blinked, "Harry, this is definitely not your plan this time. I am so strong and have a strong army. You have no reason to let me go! Doing this is tantamount to letting the tiger go!"

"So, your company must be a ghost! Haha, Selvig and the others really acted efficiently. They found my position so quickly and took control of the cell control room!"

"When I get back the scepter, I will ruin this place! When you come back, you find that your company has been razed to the ground, will you be particularly angry?"

"Hmph, this is the punishment for your imprisoning the great king!"

In the monitoring room, a large group of people standing in front of the screen were lost in thought.

Jessica kept moving her eyes to Harry.

They didn't seem to expect that this Loki was really not afraid of fear.

This person... ah no, doesn't this god know that there is a big cage besides the small cage?

"Turn on the trap mode and expel him."

However, Harry's expressions in the eyes of the crowd remained calm, and he whispered to Kara.

"Okay, your order is being executed, sir."

The place where the psychic scepter was stored suddenly began to change.

And Loki was gradually approaching here sneakily.

Seeing this, Jessica couldn't help laughing.

Harry didn't feel anything.


Loki, Loki, letting you go out is a kinder thing.

Wouldn't it be a bit unreasonable to want to take away the Scepter of Mind?

Although this is indeed your thing.

At this moment, Rocky stepped into the room with a confident smile on his face.

call out--

Suddenly, a flash of laser light fell rapidly from the corner of the ceiling!

Loki's body suddenly became clever, but fortunately he used the "rolling" position to smoothly avoid the attack.

"It's an agency!"

Loki growled in surprise and anger.

The laser light just now gave him a feeling that it could destroy his body!

If it were not flashing fast, he would have an extra blood hole in his body at this time!



When Loki looked up in a panic and looked around, a bunch of laser generators aimed at him, and then shot out!

Can't be topped can't be topped.

In desperation, Loki had to quit the room quickly and looked angrily at the facilities inside.

He was very unwilling.

This is the treasure that the adult gave him. If you lose it, it is the same result as not getting the space gem!

What's more terrifying is...

If the soul scepter and the space gem can't be reached by himself, then he is dead!

He clenched his fist tightly.

The room where the scepter is stored is full of organs. This must be set by Harry, but he is only a human. How could he understand the gems of the soul?

Why should it be placed in a place where the safety is explosive?

Could it be that that guy is not a human, but a weird metamorphosis in the universe?

However, his speed and strength are the most terrifying I have ever seen...

"I will get this scepter back sooner or later!"

"In two days, the whole world will surrender under my feet!"

Finally, Loki, who looked at the scepter reluctantly, put down his cruel words, turned and left.

"Finally let him go."

Seeing him sneaking out of the Infinity Building, Harry laughed cheerfully.

Because of this guy's stupidity, he deliberately dismissed the security guard on duty, just so that this guy could sneak out without incident.

Loki's brain circuit was so strange that Harry did not dare to challenge his lower limit.

"That's it." Jessica sighed after reading all this carefully.

"Jessica, Loki is not a good person." Seeing her look, Dr. Conners couldn't help but remind her kindly.

Hearing these words, Jessica knew that he had misunderstood, and immediately said: "Who cares about that guy? I just sighed. He doesn't seem to know much about human thinking."

"Could it be that this is what God thinks?"

Jessica remembered the scene of meeting Thor. At that time, Harry was still beating Thor, this guy was Loki's brother.

Suddenly, her mind flashed, her fists moved from top to bottom with high-five hands, and her eyes lit up: "I see, their ability is to pretend to be the most arrogant and be beaten by the most poisonous!"

Accustomed to Jessica's strange words from time to time, several people have already started what they have at hand.

"Harry, take a look."

Gwen suddenly called his name.

Harry looked dazed, walked over and asked, "What's the matter?"

"look here."

Gwen pointed to the screen with his white fingers.

There is a photo and a series of information.

Name: Zhao Hailun

Now at Osborne Industries!

Is it in your own company?

After reading all the information about this female doctor.

Harry was taken aback and exchanged a glance with Gwen, then smiled, "It's much simpler than that, dig her to us."

Zhao Hailun, thirty years old, single, unmarried.

She had already read her Ph.D. and worked in Osborne for three years. Until now, she has been doing regular work in the genetic research department.

"No wonder, I heard this kind of conjecture about the cradle of regeneration in the company." Dr. Conners remembered this matter.

"Dig here?" Gwen hesitated.

Too blatant, now that Dr. Connors is leaving, Dr. Hailun Zhao is equivalent to the position of Dr. Connors in the Osborne Industry, and now he has to dig it again...

How did it feel that Harry was against his father?

Moreover, looking at the photos, this Dr. Zhao Hailun is still a big beauty, unmarried, and just thirty years old.

Gwen suddenly felt a little discomfort.

"It's just creating a cradle of regeneration, and there is no problem in putting her back in time."

Harry shook his head.

He saw Gwen's opinion.

Then I thought about it carefully. It was indeed the case. Originally, Osborne Industries focused on biotechnology, and he always poached high-level talents, which seemed a bit unkind.

However, with its own presence, Osborne Industries is unlikely to collapse.

"Bring her here as soon as possible. If necessary, you can force her to come."

Harry said calmly.