After deciding something, it was almost dawn, and everyone chose to rest for a while.

Until ten o'clock, Harry sat in his office, turned off the screen, and began to rub his eyebrows.

The news that Rocky made last night has now spread throughout the city, the United States, and even many places.

And until now, Loki hasn't moved.

Could it be said that he wants to open the space wormhole, but also needs the psychic scepter to help?

Harry directly searched for Loki's location throughout the city, but he used magic to make his breath disappear completely.

But he won't wait long.

After all, that army is still waiting to attack the earth, they will force Loki to open the space wormhole as soon as possible.

Taking advantage of this time, I still prepare myself.

It's time to go for a walk.

Although I don't know if I can come back, but with the level of technology there, I will definitely find a way back.

"Boom boom boom——"

"Come in."

Suddenly, the office door was knocked.

Harry knew who it was and said.

"Boss, this is something you told me to pay attention to. Pim Technology seems to be doing some special research recently."

Mei walked over and said hesitantly.

According to Harry's orders, she focused on the company Pim Technology and paid close attention to its recent research projects.

However, after contacting the company for dozens of days, she discovered that the company started to buy some live sheep, live rats and the like.

But she has rarely been exposed to such things.

I don't know if this is a special case, so when she came to report it to Harry, she hesitated.

"Yes, Not Bad."

After reading May's document, Harry closed it slowly.

At this time, Pim Technology had just brought the things they secretly researched to the surface for research, so that it is now conducting live experiments.

Seeing him with a thoughtful look, Mei felt a little uneasy. After all, she had just studied this type of work, and she couldn't figure out many aspects.

"Boss, how about I resign, I really can't do this kind of work..."

"What do you mean by this?"

Harry looked surprised.

"I mean, I really don't know much about the work of big companies, not to mention... I heard Peter say that our company is still the top one..."

May answered awkwardly.

But looking at her like that, although she has decided to quit her job in her heart, she seems to feel very confused about what job she will do after leaving the company.

After all, Peter is still in school and needs a lot of money to supply.

How could Harry let her go?

This is Spider-Man's aunt!

Now, Spider-Man's only support!

As long as you hold her in your hand, are you afraid that this guy will do damage?

Immediately, he stood up, lowered his head and said softly to Mei: "Mei, don't worry, what I need you to do is very simple, you don't have to have too much psychological burden."

"Besides, Peter seems to be applying for Imperial Capital University recently, and he must also need a lot of money, and our work here can make your life better."

As he said, he slowly put his palm on Mei's shoulder, his expression serious and serious.


Mei's eyes were panicked, and she suddenly became peaceful.

She had thought about many things before, which caused her emotions to be extremely heavy, and her heart was very depressed.

Because the job of this big company does not seem to be competent for her, after all, what she can do is just ordinary settlement in the factory.

If it weren't for Peter's need to go to college, she wouldn't insist on coming here.

However, after coming, May found that there was a big difference between the work she imagined here.

In this company, everyone seems so knowledgeable and audacious.

This time of contact made her more and more nervous. After all, she felt like a dog in a pack of wolves, worried that she would be spotted every time, and eventually torn to pieces by these vicious wolves.

But now hearing Harry's support and encouragement to her, May felt that she could do it again.

After all, this is the big boss of the company.

Since he believes he can, then he doesn't have to worry about the above things happening at all.

Mei's heavy heart subsided slowly.

However, Mei didn't know that it was definitely not the highly educated people in the company who played the wolf.

It was the young man in front of her, Harry Osborn.

Gently sliding his fingers on her shoulders, Harry showed a slight smile, then clicked to the end, put his hands back and turned to sit back.

Mei's face was already a little surprised.

Just now the boss seemed to be... a little restless with his fingers?

How could it be possible.

It should have been obtained by accident.

Soon, May denied the idea that Harry deliberately took advantage of her.

Although her current age does not meet the definition of young in the eyes of others.

But the figure definitely meets the definition of youth.

May thought to herself.

But even though he was beautiful and handsome, Harry was only eighteen years old.

What he likes should be those young, flat, and wild-tempered little girls?

Therefore, deliberately taking advantage of it is definitely not true.

Mei just thought for a while, smiled happily, and said, "Thank you boss for your support, then I will do better for you in the future."


Harry looked down at the screen again.

Because of May's arrival this time, he actually felt refreshed, it was a bit magical.

This Mei also seemed a little strange, which made herself feel inexplicably close to her.

Is it magic?

Harry didn't know.

However, in fact, a boy like him who stands at the top of American business and is still young and strong, even if he does something ridiculous, is it understandable?

At this time, Harry completely forgot that he had lived for two lives.

Immediately, he felt at ease and looked at the content on the screen comfortably.

This is inside information about Pim Technology.

He has already transferred all the videos inside to check it through the Internet.

Select storage.

Seeing him getting busy, May's ruddy lips moved, and she didn't know how to leave.

After staying a little uncomfortable for a while, she walked over and wanted to pick up the document: "The boss, I will go out first. I will give this document to you after I complete it."

"no need."

Harry waved to stop.

"Then I... now go back to work." Mei met his gaze, and felt a shock in her heart.

This young man is really not easy.

Just a look in her eyes can give her an endless sense of oppression, and her body can't help but feel a little weak.

"You can put aside your work today. I will pay attention to this Pim Technology company."

Harry turned his neck and smiled and whispered: "Recently, I have been too busy with work, and my body feels a little tired. Can you give me a massage?"