Minecraft: Start Unlimited Resurrection Potion

Minecraft: Start Unlimited Resurrection Potion Chapter 1

When the end of the world comes, everyone is in danger.Lin Fei obtained the Minecraft Almighty System, and in the last days, wind and water rose.

Planting, gathering, top equipment, BOSS upgrade, Lin Fei embarked on the road of the strong.

Looking at the group of zombies in front of him, Lin Fei thought... his creeper is afraid of the legion, can he fight the other side?

Chapter 1 Minecraft Universal System


Outside, the shouts of countless zombies came.

Such a sorrowful, shuddering.

End of time...

It has been a month.

According to the broadcast half a month ago, one third of the world's people have been infected.

Until now, this number is bound to increase.

Countless zombies pursued the survivors.

What the survivors can do is escape and resist. How many people dare to do it?

Lin Fei.

One of the survivors, within a month, survived and survived to the present.

Now, he has been hungry for two days.

There were also two men in the room who suddenly broke into Lin Fei's residence after the doomsday broke out.

These two people are burly-looking, short-tempered, greedy for life and fear of death.

"I'm starving, Lin Fei, go out quickly and get some food back from the supermarket opposite!"

"I dont go!"

Lin Fei, who was lying by the window, yelled.

When the man heard it, he frowned.

"What? Boy, do you dare to go against my meaning? Why? Is your boy trying to die?"


Lin Fei was timid, and fell silent when he heard this man's threat.

Outside, zombies are rampant, if you go out, it will definitely be a dead end.


If you don’t go, you will be violently beaten, even saying...

Was killed...


With a crisp sound, a man came to the kitchen and took out a kitchen knife, and came behind Lin Fei.

"Lin Fei, now Lao Tzu gives you a way to survive. If you go, then we will clean up. If you don't go, that's fine. Now I will kill you. I really haven't tasted it. What is human flesh? How does it taste..."

"you guys!"

Lin Fei suddenly turned around, and their pupils shrank sharply. The two of them, facing the zombies' constant screaming, are now so handy to bully themselves.

Greed of life and fear of death!

No way, to survive, I had to go...

"this is the last time!"

"Understood, go quickly, remember to get some more water back."

Listening to the voices of the two, Lin Fei felt resentful.

One day, if you are capable, you will definitely repay today's humiliation!

Standing up weakly, he hadn't eaten for two days and only drank a bottle of water. Lin Fei has persisted till now entirely by relying on his belief in life.

"Snatching the kitchen knife from the man's hand, Lin Fei wanted to kill the person in front of him."

However, he can only deal with one person.

The remaining one will definitely kill himself.

These two people will absolutely be merciless in the face of the weak.

When he came to the door, Lin Fei looked through the cat's eyes.

Outside, no zombies appeared.

Lin Fei gently opened the door and walked out.

The two people, seeing this, came to the bed, just watched.

Three minutes later, Lin Fei came to the downstairs of the unit and hid behind the green belt.

Opposite, it was a small supermarket, and at that door, two zombies, rotting all over, wandered drooling.

With the arrival of the end times, food has become the biggest problem.

Human beings are hungry, so what about zombies?

From the very beginning of the riot, zombies can bite wantonly.

Up to now, the survivors are hiding in a safe place, but the zombies cannot be found at all.

And Lin Fei, seeing the zombie on the opposite side far away from the door of the small supermarket.


Lin Fei moved!

With all his strength, he went straight out.


He was hungry for two days, how could he stabilize his figure.