Mo Lin (Evil come)

Chapter 1 Welcome

"Hey, Yafu, what?"

"Nothing, I miss you, my dear lily."

"How are you so noisy there?"

"I am in the bar."

"Oh, envious, life is chic."

"Hey, don't mention it, right, so late, why don't you sleep?"

"How to pick you up, please call."

"Oh, smell, what are you doing?"

"I am going to report, I will pay it."

"Hey, busy work is busy now, don't you have your skin?"

"Can the skin eat as a meal, can you rent a rent? Again, I have a good life, my family can find the relationship into the bank."

"Okay, what happens to my home, you don't know, the standard working class, less here to tell me the wind.

They sorrow, thinking that the grandfather broke me into the bank, and people said that my daughter now got on the mestish rice bowl, I felt that my days were beautiful.

In fact, it is also a laditor, paying smiles all day, there is a lot of stacking tasks every month, more benefits, no one can bully you, I feel that I am already kneading into a longan. "

"The day, isn't it?"

"I don't want to have been so long. If I graduate, if I have been like this, I will find a man in this life in this life, and you will talk about it. You talk, the woman's youth is then In a few years, I feel that I have a loss. "

"Do you break up with Zhao Yang?"

"Divided, early, didn't take long time after graduation, he let him return to his hometown, he also wants to bring me back, I will go back with him?

If you can go back to him, even if you have a rural area, I am in a rural area. My Sun Yifu is hard to accompany him to return to his hometown and struggled with him to give him a homework. Do you have a house? "

"In fact, Zhao Yang's person is quite good."

"You want you to contact it, anyway, I've two friends, what are you separated from me."

"Hey, there is no face."

"Hahaha .......... Oh, my friend is coming, I don't talk, I will come out next time, good night, sleep early."

"Good night, you also pay attention to safety, so late is still in the bar."

"Okay, I hang."


"Hey, Lily, what are you doing?"


"What time is this, nightingale or dinner?"



"Well, can't finish the class."

"There is something, please please."


"After waiting for two hours, you should try my phone. If I can pick it up, if I don't pick it up, you just ... you just have alarm."

"Sun Yafu, what are you doing?"

"I have remembered it in the four seasons of Chunxi Road."

"Hey, Sun Yafu, what you want to do!!!"




"Sun Yafi, you finally received the call, I almost want to report!"

"No, it's okay, Lily, it's okay, I am fine."

"What are you doing?"

"Ohh Ohh ohh…………"

"Yafu, what do you cry, what happened?"

"Lily, I dirty, I am not clean, I don't want my face, I am a woman who is a face, I will sleep with the money, I am really shameful, I am a stinky XX ..."

"Yafu, you ............"

"Lily, I don't accept it, why people can use it well, wear it, I can only take the gas every day to get on the back of the counter, what?

I gave my front, I called a friend. She actually said, 'I don't do ETC'!

I am not worse than them, I am really not bad better than them, I also thought about that day, I also thought about it .......... "

"Yafu, you are calm ..."

"Lily, okay, I am home, I will take a shower, I have to wash myself, wash it, let's take a break, I am sorry, I am a friend, let you lose face."

"No, not, Yafu ..."



"Hey, Lily."

"Yafu, I am, are you okay?"

"The Impression Hotel in the Red Card Building, like last time."


"Lily, I want to be clear, I am not clean, anyway, the dirty is also dirty, it is also dirty twice, it is dirty, it doesn't matter."

"I think you should not continue, Yafu."

"Two hours, call me, I will go to you to eat late after the end."

"Yafu, feed, Yafu ..."



"Hey, Lily, what are you doing, let's go?"

"No, overtime, the company is busy recently."

"After the holiday, your boss is really nature, it seems that the capitalist is a bird. So, can you please don't leave? Don't pay the holiday, I invite you to travel Thailand."

"No, this project has been critical, it is not convenient to leave."

"Hey, project projects, work, projects, count, you can't divide a few money bonuses, why bother to continue to be stupid in that company."

"What are you, resign?"

"Resignation, the old lady, why, you don't know, those men have appointed me, watching my work permit, let me wear the uniform when I go to work, my eyes are red light, huh, huh;

The old mother has resigned, there is this job, I can do two or three or three orders of people, and do a single salary plus a prize. "

"Yafu, isn't you planning to continue?"

"Let's do it, Lily, talk about it, I don't know through, this society, no money, you can't make money, you have no money, the days are not comfortable, you have no money, others will look down on you! "

"But, don't you think about it?"

"In the future, I want to do so much, happened to be in the moment, honest, Lily, you are still? When you are in school, you can be more beautiful than me, chasing your boy can be more than chasing me."


"Don't touch this, Lily, just I am joking, this is a pit, after jumping, I can't climb it, you are a good girl, I can't bring you.

Really, after doing two or three times, I will know, I can't climb it, this is too fast, it is really fast, a single money plus a small fee, more than I have worked hard to earn a lot .

My values ​​have collapsed, you now let me go back to work, earn, I am really can't, really, I can't go back. "

"Yafu, I sincerely suggest you can end, otherwise you will get more and more sinking."

"However, I am different from this and the club, I am expensive, I can give you about me, I am not bad, I'm going to make a look, I have been put it, tell them I just came out. This, because the aunt is not good, see a doctor needs money.

Men, just eat this set, clearly in his mouth, but also think about it in your mouth.

Lily, some people have said that I want to cover me, I am still considering. "


"Yes, there are a lot of money, it is a bit big, there are families, and then take a look."

To be honest, do this, and there is no difference between blind date, and blind date objects are much higher than in marriage. "

"Yafu, you still pay back, overturn normal life, I think this is just ........."

"Okay, wait for my travel to contact, I will give you a gift."


"Hey, Lily, do you see my friend circle?"

"I saw it, that package."

"More than 100,000, I am sending it, I am looking for a relationship, it is genuine, not parallel."


"And people are young, than I am two years old, there is money in the family, is a rich second generation, quite simple."

"Why, are you interested in people?"

"I told you, this child is a bit inward, now I am obsessed with me, this month is asking me six times, I feel, I will have a few more, I can get started."

"That, congratulations."

"Yes, I also feel that this is no longer too long, and there is always an old age, just like" ";

I am now a clear now, why do the female star spent one by one to marry the giants. "

"They are very rich, his parents .........."

"I know, rest assured, I am going to spend a few holes when I am looking for me, I will have a few holes in the set, and the old lady has now fascinated the soul of the gods. When the old lant is big, be a parent-child Identification, it is definitely his kind!

At that time, his aunt will definitely agree to let me get started, and then said, he is not stupid, and it is impossible to give me what I have done to tell him aunt.

I also asked him, will you disappear me, do you know what he said?

He said that everyone is not easy, I have to give my mother to my mother, he admires me, and respect me, I want to be with me forever.

Hey, laughing at me. "

"That seems, others are really good."

"Okay, don't tell you, I am going to be a hair now, come back and talk about it."

"Well, talk back."


"Hey, Lily, I will tell you something, I am old."


"He said that he wants me to give him a child, I'm going, I think I think of a piece of time, I have made me a lot of time to take the needle last night."

"It seems that people really like you."

"Yeah, hey, I am really a bit embarrassing, this silly child is fooling, I want to be with me, I still have to take me to see him parents. "

"That, congratulations on Yafu."

"Right, his home seems to be foreign trade clothing, you are waiting, Lily, wait for me to enter their house, I will arrange a job for you, when you have to call my boss."

"Oh, I will be, you are you, Yafu, since people really heart, you also receive your heart."

"If you want to, I have a year to pay, now I am, I will not be stupid to lose the watermelon. Wait for the battle, let him accompany me to buy a car, I will drive together. Suburban farmhouse is dissatisfied. "

"Well, I am waiting for you."


"Hey, Lily, hahahaha .........."

"What is happy, laughing is so happy."

"Lily, you know, he just called to let me go to the KTV on the national road, but also deliberately get a secret of God."

"Is this going to give you a surprise?"

"Oh, now the little boys, it is too shallow, I still want to deliberately hit the old mother, I think it should be married to me, because when I was together last night, I saw his wallet with cakes and flowers. Bill. "

"That congratulations, really have to have a Lord."

"I have already arrived in KTV ... Hello, hello, where is the emperor to go? Yes, ok, thank you Xiao Brother."

"Ah, give me a cup forgetting the water, change me for a night ........."

"I am used to, you suddenly self, waving, will see naturally ............"

"Noisy, really, why is it to choose KTV."

"You are showing off, don't forget, can I still be single."

"Okay, Lily, don't worry, I know him a few buddies, is a circle of the rich second generation, I will introduce one for you, and you are not bad.

Call ... I finally found it, no, I didn't know anything, hahaha, I have to put it out of the surprise;

Oops, I am in love with the little boy. I really have to think about him. "

"Oh .........."

"I'm coming!"




"See it, people are quite more, this is to witness all friends, bless you."

"Welcome to join us!"

"Welcome to join us!"

"Welcome to join ............ AIDS!"