Mo Lin (Evil come)

New book plan

Originally, when I updated "Magic", I have been planning to wait for how to rest, I always feel countless exhaustion, it is best to make sunlight, let them volatate.

But the ideas are very full, and the reality is very bone.

I am not very accustomed to the rhythm of the uncamored life ... Re-use the sentence to make some fake but it is indeed an idea of ​​my heart, I really miss everyone, I miss each other.

Take me in my messenger, I miss everyone that sparkles in the sky. (Hahaha, really don't mean, the stars refer to cute!)


I started ... I started writing a new book.

I think the game has no code words. It is not a codeword.

It is also a bit old, written a few books, but I still retain the expression and narrative of writing stories to text.

I really like to write a story.

The first chapter of the new book, more than 8,000 words.

Well, it's a long beginning.

The second chapter is more than 5,000 words.

In the first day of the new book, the first chapter, the first chapter will be uploaded at the same time, because the end of the second chapter is the intention of the whole book, I hope to be on the first day. At a moment, you can see it.

Then, a total of the beginning of the five chapters.

How do you say it ...

I have been pursuing a feeling, or a realm is more suitable, that is, the story I want to write, one is to let me self-, the second is not too bad.

The proportion of the former is more than the latter.

"Mode" is my attempt, I have always called it a practice of practice, and the practice of training in two years is a bit like a feeling of closure.

When you write new books,



If God write the kind of taste.

Mind a thought, then tap the story and text, rhythm and bedding and all sorts of various elements, naturally it up and lay down in an orderly manner.

This feeling, very comfortable, just like acrobatics, like muscle memory is there, but thinking, there is also a memory.

When writing "Magic Pro", the beginning of some slow, this is actually my own reasons, as has been written off when the field-free mirror from over the door, I found the book's tone and direction.

So, not only is Oida Zheng Fan's brother, early, is also the author of my brother.

New book, I said, is "Magic Pro," the hardcover version, does not mean it's magic Pro engraved, engraved, is the writing on the show as well as smell.

But in fact, it is a new story, a new bold attempt of subject matter, which I have never written type.

But I was confident ......

Since the beginning of the new book written during the third chapter,

Hey I wrote a,

Not only in the audience in the middle of the night Ait all, I'm so hey ah;

And when taking a bath at night, while lying to music while writhing own body fat along with dancing.

I think a story, to make the author ......

Hey let me such a book, I really do not worry about its results, I also have no doubt that you will love it.


I really want to meet you immediately so that a new book ah.

However, some data book prepared for the new book, I had to read it again, this reading, time spent should not be long, I try not to catch fish, early reading, the outline, I have to go lay accelerate progress.

As originally planned to lie flat rest of the time, I was ready to cut.

Said earlier, you may want to December, which is issued until the end of the book, now I feel that this time may be ahead.


Tentative words, mid-October.

Looking forward to and everyone's new journey.


Hold everyone!