Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Lesson two. Now, what are we going to do...

Spread bright green feathers and birds dance in the desert.

Eyes on all sides, horizon as far as you can see.

Sea of sand with continuous cotton.

Occasionally, the breeze that blows through loosens up and erases every trace that a man's fortune has put on him as he portrays his figure on the sand.

Footprints, and... and the dead.

At dusk.

The sun is shaking and sinking into the earth, eventually becoming a single line yet slightly illuminating the earth. In the narrow hours of the day and night, black and orange and blue, only a few layers of sky can be applied.

The birds mock those who crawl through the earth.

As the birds followed the long shadow that had fallen, a giant walls of the earth were sickening towards the west.

It was too huge a building.

flying over, the bird would have looked over its full contents.

Approximately 4,000 zars in length and 1,500 zars in width. (1 zar is approx. 1 m)

A castle fort city with a giant spire in the center is moving around, raising a whole lot of sand and smoke.

"Oh, no. I can't do this anymore."

The boy's sixth weak sound today was over the outer wall of that huge building that walks. He said he's been climbing for about two minutes now, but he's only halfway across the board.

The top is still far away, and the earth is already far to give up and jump.

For a boy who has lived in a flat desert everywhere, being so high was his first experience in itself.

Slowly, slowly ascend toward the top as you insert a knife between the stone and the stone. Scared by the loud swings that came from time to time, he ate his teeth and continued to ascend.

"Th... here we are"

The boy climbed through the walls a long time after the sun set.

As darkness darkened, the sun and moon grew brighter, at a time when many people would have already finished the evening.

After putting his head only on the walls and looking around with the kyorokyoro, the boy went up on the walls so that he could roll.

Fortunately, there is no shadow of man on the walls, and when the boy exhales loudly, he falls asleep on the spot, in large letters. His breathing was rough, his arms were already feeling lost and his legs were trembling as well.

"You can't use this anymore. Thank you.

Two crushed knives on the tip of the blade, which remained in the grip of both hands, were thrown off the walls as they fell asleep and held hands together.

After laying down for a while and breathing, from the top of the castle wall, looking down inside it, the boy takes his breath.

There was a sight that had never been seen for a boy born as a desert people spending his life in a sea of sand.

Radially stretching cobblestone paths around castles with huge spires. Countless stone buildings lined up on both sides of it. From the windows of one building at a time, there is a leak of warm light that seems to belong to the Spirit Stone, and smoke rising from some chimneys that moderates late evenings.

"Su...... wow. This is the town where your breed (Noble) lives."

The boy snaps unexpectedly.

For a boy who grew up as a desert people diving into the sand and sleeping at night while not having a particular dwelling, it was a sight similar to that of the other worlds.

It's not like I've never seen a stone house. Beside the oasis are a few non-noble species (Illinovres) that settle.

But it was the first time I had seen so many buildings lined up so neatly.

In this desert country, humans are divided into three main types depending on their living areas.

A manoeuvrable castle fort, inhabited inside its walls, a noble species (Noble); one that settles outside its walls, beside a few oases, a non-noble species (Ill. Noble); and a people of the desert.

Your breed (Noble) says that when they execute sinners, they simply banish them to the desert. Outside the walls is synonymous with hell for them. Temperatures approaching 50 degrees during the day and falling below zero at night. Sometimes giant earthworms (giant worms), up to 1000 zar in length, form a herd.

Noble people don't think of the desert people who live in hell like that as human beings. Just scorn it and call it a worm.

Even before, when sourcing food from merchants of non-noble species (Ill.), they were sometimes referred to as worms (bugs), but I never really cared.

But what now sprouted on the boy's chest was a slight envy.

The boy, sitting on his knees, for a long time, looked at the night scene in a frightening manner, but he can't do so forever.

"Well, what shall we do now..."

It's just a no-plan.

Nothing. The boy is not joking. In the first place, it was too impulsive to infiltrate this fortified city.

On the way up the walls, tension dropped on so much spiciness, a sense of despair after returning to me. With that low tension, the spiciness of climbing the walls was hard to exhaust in the brush tongue.

Why did you infiltrate this fortified city? That's because it has a purpose.

I have a purpose but I don't have a plan.

Now, let me tell you something, the boy has a flameless personality.

The boy's only purpose is to rescue his confiscated sister.

Even so, my sister-in-law. He's the daughter of my step-parents who took the boy who lost his parents early and raised me. Name is Kisaragi.

Xaragi began as a little girl saying, "When I grow up, I'll be your daughter-in-law. He kept saying." In the small tribe where the boy lives, it was rather natural to do so. I just can't deny that I had a mild sense of fear for my sister, who keeps taking care of my wife.

gossip. (whatever that is)

When the boy came back this morning with water in the oasis, there was no sign of the tribe that was supposed to be camping there. Only one, one younger childhood tame Hayza, sat in the sand, waiting for the boy.

"What about everyone?

"Ugh, yeah, here, about four falzang (about 20 km) from here, about, to the south, I'm here..."

Haysa answered in the usual mostly tone, looking at the boy from the back of his forehead stretched out to hide completely from his eyes.

"That's sudden. Besides me, aren't there people who haven't come back yet?

"Ugh, yeah. So, I was told to wait here. I didn't move, I ran away."

"Running away? Was there a sand flood?

"Chi, no. We were attacked by a motorized castle fort."

"Fort Mobile Castle?

"Ugh, yeah. A lot of your species came out, and they chased you."

"Was everyone okay?

"Ugh, yeah. No one got hurt or anything.... but"


Hayza mumbled once, and opened her mouth so hard to say.

"Kisaragi has been taken.

I honestly don't remember much after that.

I also feel like Hayza was trying to stop the boy running across the loba with his voice up, but it's trivial. As it was, he ran around all day, found this manoeuvring castle fort, and jumped from Robba's back to the wall with all the momentum.

Hear that my sister was exposed to a motorized castle fort, this behavior. I also feel that the thought circuit around here can't help but be scorned as a worm (bug).

I've come this far, so I can't help it. There's no way to go home like this.

We have to find a place for Kisaragi somehow.

"After all, I guess I'll have to ask someone...

Somewhat, I might even have to do something absurd.

The boy touches the score he lowered to his hips to see how it feels.

It's a loosely curved, skinny blade that fits into the sheath. Something that should not be here. It was a Japanese knife bearing the name Osafune (...).