"Haaaaaa...... hi, it was terrible..."

I manage to chase him, and the boy lays in a loud breath.

A nightmarish event of being chased around by a swarm of blackening muscle Dharma (Macho). I don't think I ever felt that much fear when I ran into a herd of giant earthworms or giant sand wolves.

The sky, looking up as I lay, was slowly starting to whiten.

Morning visits are nearby and early awake birds are beginning to chirp.

After all, we still have no clue as to the whereabouts of Xaragi.

The fact lay heavily on the boy's tired mind and body.

"Wait. Xaragi."

I can't stay like this forever. Whipping his heavy body, the boy slowly wakes up and looks around.

I don't know the exact location, but as a result of the scattered chase, he's apparently out of town, in a suburban square.

There was a shadow of a man standing up, in the thin darkness, in the corner of his vision, which he looked around slowly.

When he jumps up, the boy puts his hands on a knife pattern (or two) at the waist.

But I immediately untied that combat posture and let my hands swim through the universe sloppily.

"... beautiful"

Something that was in the sight of a boy who shrugged like a jerk.

That's, girl.

Long silver hair like a bundle of meteor trajectories. White magnetic skin. Deep pale eyes. A blue dress embedded with lapis lazuli on the chest and coloured with gold thread embroidery.

Unlike your breed (Noble). Noble figure I've never seen before.

While the boy was spotted for a while, the girl looked up into the sky and looked like she was looking for something in the dawn.

A girl turned to the boy on the lid, and he had eyes.

In a panic, the boy lays down his eyes and corrects his inability to stay.

The girl smiled at him and walked over to the boy.

"Can I help you?

"Oh, no, I'm sorry. I looked at it grudgingly... Because I was wondering what you were looking at."

The girl laughs at the boy's panic.

"I was looking for the stars."

"A star...?

"Yes, stars. A big red star that appears at dawn. My country of birth is in the direction of that star."

As I knew from the beginning, she was still not a person in this country.

"You wouldn't be surprised to see me."

She speaks plainly to the boy. Because I don't know.

The boy felt like he was deceiving her into not telling her that he was a despised being. I felt like it wasn't fair.

So I stuck my mouth and those words rolled off.

The girl sees the boy with a decent look.

"I'm from outside this castle fort city, so I don't look the same as your breed (Noble)..."

"Sorry, I don't see much difference"

To the boy's ear, she doesn't care what the boy is. That sounded like what I was saying. A little light lit up somewhere. I felt that way.

Being her, it seemed like she could even ask about Xaragi.

"What were you doing here?

"I was looking for my sister."

"Your sister?

"Yeah, his name is Kisaragi, and he's twelve years old. Didn't you know?

"I'm sorry. I'm not sure."

"No, never mind. 'You found it!

At the time the boy panicked at the girl's seemingly sorry face, a familiar voice was heard from the entrance to the park.

A swarm of glowing muscles, a dough head that stands refreshed, deflecting its chest over the divine shrine in charge of its center. It is Saratoga burmio, without mention.

Killier, by the way, was lying in the back of the divine shrine and sleeping feeling comfortable.

"You must be lying..."

The boy drops his shoulder with a laid back face.

"Oh, Lord Mio. Good morning."

"What the hell!

I am stunned that the girl standing right next to me met with an intimate look on her dough head.

"Oh, isn't it Lord Cerdis if you think of him as someone? Just fine. The guy over there is a pervert. Can you help me out a little bit?

"I'm not a pervert!

"No, no, I put a blade on the whore earlier, and I said, 'Hey, lady, what pants are you wearing right now?' I thought you'd heard."

"I didn't ask you! Don't talk about it."

"Did you say that?

The girl takes a step back.

"I didn't say it!

"What color are the pants of a whore?


"" Ah. "

Mio laughing niggardly, a boy noticing his own rudeness, a girl surprised by what the boy said.

A moment of awkward silence. A glimmer of sweat conveys the boy's cheek.

"Ha-ha-ha! That took a while. Pervert."

Mio breaks the silence with the laughter.

"No, it's not, it's not!

A werewolf boy.

In a panic, the girl pressed her index finger against the boy's forehead, crushing it small, so as to close the gap.

"Sleep in the abyss."

As soon as he does, the boy loses his words and suddenly feels his eyelids getting heavier. Sleepy. In the hallucinations of chained throughout the body, he is attacked by an unbearable drowsiness.

"It's okay...... But I think it's better to solve the misunderstanding."

In a distant consciousness, the boy was listening to the girl.

It sounds like a bell. Feeling the girl's voice comfortably, she falls toward her.

"Don't worry, I'll tell you not to do anything terrible"

Shortly before her eyes were completely closed, the girl snapped with a merciful look as she peered into the boy's face.

"Good night."