Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Have you not forgotten that there is Episode 12: The Strongest Trump Card?

The dawn sky depicts orange and blue gradients.

Usually, downtown Saratoga was idle, even though it was time for the lacunar (yawning) traders to start preparing to open.

About four more minutes until the scheduled start of the battle.

Around the castle, armed men gather in triplicate.

It is common knowledge of all residents to live in a manoeuvre castle fort.

Some are professional soldiers, but never many. Usually, merchants who have a good voice in the economy turn into brave soldiers if it comes down to battle.

As long as we're there, there's no escape, because the town where we live moves straight to the battlefield.

If the manoeuvre castle fort itself sinks into the sandy sea, even crying out that you don't want to fight.

Because there's only one way to sink together.

The merchants' nose is rough about this struggle, among other things.

The other day, Gergios, a friend of Uncle Saratoga's who had made a pact, was grounded for a business deal. But it was not the merchants who came aboard, but the armed soldiers.

Ultimately, leaving those who trample the covenant intact, albeit painfully repelled, will also have an impact on future business dealings with other motorized castle fortifications.

We must show to the heavens what happens if we break the covenant.

Yes, the fool must be rewarded with what he deserves.

Under the window there is a voice called Zawazawa of soldiers coming together one after the other.

As Kirier closed the window, silence descended into the room.

Here, in Mio's office, before the battle, the last military debate is about to begin.

If you look around, there are more participants than usual.

To Mio's left, Killier, the Kingsguard captain, sits, as usual, alongside the sorcerer Schmelvi, the house slayer Bosmus, General Meshmendi and Gustavo Clerk Kirchheim.

Unlike usual, except for the civilian, Bosmus and Kirchheim, who are supposedly deputies behind each of them. No, there are exceptions. There is no one behind Meshmendi. There's nobody behind it, but for some reason, there's one toddler sitting on her lap.

Nanashi is that kid's deputy while he wraps his reddish hair in two with a ribbon, blurry view of the innocent hand-playing toddler? After thinking about it, I supposedly dispelled the idea.

And above all, to the right of Mio, the person who sits.

Sir Cerdis - - The sword princess of Silver Ridge sits smiling like a hua.

I couldn't help but notice Nanashi's gaze staring at me blurry, and the sword princess waves her hands small. When I hurried to meet him, for some reason Gustavo snorted in disgust.

At the end of the day, behind Nanashi, who was given the last seat and sat uncomfortably, Miriam somehow refrained.

"Four minutes later (later), my Saratoga comes in contact with Gergios and attacks this. In the meantime, I would like to confirm your role in advance."

Mio cuts the mouth of the military council. But trying to block that word of Mio, Gustavo raised his voice.

"Dear Mio! I'll ask you before we start the military debate! How about an outsider in this important military debate that shapes the war scene?"

"Outsiders? Well, who is it about?

"It's up to the bugs and the housekeepers."

Nanashi snaps his neck at the gaze that gathers simultaneously, but Miriam smiles flatly and tilts her little neck.

He's not an outsider. and glanced at the toddler girl on Meshmendi's lap, and another toddler came out from under the table, and she rode on Meshmendi's lap, voicing, Yeah Shit.

Want more?!

Nanashi, who is about to speak up soon. But the people around you, no one seems to care about the increase in the number of young girls.

"As I heard the other day, Nanasi infiltrates Gergios separately and searches for his sister during this battle. That's a promise the whore gave him to take him there. At that time, it will be difficult for our soldiers to get in their way. It's a good decision to let you grasp."

"So who's the housekeeper? Even though Killier's sister is a housekeeper, a maid is a housekeeper."

To the pursuit of Gustavo, Mio, after staring into the universe and thinking a little, remarks what he obviously just says he has now thought about.

"Uh, Miriam joined Nanashi as guardian. Nanashi can't do anything alone."

No kiddo certification! It's a terrible crime. It's a twist. It's reputational damage.

Nanashi raises his voice in protest with his neck clasped.... in my heart.

There are those who raise their voices even more, regardless of the heart of such a nanashi.

"Objection! Wait! Master Mio. Speaking of nanasi boys and guardians, you can't be anything but this Killier, your sister!

Mr. Killier?! Nanashi can no longer resist Killier's outburst and covers his face with both hands.

When Mio glanced at Miriam, Miriam scratched her neck with her thumb. If…….

"... it's a pain in the ass. Somebody, do something about this damned sister."

As Mio said in the sigh mix, the entrance door opened with a baton and the black muscle (Macho) ran into the room for two. The two, as they walked over to Killier, began to take them by their sides silently.

"Cora. Get off me! Meltzani! Glass! I'm your captain. Get off me!

Killier who resists desperately. I was impressed by Kirier's individual recognition of that black muscle (Macho), which all looked the same in Nanashi's eyes.

"Mm-hmm. I took the time to do what I didn't want. Now give me an explanation of the schematic, Killier!... has kicked me out, Arge, please"


The curly haired woman standing behind Killier advances out.

Even when it comes to women, they are about the same age as Nanashi or a little under. The strength of the will is manifested in the eyes and mouth. Leather armor and shorts like a perfect tube top. There are two curved knives (sham seals) hanging at the waist.

With a slightly nervous face, she tucked her chest and raised her voice with her arms behind her back.

"This operation is a pursuit battle as a major premise. Catch up with Gergios and get grounded on this. Send in soldiers and define them as victories, either with the control of the castle of Gergios or with the securing of the Bergettingen of Gergios. However, it is possible that Uncle Gergios has been replaced. In that case, we will immediately change our objectives to the contemporary Uncle Gergios."

"Schmelvi. What's going on with Gergios"

"Ha no. By the time I checked, it was starting to move again as fast as the cow was walking."

"We just finished rebooting, and we're finally moving at a slight speed. In that case, there will be no Magic Cannon (Magi Driver) shelling. Arge, go on.

"Ha! After approaching at maximum speed, it is towed with stone throwers (trebusiettes), attack magic, etc., while simultaneously joining the speed and grounding the walls adjacent to each other. Intrude over the walls and engage in melee combat. Note that the height of the castle wall is about three zars lower for Gergios, so we will send in a large shield with flying (Cielo Andante) ahead of us and build a bridge headfortress on the castle wall. Cross-link the roofed ladder (sun viewer) on top of it. Let the soldiers invade at once."

"Um. After the invasion, the First Army sieged the castle of Gergios. The Second Army is in control of downtown."

Gustavo nods and Meshmendi does not respond in particular. but sometime the toddler girl is on Meshmendy's shoulder again. It is the third in addition to the two knees.

More again huh?!

When Nanashi realizes she is watching with her mouth slightly open, the toddlers on her knees look at Nanashi with a flicker, whispering her eyebrows and hiding her mouth and starting to talk to Hisohiso.

Please don't! Something, don't react to that because it hurts!

"Get everyone to move to their seats now. The grounding is carried out from the port side. Schmelvi's team of magicians and the Grand Shield, selected from the First Army and the Second Army, waited on the walls. The big shield commander is Pennell. The Lord will take care of it."

"Ha! It's an honor"

Pennell stretches his spine as he salutes, the deputy who was holding back behind Gustavo.

"The First Army and the Second Army, respectively, leave it to the two generals, Meshmendi and Gustavo, to wait by the walls. Sir Cerdis and the Black Roses shall stand by in the castle in preparation for the unforeseen event"

Mio turned to Nanashi after finishing so well and told him to add.

"Nanashi. In keeping with the invasion of the Second Army, your Lord will infiltrate."

"Oh, thank you"

Nanashi thanked her for now, still unable to get out of the toddler girl shock.

But you took that blurry look of Nanashi as frightening, Mio calls for a little thought.



"Your Lord accompany Nanashi."

"What? Dear Mio, that's..."

Surprisingly eye-opening arge. But without saying whether or not, Mio says

"By order."


After responding powerlessly, Arge bites off his lips with regret and stares at Nanashi guillotinely.

[incomprehensible] [incomprehensible] I just snapped my neck and got tiny today.

It was Nanashi, who I thought would "disappear one of these days".

"Okay! Everybody! You foolishly trample on your covenant with your predecessors and make Gettingen fucking regret it."

"" "" "Just say it!

The military talks are over and everyone moves to their positions.

Spent another minute or so in a meeting with the civilians about post-war processing, Mio left the office.

Later to follow are Bosmus and Kirchheim.

Stopped at a painting bordered by a white border, the painting slowly rises as you step on your feet in constant condition. Spiritual stones glowing with the power of "rising" embedded in the floor. This is a lift (elevator) to the bridge (bridge) on the upper level of the castle.

Mio asks the two people who follow him on the lift (elevator) that slowly rises.

"I'm talking about insiders, what do you two think"

Mio talked earlier about the possibility that the two had insiders, in conjunction with the post-war treatment story.

"Seems like too much thought to me."

Kirchheim says one expression unchanged.

"Whoa, whoa, I think so, too. There can be no insiders in this Saratoga. but if there was such a thing, there is a time to reveal it"

"Well, tell me."

"For example, if Saratoga were in crisis as the enemy was trapping, insiders would try to escape without sinking together"

"Of course not."

"If you want to escape unimpeded, you need to make sure you're out of the walls. For example, if there's something behind your back that says an enemy has appeared, and you're about to go out, that's more than likely an insider."

"I see. But at that point, Saratoga is already in trouble."

The elevator slows down and stops slowly.

When Mio and the others arrive at the bridge (bridge) and descend to the floor, the bridge (bridge) soldiers float with Zawazawa.

"For what?"

"Dear Mio! It's tough. A huge obstacle has appeared on the road to Gergios!

The magician who was monitoring Gergios with the magic of detection answers.

"Oh, my God!

Mio looks out the bridge window in a hurry.

But all you can see is a flat sea of sand as far as you can see. I see no such obstacle at all. Apparently, we're not talking within sight yet.

"Can you see it on the Spirit Stone Plate?

"I'll try"

After a while, rough images of particles appear on the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) provided on the front of the bridge (Bridge).

Unnatural high sand mountains can be seen standing in the sandy waters. Three of them.

"I don't know what size it is."

"Report. They're all about thirty zahls in size."

"Almost as tall as Saratoga's walls."

As soon as Mio crumbles like that, there's a pile of sand in the monitor, and he unnaturally shapes something. Arm like a square box connected, then head, torso and feet. It suddenly turned into a giant human form.

"Sa, sandgorem!

Surprisingly, Kirchheim rarely breaks his expression.

"Impossible! This can't be happening!

Disrupting Kirchheim. It's also supposed to be the showdown weapon that, when it comes to sand giants (Sandgorem), the most powerful and famous manoeuvre castle fort, Merklius, has slaughtered several manoeuvre castle forts.

In the magic of detection, the current location of Merclius is far away, around the eastern edge of the desert. Not very much, but not at such a distance as to allow Saratoga to launch an attack.

"Can you make a detour?

Mio asks as he suppresses his voice, which is about to go up.

"In that case, you won't be able to catch up with Gergios!

One of the Bridge crew immediately answers Mio's query.

"Then we'll just trample from the front"

Staring at the monitor, Mio says.

"You shouldn't! Dear Mio, that's a bad idea. At the end of the day, if you get caught in the walls, if you get invaded inside, Saratoga will sink!

Kirchheim, in his desperate form, puts it to rest.

"Then what are we going to do?! You want me to turn back scared of the dirt? You want to make whores laugh!

Mio curls up at once, breathing on his shoulders.

A tranquil bridge, filled with bitter air.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa."

The unique laughter of Bosmus echoed in the silence.

And a word.

"Dear Mio, have you not forgotten that we also have the 'strongest trump card'?