"Is Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) Alive?

Mio raised his voice when he finished making sure there were no serious injuries to the bridge crew.

"Somehow, I think I can go"

The magician in charge of the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) answers as he peeks into the crystal at hand and confirms it.

"Then show me where Saratoga was damaged."

When the magician sends magic into the crystal, the footage begins to appear again on the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor), which was just a stone slab back.

A blurry video with unclear contours. That gradually becomes clearer.

What was shown was overlooking (fukan) footage showing Saratoga from above.

Saratoga, almost rectangular in shape, appears to have a large missing corner on its left front.

Mio held his head to the magnitude of the damage as the magician manipulated the area on the spiritual tablet (monitor).

"I just plundered it... Not at all."

"I don't even know the circumstances of the casualties, so I can't say anything about not investigating the actual damage, but I was wondering if it should be good just to avoid a direct hit"

"I know."

Push and kill your emotions and shake (Furuma) lightly Kirier, Mio nods a little bitterly.

Not yet. So Miriam sits on the floor, and these sisters have gone too far into that desert boy in the last few days.

Otherwise, the loss of the boy wouldn't have left the two of us with so many wounds.

Mio exhales loudly.

"Either way, we're gonna have to dock here for a while and fix it."

Levels that Gergios can't escape and can't even look past the damage to Saratoga.

It was never actually possible to cross swords in a siege between castle fort cities, but in terms of the magnitude of the damage, it could be called a complete defeat.

Human damage in particular is a lethal level.

The oldest ginseng house slaughtered Bosmus had been killed and replaced by a monster without anyone realizing it. Lord Serdis, the sword princess known as the strongest of our time, is also unknown in life and death.

If you think about it again, it was also that monster that turned into a bosom that you had proposed to hit Sir Cerdis on the sandgolem.

I think that suggestion was also a ruse to get rid of the sword princess, and Mio is about to graduate with a carelessness.

It is also the presence of Lord Serdis, the sword princess, as a deterrent that has so far allowed Saratoga to keep his distance from the hegemonic struggle between the fortified cities. If we were to lose it, the problem would develop into a crisis of Saratoga survival.

With dull pain around his temples, Mio gives instructions once again to the sorcerer.

"Can you see the area where the crater was?

The instruction was an expression of desire.

Sir Cerdis' presence, it may be said, transcends the people's knowledge. If so, isn't it any wonder that you were caught in a sand flood, even if you live flat?

Even though he knew it couldn't happen in the corner of his head, Mio had to find a glimmer of hope there.

But Mio took a deep sigh when he saw the footage on the switched spiritual tablet (monitor). What you see there is just the sand depicting the wave-like text, as the crater didn't even exist. No matter how much I looked around to eat in, I didn't see anything but sand.

Mio sighed once more and Kirier just lay her eyes down quietly, considering how Mio felt.

"What's going on at the beginning of the sand flood?

If you can't find it on the screen, we'll have to send out a search party. However, in that case, the damage will only be mischievously magnified unless it is confirmed that the sand flood (Flood) crisis has left.

The wavehead on the monitor seemed to lose a lot of momentum compared to what I saw earlier. but that's only a story to compare.

The sand flood (Flood) was still moving through the desert with intense momentum.

At the same time that Kirier was reluctantly distracted from the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) because of her helplessness, Mio, who had been silently staring at the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor), suddenly rushed to the side of the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor). And with the momentum of just bumping my forehead, I put my face close to the wavehead of the sand flood (Flood) on the screen, and I stared at it and I shouted, "Miriam!" and called the name of the girl who sat on the floor to relieve herself.

And turning to be played, Mio said this with a full grin.

"Not as the Lord said! He's our protector."

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

As if a giant building were to collapse and fall, a wave of sand would cast its enormous shadow over the sword princess.

An overwhelming mass tried to fall from overhead, when someone grabbed the sword princess's wrist.

To the rising sand, not very much, but there is no way that you can keep your eyes open, and the sword princess has no way of ascertaining who the one who grabs his own hand is.

It's just that now I grab my hand, there was nothing else than believing and obeying the warmth of this hand.

The sword princess grabs her wrist back and steps out toward those who are pulled without defying her.

Running with Tatata as he is drawn, but before taking the fourth step, his feet leave the ground and, as the military flag flies, he dances through the universe in a lateral acceleration. And at the next moment, the sword princess felt her body held by the Lord of its hands. Arms are turned behind the back and legs (also) to support the body of the sword princess in her arms. Reflectively herself, with her hands around the neck of the man who could hold herself, the sword princess also supported her body.

"Lady Sword, it's okay to open your eyes, but don't move too much. Because when you lose balance, you die without joking."

It was a man who whispered in the ear of the sword princess. No, I'm a little young when it comes to men. Voice like a boy.

The sword princess slowly opens her eyes.

Right in front of me, there was a familiar side.

The colour of the windy hair is the colour of the night, and the colour of the night is also on the eyes that look at the front seriously.

Sure, he's a minority boy named Desert People.

This should be the fourth time I've seen him face to face, but Princess Sword still doesn't know his name. Maybe you asked, but I don't remember.

If you hear that, the boy may be disappointed, but not many men come to her. In the meantime, we can't possibly remember the name of a boy who is no different from a passing human being.

"Are you..."

"I'm glad you're safe, Princess Sword. Just be a little more patient."

The sword princess moves her neck small and confirms the situation in which she is placed. And as we grasped the situation, we understood that we were in a state of danger, like we were still standing on thin ice.

Like a crook.

That sentiment of the sword princess is a terminal representation of the situation.

Earlier, a wave of sand had arrived at Princess Sword. A huge wall of sand extending to dozens of zars.

We stand almost perpendicular to the surface.

A tiny tunnel of sand that can be done at that moment when the walls of the raised sand are covered and covered. There the boy was slipping on something like an unreliable board. Slightly lowering his hips, opening his legs back and forth, skilfully manipulating the plate at his feet just by moving his weight, he's fighting a situation that puts him through the hole in this needle.

"What is this state of affairs?

"I'm sorry. I can't afford to explain now. I'll explain it to you when you're safe."

That would be so.

This should be a fairly delicate technique. The boy decides in his heart that he is no longer in the way, and the sword princess pushes silence.

Looking up casually, the sun seemed clear from beyond the flying sand arch, and even though I knew it wasn't the case, I thought it was beautiful.

While held in the boy's chest, the sword princess thinks blurry.

Apparently, what my father called the "wheel of destiny" has turned. Then I'm sure we'll be able to help.

Thinking that far, for the first time, Princess Sword noticed.

... that means this boy is my husband (...)?!

Unexpectedly, I peek into his face.

Suddenly the sword princess shook her head, so she and the boy with a slight eye met for a moment.

At that moment, Bon! and the more likely it sounds, the body temperature rises suddenly and my cheeks stain bright red. I was so embarrassed that a fire seemed to come out of my face that I rushed away from my eyes.

Much different from the imaginary figure of the Lord.

I was wondering if he was a much stronger man, a much stronger man than himself, because he was the one who would save me and be king in the future.

But if you actually meet him, he's a cute boy younger than you.

What if they ask me if I was discouraged? The answer is no.

Even though he looks cute, he sees him defend the girl by risking his own life in battle with a bunch of skeleton soldiers (skeletons).

Too far from my imagination, I had no idea, but this boy is strong and kind.

Thinking about it that way, it seemed impeccable to me as someone to devote my life to.

The boy realizes that the sword princess in his arms suddenly began to move with Mojimoji. This was the natural consequence of the unnatural behavior of the sword princess as a boy who had been neglected and abused for a long time.

The sword princess says she doesn't like being in contact with herself.

"Excuse me. I'm really sorry. I really don't like being stuck with me, but I think it's better than dying, a little more. Just be a little more patient."

"I don't like it!

The sword princess intended to deny it with all her might, but Nanashi said the sword princess cares. I was a little moved by what a good man he was.

In doing so, across the sandy arch where the two of them proceeded, I saw the blue sky gleaming like a round window.

"We're going through the barrel. I know you have shock when you land, but be a little patient."

As soon as Nanashi tells him so, the blue sky widens to the sight of the sword princess.

Through a tunnel of sand, the two danced through the universe.

Nanashi's reckoning was that he was going to land on the sand as it was, slip and stop safely, but as soon as the plate at his feet touched the sandy earth, he lost his balance and the two were thrown out momentously on the sand.

Nanashi holds it in her chest to shelter Princess Sword's head and falls from her back onto the sand. No matter how soft the sand, I took the weight of each person with my body. The damage is not small. And I rolled right over the gobble and sand and managed to stop.

"Excuse me. I failed to land. Lady Sword, are you hurt?

On Nanashi's chest, the sword princess smiled down and just replied "Hi".


Good. Without even being able to say so, Nanashi takes his limits and loses consciousness. Surprised that the words broke off on the way, she was resting easily as the sword princess peered into Nanashi's face.


That's what I said, and when I grin, Princess Sword puts her ear on Nanashi's chest.

Hearing the beating heart beat with the dokudoku, the sword princess falls asleep as well.

She, too, was tired and reaching her limits.

Nanashi woke up after some time after the sun had fallen. When I woke up and realized I was asleep with the sword princess in my arms, I first dyed my face bright red, then turned bright blue and drowned cold sweat, and wolfed badly.

Guess what imagination was exchanged in his head.

That's why, when you move now, you'll wake up the sword princess sleeping in comfort. The sword princess slowly opened her eyes as she roamed about what was going on.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no."

As she stares at Nanashi with her sleeping eyes, Princess Sword snaps with a sweet voice and presses her cheek around Nanashi's chest.

You're falling asleep in luxury.

While Nanashi was in a hurry, he felt his face lit by the softness of the sword princess's body on top of his body.

It is not hard to imagine that if Saratoga's men found out about this, they would surely be frightened to death, even if it were an accident by accident.

Anyway, I'm the sword princess you all admire.

"Ke, Princess Sword, su, excuse me. It would be very helpful if you could wake up..."

That being said, the sword princess instantly hot her face bright red and flew away when she noticed she was on top of a nanashi after a short while looking around at the hit.

Keep it up, turn your back on Nanashi and say the words of apology as you move your fingers restlessly.

"Oh, oh, I'm sorry!

"Yes, no, this way, excuse me"

If you follow and apologize, then the words don't last, and silence wraps them both up.

How you were feeling this silence represents the difference in mood between the two as it were.

While Princess Sword felt somewhat sweet and sour, Nanashi felt so awkward.

"Oh, um..."

It was the sword princess who broke the silence that lasted for a while.

"Yes. I don't know."

"Thank you for your help"

"No, not like being thanked..."

As always, Nanashi is not used to being praised or thanked. I don't know how to give it back, I just look down and mumble.

"Is the board that was running on that sand a magic prop or something?

"No, I'm just a big shield (Large Shield). I borrowed it over the walls. Running on the sand was the children's play of a desert people called Wave Riding."

"Are you playing?

"Yes, we usually use a dedicated board with stabilizing wings (fins) to ride small waves caused by small worms. I've never been on a sand flood before, so I'm glad I managed."

Thus, Princess Sword looked at Nanashi, who scratched her head with laughter, with a grudge.

This boy did that tricky trick by smashing it into production.

"May I ask your name?

"Ah, yes. That said, you didn't have a name. My name is Nanashi."

"Dear Nanashi"

Princess Sword repeated Nanashi's name in her mouth so that she could bite it off.

"Once again, my name is Masmarisis Cerdis. I would call the familiar one Maris, but if possible, I hope that... Nanashi will also call me that..."

At first, Nanashi couldn't understand what she was saying. At best, it's called mass marisis. It's a beautiful name. It's a blur. Call it a nickname, or you're dying of tension, and you could die physically at the hands of the men in her fans.

"I can't! Lady Sword, I can't call Lady Sword that familiar!

Nanashi waves his hand and head, sitting still, cleverly lagging back.

As for Nanashi's response, this is probably what he usually does, but the sword princess looks a little mucky at the look of it.

"Master Nanashi, please stand up!

"Yes, sir"

Nanashi, who thought he had pissed off the sword princess, stands up in a panic.

Princess Sword suddenly knelt down to meet Nanashi, took Nanashi's hand, and said, "Oh, my God."

"I, Masmarisis Cerdis, pledge to dedicate my life as the faithful servant of Master Nanashi.

Nanashi doesn't know what's going on, he opens his mouth gently and looks down at the sword princess.

"The vow of life is hereby" Impegno di Vita ""

When the sword princess snaps like that, the intense white light wraps around the back of Nanashi's hand. Not hot.

"Hey, what's going on?!

To Nanashi's doubts, the sword princess just smiles.

After some time the light went out, the back of Nanashi's hand was clearly engraved with a snowy crystal-like text.

"Ko, is this...?

Looking at the literature, Maris bows her head respectfully against the confused Nanashi.

"Now everything about me is Nanashi... no, it's your husband's thing"

"Keh, Princess Sword, heh, what are you saying...?

"We live together when we are healthy and when we are sick, and when we decay, we decay together, and when we are reborn, we meet together again. That's the kind of contract your husband and I made."

At that time, what she showed was a smile like a hua.

One thing, she said, staring at Nanashi with her unmistakable eyes.

"I am your servant. My husband."