Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 21: I'll rip his milk off as punishment.

In an attempt to exit the office, Nanashi and the others turned their backs, Mio said.

"Uh, could Killier and Serdis stay a little while?"

The sword princess turns a blind eye to Nanashi.

"Dear Lord, may I?

"Ah, go ahead."

As a Nanashi, I have no good or bad feelings, and I honestly feel like I have trouble being asked.

"Kirchheim, your lord may also step back. From here on out, it's time for" Goruzuku. "

Nanashi and Kirchheim, in a token, left intact and only three were left in the room: Mio, Kirier and Princess Sword.

"Well, just sit down"

The corner of the long table, Princess Sword as opposite Mio, and Kirier sits next to him. Waiting for the two of them to take their seats, Mio smiled towards the sword princess in the front.

"Sir Cerdis. The Lord has finally been found."


A little shy, the sword princess lays her eyes down.

"No way, that's what Nanashi is... When your lord came into the room snuggling up to Nanashi, he just lost his temper."

"Is that so unexpected?

"I don't care about whores, but worldly, Nanashi and the desert people are at the bottom of the country. Those who are treated in the same line as beasts and worms."

"After five years out of the land of permafrost, the Lord (or Lord), who I finally met, just happens to be (...) in that capacity"

"I see. Then we're going everywhere to Nanashi."

"Naturally. Because even a drop of blood exists for the Lord."

The sword princess ties her lips firmly and looks at Mio.

Mio saw, in the eyes of Princess Sword, a firm determination.

"Ha... Even as a whore, you cannot lose your lord. More and more, we have to pull Nanashi into this Saratoga."

Mio says in a sigh, but doesn't sound like a strange bother. And when he elbowed to the table, he suddenly embarked on his body, nibbling.

"But, my lord, how about all that sticking with my husband as a servant?

"Right! Dear Mio! I knew it was crazy!


To Mio's word, try to get yourself on the table, Killier eats up, and Mio pulls a little on the momentum.

"I just wanted the Lord to be happy, was that so strange?

"Without your sister, you can't flirt or anything"

"Yeah, Killier. Why don't we just shut up for a second?"

Mio had a cramped laugh.

"I heard that men are polite to stick to their elbows (twisted) because they are happy to be touched by young women?

"To whom?

This is Lord Schmelvy.

"Yeah, I'll tear his milk off later as punishment."

On his face, Mio said, with a miracle collaboration called Blue Muscle on his smile.

"But for every time the Lord asked me to leave, I was not happy at all."

The sword princess sinks her expression and leans down.

Seeing how it went, he suddenly turned serious and Mio asked the sword princess.

"What kind of person do you think you are about Nanashi?

"The Lord is strong and kind."

"I'll admit that. Then why is he so strong and sweet?

"Why…. Isn't that because that's what the Lord is all about?

Failing to grasp Mio's intention to ask the question, Princess Sword frowns at the root (Mayu).

"No. Strength and kindness are only the result of what your lord calls the 'essence'. The essence of him is that he" has a lower appreciation for himself than anyone else ".

"I don't know what Lord Mio is saying."

Underestimating yourself is the essence? Maybe Mio is making fun of the Lord. The look on Princess Sword's face becomes instantly dangerous.

"Well, don't look so scared. For example, let's say someone did something to him out of favor. You can eat rice or put your chest on your elbow like your lord did. Then he thinks," Poor "or" teased. "I don't think I'm the kind of person who can be favored, but I am."

"Oh no! I am not making fun of the Lord!

"That's right. Then Nanashi thinks so. I grew up thinking so. Normally, that kind of self-esteem comes true as inferiority and creates a humble, cowardly person."

"The Lord is neither cowardly nor humiliating!

The sword princess kicked the chair and stood up, slamming the table.

"Yes, as the Lord says, neither humble nor cowardly. What makes him so heterogeneous is his low self-esteem, just accepting it. Therefore, other human lives are much heavier for him than for himself. That's why you show your life-threatening strength and be nice to everyone."

The sword princess loses her words with her hands on the table.

I was made to grieve that I only saw the surface of the Lord.

"You're not the least suited man to be the Lord of people in any case. Oh, my God."

"Then what can I do..."

In a sudden state of self-loss, the sword princess whines alone. Mio tells him to chase after it.

"Why don't you give it up and let the others back down? There are more decent people."

To Mio's words, did he finally reach the limit, and Princess Sword leaves herself in tears and tears?

"No! If it's not that guy, I definitely don't want to!

Words like a child wasting time. Even though she is the most powerful sword princess, on the inside, there is a seventeen-year-old girl hiding.

Mio was content that Princess Sword's words were 'I don't like it if it wasn't that guy' instead of 'It has to be that guy'.

"Then we'll have to discuss it. Because your lord intends to take Nanashi for lord, what your lord wants and what Nanashi wants."

As the sword princess wipes tears with her cuffs, Killier hands a handkerchief from the side, wipes tears, and at the end of the sentence, yes, cheese. and so on to make his nose snap. It was your sister's behavior everywhere.

Temporarily, her eyes are red, and she is not (now) in tears, but the sword princess, who regains her calm, points Mio at Ba and declares.

"Lord Mio understands the Lord better than I do. I see that! Indeed, Lord Mio may be much more worthy of his servant than I am. But! I can't lose. I'm not giving up the Lord's servant's seat!

In the silence of his visit, Mio whispers to Killier.

"Do servants deserve it or are prostitutes selling fights?"

"I don't think it's derogatory if you think in context. Dear Mio,"

Nevertheless, Mio smiled at the sword princess with a gaze that intimidated her.

"As it is, well, there are a couple of days before Nanashi can leave. Take the time to discuss it."

"By the way, Saratoga, can't you move it yet?

Killier changes the subject even deliberately.

"If Saratoga moves, we'll start chasing Gergios right now, but if the walls collapse that far, we can't even move them. There is also a shortage of materials. I'm asking for help, but it'll be a week before we get there.

"Is it a rescue?

"Oh, to Uncle Strasbourg."

"Is it in that high-speed drill?

Rarely, Killier smiles at Mio.

"Well, you're in the closest position. Don't hate him that much. He's not a bad guy."

"Sure it is, but I think I'm going to have to hear that high laugh again, it's going to make a hole in my stomach"

Castle fort city Strasbourg. The city, said to be an academic city, is also where Mio spent his childhood. The lord Fanassard, although he was arguably Mio's bamboo horse friend, has a slight personality problem.

Killier felt unhelpfully heavy when she thought about a week later.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

When Nanashi left the office, Miriam stood there.

When I stop looking at Nanashi, I keep my hands together behind my hips, slowly approaching me and stopping in front of me. And when I ran my fist, I gently slapped Nanashi's chest and just groaned "silly".

"Nana cares how much she worries me."

"I'm sorry."

"Do you know how I felt the moment you were only in the sand flood?


"If I tell you I don't know, I'm gonna punch you till I know."

Nanashi knows. I know, but I couldn't seem to get it out of my mouth.

"It might be Nana's freedom not to take care of herself. But you know what? Nana's already included in what's important to me and my sister. If you think about me or your sister, take care of Nana yourself."

There is a glimmer of tears coming from Miriam's eyes.

"Welcome back, Nana."

That's what I said, Miriam smiled.

I can see the sea sky through the window. From afar, I heard mothers urging their children to return home.

After a while, the two headed to the room assigned to Nanasi with Miriam's guidance.

Down one staircase, executive living floor. In front of the two adjacent rooms in Killier's room, Miriam stops her legs.

"This is Nana's room for a while."

With that said, Miriam turns the knob, opens the door, and enters the room.

in a room with almost nothing. In the middle of it was a luxurious bed with a canopy, with an excessive presence.

"This is the room Mr. Bosmus used. Mr. Bosmus only used this place when he had to pack it in the castle because there was a mansion outside the castle. That's why I hardly have any furniture, but I think it would be very comfortable for him to sleep because he let the craftsman make the bed only if he did it. It's a big difference compared to the bed in our servant's room."


In the first place, Nanashi never slept in bed until she came to Saratoga, so I didn't understand the feeling of being held captive.

As Miriam sat in bed whirling around, she slapped herself next to her with bread and urged Nanashi to sit here.

While in the light of the act of sitting in bed next to a girl, when Nanashi honestly sat in bed, Miriam had laid her hands on Nanashi's hands.

And to Nanashi, blushing and panicking, Miriam said this with a serious face.

"With the sword princess, there was nothing, was there? If you hide it, you'll break one finger at a time."

Nanashi couldn't help but be stunned that this word came out of the same mouth that I told her to take care of herself.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"Mr. Schmelvi. Is it going to work out?

"Um, I'm not up to it. Something I've never seen. It's like this."

Schmelvi answers Miriam with a serious face and a shoulder.

Nanashi answered honestly how he had been since saving the sword princess, as Miriam asked.

According to the story of Nanashi's subjectivity, the purpose was to tease me by saying that Princess Sword would be a servant, but Miriam doesn't believe in it.

Above all, Miriam's woman's inquiry was sounding a fierce alarm.

That turned to certainty the last time Nanashi showed the crest floating on the back of his hand.

The sword princess is serious, trying to take Nana away from us!

When he hurriedly grabbed Nanashi's arm, Miriam did not say yes or no, but specially attacked Schmelvi's lab.

"Oh, what's with the full curse (...) Stick around?

Miriam was about to graduate to the words that Schmelvi, who saw the crest on the back of Nanasi's hand, said in a casual way.

For a while, after observing the crest, Schmelvi sighs and says:

"Ancient language. Spiritual language. In many languages. It feels like complicated art rituals are wrapped around each other. Well, the curse is corrective. Oh, that's pretty special magic."

"What kind of magic is it?

"In a nutshell, I wonder if it's a change of destiny"

"An alteration of fate?

"The surgeon and the subject, in this case, Princess Sword and Nanashi-kun, no matter how far away they are, will always be reunited. You can say fate changes that much. Wow. If we die, we'll meet again in the next life."

"... that"

"Lovers admire each other."

To one word of Schmelvi's todome, the falling Miriam.

"But depending on the way you look at it, you're a stalker."

But with a word from Schmelvi, he comes back to life light.

"Right! Hey, you sword princess! I'm gonna complain a little bit!

With that said, Miriam jumped out of the lab.

"Oh, it's nice to be young."

Schmelvi like that is still in her early twenties. It's not like I'm not young.

As Miriam left, the lab suddenly regained its quiet and Nanashi became somewhat uncomfortable. I wouldn't have anticipated that, but Schmelvi talks to Nanasi.

"Yes, Nanashi-kun. I need your opinion. [M] Just great. Wow."

With that said, Schmelvi walks once and for all towards the workbench in the corner of the room.

On the workbench, in the magician's laboratory, there was an unfamiliar one placed untouched. Blunt as the material is, by the way, the shape is distorted.

"Maybe this is what Mio said about" means of catching up with Gergius "?

"That's right. After that, I'll just paint it clean, so functionally it shouldn't be a problem anymore. If you can, I want you to test me now."

With that said, Schmelvi tries to pinch him with both arms and deliberately leans over his chest.

Nanashi thought that Killier's unpleasant face came to his mind to keep it to himself.