When Nanashi arrived in the room as a result of being scattered around the prototype test, it was time for the date to change in less than half an hour.

I didn't receive the keys to the room I was given, but once in a while I turned the knob and fortunately the door opened lightly.

Come to think of it, I'm going to Mr. Schmelvi's! and left the room so that Miriam, in a great panic, could not be pulled. There's no way I had time to lock up.

When I entered the room, there was a shadow of a man floating in the dark, illuminated by the moonlight.

Even the silhouette knows who it is enough, a neat shadow. You won't have to be on guard.

"Lady Sword, how did you get here?

"I really need you to ask the Lord something"

The look on the face of the sword princess illuminated by the pale moonlight looked deeply sinking.

Have you finally come? Nanashi sighed thinking so.

I'm used to being made fun of, but just when I can take this long, I'm going to be serious about it.

Even with the crest on the back of his hand, Schmelvi said it seemed troublesome, but if he was the one with the magic on him, he could easily decurse (dispel) it.

Later, after he said, "It was a joke," I'm surprised he exaggerated, and if he seemed a little sorry, he'd probably be satisfied.

If this makes you satisfied, it's not so bad either.

The room is dark and I guess Nanashi is not clearly visible in the eyes of the sword princess either.

The sword princess opens her mouth to those with a nanashi, somewhat uncertain gaze.

"First of all, what I swore I would be the servant of the Lord, that was no joke (...)"

It's a joke. Nanashi, who thought he was going to close that way, stiffened on the spot, getting annoyed and keeping his mouth clumsily distorted.

Keep it up and you'll probably have a "hee" sound.

Because of that state of affairs, the words to be returned are also mediocre and extremely parrot returns.

"You're kidding, right?

The sword princess sifts and moves her neck, denying it.

"It's a fate-determined encounter, so the Lord must know. I assumed that shallow, on my own. So until Lord Mio told me, I didn't even realize that the Lord thought you were making fun of me. Lord, I swear, I have nothing to say about jokes or lies."

When the sword princess is no joke, the more words overlap, the more inexperienced emotions tighten Nanashi's chest.

Lady Sword, you should laugh that it was all a joke. That way, no one gets hurt.

Nanashi is shaking small before she even realizes it herself.

As if the heart had been scattered all over the body, the blood vessels called blood vessels punctuated and pulsed, and the heat rushed through Nanashi's body, losing its escape.

Be cool, I have myself screaming like that in a corner of my head.

But Nanashi couldn't stop his voice from being absurd.

"Lady Sword, you don't understand. I am a neglected, disdainful, abominable person. I'm not the kind of person you call the Lord. Some call it a barbarian living in the desert. Some people are called beasts in the shape of people. But why would you want to be such a human servant? If it is a temporary emotion, then that awaits the outcome of blaming yourself later. If you're going to use us as a means of discrediting yourself, stop that. I don't want anyone to be unhappy."

Emotions run rampant and overflow through Nanashi's mouth.

Nanashi disturbs his breath by saying all his thoughts at once.

Haaaaaa and a wave of regret pushed as the rough breathing noise echoed and rolled down to the cobblestone floor and the heat that invaded the Nanashi fled somewhere.

I did it - when Nanashi was draped, Princess Sword quietly opens her mouth.

"It's a long story, can you listen?

That's how the story of the sword princess started, it was really long.

It's not like I'm going to sneeze. It's about the seventeen years the girl lived.

At the birth of the sword princess, the story began when a stranger star reading visited the mansion, and by meeting the love sword "Silver Ridge (Monte Silvio)", the girl, who was an below average mage who could only use petrified magic, obtained unusual strength.

As a result, it took the form of embezzlement, and was neglected by the next king, Prince Wang, for his father, who was involved in the court struggle that emanated from it, and for the survival of the doorway, about a 12-year-old girl who traveled alone in exile.

In the journey of shaking off chasers and continuing to flee, the only hope is the prophecy of star reading taught by my father. That the journey of just fleeing has gradually turned into a journey of searching for the Lord.

And finally, finding Nanashi.

Then the temper of conversation fell, and at the end of the day a drop of tears fell instead of words.


It's easy to say all that.

But the prophecy is so inextricably intertwined with the hopes, aspirations, visions and reverences of the girl that she can no longer see the prototype of the prophecy.

Nanashi thinks.

If I can, I want to make this girl's wish come true.

But that's too kind of you.

It is synonymous with the fact that she is responsible for the reason why she lives. At the same time, it is an act of denial of the way I have been.

But the boy of this desert people was helplessly foolish and short-circuited.

I don't want to make the girl crying in front of me any more sad right now than I do about herself that I can't see in my own eyes. I thought so. No, I thought so.

"Can I be your Lord?

To Nanashi's words, the girl snorted.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

How long has it been?

Nanashi speaks out in anticipation of how Princess Sword has calmed down.

"It's too late for the night. Please go back to your room and rest. Lady Sword."

A sword princess tilting her neck wonderfully with a decent look.

"What are you talking about? Lord, at the time I became Lord's servant, I am no longer Lord Mio's diner, so naturally, the room is also covered. It is the Lord's duty to provide for his servants. I'll take care of you in this room."

"Hey, wait a minute. Whatever it is, it's a mess."

"What is wrong with you? I don't care what the Lord wants me to do.


Unexpectedly, an erupting nanashi.

Oh, my God, this guy.

Do you know what you're talking about?

Yeah, I probably don't get it. In his heart Nanashi concludes so.

If we don't think about it that way, we can't deal with this too destructive statement.

Clearly, the seductive ingredient is lethal.

Continuing this interaction any longer is not a good idea (mainly in the mental health of Nanashi!) and decided that Nanashi would present a compromise.

"Wow, I get it. I'll ask Mio for the room tomorrow. I'm going to sleep in this corner, so please use the bedside."

However, the sword princess reveals her grump.

"Lord, what world has a servant who lets the Lord sleep on the floor and sleeps on the bedside (bed) for himself! As I sleep on the floor, the Lord rests in his bunk (bed)!

"If Princess Sword is the one to name your servant, could you listen to the Lord for a moment!

"So! As I said before, it is also the servant's duty to point out that the Lord is wrong when he is wrong."

Make sure they stick their horns in each other.

Going on like this will dawn the night.

Nanashi thought about cutting up the argument early.

What to do. The answer is one. Run away from this room.

"Then Princess Sword can sleep on the floor. I'll sleep outside."

"Behold! Kick out the Lord and tell my servant me to sit in my room!

'Cause it won't open.'

The sword princess bites off her back teeth and squeezes down, gripping her fist hard as she angers her shoulders.

Oh, no, it explodes. The moment Nanashi somehow thought so, there was a suspicious light in the eyes of the sword princess who raised her face.

"The only way to get it to work is to stone it until morning and give the Lord a rest"

Finally, a sword princess who speaks of oblique things.

"It's okay, I'll definitely de-curse (dispel) you in the morning. You said the neck position would be fixed, so the shoulder stiffness would be relieved, my father..."

"Lady Sword, did you petrify your father?

"Yeah, I was welcoming you. It seems like a habit once you experience it."

The sword princess's eyes are already unusual.

Clearly, it sucks.

A daughter who petrifies her parents, a father who is happy to feel good about it. Aren't you a perverted parent or child?

Touching your hand is bad. Nanashi, thinking so, grabbed both wrists of the sword princess and pushed her down onto the bedside so that she could get into it.

When I feel the body of the sword princess laying the soft bedding feeling, suddenly the force falls out of the sword princess's body, and the arms I was resisting also remain fuzzy and nasty. If you look, a suddenly moist sword princess dyes her cheeks and lays her eyes down.

"Dear Lord..."

Staring at Nanashi at his superiors, the sword princess said.

"Wow, I'm glad you're being nice to me because that... is my first time..."

The sword princess stared at Nanashi with an anxious and then feverish look.

Nanashi grasps how he is in a bad situation with that word of the sword princess.

Palpitations sooner, just in a hurry, accidentally letting his gaze swim all over the room.

This is all I have left. Nanashi snaps so in her heart that when she holds both hands together over her head with one hand, she stretches out her empty hand to her own back sac (backpack), which she places beside the bed, searching for something to do with the mess.

After a while, what Nanashi took out of it was a single rope.

The sword princess gets a stunned look when she sees it.

And while Nanashi is watching, he turns red, turns blue, and changes his expression visibly, but in any case, he doesn't look like he's going to break out so far.

Now! Nanashi tied her hands over her head to secure them to the frame of the bed while the sword princess was obsessed with some mysterious imagination.

And then, after a tight tie, I peered into the sword princess's face and her face was red, but it looked like she was regaining calm.

"Doesn't it hurt?

Nanashi asks, checking the knot of the rope that was securely fixed. You must have been surprised by the sudden inquiry, the sword princess runs through her eyes with an awkward, unintelligible word.

"How dare you.


"Yes, no, Lord, anything! Nothing!

A sword princess shakes her head, blushing her red-stained cheeks even more.


Just knowing how Rin always looked, the panicking sword princess looked strange and Nanashi blew it off.

"Become! What's wrong with you!

"Oh, no, I'm sorry. I thought Princess Sword had things to panic about..."

"Ugh! I don't know!

The sword princess swelled her cheeks as if she were stubborn and turned away.

In that gap, Nanashi, when he got out of bed, immediately put a blanket on the sword princess and lay down in the corner of the room with a spare blanket in his hand himself.

It was Princess Sword who panicked. I twist my body that I can't move well and call on Nanashi lying in the corner of the room.

"Oh, that? Oh, hey, Lord. Hello."

Thus, after many alternating reviews of the rope, which had been blindly tying her own hands for a while, and the figure of the Lord, who fell asleep with his back in the corner of the room, Princess Sword burst out abruptly on the bed.

"You conspired! Lord! Yes, deceitfully cowardly! Wah, wah, wah, my! Oh, what do you think of the purity of the maiden -!

Later, while tied on the bed, the sword princess was noisy, but after a while, she began to hear a slight sleep, whether she was rumbling and tired.

- I won. It is a victory to show the majesty of the Lord.

When Nanashi muttered (crumbling) satisfactorily, he rose from the corner of the room where he slept and stood on the pillow of the sword princess.

I felt so relieved that the princess of the sword looked unusual when she was asleep.

"As Lord, I give the first order"

That said, throwing a smile at Princess Sword's sleeping face, he went on to say these words.

"Dear sword princess, please leave a message"

And Nanashi gently opened the door so as not to make a sound.