Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Lesson 23: Being pissed off with you increases my chances of survival

It's still early in the morning.

The eastern sky would begin to whiten in a few moments, at such times.

A long staircase climbs through the darkness before sunrise, with streamlined iron slabs fluttering over the walls.

Less than two zars in length, the iron plate is not a metal demon.

In the early morning darkness, it simply doesn't look good to see the figure of those who walk with it on their backs as a shadow, it's just a story.

You must be suspicious even if you are not a demon.

If anyone sees something like that walking toward the walls at this hour and doesn't think it's suspicious, he won't notice if one clown (crown) mixes in a line of marching soldiers.

It is the boy of the desert people who bears the iron plate.

Without even wiping the sweat off his forehead, Nanashi even climbs the stairs.

What he carries on his back.

This is what Mio calls "the means to catch up with Gergios".

Development Name: What Tears the Sand (Sand Splitter).

Hinted by the figure of Nanashi, who rides the waves, Mio ordered Sorcerer Schmelvi to develop it, a magic prop that runs on the sand.

Sand splitters are substitutes for streamlined iron plates embedded with spiritual stones that hold one wind force in the front and three wind forces in the rear, winding up sand with the magical force of the wind to create waves simultaneously.

The speed of a motorized castle fort is often 'fast as a horse'. It can be likened to that, but this is about three times that. I would have just said 'fast as a bird' if I were to analogize.

Nanashi confirmed yesterday that this is fully usable by being attached to Schmelvi's prototype test.

Certainly not a finished product. If it's not even painted, it's clearly unbalanced left and right. But if you think you're just catching up with Gergios, that's enough.

As for Nanashi, who wanted to rescue her sister-in-law (Xaragi) as soon as possible, there was no further reason to wait for her to complete it.

Reaching above the walls, Nanashi breathes heavily to prepare his rough breath. The clean morning air slowly cools the heat that was accumulating in his lungs.

From above the walls, if you move your gaze from right to left along the horizon, the desert landscape as far as you can see. There is nothing but wind painting sand.

Nanashi has no fear of going out into the desert.

I was born and raised in the desert for fifteen years.

It's just that the thing that pulls my back hair is about the sword princess.

Last night, Nanashi agreed to be her Lord.

The roots of that tongue are also dry, and I'm aware, of course, that putting her down and saying it's too terrible a trick.

But you can't take her from the wounded and immobile Saratoga, its greatest power, and she's too conspicuous no matter what you think, she was too incompatible with the purpose of infiltrating a castle fort city, like this one.

And one more thing.

Nanashi looks at the crest that has risen on the back of his own hand.

If this crest is to make sure Nanashi and the Sword Princess are circled together, Nanashi should be able to return to Saratoga as long as the Sword Princess is in Saratoga.

Though I thought I had an excuse, for once, I've left a brief note.

If you could read that, Princess Sword would understand, and Nanashi told herself so.

"I'm sorry, Princess Sword"

After squealing like that, I held the sand tear (sand splitter) aside, and when I tried to jump out of it, something cold poked through Nanashi's throat from behind.


I think about trying to grasp the situation, lamenting my own immaturity, wondering if I couldn't even detect the signs of too much thinking.

First stop the movement, move only the gaze down to see what is touching your throat. That's a blade that arcs loosely. Nanashi knows the owner of this curved knife (shamseal).

"I have to apologize. You better not do this. Parasites."

"Mr. Arge, why are you here?

Nanashi slowly twists his body and faces behind his back to avoid touching the blade.

It was Arge who was there, as expected.

Black hair depicting loose waves. In the parts of a slightly child-faced face, the eyes of red balls suck a strong will.

The overexposed appearance of a short coat (tunic) with visible umbilical length and shorts on the skin also adds to her healthy appeal and doesn't make her feel nasty.

She responded to Nanashi's enquiry as she poked a curved knife (shamseal) into Nanashi's neck with her right hand and twisted a donut in her left hand.

"Why not, parasite. We're busy searching for the Golem bastard who turned into Lord Bosmus, but we found a fool to behave suspiciously, so we'll have to chase him."

I'm not a suspicious person.

"Stupid bastards, that's what all suspicious people say."

Saying so, Arge releases the last slice of the doughnut into his mouth and licks his finger.

"I'm going to go help my sister now. I will definitely be back, so don't interrupt me now"

"Is that Mio's instructions?

Nanashi gets a little frightened when he is suddenly asked in the face.

"No, not like that..."

"Well, no."

"I don't know about Mr. Arge!

You can't be taking time out here like this.

Nanashi slammed his elbow on his neck muscle, on Arge's right arm poking the blade, and jumped it up, throwing his body out of the walls at once the next moment.

The wall is 30 zars high.

No matter how much the tip falls is on the sand, it's not as tall as it should be.

"Buckayaroo, you're going to miss it!

But Arge's actions betrayed Nanashi's expectations.

Reaching out his left hand toward him, he grabs Nanashi's collar, which begins to fall, and, as it were, falls with him to tangle.

While surprised by Arge's reckless behavior, he manages to turn the sand-tearing thing (Sand Splitter) in the air to his feet, and when he rides on it, he takes a forward leaning position to carry Arge.

At the bottom of the iron plate, four spiritual stones emit simultaneously to activate the magic of the wind.

A few centimeters to the ground, an iron plate bounced on the sand scattered by the wind to absorb the impact of the fall.

Still, however, it was not possible to offset the weight of Arge, and Nanashi knelt over the iron plate so that it was crushed by Arge's body, and the curved knife that remained her undressed sword began to plunder her cheeks.

Nanashi crawling on all fours like a beast, with an arge pressed to be carried on top of it, tearing the sand weighing on the forehead (sand splitter) accelerates sharply. Momentary away from Saratoga.

"It hurts..."

Rubbing (sassy) where he hit him, Arge looked back behind him and saw Saratoga going away.

"Ha ha, what is this? That's impotent. That's fast!

Nanashi says to Arge, who somehow seems to enjoy himself, desperately balancing himself with a crawling attitude on all fours.

"Mr. Arge, we're stopping, so get down and turn back here"

"What if I don't?

"I'll shake it off"

Nanashi's face is serious. But Arge turns his left hand, which was grabbing Nanashi's collar neck, to the neck muscle, and creates a headlock posture, which shows disappointment.

"Are you sure you want to come back?



"Did you get it"

Nanashi exhales in a ho small, relieved breath. but it's also between bundles

"Keep it up, I'll follow you."

"Huh." Huh?!

Nanashi is stunned by the far diagonal answer of the assumption.

"You haven't paid for the leather armor yet, and it's a punishment to go back now. If you're gonna get mad at me anyway, the captain's spoiling you. Better get mad with you, my chances of survival are up."

"Mr. Killier will just piss you off, won't he? Isn't there a great chance of survival?"

"My corporal punishment is confinement to a room full of black muscles?

"Follow me!

What a horrible corporal punishment. Unexpectedly, Nanashi agrees to accompany him.

What's going on with Saratoga's Kingsguard in the first place? Aren't we making too much use of the black muscles?

"I'll keep an eye on you, so don't even think about running away from me."

Arge, who said so while clinging to Nanashi's neck, looked somewhat amused.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"Hmm. Do you have anything to open?

"Yeah, well, even if they say I'm open, I'm in trouble."

Nanashi ran off Saratoga, hours later.

Before the royal Mio, there was the figure of Schmelvi, who was being seated at the front.

"Even before it's done, if I show you something like that, Nanashi's going to pop up, it's only natural!

"That's what they say, no tests, no real operations. Ha, just no, no more muzzles. In the first place, Nanashi, there's no one else to ride, and no."

As for Mio, he intended to send Nanasi out to Gergios in a full posture.

Specifically, to accompany those who excel in purifying magic in order to counteract the necromancer (necromancer) who is likely to be in Gergios. And I was going to offer you a couple of other items in addition to magic props for communication.

And instead, I was going to persuade Sir Serdis to stay in Saratoga until Nanashi returned.

If you look only at the results, Sir Cerdis is still in Saratoga, even after Nanasi has left.


"Look at that tragedy."


What Schmelvi saw ahead, prompted by Mio. It was the figure of Sir Cerdis and Miriam sitting with their knees in the corner of the room, drooling with more and more air.

If that's the case, it's suspicious if it will be used for a while, and it's not what I found out when I'm going to say I'm going after Nanashi.

Similar to the situation you were looking for, but the truth can be described as the worst.

Mio sighed, that's when there was one soldier without a knock. Momentum pops into the office.

"We will report! A worm (bug) that you had ordered to search, unknown today, put a woman behind the vehicle and walked away at a tremendous speed. and reports are in!

"" "" "" Onna?!

Surprising voices summon in the office.

"No way, ah, the Lord runs down..."

"Hey, don't tell me you're not even on edge!

The sword princess whines with a bright blue face. Miriam caught on to it.

While concerned about the condition, the soldier continues to report without losing his posture.

"At each squad, we picked up the callback, and we don't see Deputy Aaj Mirage."

"Hmm, heh, heh, heh"

Until then, Killier, who had silently refrained beside Mio, suddenly laughed eerily, and Mio makes his body jump freakishly.

"Being the deputy of our team, it's a good idea to tease my brother, Arge."

Killier sticks her finger up and raises her voice at the soldier who comes to report.

"All right, you, go to the Kingsguard building now and tell them, issue an order to the Black Roses. Code is a discovery, immediate hit. Search and Destroy, target is Arge."

"Yes, sister! Do it, do it!

"Right. It is also my servant's duty to eliminate poisonous women who corrupt the Lord."

Miriam burns Killier, plus Princess Sword leaves a disturbing statement.

The only salvation is that Saratoga today has no means of pursuing the two of them, but Arge's prospect that if he gets angry with Nanashi, the punishment will also be lighter, where the person's giving (slight) ignorance, with incredible momentum behind him, presented the worst appearance.