Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 25: I brought you the best gift ever.

"Open the door! Open the door!

Following the screaming voice of the gate soldiers, the castle gate in front of Saratoga makes a loud noise and opens like a guillotine.

"The arrival of Lord Strasbourg Fanassard di Meteora!

Inside the gate, a cobblestone path stretching straight from the castle gate. The regular Saratoga soldiers, amazingly lined up to the left and right of it, salute the visitors in unison.

Together with the sound of the bronze horn that is struck, first above the leading donkey horse (bubble) is the Ritual Soldier. This is followed by two fully armed knights entering the castle.

And behind that, he said, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Along with the laughter, a luxuriously decorated castle arrived.

And the maids, who withheld behind them, scattered a great number of petals (themselves) all over the place, and saw a woman royal in the midst of the petals.

As an Escalis Meermill person, my hair shines first and foremost in gold, which is unlikely to be natural. It's too total (fuzzy), too rich an amount of that hair, a flavor that I said I managed to suppress with a vertical roll.

She was the one who walked in with plenty of golden silver yarn, wearing a fine designed golden picky dress and waving her hand, Strasbourg Uncle Fanasard, the man.

Mio, waiting for him, smiles with a full face at the Fanassard, who descends from the front of the castle of Saratoga, and calls out.

"You've come a long way. Thank you. Fana."

"Mio, thank you. It smells like water. You can't name your best friend without rushing to the pinch."

That being said, Fanassard held his hand firmly together as he turned to Mio.

I think Killier holding back behind Mio as he sees how it goes.

No wonder these two horses fit.

From what I've heard from Mio before, it seems the two have been like this ever since I met him on his first day studying in Strasbourg.

"Now, Uncle Strasbourg, I will show you to the reception. Please come this way."

With Mio and his arms tangled, Fanasard responds to the wind that for the first time he noticed Killier's presence when Killier spoke to lead Fanasard as he began walking towards the castle.

"Oh, I'm not a fishing eye dog. How have you been, too?

"Oh, thank you. Uncle Strasbourg is looking good too, more importantly."

Killier responds with a smile, while slightly attracting her mouth.

"You too, don't pull my sweet Mio's leg, at best refine it."

"Oh, thank you, no thank you,"

That's why I don't like it! This high-speed drill! and Killier manages to endure while treading on the estate in her heart.

"Oh, yeah, fishing eye dogs. Hey, stop."

When he said so and stopped walking, Fanasard looked at Mio's ear so much that his lips stuck together, whispering in a whisper.

"I brought you the best gift ever."

At the end of the word, no, and from outside the castle, the sound of bronze rings out loudly, and the blurring spreads among the soldiers in line.

"That's, like, no way!

Mio opened his eyes wide as he saw the flag of the soldiers who had entered.

"E., the arrival of His Royal Highness Princess Fatima Urk Escalis, First Princess of Escalis Meermill!

Once again, the bronzes are struck simultaneously, and the soldiers on the left and right kneel simultaneously.

And Mio, and Fanasard, and Kirier, and the chief ministers that were there, were kneeling, as were the soldiers.

There was a little girl waving her hand with a soft smile over the sandalwood canopy entering between the nervous soldiers.

d Only after the entrance of the flashy Fanasard, its poor figure, reminiscent of Hinageshi's hua, seemed to have given greater fondness to the soldiers looking up in sigh.

The girl's name is Fatima.

To talk about her and her status, it is inevitable to talk about the political situation in a country called Escalis Meermill.

This desert country, Escalis Meermill, is an empire (Meermill) that culminates in a more ancient royal family.

When it comes to politics, the country is a decentralized state ruled by (each) nine lords of each mobile castle fort, but the royal family, separated from political power, exists as a symbol of the country.

It can be said that it exists rather far from its political status, but therefore gathers together respect from the people, that is the way it is.

This royal family lives in the 'capital'.

So what does' capital 'mean?

There are areas in the eastern part of Escalis Meermill where there is no sand flooding (flooding) at all, called inviolable areas (cosms).

Scholars have given a number of theories about why sand floods (floods) do not occur, such as God's protection and simply the stiffness of the ground, but they do not know exactly.

A capital is a manoeuvre castle fort anchored in this inviolable area (cosm).

Now a motorized castle fort named 'Carlon' has been moored for half a century.

I want you to put it in this desert and imagine how big a profit it would be to not have to travel. The commercial benefits of being freed from the threat of sand floods (floods) and being located are immeasurable.

And the country's iconic royal family lives there.

If you attack this, you will wear the stigma of a traitor, and you will no longer be worried about the attacks of other motorized castle fortifications.

It is coveted for the Lord of Fort Maneuver to be the 'capital'.

And the replacement of the capital is exchanged only unanimously of the eight lords, with the exception of the current lords of the capital. In other words, you can deliver all the manoeuvre castle forts outside the capital under your umbrella to be the first capital.

The eldest daughter of the royal family living in its capital. That is this Fatima.

Slowly a sandalwood claw approached Mio and the others on their knees.

On his knees, Mio thinks.

I see, this is a great gift.

While flying the royal flag, that is, while she is staying, she will not be attacked from any other manoeuvred castle fort.

"Uncle Saratoga, long time no see. I'll take care of you for a while."

From above, Fatima smiled gently to Mio.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"You have steps at your feet, so please be careful"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Arge."

Young men and women looking friendly across the street.

As far as calling each other, everyone will understand that, couples.

That's also a newlywed couple who have just reached the age of being able to get married.

The man is wearing a bandage so as to cover both eyes if he suffers from eyes, and he thinks of his wife and walks to cling to the woman's arms.

The woman is a relaxed piece with a wooden chrysanthemum (Margaret) pattern. The man also seems to be relatively wealthy with a light yellow underwear (trousers) in a well-tailored short coat (tunic), but I guess he's a traveler when I look at the fact that the man carries a backpack (backpack).

Walk along the night streets lined with delightful streets, liquors and whorehouses on the starboard side of Gergios, leaning against each other. Eventually when they found one inn off the pleasure street, on a relatively dark street, the two stopped in front of them.

"You, there was an inn. Let's make it here."

"Okay. Mr. Arge."

"Am I?"

"Okay, Arge!

When the woman frowned and intimidated her eyebrows like a leopard changed, the man rushed back to say.

Pushing a light wooden door, he entered the inn into a narrow lobby with a ledge (counter) and a staircase leading to the upper floor. There is no one on the counter, and the woman rings the bell placed there and calls to the back.

"I'm sorry"


I got a response from the back to the woman's call, and after a while an older man came out.

"Excuse me. I'd like to rent a room..."

The innkeeper looked at the woman's words with surprise and looked around at the two.

"I don't mind, but where did you come from? It's been three days since I moored at the Oasis. There's no way a new traveler can come in while you're moving around Fort Maneuver."

"Yes, actually... I went into this town from the previous oasis and rented another lodging, but a bug sprang up in my room..."

The man seemed to have an idea of the word, and broke his rapport (so to speak) in the way that the point had been made.

"Ha ha, now it would be Ted's place. That's what happens, ma'am, because I'm gonna ketch the inn bill."

"This one's gonna be okay, right?

"Oh, my God, we're old, but clean and mottled."

"Okay, for now, I'm leaving this town the next time I dock, so for now, three days. If we don't dock by then, I'd like to ask you to stay."

"Oh good, 45 copper coins in three days. If you want to eat more, you can have three meals a day and one cup of hot water."

"Oh, you're so conscientious. I'd like a meal and hot water for today, please."

"Okay. Then sign here."

Even if the woman signs the ledge offered by the innkeeper, she sees the written name and the innkeeper looks suspicious again.

"Gomikas cine by Inony, is that your real name?

"Yeah, it's our husband's name. It's a good name for northern oasis."

"Oh, well, no. From what I've seen, it looks like a couple, but what's the purpose of the journey?

"It's a honeymoon. My husband is in the trail of a wealthy house, so we discussed a relaxing journey until we inherited the trail."

"Well, I'm jealous of him. By the way, is your husband blind?

With that said, the innkeeper sees a man who doesn't speak a word while standing behind a woman.

"My husband, on his way here, was struck in the eye with sand. Until I'm cured, there's nothing I can do about it."

"Ha, that's not good. If you were a newlywed, you'd be just fine on the pretext of sticking around."

"Well, if your husband"

That's how the innkeeper and the woman laugh at Kerakera.

"Well, even though the walls are thicker than Ted's, because you're a newlywed, I'll make it an empty room. It's not like it won't leak, so I'm gonna ask you there."

The young couple dyed their cheeks in the inferior care words the innkeeper said while nibbling.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

I'll leave the hot water on the table.

"Yes, thank you"

"Bye, take your time. No."

Slightly, as the innkeeper left the room, the woman turned off her smile and spilled her stupidity on the top of the Buddha.

"Oh, my God, I have to pretend I'm this guy's daughter-in-law, damn it"

"Whatever you say, it's all Arge's idea..."

"Wow! Stupid Yarrow."

Yes, this couple's pretense is an idea that Arge said with the idea of not being suspicious after infiltration.

It can be said that it is an extremely honest decision to consider a couple in the sense that they are least suspicious of a pair of men and women. To hide Nanashi's black eyes on top of it, I set it to blind and procured clothes to go with it.

Specifically, Arge caught it from the store.

"Well, no. I wipe my body, so you, get in bed, turn around, go to sleep."

"Oh, I get it"

"If you turn around, I'll make it a fact that you're blind!

"I won't look."

Nanashi turns straight towards the wall and falls asleep in the bed.

Listening to the sound of hot water like chappy puppy coming from the back, I guess I was tired, I immediately fell asleep.

"Wake up. Don't speak up"

Arge woke up Nanashi with a strange voice. Probably hasn't stood that long since I went to bed.

"What's going on?"

"There's someone in front of the door"

Listen to that word of Arge. No, Nanashi quietly stops by the door and listens. While his ears were clear to the sound outside, the look on Nanashi's face, which was tense to tension, gradually turned into something subtle and troublesome.


"Uh, Mr. Arge. There are two other innkeepers outside."

"What, did you realize who we were?

"No, it's very hard to say..."

Nanashi mumbles with his face that he is in deep trouble.

"Oh, my God, that's not a lot."

"Apparently, newlyweds are coming to hear the sound of the act they do in bed..."

Arge opened his mouth pompously and solidified, then shrugged with a remorseful face, grinding his teeth.

"... if you don't do it, you'll be suspicious..."

Then a few minutes later, Nanashi was wondering if Arge should be stopped.

Stop, when this is over, I guess they'll hit eight with all their might.

Nanashi has a distant eye.

Hearing the sound of a giddy bed and the sound of a woman gasping as she was about to cry, the innkeepers seemed to have already left satisfied.

I hope it's about sandback.

Nanashi was thinking about that when she saw Arge bouncing around on the bed with half a cry, acting like Amen and her wheeze.