"What the hell! Beyond the wall, he said it was another wall!... is that surprising enough? Fucking kid."

That said, as boring as it seemed, Kisk looked up at Mio with a thin chest over the Siege.

Around the same time Zubonimil and Meshmendi confronted each other, inside the walls, the beasts (Zoanthropes) led by Kisk were embedded in the trap, underneath the stone walls.

"The walls inside the walls, they surprised me at first, but I should try to clear the story. Ah, I just loaded up the materials, I mean. I'm really interested."

Kisk was desperately trying to grasp the situation inside, showing a frightened bare gesture.

I don't know the exact number, but both beasts (Zoan Slopes) seem to have been caught in a lot of broken stone walls.

As far as I can tell, a quarter of them were cut off in battle...

"In the eyes of a whore, it looks a lot more damaged with just that pile of material. Three more times, if it's underneath the wall, it's all gone."

Even Mio's heart, provoking so, is actually not calm.

Initial calculations could have reduced the number of enemies, but that was only a story based on the assumption of human beings. If you look at a beast man with excellent physical abilities (Zoan Slope) as a number of people at par value, the calculation will no longer fit at the end.

On the other hand, under Mio's provocation, Kisk grinned less.

It's the kid's shallow wisdom. How many times have they been laid down?

Kisk gives instructions with a bare gesture like nothing to reassure the beasts (Zoanthropes) who are still haunted.

"Hey monsters, you're not such a freak. That's just loaded with stone, too. Push him down on the other side."

"Hey, what?!

To Mio's astonished face, Kisk lowered his drinks slightly.

Hang on, if you're going to fall this way, you can push him down to the other side.

I don't even bother to think about it. Naturally.

"Muggle. It's like it wasn't Manganese."

"Ah, it's you, you fucking kid"

To Mio, who bites his teeth, Kisk abandoned him as if he was frightened.

I was licked that they didn't think I'd notice anything to that extent.

Following Kisk's instructions, the Beasts (Zoanthropes) step over the collapsed stone walls and the bodies of their underlying companions and walk one after the other to the newly emerged stone walls.

"Ah you guys. I know you do, but push on the wall. If you push it down there, it's gonna fall this way."

I know it's ridiculous to say that much, but I'll give you instructions in my mouth just in case.

The truth is, Kisk doesn't really know how intelligent the Beasts (Zoanthropes) are.

These words seem to make sense, but the words of the Beast Man (Zoanthrope) only sound like the sound of a beast to Kisk.

When the Beasts (Zoan Slopes) put their hands on the top of the stone wall, close their eyes with their left and right allies, and put their strength into it.

At the moment when the beasts (Zoanthropes) were about to put their strength into it, Mio told them to scoff.

"On the contrary, there is no salvation."

That moment, Zash! With the short, dull sound, the movements of the beasts (Zoanthropes) stop perfectly.

In the eyes of the kiss from behind, red flowers seemed to bud one after the other on the backs of the beasts (Zoanthropes).


A red splash erupts simultaneously, dyeing the cobblestone red, as guided by the sad sounds of a single beast man (Zoanslope).

What happened was obvious.

Red buds. It was the tip of an iron pile painted with blood.

Countless iron piles penetrated the bellies of the beasts (Zoanthropes) from the gap between the stones they had assembled.

You are not even allowed to lay on the ground when you die through a pile.

The bitter breath overlaps, and the beasts (Zoanthropes) are just cramping their bodies

Fortunately, the surviving beasts (Zoanthropes) jumped out of front of the wall in a hurry, lay on the ground like rolling, and roared against the wall.

"What the..."

Mio's voice pours over his head, of Kisk, who stands up losing his words.

"Words are chains. You're already a geese."

To Kisk, who looks up like a fool, Mio says his face skewered away.

"You were only wary that the stone wall would fall. You assumed on your own with the phrase," If you lay on the wall three more times, you'll be wiped out. "The Whore's operation is to knock down the wall and crush you."

Sure it is. Kisk never doubted that this girl's aim was to use the Beasts as the underside of the wall.

"A creature called man assumes yesterday that what he sees is real. You don't realize what you're looking at is an image you capture with your head. So if you throw some information into that image that he wants to believe, it's easy to believe."

"You manipulated me!

Kisk's fingers, pointing to Mio for saying so, are trembling.

"Well, my power to bind even God with three inches of tongue." Spellbound "!

Mio stretches his bellows and tongue with open palms in front of his face.

"S, spellbind......"

Mio feels so uncomfortable with Kisk's stunned look.

The grandeur that goes out to meet God. The pain in the pose is also blushing.

This is certain to become an array that will suddenly remind me when I take a bath alone in the future and want to make a voice say "Aaaaaah".

Though part of the planting, doing it without illuminating this was quite patient with Mio.


From this name, which seems to be a tremendous ability, these words appear from underneath, drawing makeup applied to the extent that the neighborhood (Kuma) can.


The point is, if you mistake it for something big, and you read it in depth, that's enough.

"Now, what are you going to do? Quickly climb the wall? Wrap your tail around it and run? Or do you want to buy some time for the guys outside to arrive? Or push down the wall before they poke you with an iron pile?

Mio overlooking plenty of room. A drop of sweat conveys Kisk's cheek.

At that time, from the outside of the walls, a faint voice was heard mixed with a large number of screams and yells.

"Too bad. It's about time we got a piece on the outside. The people outside are wiped out. One less choice."

"Ya, maybe that's the one who got hit. The old man with the iron beard is strong no matter what."

A kiss that smiles as it strengthens while wiping (plucking) sweat that transmits the jaw (chin) with the back of your hand.

"If the Lord thinks so, I guess so, in the Lord. But good? I'm so aware of what's going on out there that the whore may have thrown some words into your image again."


"Do you want to wait a minute? That way, you'll know which reinforcements are coming in through that crack in the wall. But your neck may be falling apart while you wait."

"Ugh! You, stop talking!

I can see nature and my breath getting rough. Kisk was feeling more and more hunted down.

"Ha ha, you can't afford it much longer. No more hands, no more feet? Look, if you move one foot, there might be a trap there, right? Be careful. There might be a pit somewhere on this floor, huh? Maybe something's coming down from the top, huh? Don't breathe too much, okay? The poison in the air could spin, right? Can we move? Can we just stop on the spot?

"Go to hell"

A resentful voice that squeezes out of the back of my throat. My lips are already dry on the calamari.

Every single one of his actions was tied up by Mio's words, and he felt unable to move.

"The curse is moonlight, too. I can see the lack of room."

"Come on, I can see your pants."

Had a hurry, Mio pushing his skirt.

Tension rose and it seemed to have stood at the end of the siege. But Kisk couldn't help but mourn inside.

... What "pants" is the blow that finally arrives.

Mio coughs as he blushes a little.

It clearly looks like he's trying to re-compartmentalize.

"You can't go home without one soldier. Asmodimos needs to insult us and get defenseless on board at best."

Kisk was so surprised that the name of Asmodimos appeared from Mio's mouth that he wondered if his heart would pop out of his mouth. But he disguised himself as calm and spoke. Sickled. Because I thought so.

But in that attitude of the kiss, Mio gives a satisfying look.

"You're not stupid. Silence is not synonymous with affirmation. Well, it's not like I'm sickled. Because it is clear that you are soldiers of Asmodimos. No matter how many Demon Crystal furnaces you replace, don't think you can. But replacing the Demon Crystal Furnace is like replacing a whole bowel in human terms, so what the hell are you after?"

Kisk thinks.

It doesn't seem meaningful to hide being an Asmodimos soldier. What the hell kind of information network do these guys have that they even know about replacing the Demon Crystal Furnace?

"I don't know. If we can hit the bedroom, sharpen our power, and occupy the castle, that's fine. I can't do it if I can't, and that's good. I'm not getting instructions."

I mean, even if these men fail, they have some other way of doing it. That's how Mio grasped it.

"You're not a throwaway pawn. Lord, is that good?

"I was originally a mercenary. I'm not interested in the overall picture of the operation you're thinking about up there."

"Well, he said he was ready to be disposed of."

"I'm a mercenary, that's what I'm saying"

Apparently, there's really nothing we can pull out of this guy. As far as looking down from the top, the number of moving beasts is cutting 40. It's time to put Keri on.

Mio is directly beneath himself. After glancing at the person behind the stone wall, he looks at Kisk and raises his voice.

"Okay, okay. Observe carefully how the Lord fits into the trap from Himself, which attracts some hearts, but staying up late is from the enemy of beauty. Isn't it time to put Keri on? Give the Lord of the wretched abandoned pawn a place to die as a warrior."

In the wake of Mio's words, he made a roar, and the stone wall fell at the front.