Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 35: Hey, I'm not protecting anyone but you.

"Still can't recover?

Fanasard doesn't even try to hide his frustration.

Neither the aroma of herbs rising from the teacup, nor the mountains and loads of treats beside it, had gone so far as to dispel her frustration.

"I'm sorry. The chief engineer has not yet identified the cause and has not even found a clue to the restoration."

"Do something!

"Yes, but lady, it's already late for the night. By the time you wake up, we will instruct you to complete your restoration, so why not take a rest?"

That's what the old butler bows his head.

I've looked after Fanasard since I was a kid, and he has a lot of popularity inside and out as someone who can forgive the infamous Fanasard. Name is Clift.

Herbal and sweet piles are what he instructed me to prepare.

For a little while, Fanassard seems to be in a pretty good mood for it, but today it's just a small piece of work that can't be helped.

"That's not why!

When Fanasard looked at the clift, he burned his tongue to the heat as he tried to drink and dry the herbal tea at once so as to hit eight.

The cause of Fanassard's frustration is clear.

It's just extremely difficult to get rid of the cause.

At any rate, Fort Strasbourg is currently stuck in the middle of the desert.

Moving on away from Saratoga, just a few moments. Strasbull's demonic crystal furnace was untouched in such a way that it stopped completely.

In the first place, I've never heard of a running Demon Crystal Furnace shutting down completely, etc.

In fact, even if it remains as a dossier, Strasbourg's Demonic Crystal Furnace should have been running on a hundred years basis.

It's a crystal of ancient technology, a permanent engine that continues to produce magic without the need for fuel, and that's the Demonic Crystal Furnace. Whether you want to put people on standby or stop completely, it is not an easy thing to do.

It was at dusk that the Demonic Crystal Furnace stopped, and it is now already late at night.

Just around this time, in Saratoga, there was a battle with the advance forces of Asmodimos, but there was no reason for Fanasard to know about it.

"Fana. Take care of yourself. I don't know what they're after. They're creepy people."

Just before the breakup, Mio said too much words over Fanassard's head.

It would just be impossible to think of this anomaly as an occasional (by chance) halt to the Demonic Crystal Furnace. By some hand, Strasbourg's Demonic Crystal Furnace was stopped. It's reasonable to think so.

Asmodimos can't be unrelated to this situation.

Then what's the point?

Fanasard thinks as he opens his mouth wide and exposes his tingly sore tongue to the outside air. I don't care if you look a little dumb from the side at this time. Clift is the only one watching anyway.

Meaning of stopping the Demonic Crystal Furnace................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Make Strasble immobile. Is that all you got?

At the next moment, Fanasard showed a bare gesture like he noticed something with Hata, and when he put the teacup on the table on Xu (Momouro), he began to give instructions as soon as he arrowed to the clift.

"Grandpa! I'm going down to the powered floor too. Call the nearby guards now! And more escorts in Her Royal Highness's room."

"Yes, I did. Lady."

Responding without hesitation to the abrupt Fanassard instructions, Clift left the room early.

After making sure that the door closes completely, Fanasard begins to get up to speed.

When you take off your loose room outfit, put your sleeves through your shorts (tunic) and put on the perfect pair of pants.

I don't even intend to wear armor, but hang a thin sword (Rapier) on my waist belt.

This is a delicacy that my father used to beat back the sword (estock) so that it was easy for her to use.

The problem is hair. Currently, she is forcefully wrapped around the hair net, but the amount of her hair is too bright, and with the wrapped around the net, she only looks like she is wearing a large ball of cabbage over her head. Leaning on your back even when you sleep is so immense that it is impossible.

No matter how much, there is resistance to getting out in front of soldiers in such a state.

As a young maiden on a boulder, it is hard to have a nickname such as cabbage head.

I just don't have the time to make it my usual vertical roll, but is there any way to do something about it? The sound of knocking on the door echoed the room as she began to conceive so.

"Ma'am, we're ready"

"Oh...... already!

Now, not if you care what it looks like.

A slight throw, but ready, Fanasard left the room with the cabbage head.

Whoever speaks to others about his hairstyle, or whispers, he shall be severely punished. After proclaiming so strongly to the assembled soldiers, with less than twenty close guards, Fanasard takes the stairs down to the power floor on the lower second floor.

Behind this floor, on the other side of the giant door, is a magic crystal furnace.

Always, this floor, filled with the warm light emitted by the Demonic Crystal Furnace, is now also surrounded by pitch-black darkness and heavily painful air.

Open up.

In front of a huge door, Fanasard commands the left and right Kingsguards to open the door. Engineers, including the chief engineer, should be working inside, it can't be locked.

Make a heavy noise and the door slowly opens.

"Ugh... this is..."

Everyone there pressed his mouth simultaneously.

In addition to opening the door, it was the thick iron odor that leaked out. It smells like blood.

Dim room. There was a bunch of sloppy, belly protruding men in a sea of blood stretching out there.

"Whoa, whoa, you're out of time. Dear Uncle Strasbourg,"

"… this is a rare customer"

As someone who would have been able to get in while grounded with Saratoga, I had half anticipated, and Mio had told me that this man was no longer human.

But when I actually confront him, I understand that this is what a chemical is.

Wiping a glimmer of sweat dripping down his cheeks, Fanasard squeezed out the man's name with a plundering voice.

"Sir Bosmus"

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Marne's ears moved pickly.

"I wonder what's going on, Marne?

A young girl sleeping with her face buried in her chest moved with Mozomozo, slowly opening her eyes too, Princess Fatima. Ever since she left Saratoga, this young lady has not temporarily tried to leave beside Fatima.

Marne whispered as she rubbed her eyes to sleep.

"You know, hey. My job is to protect you."

"Yes, you do. Suddenly, what's wrong? Marne."

"Hey, I'm not protecting anyone but you."


To put it that way, Marne buried her face in Fatima's rich chest again and began to rest quietly.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"Look at that cloud. Tomorrow, it's gonna be a sandstorm."

A huge black cloud is drooling ahead of one soldier pointing.

In that way, this area of Strasbourg's berthing will be hit by considerable rough weather.

"Wouldn't it be nice if I could just gobble up in a dorm room?"

That's how another soldier responds to the intersection of absences (yawning).

As soldiers standing watch over the walls, it was an interaction that lacked too much tension, but it was about the soldiers at the end who had not been asked about Asmodimos or anything else. There's no way we need to be on guard in the middle of a desert like this. That's what I thought, who could blame them?

"Different. Hey............ that one? Something's coming up!

That said, ahead of the soldier's pointing, there was a black shadow towards Strasbourg, slowly approaching.

"It's like a manoeuvre castle fort. Apparently, help's here."

"But isn't that strange? There's not a single light on that manoeuvre castle fort."

"You're there, too, and something's wrong."

Usually, we just don't have this kind of swallowing conversation. But now this Strasbourg has a royal flag flipped. You don't have to worry about being attacked.

Its manoeuvring castle fort draws closer and closer as the soldiers look over their fingers.

Closer enough to be clearly visible, the soldiers noticed its unusual appearance for the first time there.

The iron castle gate, and the upper half of the walls are also black manoeuvred castle fortifications with a similar expression 'Battle Fortress', reinforced with iron.

Its manoeuvrable castle fort stops at a distance of about a few dozen zars from Strasbourg. The soldiers were breathing and watching the situation, but they were not grounded, nor were they trying to show any movement as it were.

"What the hell is that?"

"I came closer with the intention of attacking you, but I thought you were scared when you saw the royal flag.

"It could suck. Anyway, report."


With that said, even late, when one of the soldiers hung his legs to go down the stairs, he noticed that someone was walking about 200 zars from the position where the soldiers were, on the walls of the Strasbourg where they were.

"Hey, there's someone over there!

For a moment, I wondered if the alternates had come, but things were strange for that.

The person looks silhouetted against the backdrop of a full moon lying across the walls. If I do, the guy in round shape is responsible for something like a human on his shoulder.

When he suddenly stopped, he threw what was on his shoulder, lightly outside the walls.

A strangely shaped person like even cabbage on top of his head. Seeing how the man was treating him lightly, the soldiers thought, "What a doll".

And at the next moment, I wonder if the man himself jumped towards the outside of the castle wall, flying dozens of zar distances as he was, flying to the black motorized castle fort.

And some time later, as the soldiers watched suddenly, the black motorized castle fort moved away from Strasbourg.