"Ugh... oh, it's hot"

"also, a little more patience"

Escape from Guergios, when a few minutes have passed.

Nanashi and Arge were in the midst of a scorching desert, buried in the sand with only their heads out.

"This really works for you..."

"It's okay. Trust me. Because it is the wisdom of the life of the desert people."

"Well, if you say so, I believe you, but come on..."

Arge, who said so and turned to Nanashi, turns away as he blushes, realizing that there is a side of Nanashi nearer than he thought.

Taking those two hot, bitter people elsewhere (approx.), Nino sleeps in the shadow of something that rips sand through the sand (sandspreader) and is occasionally stroked by a blowing breeze, feeling comfortable.

Why has this happened?

After escaping from Gergios, the three men on the sandstorm (sandspreader) were well on their way northwest.

But Nino, caught between them, suddenly started suing like this.

"I'm screwed with you both. I'm raw garbage."

Think about it, naturally.

They were on the floor of raw garbage and sewage for nearly a night. On the contrary, in fact, it even falls into a pile of raw garbage.

Now it is no exaggeration for the two of them to say 'raw garbage incarnation'.

Naturally, it stinks. If you wear a little water and the smell falls, there's no room in the world for deodorants or anything like that.

If there was one smell of Nanashi, there was still no way I could stand Nino, a beast man (Zoanthrope) with excellent smell, even though he was caught in 1/4 (Quarter) by the two "Raw Garbage Incarnations".

No matter how much of a male victory, Arge also gives me the edge of a maiden in love... Well, women's power is really the bottom line, but if they even say it stinks in front of a conscious opponent, they can't leave it on a boulder.

Therefore, according to Nanashi's claim that "baked sand has a deodorizing effect," we are both buried in the sand.

Well, depending on what you see, it's not a pastoral landscape.

I wonder if there are sights where I don't even see such pieces of tension, at the same time, there are places where tension is swelling to the extreme, even on the same desert.

Over there, Saratoga, the fortress of the manoeuvring castle, is now at our side.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"There's a storm coming..."

Also across to fifty zars, a collapsed painting of the walls.

The claw marks of the sand flood (Flood) are vivid, and if you cut only one of those paintings, it even seems like an ancient ruin.

Here last night, the black muscles led by Kirier (Gachimuchi) and the beasts led by enemy general Kisk (Zoanthrope) fought a literal fleshlight battle, further widening Saratoga's scars.

If you drive with the walls damaged on this scale, the inside of the walls will be buried in the sand.

Now the sword princess stands on the spot and looks around the desert stretching beside the walls as she lays her hands on the broken walls.

Far east in the sky, sunny weather was rare in the usual desert, with black and heavy clouds dripping in.

"The enemy is coming from that cloud."

That looked too ominous to Princess Sword's eyes.

Princess Sword's hometown, The Land of Permafrost, has a heritage called Storm Messenger (Stormbringer).

It's an ominous tale of a knight across a blue horse showing up with a storm and bringing misfortune.

Parents threaten children who never sleep at night.

"Be a good boy or the Storm Messenger will come," he said.

I can't cure chest noise.

"I can't believe I'm the Lord..."

It was entirely my fault. Rather, it is more constructive to suspect arrhythmias.

Right now, there is no shadow by the sword princess, and I can't hear a single thing from all around me.

No, it's not just here.

The whole Saratoga is quiet as a deserted ruin.

It was not the silence of the dead.

Rather, it resembles the stillness of a beast, which lurks in the eyes of a tiger and targets its prey.

The ground is wet.

Until recently, many soldiers were sprinkling large amounts of water here.

At this hour, the sun is still shining directly above Saratoga.)

It's only past Jomtien, but the afternoon sun is harsh.

From the water wet ground, the hot air rises, and the unpleasant index of this painting rises the eel. But even in the middle of it (or less), the sword princess's expression is cool and she doesn't look like she is sweating one thing.

In retrospect, from the castle of Saratoga, several muscles of smoke rise.

Saratoga Castle is not on fire. but if the other person assumes so, that would be one gap.

The sword princess once again shifts her gaze to the desert.

At the end of that gaze, a black shadow like crawling out from across the horizon.

A black motorized castle fort dyed by the colours of the night raises the smoke and approaches.

Woohoo, The Storm Messenger (Stormbringer) is coming.

It will be good.

If you say you will bring misfortune, let us prune all its misfortune buds before the Lord returns.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

When Princess Sword stopped looking at the black motorized castle fort across the horizon, it was also reflected on the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) on Saratoga's bridge.

"That's Asmo Dymos... he's been in a lot of trouble."

Mio shrugged as he buried his hips in a luxurious private seat at the rearmost point of the bridge.

But the whining is not passed on to anyone, and it is sucked into the wall empty.

There is no such thing as Killier, who always holds back beside him.

The wounds sustained in yesterday's battle with Kisk were deeper than expected, and Kirier was on the hospital bed (bed) in the hospital room. And his sister Miriam, too, deposited all her measures with Mio and now accompanies him to the hospital room.

How long till contact?

"Half a minute...... could be sooner"

One of the bridge crews answers that with no confidence.

"Half a minute..."

Mio looked down through the window around the castle as he rolled the word in his mouth.

Unusual sights are spreading there.

Countless human beings cling to the chains that extend radially from the castle.

With the exception of the crews here and the engineers who are setting up smoke by inciting the fire, that number can be said to be almost everyone in the Saratoga army.

Conversely, no one has been placed around the walls where the enemy will be grounded and breaking in, except for the sword princess, who is in a damaged picture.

If he says he won't even place one of the soldiers who intercepts him on the walls, he's giving up and trying to surrender irresistibly. I can't help being seen like that.

But the idea of surrendering to the soldiers of Saratoga, including Mio, was devoid of fine dust.

"Can you do it?

Mio asks one of the bridge crews.

"If Master Mio says do it, anything"

A veteran crew joked and answered, Mio smiling at it.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Saratoga is not the only one who captures the enemy beyond the Spirit Tablet (Monitor).

Around the same time, on the bridge (bridge) of Asmodimos, there was an early victory mood in Saratoga's appearance as shown.

Saratoga on the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) presents an abandoned look.

The corner of the walls collapsed across too many fifty zars, and there is no shadow there. And even from around the castle in the center, there are a few black smokes rising.

"Hmm, the advance party seems to have done well."

Asmodimos bursanetone sat deeply in his seat on the bridge (bridge), picking his long stretched mustache (mustache) nervously, whimpering.

If the Zbonimir and Kisk sent in earlier had occupied Saratoga, even if there was a little resistance, Saratoga could easily be dropped (yawning).

"That's so lame."

A man in a dark brown robe sitting right beside Sanettone whispers.

The man continues to whisper (whisper) further to Sanettone, who looked you in the eye.

"Your Lord's vengeance is over, too. After that, I want you to put all your energy into it for my sake."

"Oh, if it's really over..."

If this is really over, good.

That way, you don't have to use such a trick.

With that in mind, Sanettone had no intention of being alarmed.

Whether you're a sword princess or that demon-possessed man, whatever it is you push with your power, you can do. Sanettone believed so.

The only thing you have to fear is that housekeeper (maid).

It was in the end that the clever housekeeper (maid) plotted to defeat this man, now named Sanettone, in his lifetime, and take his life.


This tragic state of Saratoga also leaves Sanettone with no choice but to think so.

Sanettone therefore carefully moves the measures into action.

When the mooring is complete, Saratoga will take it with no hands or feet.

Typically, when a motorized castle fort is grounded, cross the bridge side by side.

But now Asmodimos is approaching from the front towards the port side of Saratoga, its center.

If you look from above (fumble), the positional relationship between the two should eventually take the form of a T-shape.

There is a reason for this.

Typically, on the front of a manoeuvre castle fort, there are two gates of firing.

Its size is 46 cm in diameter.

It is a powerful weapon launcher called a Magic Gun (Magi Driver) that fires magic as a shell.

However, there are very few manoeuvre castle forts that can actually unleash magic cannons (Magi drivers).

Because the sorcerer who shoots it has to bribe the immense magic of it alone. For example, even if you had a magician with as much magic as you could fire, a single shot would make that magician useless for a while.

If you think strategically, it makes little sense.

But only this time, except for the story.

If Saratoga is grounded in this way by an immobile Saratoga, Saratoga is like being stuck at a huge gunpoint in the stomach.

In this case, the question is not whether you can shoot.

Maybe I can shoot you. It's important to make them think so.

Resist and I'll shoot.

Hold up.

And I'm a checkmate.

If this happens, it's too late for that housekeeper (maid) to plot like a demon.

Saratoga's taking of human life will all be gripped by Sanettone.

Sanettone turns again to the Spirit Plate (Monitor).

Now it was precisely on the side of Saratoga that the front of the Asmodimos was pressed.

"Ha! Yay! Yay! Yay!

After shouting like a child, Sanettone looks around and coughs.

Then he clamped his face like someone else and declared this to the bridge crews.

"Proceed immediately after the crosslinking. I don't care if you resist. Kill all but one. Our aim is not the occupation of Saratoga. It is annihilation. Remove all traces of a manoeuvre castle fort called Saratoga from the ground!

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Asmodimos stopped, trying to pin his nose to the center of Saratoga's port.

Coming into Mio's eyes watching the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) on the bridge is the sight of a roofed ladder (Sunbukka) crosslinked one after the other, making a noise called Gatan Gatan.

The sight of Asmodimos soldiers descending successively onto the walls of Saratoga, united in a black colour, conveying its roofed ladder (Sunbukka), reminds me of a large group of flocking ants.

"Patience... not patience. Patience... Patience..."

Mio has goosebumps on his arm, feeling frightened by the imagination of being swarmed by a large number of ants.

Mio was biting his lips off and enduring, distorting his face to its discomfort.

A little more... a little more.

The enemy soldiers descending on the walls are more than 3,000, some of them headed downtown, and are beginning to run down the stairs.

And when that number reached 4000, enemy soldiers descending from the roofed ladder (Sunbukka) were cut off for a moment.

This is the limit.

Mio raises his voice in awe, waves up his arms and gives orders.

"Siren on!