Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 40: Help, Saratoga... Saratoga's gone.


Towards Asmodimos, the sword princess let its body leap into the universe in one breath.

But at that moment, the burning flames sweep her cheeks.


The boulder sword princess also panicked about this.

I never imagined my enemies would notice that I was here.

It doesn't even give you enough time to get in shape, and one fireball after another.

But you can't eat that for adults.

"Baptism of Frozen Earth (Bryknil)!"

A tornado filled with ice on both hands and feet is wrapped around each other, and when the wind pressure is restored, the flying fireball is placed on a single piece of paper.

And while suppressing the descent velocity, Princess Sword turned her eyes in the direction in which the fireball flew.

Above the walls of Asmodimos. There stands a girl with a great sword.

It is a girl who looked distinctive.

Short hair, burning redhead. The red dress with excessive black frills is wrapped around the body, and the black iron chest armor (breast plate) glows dull on the chest.

Among other things, it is the red sword that catches the eye, from the body to the pattern. It is a delicacy that houses magic that can be seen with one eye.

"... flashy person"

If anyone had listened to Princess Sword whining, ten of them would have said this. "... you too," he said.

Even though she could hear the sword princess whining, the red girl smitten the descending sword princess with a kick and shouted loud enough to be heard by the sword princess, who was about 100 zars above her. "Crash!," he shouted, waving the crimson sword in his hand.

At that moment, when more than one fireball of fist magnitude (kobudai) pops out of the tip of the sword, he draws an arc and kills it to the sword princess.

If you look where we're going to eject, that's all we have. It's not that hard for a sword princess to deal with.

The sword princess manipulates a tornado wrapped around her hands and legs, skillfully twisting it.

However, as the second, third, and third shots continue, Princess Sword's body is more and more divergent from the orbit reaching Asmodimos and lands on the sand, which is several dozen or so zars away from Asmodimos in the end.

As the retreating Asmodimos rolled up the smoke into his face, while holding his mouth with his hands, Princess Sword dropped off the manoeuvring castle fort that kept him away.

"... have you escaped"

As soon as the sword princess squeals like that, she is thrown an uncanny (bump) word from behind.

"Who runs away, boggle!

In a moment, Princess Sword flies away and turns to the Lord of his voice.

There, an earlier girl stood with a red sword on her shoulder.

"Not at all, it's no use. The Silver Ridge sword princess, I wonder what kind of guy he is, and it's a big deal."

Princess Sword asks, frowning (hissing) at the sudden, tight cursing murmurs of Ri.

"What about you?

"Us or us..."

The red girl drops her sword off her shoulder and puts it in front of her, placing it between her words so that she doesn't blink.

"The Red Lotus sword princess!

At this moment, Princess Sword decided to stay as close to this red girl as possible.

'Cause he's the one who calls himself' The Sword Princess of Red Lotus' or something.

I definitely get burns (burns) when I get close to the heta. In many ways.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"... Dear O, Mio"

"Ugh... I can't eat anymore..."

"Not if you're saying such a betty bedtime. Dear Mio,"

"Hmm... what the hell, Cephal"

Shaken up, Mio regained consciousness.

With a blurry head, Mio recognizes that the slightly fluffy round face in front of him is Sephal, deputy magician's squad.

What did the whore do?

With that in mind, as soon as he came to the point of fighting Asmodimos, Mio makes sure to jump up and stiffen his body.

"Sephal, how long has the whore been out of his mind?"

"When I heard that Mio had been wounded, I thought it would be a few minutes before I arrived, about five minutes after I arrived, and a little over ten minutes after I arrived."

Unconscious of losing consciousness during battle. Mio shifts his gaze to the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) in a teeth-beating mood.

There was no turning back, and the figure of Asmodimos was captured as he turned away backwards.

Mio prioritizes grasping the situation while suppressing feelings of yi (haya).

"What's the damage done to Saratoga?

One of the crew just got up and answered.

"The damage caused by cracks, the collapse of houses, etc. on the colliding starboard wall is enormous. However, the drive system is intact and there is no impediment to driving!

"Can you catch up?

"I would be foolish if it were possible"

Mio nods heavily, inquiring toward Cephal.

"What happened to the enemy soldiers who broke into Saratoga?"

"Sir Meshmendi and Lord Pennell are each leading the soldiers and pursuing the remaining soldiers in an earlier super confident swirl (Chisel), which is almost devastating."

Nodding satisfied with Cephal's answer, Mio looks to the front and tells all crews.

"Everybody, I kept you waiting. Now chase Asmo Dymos"

After the crews of the bridge saluted Mio in unison, Saratoga began to move in a rush towards Russia and began to move slowly with a slight vibration.

Looking forward through the window, it looks like a bean grain, but Asmodimos is still in a visible position. It's a long way to catch up.

"Well, it's hunting time from here."

That said, Mio seemed to have a lot of fun.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Red and pale.

When they cut each other about ten pairs of swords of color, Saratoga followed Asmodimos and slowly moved out.

"Poor thing, you, even if you're left behind."

The Red Girl scoffs as she rolls out her sword.

"Can't you talk about people? Asmodimos is gone, too."

When the sword was taken by the princess, it became a force for each other.

"We don't. Our target is in front of us."

"Do you mean me from the beginning?

"Seya. When I say" sword princess, "I say" sword princess of Silver Ridge. "I'll prove to you that we're the strongest."

When we play the sword from either side, we jump back at each other and put the sword back together.

But the sword princess put her hand on her chin and said that she would take such a trick as to think.

"I see, are you jealous"

"And, and I'm gonna be jealous!

The red girl tides her face and wields a boom and sword.

With too much clarity, she grinned and sword princess changed her position to the upper level.

"Well, that would be good. These days, it's a conspiracy. There are too many people behind the sword who want to hide things, so it's preferable for a single-celled organism like you."

"Who's the single-cell creature (Mijinko)!

Without reacting in any way to the Red Girl's scratch, the sword princess continues her words.

"I've never used it on a human opponent, but please survive somehow"

"Eh." "

The red girl solidifies into a dialogue (line) that is too disturbing.

"Ravaged Snowstorm" Bufera di Nave "!

When the sword princess waves her sword down from the upper part of the sword, an oversized shock wave wrapped around the cold air runs from the tip of the sword.

The Red Girl took this blow from close range with her sword reflexively.

Normally, it is such a blow that it leaves no shape, but the red sword held by the girl is also unusual. The shockwave was obstructed by the sword, leaving behind that one painting of the Red Girl standing when it was divided into two like running water divided into rocks, scraping off the ground quietly.

"That's a big deal. I've never been caught before, but I've never been able to stand it before."

The red girl strengthens inside, sweating colder, but forced to afford it.

"Naturally. That's a big mistake if you think a little attack would work for us."

But the mouth is the source of disaster.


A metal noise echoed around Princess Sword's temple.

"Hiccup? Really? Really? Then just bear with me five or six more times."

This is bad.

When I look at the sword princess, her face is laughing but her eyes are not.

"I'm coming."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

"Special? Well, yeah. That's pretty much it."

"That's cheating, why can't I shoot five or six Special Attacks"

"Huh? I can shoot you 20 more times, though."

Just saying you're a strange person, a sword princess with a decent look on her face.

A cold sweat dripped down the red girl's cheek.

Akan! This is Akan or Tsubaya.

The cries of the red girl echoed in her heart.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The escape of Asmodimos continued even as the two sword princesses continued to fight like a cheap cont.

Against Asmo Dymos, who keeps going backwards all the time, Mio and the others keep aiming for that timing by stepping that he will turn somewhere, but Asmo Dymos keeps even going backwards straight, with no sign of ever showing such a move.

As a matter of course, the normal driving Saratoga is better than the speed.

With every hour we follow, the distance is still too far away to target a long-range attack by magic.

I started chasing him and it was already about two minutes old.

At first, Mio, who had followed Asmodimos with his eyes as he stared at him, gradually began to get tired, and there were more tricks that would allow him to develop (yawn) without tension.

"If you run in half an hour, we'll be in a sandstorm"

"I know."

Mio shrouds the words of Sephal from annoyance.

Beyond the Asmodimos from earlier on, we see a huge black cloud dripping in.

Even if they didn't tell me, it was obvious to everyone that Asmodimos was aiming there.

"Apparently, he's going to get away with it."

I won't let that happen.

Rather, in order to hide, the best chance is when Asmodimos stops in that sandstorm.

"" Tell me where you are, Cephal. "

Saying so to Cephal, Mio said whispering (sayingly) with his mouth on one of the pipe-poo audio tubes stretched from the bridge (bridge) wall.

"Schmelvi, it's almost time. Be ready to go anytime."

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Lower level of Saratoga Castle, a painting adjacent to the evacuation floor of non-combatants.

There is a hospital building dedicated to executives.

"hehe, monk cap muscle, deltoid muscle, square inner gyrus muscle..."

It's Gustavo's hospital room where you can hear him enumerate the names of his muscles in an upbeat mood.

Last night, Kirier was taken to the next hospital room.

Stuffed by the pain, Killier reflected a little... just a little bit when she managed to get to sleep and heard the muscle name prolonged from the next room.

Now there were two people in the hospital room, Killier and Miriam.

"That was a great vibration, sister."

"Oh yeah!

"I thought you were gonna die."


"Why are you so angry?

"You'll be angry, normal!

Kirier was wrapped around with rope to be fixed to the hospital bed (bed). It is in the so-called "roll" state.

"'Cause, sister, you're seriously ill, but you don't make me grow up"

"The wounds are blocked. There's nothing wrong with keeping Mio away."

The leg stabbed in yesterday's battle with Kisk was a serious injury called femoral (more or less kotsu) crushing.

Sure, the wound is blocked by healing magic, but it's not that easy when you get to the level of bone repair. At least repeatedly, he should remain at rest for about three days while undergoing magical treatment. Not to mention taking part in the battle.

"And what is this!

How grumpy, Killier continues her words.


"Tie the woman with a rope! There would be something more colorful about tying!


Even for my real sister, apparently my sister's brain was Wonderland.

"Important! Super important. For example, think about when my brother came to visit."


"If it's in its current state, it's a subtle level of uncertainty as to whether it's okay or not."

"Yeah, well, I guess so"

Sure, it's not that funny to joke about.

"If that were, for example, turtle armor tying, '... sister, she's beautiful' or something, it could be a slutty vibe"

"You won't?! Absolutely! If the person you came to visit was tortoise-bound, you'd rather be traumatized!

Miriam was beginning to suspect that her own sister might be injured elsewhere.

Specifically with the head?

At that time, one magician came into the room, knocking on the door and taking charge of healing magic.

"How about an addition or a subtraction?

"Hello, what's going on out there?

"Yes. By Mio's extraction, the enemy repels. It looks like we've been going backwards for about two minutes now."

"Fall back? Does that mean you're running away?

"Yeah, that's what I asked..."

Miriam's expression clouds.

Running away? That's never going to happen.

Miriam spins her thoughts. Did I miss something......

"Excuse me. Can I use 'Tell Me Your Location (Il Luogo)'?

The magician nodded in surprise and took the map out of the valley of his chest. Is it also every decision that magicians make to store maps in the valley of their breasts?

When I saw Kirier, he still looked like he was going to kill me.

Definitely, those are the faces of criminals.

It was Miriam, whom I think it is good to tie up once again.

"Tell me where you are."

When the magician puts the map on the table beside the hospital bed (bed) and says yes, a light point appears on the map.

The moment I saw it, Miriam's face blues all at once.

And he shrugged like this as he sifted his lips.

"Got hit..."

At the next moment, Miriam jumped out of the hospital room, shaking her skirt and running towards the bridge (bridge).

"Oh, hey! Miriam!"

From behind I heard Killier panicking, but not now.

Miriam thinks as she runs down the tunnel and breathes down the spiral staircase that leads to the ground floor.

Obsession is a propulsion to move forward.

For good, for evil, and attached to obsession, we lose all options but to move forward.

A strong thought that tries to achieve its purpose no matter what, that's obsession.

I don't know why. But Asmodymos is turning his obsession to Saratoga until it is awesome.

Something that came at me until I was impotent enough to reload the Demonic Crystal Furnace took about a blow, and there's no way I can wind my tail and escape.

Even if Asmodimos was retreating now, it was a metaphysical problem, and some of them should be moving straight towards their purpose.

Looking at the light point above the map, Miriam grasped the full extent of the Asmodimos conspiracy.

I grasped it.

How much obsession, how much resentment, would you come up with such a horrible thing?

"... Nana. Help me, Saratoga. Saratoga's gone."

Miriam, about to cry, appeals to someone who isn't there.

I know it's no use. And even if he was listening to this appeal, there's nothing he can do.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Asmodimos disappeared into the sandstorm, but Saratoga stopped just before entering the sandstorm without following it.

Only a short shell set just above the castle gate continues to adjust the turret's angle while tracking the end of the Asmodimos

"Asmo Dymos turns around, starboard 60 degrees, turns southeast as is"

Staring at the light points on the map, Cephal reports the movement of the Asmodimos to Schmelvi beyond the vocal tract.

Now it looks like Asmo Dymos is moving to turn the rudder wide to the right in the sandstorm and draw an arc.

If it's Mio's reading, Asmo Dymos should hide in this sandstorm with extremely small magic releases.

Making the battle is that moment when the light points of the Asmodimos disappear from the top of the map.

"Schmelvi, never take the rays off the Asmodimos."

Give instructions to Schmelvi to wait in the gun seat (gunner) of the magic cannon (Magi driver) through the sound pipe.

"The speed of the Asmodimos has begun to slow down"

To Cephal's report, Mio takes a breath and waits for the moment.

"... three, two, one. Asmodimos stopped"

"Now! Magic Cannon (Magi Driver), Fire (On Fire)!!"

At that moment Mio shouted what he deserved to call a scream, the door slammed open and Miriam jumped into the bridge (bridge).

"No, yeah, yeah, yeah!

But the hour is already late, and Miriam's cry to stop is vain, and when the dazzling (eyelid) light swells up in front of Saratoga, the sandstorm is torn apart and the spear of light is ejected straight.

A moment of silence, and a roaring explosion.

Where the rays of the Magic Cannon (Magi Driver) passed, there was a huge hole in the sandstorm.

Beyond the scattered sand, beyond its void, Mio saw.

Far beyond, a motorized castle fort struck out on a projectile line. The castle in the middle of it leans about and collapses with a roar.

"Ahhh... ahhh..."

Eyes open, just groaning, Mio keeps pointing at Sole powerless.

All Miriam could do was watch.

See in Mio's eyes, wrapped in fires and falling apart, a manoeuvre castle fort strasble (...).