Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 43: Can I go to Gergios one more time?

"Hey, Silver Ridge's. It's time to get back on your feet."

On a luxurious bedroom (bed) with a canopy (tendae), the self-proclaimed "Red Lotus Sword Princess" calls out all the time to a round object that sometimes makes strange noises.

"The Silver Ridge Sword Princess," who overwhelmed herself so much, is circled in a blanket and crying with a face like the end of the world. It can be silly.

"... Absolutely, I was fooled. They thought she was a woman. I don't think they're going to disengage me."

Whimpering (snapping) whimpering (snapping) while sipping (soothing) his nose with Guzguz.

If you can't stop drinking milk from your nose, it feels like your writing.

Either that or it is a matter falling within the category of the Surprised Humane Mass.

"If you do it so that you say the engagement is dissolved to the extent that you've drunk milk with your nose, even if you don't have a man to that extent, or if your lover has a slightly perverse preference, it's the man who accepts it."

"It's a hobby!

There was an unexpected infection (depression) with Nedel Ri.

"Or Red Lotus'. How long are you going to sit in the love nest between me and the Lord?"

Ugh, and with a blackmailing gesture, "Sword Princess of Silver Ridge" calls herself "Sword Princess of Red Lotus".

"Come on, I don't know. Take us all the way here and you do it. When you were little, did your mother tell you? If you pick up an animal, you'll take care of yourself till the end."

"... are you okay with pet handling?

"Yes, for some reason, even a metaphor."

The self-proclaimed "sword princess of the Red Lotus" says so and squeezes her shoulders.

It was certainly the Silver Ridge sword princess who brought this girl who fainted (hello) during the battle with Asmodimos - the self-proclaimed "Red Lotus Sword Princess" to Saratoga - but she had a little trouble handling her after waking up.

When I heard her talk, she made a living in a rather nasty (akuratsu) business behind her adorable face of capturing and selling beasts (Zoanthropes) in Nedel, but she was a horribly chowdy woman who came here after being greeted as an eater of Asmodimos after being burned with a promise line to her counterpart, Lord Asmodimos, that "Your Lordship is indeed strong, but will not exactly be the sword princess of Silver Ridge".

And, in fact, if you try to fight the Silver Ridge sword princess, you lose to no full skin (kamp).

Probably quite regrettable. That's why she woke up and was pulled out in front of Mio. This is what she said. "I'll fight for Saratoga, so make him observe (benchmark)" The Sword Princess of Silver Ridge.

I ate this together, but it was interesting that Mio was alone, and I decided that I would take away the love sword "Red Lotus" for a while, but other than that, I could like it. As a result, at four or six o'clock, we stick together with the Silver Ridge sword princess.

"Steady, of Silver Ridge. When it comes to him all the time, you're a bad person."

"Ugh... undeniable"

Watching the soggy "Sword Princess of Silver Ridge," calling herself "Sword Princess of Red Lotus" to a man named Lord who concaves this sword princess so far had attracted extraordinary interest.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"Now, as for Arge, what happened to your Lord's sister in prayer that he would return satisfied? It is also the Lord's sister who is peering behind you."

Arge exits Mio's office, and once again Mio asks Nanasi about the consequences of the Gergios infiltration. Even as Mio, I was concerned about the young girl who was hiding in the shadows of Nanashi and Arge and looking at me.

"Sorry, I'm late for an introduction. This kid is Nino. Wolfzoan Quarter."

"Hey, Kass! Nino 1/4 (Quarter) Say no!

If you find out about a werewolf (Wolfzoan) quota or something, you may be treated like a monster by your opponent.

Without even trying to hide it at all, Nino panicked to Nanashi, who revealed himself. And he protests violently as he pays tribute to Nanashi's leg with a lower kick (low kick).

"Ouch! It hurts! It's okay, 'cause this guy's gonna be okay."

Nanashi thought.

From time to time, children (Nino) also manages to watch their parents (Arge) behave in a violent way. Fathers and mothers across the country, be careful.

"Um... well, Nino, nice to meet you"

Mio has a slight hiccups, not because he is a beast man (Zoan Slope). Because the lower kick (low kick) emitted by Nino was making too much bee noise.

1/4 (quarters), however, is convenient with a werewolf (Wolfzoan) whose words make sense. Mio thought so.

"Does Nino know what werewolf (Wolfzoan) means?

"Yada Jibu"

"Then I was wondering if you could hang out with me as an interpreter for a little while tomorrow. Now there are some werewolves here."

"Yarnino, I can stop."

I laughed heartily that Nanashi would also have to be present as Nino's (...) interpreter for that answer.

"Let's get back to it. What happened to your sister after all?

After a little hesitation in Mio's inquiry, Nanashi talked about Xaragi as he was.

Nanashi didn't look as surprised by Mio as he thought. Listen to Nanashi pale, and when you're done talking, turn your pitiful expression to Nanashi.

"I grabbed the new lord of Guergios by the name of Xaragi... but I didn't know he was going to turn after eating the lord's sister."

"I was going to be ready..."

"Um, let's see how you feel. But the problem is, you can't see who the guy is pulling that thread."

Mio sighed with a slightly tired look.

But Nanashi flicks his mouth there as he suddenly remembers.

"With that said, Xaragi... became Xaragi. Golem had this body made by Master Mahmoud. That's what he said."

Mio looks up and thinks for a while, but eventually shakes his head small.

"Mahmoud... I've heard of it somewhere, but I can't believe it. Come on, let's find out about a guy named Mahmoud."

When I say that and look Nanashi in the eye, Mio goes on to say the words in a serious way.

"Regardless of the mastermind, if, as the Lord says, you can conveniently save your sister by eliminating her soul... if you find such a way, you have a great opportunity."

"Is it an opportunity?

"Then all lords will attend the trial of the whore. Naturally, your Lord's sister, Uncle Gergios..."


Mio nods cocklessly.

"I will also let whores look into the means to save my sister."

Mio said so, turning around behind his desk and burying his hips in the chair, he pointed toward the conference table and urged Nanashi and the others to sit down.

"Well, sit down. This is the real deal."

As they say, Nanashi and Nino sit next to each other in a chair provided for the conference table. Exactly two people at a large conference table where more than ten people could sit, I felt unsettled.

"Not after everything goes well and Saratoga's survival is decided..."

Yeah, preface it. Mio keeps talking.

"A couple would need a lot of money to live together. Whores are buying your lord high, are you willing to officially join our army and bury your bones in Saratoga?

Nanashi turns a strange face to Mio.

Mio seemed to have a question mark floating over Nanashi's head.

"Two couples, I'm single?

"Well now... Lord, you're getting married, aren't you? With Sir Cerdis."

If there's a color in time, I'm sure it's white.

enough to say with such certainty, pinch a blank time,


Nanashi raised a questionable cry.

"Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

Nanashi traces Mio's bokeh in excess of confusion, as it is.

"The Lord would have left a note like that with no sticks or anything."

"No, no, no, hey, what are you talking about?

"Well, cut the white, or this will have to be further revised upwards, isn't it rather fat to try to delude over this period? It was a language that we could not read, but I would have left a note to say"

"No, I did leave it, but that one was addressed to the sword princess..."

"So you would have written down the words of the proposal"

"I'll decide the terms of employment when I get back..."

"... hmm? Conditions of employment?"

Again, a blank time flows between Mio and Nanashi.

Nino looked bored at the stiff two.

And slowly Nanashi opened his mouth.

"Um... even if they say you're going to be a servant. My servants are not slaves. Let's rub together the amount that I can pay and the amount that Princess Sword requests to decide on a salary or how much Sabbath we spend each year... Well, when it comes to payroll, I did intend to take back the payroll that Mio would hire..."

With his mouth open gently, Mio squeezes out as he was listening to Nanashi.

"… utterly throw up a dialogue (line) that Kirchheim is likely to utter. Lord, are you really from a barbarian? It's too neat."


I never thought that Nanashi could be blamed for something that was clear.

Once again Mio thinks.

If Nanashi is right about that writing...

"... you're a proper butcher, Sister Fatty"

"What do you mean?

"Um, actually..."

Mio said Fatima could read Nanashi's writing, and (probably) as a result of being unable to pull it off later, duly guess what it says is (this again probably) a love sentence, and marry him when he returns. I told the sword princess that it said.

"Eh." "

Nanashi stiffens again to unimaginable events.

Nino's sensitive ears may have heard the sound of Nanashi's soul falling out.

Mio remembers a mild headache and holds his temples down with his fingers.

"... so what does the sword princess say"

Perhaps he thought of himself as a spiteful man pressing for marriage under the authority of the Lord. If you can't say no and the sword princess is thinking of following you crying... then Nanashi wants to disappear. That's how I felt. But Mio's answer was the opposite of what was expected.

It's floating.


"Since I received your proposal from the Lord... I don't care who the sword princess is, if there are gaps, I have been in love (cursing) and complaints continue to come from all over the place"

"No, no, no, no, it won't be possible, it's"

"I told you this morning, surrounded by three children, their daughters-in-law and eight grandchildren, I was done imagining you until you were first."


The expression disappeared from Nanashi's face.

Human beings, Mio convinces himself that this is what happens when thoughts don't chase them.

"Either way, say it was a mistake. The sword princess will be useless soon, and if she is now, she will not save Saratoga. The Lord proposed to the sword princess. If that's not the case, I'm in trouble."

That said, Mio stood up from his chair and circled behind Nanashi, placing his hand on Pong and Nanashi's shoulder, whispering (sayingly) in his ear.

"Nanashi. Whatever hands you use, your Lord will marry Serdis."

Mio laughing at Nanashi, who turned around unintentionally.

There was something impatient about that look.

The stranded Nanashi...

"Can I go to Gergios one more time?

It's not good.

I tried to postpone the problem.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"After all, what are you trying to say?"

"Uncle Rhoda, it is a well-known fact that you have been asked to marry Uncle Strasbourg many times, even if you do not hide it."

Bolftrot, lord of Fort Rhoda, a motorized castle that runs around 80 falsangs north of the capital, stares at a man with his feathers woven in a dark brown robe on his knees (knees first).

"Lord Fanassard is already dead, and Uncle Saratoga's death sentence is inevitable. Just because you're Uncle Asmodimos' messenger doesn't mean you're going to be killed."

"Uncle Strasbourg is alive."

"Give me a word-of-mouth!

Uncle Rhoda is exasperated by the man in the dark brown robe he describes lightly. But the man continued his words without the appearance of fear of it.

"It's in fact.

Uncle Strasbourg is trapped in Saratoga's cell every day and tortured by Uncle Saratoga like a demon.

We are in that situation, so if you help us, we can be sure that Uncle Strasbourg will also accept Uncle Rhoda's proposal.

If you doubt it, see if these eyes are those of those who are lying. "

That's what they said, Uncle Rhoda didn't think, and peered into the man's eyes.

The man's eyes glowed suspiciously, the moment Uncle Rhoda thought so, wonder and everything the man said was true, it just seemed so. There is no room for doubt anywhere.

Staring into space, Uncle Rhoda opens her mouth.

"Aye, okay. Our motorized castle fort Rhoda now heads to the motorized castle fort Saratoga to rescue Uncle Strasbourg. Tell Uncle Asmodimos I appreciate your valuable information."

After hearing the words, the man in the dark brown robe left the room without a word of expression.