Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 47: I Want To Be My Sister Type Number 1

"Yah! Yah! Yah!"

Now, it's like a baby.

Hayza sighed several times today as she sat down on the sand and looked down at the girl pinching her jitters and wastes.

"I'm definitely a jerk. You take care of yourself."

"Wow, I know, I know."

Kisk looks at Hayza with a jittery eye and refuses to get involved. The eye said, 'Look, I'm going to carry every trouble because I'm going to bake you a favor,' which is clearly what he said.

The girl with the bulbous head who helped in the desert looked older than Hayza, but the contents were a whole baby. Could it have been a guy called toddler regression, or even in such horrible eyes that it would have happened.

In the meantime, he walked honestly with his hand in his hand, so he managed to bring him this far, but if the contents of his head were a baby, there was no reason to think that he had suddenly sat down, and even if Hayza tried to take his hand, he began to flatter his hand and refuse to walk.

Perhaps simply, I'm tired.

You can take it for granted if you think calmly. It must be very difficult for a girl to walk with a man's feet, even though she is holding his hand.

That's not why I'm sitting here forever.

Originally, we should have reached the oasis this afternoon, but the yang is already starting to lean, still unable to see the shadow of the oasis.

"Yes, there is."


Hayza turns her back sac (backpack) to the front of her body and carries a girl on her back.

It's lighter than I thought, but I carry one person, so this is just tight on my tired body from walking on.

The girl looked strange for a while when she was carried away by adultery, but after she started walking for a while she seemed to enjoy herself "squeaking" and began to squeak.

"Oh, here, here. Not much, Ugg, don't move"

As he watches, Kisk wrinkles between his eyebrows.

"Hey, Hayza. For now, it's good to take you to the Oasis, but what are you gonna do about it, man?"

"I think I've been trying to take care of it until it's healed, because I don't think so."

"Kah, seriously..."

Kisk looks up to heaven unexpectedly.

What is wrong with the people of the desert? It's not a good level to clean up. I am overflowing with the spirit of self-sacrifice.

"Hey, it's okay to take care of you, can you? For example, he can't take a bath alone, maybe."


This is the first time Kisk has ever told me that Hayza is bent over and turns her face bright red.

Even if it's a baby in your head, your body is an old girl.

Seeing Hayza wandering around with her face dyed bright red, Kisk opened her mouth as she started walking again, shoving her shoulders.

"Fair enough. If you put it in the remaining manoeuvre castle fort of slavery, you could buy a female slave to take care of it."

When Hayza catches up early enough, she looks up at Kisk as she walks side by side.

"Oh, women slaves, come on, Mr. Kisk, think nasty things, come on"

"Silly, you. I'm not thinking about it. I'm in love with a woman all the way."

Hayza circles her eyes for a moment to a word she doesn't expect to get out of a man who looks like she could fool a woman to see it.

"Oh, Kisk, um, you like someone. Well, what kind of one is it?

Haysa asks as she nibbles, Kisk quickens her legs to shake it off. But Hayza continued to "Hey" as she walked next door with the same speed of her legs.

Clearly, it's a wuss.

"Wow. Wow. She's a bit of a fisherman. She's a beauty."

"Ho, then? And then?"

Hayza suddenly stops wandering for some reason. Yeah, strange. I mean, creepy.

"I'm sorry about the chest and head, but that's the type number one I want to make my sister"

Kisk stares into space blurry when you say that.

Whatever your chest is, too bad for your head? Hayza decided to think it was a mistake to hear.

"Are you a lover?

"Not yet, though. The next time I see you, I'll make it absolutely a thing. I have a chance. I think he's definitely worried about me."

Well, I'd be curious in a way. To the extent that it calls for 'boob sommelier'.

Talking about no other love like that, when the two of them (and the one who was carried away) kept walking for a while and a while later, Kisk suddenly, tapped Hayza on the shoulder and started laughing.

"Ha, we're twisted. I thought I was going to stop for a while at the oasis..."

With that said, Kisk crouched his jaw and indicated ahead. There are slight oasis lights. And on the other side of it, under the slightly missing moon, I could see a giant square shadow sitting.

"Is that, you know, a manoeuvre castle fort?

It's Gergios.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"Oh, that's amazing."

Princess Fatima looked at the black dog in front of her (...) up (...) and said so.

The tone was like that of a proud mother with no other love of a small child, but what is in front of her is a huge black dog the size of which is likely to swallow Fatima whole.

The first one was frightened to death, but this is also the fifth time the raid can afford Fatima more or less. That's only if you're absolutely safe, too.

"Marne. Are you okay with kids like this?

"Easy win. If it's about a black dog (black dock), there's still no problem. Hey."

A toddler girl with yellow hair thumbs up at Fatima's inquiry.

To this young lady, the chaser is probably a summoner (summoner).

Even considering the lineup of demons we've raided so far, he looks like a man who stepped off the path much of a demon summoner. Now I have heard that the black dog (black dock) in front of me is also a demon living at the entrance to Purgatory.

The black dog (black dock) still flies, letting his front and rear legs focus on him and lowering his posture.

"But yeah. Hey, honey. It's getting rough, so why don't you go into some motorized castle fort and hide?

"Yeah, let's do that. I want to take a bath, too."

"Yeah, then we'll be together. Yes..."

Where the toddler said that, the black dog (black dock) jumps to Fatima with fierce momentum.

And at that moment when sharp nails tried to reach her, she screamed Gyan, and the black dog (Blackdock) blew away in a belly-grabbing position.

Jumped between Fatima and the black dog was a young girl with yellow hair.

Marne punched a black dog (black dock) in the jaw with her bare hands.

Just one blow.

Only then will the black dog (black dock) cease to move while lying down, twitching and breaking down into fine dust (dust), blowing into the wind and disappearing.

"Well, let's get going. Hey."

"Yes, yes, let's go"

They smile at each other as if nothing had happened.

Ahead of where the two of them started walking, lies a huge shadow of a square.

Mobile Castle Fort Gergios

In the sky, after the full moon, the moon began to shine brilliantly.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Looking out the window, the missing moon floats as if it had taken a bite.

Lying on a luxurious sleeping table, the girl... no, xaragi. 'Something' in the form of a girl with that name groaned.

"Don't get your hands on me. How ridiculous. It's not like you can stand all that bait hanging in front of you."

The manoeuvring castle fort Gergios, of which she is lord, is now about a day and a half away from Saratoga, where the target is.

If this manoeuvrable castle fort (Gergios) rushed through at all costs, we would be able to strike them again tonight.

But now is not the right time.

There is only one purpose. It is the key to an ancient final weapon held by a boy named Nanashi.

The heritage of the desert people in Xaragi's memory was incredibly absurd. Perhaps if I hadn't shared my memory with her, I wouldn't have even tried to believe it at all. But she knows now that it's true, that she shares her memories with Xaragi.

I have not reported this to my principal necromancer.

If there is such a thing as inheritance, it would not be so difficult to unify the world. We have a chance to get it now. No fool gives it up to anyone but himself. Even if it was the Lord.

"At the best timing, I'll take everything."

A crop-like, faceless face.

Only its mouth was distorted (snoring), so it shaped a red three day moon.