Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 48: Your King's Route is now confirmed.

Nanashi faces nervously and stands in front of the door.

Today is the day to seriously talk to the sword princess. Yes, a few minutes have already passed, repeatedly in my mind, remaining stiff just before knocking on the door.

Originally, this is the room assigned to Nanashi, but I didn't know I was going to be such a nervous feather to get into my room.

Breathe deeply and spit slowly.

Finally, in no way, when Nanashi tried to knock, the door opened with a rattling noise, and the red-haired girl who was with the sword princess peeked into her face through the gap in the door.

When she met Nanashi, who remained stiffened as a bird, the girl looked back into the room and called out loudly.

"Hey! Silver Ridge's! Welcome home to Omae and this Lord Han."

"Eh! Hey, hey, all of a sudden, eh! Kah!"

From behind the door, along with the rushing voice of the sword princess, there was a sound of something falling flashly as it wandered.


With a sighing twinkle, the girl covers her face with her palms.

"So, are you okay?

"Yeah, well, I'll do fine, but I'm sorry, Lord. Hang on, for another half an hour or so, can you squash your time somewhere?

"Wow, I get it"

Nanashi moves away from the executive floor and begins to hang out without even going, as the red-haired girl waves her hand off. And then I decided to go out into the courtyard, thinking about chilling my head a little.

When you reach the courtyard, insert your hands into the pond that is floating on the surface (all of you) with just a few missing moons, and wash your face with that water.

Yeah, I feel a little calm.

And when I sat down on the bench installed by the pond, I looked up at the sky and whined.

"Today is the day we need to talk properly..."

Instead of subordination, Nanashi had no intention of rejecting the sword princess anymore about her relationship with the sword princess, who had developed into an engagement relationship where she (only slightly) did not know her gift.

But now I want time.

Mio and Saratoga are about to run out of blood.

At the same time, Princess Sword has a desire to get to know herself properly and make judgments on it. If we're going away with that, we can't help it. Nanashi thought so.

Last night, Nanashi has not returned to the room where the sword princess is.

Nino was with him, so sometimes he asked Mio to convenient his empty room, but Nanashi is now aware that he actually escaped facing Princess Sword.

Nanashi's expression became bitter unconsciously

There suddenly there was a man from behind to Nanashi who called out aloud.

"You! What are you doing here!

Turning around, I see one of the guards, walking towards me.

"No, I was just taking that little walk..."

"You're a suspicious guy."

As the person who saved the sword princess, the thing about Nanashi must have risen to the subject a little among Saratoga soldiers, but not everyone knows about Nanashi.

Nanashi responds with a smile so as not to irritate him as much as possible. Fortunately, the area is dim and the opponent probably doesn't know the color of Nanashi's eyes.

"For once, you have given Mio permission to walk freely through the castle."

"To Uncle Saratoga? Well, I'm sorry about that."

I felt a little uncomfortable with the guard pulling back too slightly, but it's much better than getting noisy.

Actually, there are no people in the castle who refer to Mio as Uncle Saratoga, etc., but Nanashi didn't realize that.

"By the way, do you know where the Master is?

"Is that Miriam?

The guard narrows his eyes for a moment.

"Yes, Master Miriam."

Dear Sir?

"I think maybe it's a room, shall we call it in?

"Call me? No, they're ordering me to protect you. I'll take you to the executive floor."

Saying so, the guard left the courtyard early.

"Miriam, I wonder if you have officially assumed the post of military master..."

From that look of the guard, Nanashi didn't think deeply that maybe he did.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Half an hour had passed, and when he visited the executive floor again, in front of the room where the sword princesses were, an example red-haired girl stood, and as soon as he found what Nanashi looked like, he saw a voice in the room.

"Hey, Lord, you're here."

Again, from inside the room, after a footstep called Dotadota sounded, it sounded like beating something to the ground with the vitane.


The red-haired girl peering through the door again covered her face with her palm and urged her to stop by turning her palm (the palm) towards the walking Nanashi.

"Lord, stop! Stop. Until we say yes, if it moves from there, it's in Akan."

"Ha, ha"

The girl entered the room as she nodded at Nanashi's distracted reply.

Nanashi's ears can hear the conversation between Princess Sword and the red-haired girl more clearly than imagined as she stands on the spot.

Saratoga...... that's a surprisingly thin wall.

"Honma, what are you doing? Look, there's no blood again."

"Ugh, gusu, uh-huh"

"Don't cry, look... don't turn up and slap me behind the neck"

"Yeah, I'm sorry."

"From. I thought we were gonna buy you some time."

After a while, he smiled a little convulsed and the red-haired girl came out.

"Lord, wait a little longer."

And slap one hand on the pan in the way you say you've come up with it.

"Seya! I don't want to talk to us in my spare time."


"You still introduced yourself, we're called Heltroods. The Red Lotus Sword Princess is called all the time, but if the Lord does it, he says," Hell, "even if he calls me."

"Yes. I say Nanashi. Can I ask you that one?

When I heard Red Lotus Sword (...) Princess (...), Nanashi remembered one thing.

"Oh, Ikinari. Three sizes are unpublished."

"If I hear that in the first question, I'm probably a de pervert."

For this kind of light mouth, Nanashi, while dealing with Killier and Schmelvi, got used to it a lot.

"Do you get perverted?


However, when I was forced to wear a second mess, I was still not at a level where I could flush.

Nanashi coughs small with Cohon and throws questions to Hertrude.

"Nino, the red-haired kid I was with, was it you who sold her out?

Nanashi's eyes sharpen, even within his own unconsciousness. However,


And, Hertrude, he denied that he had taken it.

"We don't like kids. Try to stay as close as you can. Maybe some other sword princess."

"Are there so many others?

"I got the Spirit Sword, and I named it. Because there's something like winning. I'm so good at what I do."

"Spirit Sword?"

"I don't know about our" Red Lotus "or his" Silver Ridge ". Princess Sword, if you didn't have a spirit sword, you'd be the only one. And when I say the sword princess that we know, it's about black and crimson. The crimson ones are confusing between the red ones, so stop telling me, then that bokeh, we're better off with the original Red Sword Princess. Homma, get angry."


I didn't expect there to be a dispute with Princess Sword that I said was an ancestor or home too......

Once again, Nanashi, the world is full of surprises. I thought so.

Hertrude never looked (backwards) at Nanashi's confusion, and once again, he nodded, checking what was going on inside through the door gap.

"Yeah, it looks like we're ready. Hot Lord Han. Which way?"

That's what I said and peeked inside the open door, and Nanashi,

"... Wow"

Don pulled.

Mio had told me that Princess Sword was floating on a proposal from Nanashi, but I didn't think that was it.

This must be what it feels like to be attacked by a massive ambush when you're chasing enemy soldiers.

Looking around the room, the first thing that comes to my attention is, 'Celebrating engagement! Welcome back, Lord!' and a cross section written in rounded letters.

And around it, a room flashly decorated with colorful paper tape.

The table set, which wasn't there before we left for Guergios, is set with food and alcohol, on which hangs a large 'crumb'.

Are you sure they're going to tow that string of beaks? Me?

And what drove Nanashi to the most desperate abyss was the presence of a glimpse of be (...) bi (...) - (...) be (...) d (...) in the space beyond the bed.

Now Nanashi felt an unprecedented weight, as if he were being subjected to the finest gravitational magic. Then, asking how Nanashi was doing, Hertrude swimmed his gaze in the direction of the day after tomorrow (the day after), saying, "We stopped."

But this was not the end of Nanashi's despair.

It is the presence of a sword princess with three fingers on her forehead on the ground against such a sight.

"Welcome back! My (...) Lord."

So the right nose of the sword princess, who looked up and smiled, was packed with red-stained tissues.

I guess it was unexpected, a hurrying hertrude.

I almost erupted by accident, Nanashi turning away.

Unaware sword princess.

Watching Nanashi turn away, the sword princess peeks into Nanashi's face with an anxious look.

"Didn't you mind?

Nanashi's eyes nail to the nasal tissue, so much so that Princess Sword's words also slide up over consciousness.

"Yes, no, no, that's not true"

"Then look at me properly"

With that said, Princess Sword scissors Nanashi's head with both hands, facing her own face.

And I said as I shook my head small.

"Me, I'm angry. I can't believe you left me alone."

Every time I shake my head, the tip of my nose tissue shakes nice to the wind when I sift.


Nanashi almost blows out unexpectedly and suppresses his mouth again.

"What's wrong?

Princess Sword looks strange at Nanashi's reaction.

However, if he gets his head pinched in disappointment, Nanashi can't even turn away from his face, and he just sifts with a pull and can't answer.

"Lord! I'm serious. Don't be ridiculous. Listen!

That being said, the sword princess swells her cheeks slightly and brings her face much closer

I'm kidding. It's Omae. Ahhh!

Of course, I can't get it out of my mouth, Nanashi, but it was a cry of my heart.



The moment the sword princess said so in outrage, Supon and Tish fell out of her nose, making a slight noise, rolling to the ground.

At that moment, time stopped.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Nanashi and Hertrude are now in the hallway of the executive floor.

With a look like the end of the world, the sword princess shut the two of them out of the room and locked them in.

"Oh, he's concave again. It's a long time."

"... something swimsy"

Nanashi whines with a tired look.

"Ah, Lord, I don't like Han. Well, it's my daughter-in-law's brother-in-law who helps Han."

... I feel like this guy has just said something very disturbing.

"Oh, um..."

Nanashi tries to ask you a frightening question.

To that nanashi, Hertrude said away with a very good smile on his face.

"Is that from Silver Ridge? The Lord said that he would be king, that he would do it after he became king, even if he was in the side room. Yes, and Silver Ridge said so. Well, even in the side room, if it's from a civilian, it's from the balls."


Nanashi is also surprised by the boulders in the chase.

Instead of getting engaged, he said it's decided to go all the way to the side room sometime!

"What the hell?"

"Me, my will or something like that?

"Fine, fine."

"It's not fine. All of it! Because it's not fine!

If there's a man who can get this done in detail, he must be the one who walks past the big guy and doesn't think about anything.

But Hertrude stuffed up and poked his finger at the tip of Nanashi's nose and said:

"Yeah, worst of all, even if Saratoga stays like this, if we and Silver Ridge are together, we can take about this country. Then the Lord Han is the king. Now your king's route is confirmed!