Killier cries like crazy with both knees on her cobblestone.

"I'm sorry. Sister."

Miriam snaps with a small voice as she stares at the figure from the shadow of the castle gate.

And I spoke in my heart to my sister.

Didn't your sister think you were crazy about that ridiculous big banquet?

Didn't you feel uncomfortable that in this desperate situation, as usual, something joking happened?

This is a manoeuvre castle fort isolated from the rest of us, which has allowed us to turn a blind eye so far.

But if you open the castle gate, it will be the resentment of all the royal subjects.

Saratoga, and his principal Saratoga Bomio, are the great sinners who murdered the Imperial Princess.

One step out in the alley (again), an exasperated people will arrive and Mio will be torn apart by the Zutazuta.

Now it is no mistake to say that the whole country is burning in revenge for Uncle Saratoga.

Miglia follows Mio with her eyes as the soldiers hold her sides and pull her over.

The day of the announcement of the deprivation of Saratoga berths. Your sister began to act in order to turn the flag against the Empire in order to protect Mio.

But if your sisters point a spear (dust) at the Empire, they will truly be traitors. One eye for reversal is gone.

That's why, until the deputy arrived, Mio kept blowing "what you want to believe" into his ear, and I've been working behind it.

At this time today, Mio himself as a hostage prevents anyone from doing anything far-fetched.

It was Mio himself who created this hell. And I was responsible for that one stick.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"Dear Royal First Class Civilian Pippin Bascade, welcome to the castle. Oh!

By the time the sun rises to Jomtien, Saratoga's castle gate opens with a heavy noise and a single figure enters the castle surrounded by a group of soldiers.

The soldiers surrounding them are heavy knights dressed in white armor, a testament to the royal direct reports. A man in a flashy purple robe walked in without even concealing how he was pioneering (snarling) the heat in the middle of the queue.

Pippin, the deputy who has been seconded by the capital, is the man.

I curled my long hair beautifully on the outer roll of a man's neck, and if I looked at it better, I could see that he was wearing thin makeup.

"Um, welcome, thank you."

It was called Onei.

The greeting from Saratoga is Mio, that and Killier, the rank of general, as well as less than a hundred other soldiers.

As the soldiers of white armor pave the way, Pippin smiles and opens his mouth after looking around to set the rules rather than walking to Mio early enough.

"You may be Mio Lefo Jahan, a former (...) Uncle Saratoga"

"Bye. I sincerely fear that the deputy will be able to accommodate you here."

Ignoring Mio's reply, Pippin speaks to Killier standing behind Mio.

"Why are you letting the national bandits go free? Get him now."


Grabbing Killier's arm, which was fierce, Mio smashed his neck, pointing a strange look at Pippin.

"You're right. Excuse me. The whore will be allowed to stay in his own room."

Pippin was surprised when he heard the words.

"Hey, did you hear that? I'm staying in my room."

The soldiers make a uniform noise when they yell like that as they take big action at the soldiers they bring in themselves.

And Pippin walked over to Mio,

"You think if the little filthy criminal who killed the princess of the Empire were to be caged in his own room!

and suddenly kicked Mio's belly up with his toes.

The little mio of the body is rolled backwards and thrown backwards on the cobblestone, as if to fold the body into a curved letter.


A groan leaks from Mio's mouth. He kicked his pigeon tail up properly, he couldn't breathe properly.

"Kisa, oh!

As Killier rages and grabs Pippin's chest barn, the spears of the heavy knights surround that Killier.

"Oh, I wonder what these hands are, but now this lord of Saratoga is an athlete?

Pippin grabs Killier's hand gently and Mio reaches for Killier, disturbing his breathing in agony.

"Killier... get your hands off me.... whoring is fine. Lord Pippin, there is no sin on anyone but whores... Forgive me."

To that word, as Killier slowly releases her hands and lowers her arms sluggishly without force, Pippin walks toward Mio as she fixes the wrinkles (wrinkles) on her collar (Eri) and stays rolling on the ground.

"Right. Then let's do this. If you defy Atashi, will you be punished for that, you national bandit?"

Mio looked up at Pippin's face filled with anger.

"Like this"

In a moment, Pippin stepped on Mio's finger with all his strength.


Mio's sad voice echoes the walls, along with the dull sound of boki.

"Dear Mio!

Again, the spear surrounds Killier trying to rush over.

Pippin turns back to Killier, looking down contentedly at Mio, holding down his crooked fingers in the direction of the not.

"Do you understand, Tsuri Eye?"

A muscle of blood runs down Killier's lips.

Anger dominated his whole body so much that the blood in his body refluxed, even though he raised his tenuous eyeballs back and glanced at his pimp so much that he could pop out his eyeballs as well.

"Oh? You don't understand."

That's what Pippin said, and when he looked at the soldiers, the soldiers forcefully grabbed Mio and made him stand. And I said, "Stop it!" Killier's cry is also vain, and one of the soldiers punches Mio in the face with all his might.

After a blunt blow sound, a funny voice called Fuhiku leaked from Mio's throat, bleeding and falling from his nose.

"Look, if you don't be honest, you're gonna die."

"Stop it, stop it!

As Killier's sad voice sounds, the soldiers laugh and beat Mio one after the other.

There is always swelling above the eyes, shallow and dark on the cheeks and internal bleeding.

No wonderful Mio's face was transformed without a shadow to see.

"Stop... no more, please... Please."

Killier collapses on the spot and the potatoes and tears add more black dots to the cobblestone.

The soldiers stop their hands and turn to Pippin.

When Pippin smiled at the soldiers, he grabbed Mio's hair on the back of his head, which drooped his head (Kobe) slowly, pulling it over his face and punching him in the cheek without letting his hair in.

One white grainy thing spills out of Mio's mouth. I broke my back tooth.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, my God."

Then again, when he turned to Killier, he frowned and Pippin said.

"You don't like the smell of athletes. Laugh if you want forgiveness."

"Heh, huh?

"It's funny!

Killier makes a forced smile as she weeps from both eyes.

Killier's heart has already been broken. There is no more strength in the body.

"Phew, you look good."

Pippin looking down at Killier satisfactorily. Killier pleads (cancer) while trying to crawl to his feet.

"Dear Pippin, please. Dear Mio, treat..."

"Mio, well? Who are you talking about, a traitor whore?

"... let me treat this traitor whore..."

Pippin hangs his finger on his chin and pretends to think deliberately.

"Fine, I'll treat you all in three weeks, just before the trial."


Soldiers grab both arms of Killier running over and push him against the cobblestone.

"Leave that national thief alone in the dungeon. And you guys! Every time you don't listen, this whore is going to be punished."

Heavy knights dragged Mio aside abusively.

At that time, the voice of Mio gasped into Kirier's ear, who remained bent over powerless.

"... take everyone... thump"

Kirier looked up unexpectedly.

Mio's eyes staring at Kirier from under his swollen eyelids are smiling.


Killier's cry echoed Saratoga.