Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 54. Oh, that? Any luck? Any promises?

"After all, all the manoeuvre castle forts in the country are similar."

From the top of the castle wall, the pippin squeaks (crushing) looking at the combined motorized castle fort Rhoda.

- - Unrefined.

It was also what I thought when I arrived in Saratoga, but unlike the capital, which had never been exposed to war for a long time, I was very boneless about one of the decorations.

I don't know what else to do, but as a pippin born and raised in the capital, I'm really interested.

Approaching that distance, a few zars, a roofed ladder (Sunbukka) is crossed from above the walls of Rhoda, upon which Uncle Rhoda, accompanied by three samurai, walks.

When I was in my early thirties. A stern look on her short pruned hair. It is wonderful, though, that it is not too boneless and leaves behind aristocratic elegance.

He's a pimp lover, Mr. Dundee, who can be seen in the distance.

"Nice wow..."

Unexpectedly tongue-induced pippin. Right behind it, the royal soldiers in white armor look at each other slightly drawn.

At a slow foothold, Uncle Rhoda stepped down over the walls of Saratoga.

As far as Pippin is concerned, there are only a few engineers on the walls of Rhoda to bridge the roofed ladder (Sunbukka), and nothing else disturbs them. For example, even if soldiers were aligned there, there is only one roofed ladder (Sunbukka) currently crossed, and the number of soldiers who can cross to Saratoga at a time is only known.

Look at that. There's nothing to be alarmed about.

In his chest, he bruises about Killier, who was slightly revealing his vigilance.

Nevertheless, Pippin is a cautious man. Since Killier's words remained in his brain, all his direct soldiers have been gathered and aligned on the walls of the castle, with the exception of some of them that were under surveillance in prison.

"We would like to welcome you and thank you. Dear Sir."

As Uncle Rhoda slowly approached Pippin, he offered his left hand in search of a handshake.

"I am Pippin, First Secretary of the Royal Family. See you later. Thank you for taking the time to come to such a country."

After all, he's a good man! and with a little tension, Pippin shakes that hand back.

"I'm a countryman, so I don't have much luck with the liturgical thing. Therefore, I would like to speak frankly to the deputy."

That said, slowly releasing Pippin's hand, Uncle Rhoda said this with a serious face.

"I want you to let Uncle Strasbourg go"

Pippin looks strange, unable to grasp the meaning of the word.

"I remember that Uncle Strasbourg, by the hands of the former Saratoga Bomio, died with Her Royal Highness the Princess?

"No, I know. That the spicy Uncle Saratoga, in the back of prison, is savoring my dear Fanassard...... no, blaming bitterness of hell on Uncle Strasbourg!

Around the end of the word, I saw Uncle Rhoda trembling his fist in anger. That said, the only person currently in prison is its' Spicy Uncle Saratoga ', and there's no way there's any such thing as Uncle Strasbourg.

"There seems to be a serious problem…"

The fearful pippin tells Uncle Rhoda.

"I know how you feel, but Uncle Strasbourg is not in this manoeuvring castle fort. Also former Uncle Saratoga, Mio Lefo Jahan, has restrained his personality, and it is there that he turns the anger of the Empire's people into the reproach bitterness of hell and flavors it."

Uncle Rhoda and Pippin, in the meantime the silence sees a quiet queue, and a painful few seconds or so pass.

"Dear Sir, no matter what happens, you're going to tell me you can't give me Uncle Strasbourg's personality."

"So Uncle Strasbourg is not here!

"You can't hide it from me!

"No, that's why you're not here! What the hell is going on, this guy?

Pippin can't stand it and finally gives a golden voice.

I am here as an agent of His Majesty the King, even though I am a lord, I am not told that I can make a difficult habit that doesn't make sense.

"Hmm, then I can't help it"

When he shrugged, Uncle Rhoda gave him a loud voice when he looked back at his own fortress.

"My soldiers, do justice!

At that moment, I saw a number of soldiers rushing up against the walls of Rhoda. Colourful royal soldiers. However, a single roofed ladder (sun viewer) that is crosslinked cannot be a threat.

The moment Pippin and the others think so, Rhoda soldiers start acting unexpectedly.

When the three of them put their arms together, they began to jump towards Saratoga in unison.

"Fly (Cielo Andate)!"

One after the other, the soldiers descend to the walls of Saratoga, jumping over the long distance lying between the forts of the manoeuvring castle.

"That's Rhoda's Enchanted Soldiers (Magia Armata) …"

That's what one of the soldiers squeals right behind the pippin.

Magic Soldiers (Magia Armata)

It is the pride of a special army of motorized castle fort Rhoda.

Acting as a team, the sorcerer continues to exercise even the magic of combat aids.

To this end, those recognized among the soldiers as having a little magical talent are thoroughly coached in auxiliary magic, which makes Rhoda only on a scale second only to Strasbourg in numbers, albeit with only low-level sorcerers.

As the Rhoda soldiers descend on the walls of Saratoga, they begin fighting with the soldiers of the royal family as they go. Perhaps in terms of individual strength, the soldiers directly from the royal family would be better up there. Behind the Rhoda soldiers, however, one of the three soldiers continues to perform the magic of combat aids all the time.

"Divine Speed (Apuliafoli)!" "Iron Wall (Ferromuro)!" "Hot Sword" Carlos Parda "!

With each passing hour, the sword speed of the Rhoda soldiers quickens, and the sword begins to overwhelm the royal soldiers with heat.

"Here, protect the Atashi with your lives, you guys!

Pippin fled, trying to tumble down a long staircase, saying so, sideways the soldiers of the royal family who were being driven to disadvantage within Mirumi.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Stay calm until Uncle Rhoda gets home.

That's what they told me. The Killiers were Bridge monitors, watching the whole thing.

There is no audio on it, so I don't know the details, but after Pippin and Uncle Rhoda argued, a large number of soldiers flew from Rhoda to the walls of Saratoga, where the royal direct soldiers are now ravaged by Rhoda soldiers.

"Lord Pennell, I'd like to ask for civilian evacuation guidance."

Without taking his eyes off the monitor, Killier opens her mouth towards Pennell, who was similarly looking at the monitor just beside her.

I just think it feels good no matter what happens to the royal soldiers and pippins, but if we keep going like this, we'll be ravaged by Rhoda soldiers throughout Saratoga. I don't know what the purpose is, but I can't just leave this behind.

"I understand. The Second Army should be responsible for directing the evacuation of civilians. The First Army will prepare heavy infantry gear."

With that said, Pennell rushes outside the bridge.

Now that Mio was absent, and no other person of general character was running, the top seat on this occasion was Killier.

"Where did Miriam go at this pivotal moment!

Even though Killier says that as long as she has a Wise Sister, she can just immerse herself in battle without thinking about it.

Though he feels this is not his original role, Killier gives instructions one after the other.

"Arge, with your Secret Service and Kingsguard, we'll delay the invasion anyway."


"Lord Cephal, the opponent is the Magic Soldiers (Magia Armata). Can we fight with auxiliary magic in the same way?

"No, it's not appropriate to fight on the opponent's mound"

"So what do we do?

"Well, watch. I will show you the disgust of the magicians created by Master Schmelvi."

The slightly round-faced deputy magician replied with a cheeky grin with Nico, as usual.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

In the end, without waiting for a moment, the soldiers of the royal family were wiped out.

Rhoda soldiers run down the walls one after the other.

Along the way, Uncle Rhoda's eyes saw a crowd of civilians and thinkers running towards the castle, led by soldiers believed to be Saratoga soldiers.

"Do you want to chase me?

"Throw it away."

Answering a nearby inquiry, Uncle Rhoda stepped down from the walls to downtown, causing the soldiers to stop pursuing civilians and assemble the soldiers once.

The purpose of raiding Saratoga is the only one. There is only the recapture of our beloved Fanassard. Where I killed a few civilians, I just didn't sleep well and it didn't do me any good.

Line up and start the march again.

Out on the boulevard running into the center of Saratoga for a while, a group of people were waiting to block the road and block the way for the Rhoda army to go.

"We can't let you go any further! Dear Uncle Rhoda"

That was too odd a bunch to call an army.

There is only one woman in the center as the 50 or so musculoskeletal big men wave their hands up to boast of their own physical beauty.

The soldiers, among other things, swung at the woman's presence.

Fluffy, swinging rabbit ears, butterfly ties in an inflammatory bodysuit that sticks perfectly to the body. A tight-eyed beauty wearing heeled shoes that would be roughly unsuitable for battle. That beats the ground with a pimple and a whip to raise his voice.

"Visit the Black Roses!

All right! Surprised and voiced! Killier (bunny-girl specs) laughs inside.

But the next moment,

"All right, my soldiers! Eliminate the enemy!

And Uncle Rhoda did not change one complexion, and commanded the soldiers, and the soldiers pulled out their swords simultaneously.

"Hey, I waited choppy -!

In a hurry, Kirier raises her voice, takes control of the soldiers she has frowned upon in an attempt to storm, and Uncle Rhoda asks back.

"What, begging for your life?

"Oh, that? What about the scratches? Any promises?

"I don't."


Uncle Rhoda was a natural enemy of Saratoga, who did not solve any jokes.

"I don't mind. Eliminate the enemy!

Following Uncle Rhoda's voice, the soldiers launch an assault, and the black muscles (gatimchi) take a combat stance when they hit the armor of both hands and make a metal noise, intercepting it.

No Mio command, no Miglia tricks.

It was the beginning of a pure battle, an indefensible war of attrition.