My body is weak.

With that in mind, I slowly open my heavy eyelids (eyelids).

"Is that it? What... Where are we?

Run-down walls, sunlight plunging from a perforated ceiling.

Dust (dust) glittering through the universe in the light of it.

What I saw in Miriam's eyes was a strange view.

Looks like some abandoned house.

Clear your ears, in the distance, there is a faint sound of anger and a sword trident that you obviously think is in battle.

How can you be here?

Miriam thinks with an uncut head.

Drop off your sister, then...

"Are you awake? Lady."

In front of me, an old man with a long beard showed his face.


Surprisingly, Miriam tries to escape by scratching the universe, but her wake-up body doesn't move properly, and only her heart beats badly.

"Captain! No, you can't. If the captain suddenly shows his face, we're going to have a heart attack."

With that said, from the next room, one young man appeared.


"Well, don't be angry, from the fact of the matter"

With a light slap, the young man turns to Miriam and talks.

"It's okay, young lady"

"Yes, sir"

In the meantime, I'll snort, but I don't even know what's okay.

"You look like you don't know what's going on."

"Yes, sir"

Yes, you're right.

The young man puts his arms together, shows him how to think, and then opens his mouth.

We grabbed you, that's all.


No, given this situation, I guess that is, but as for the grabbed side, so, you can't be convinced that yes it is.

"Hmm, why would you do that? He's got a face."

You're a handy guy. The expression alone makes me feel generally what I want to say.

I would love to have Nana apprentice you, too. Miriam thought so.

"We need you to tell us something."

"Hey, what is it?"

"Uh, about the guy named Mi (...) Li (...) A (...), it's hard to wash"

Miriam opens her mouth and gives her a frightened look.

Honestly, I don't know what this guy is talking about.

I don't know how to react to anything good, but an old man with a mustache called the captain pinches his mouth when he's just mumbling.

"My lady. The name of the eagle is Morgen. It is called 'liquor barrel' morgen. In the meantime, the survivors of the Asmodimos soldiers who attacked Saratoga."


Survival of Asmodimos soldiers.

Miriam had already figured that out. The armor this old man named Morgen is wearing belongs to the Asmodimos army.

"They want revenge on this Saratoga warrior."

"Revenge... is it?

"Oh, yeah. Because of his nasty maneuver, his countrymen died like bugs. I can't help losing my life on the battlefield, but it's too bad not to be able to turn over one of my swords, just to be shaken off of a motorized castle fort and die. So take revenge on the cowardly Saratoga warrior instead of the dead ones."

With that said, Morgen grips his fist. But I immediately dropped my shoulder without force.

"By the way. No matter how much you hear all over the city, nobody knows about the military master. However, even if you disguise some of them as Saratoga soldiers and let them dive into the castle, the situation is the same after all... I almost gave up on how vigilant the Saratoga warrior is, but at last I only found out that the warrior is named 'Miglia'"

A cold sweat conveys Miriam's back.

"Duh, how did you know?

It was the young man who responded to it.

"Do you know where the warrior is? There was a boy who said," Miriam would... "

If you call me 'Mr. Miriam', there's only one of them.

... I'll preach to you when I get back.

"Perhaps they haven't all been informed that the guy named Miriam is a military teacher. I can't be taking any longer. Right there. He infiltrated the castle again and grabbed the housekeeper (maid) to quickly ask about Mi (...) Li (...) a (...). And, well, that's what I'm saying.

What would these men look like if they found out that the housekeeper (maid) they had grabbed was Miriam herself? Miriam, what an unbelievable look.

"So, young lady. If you talk to me about Miriam, the washing warrior, I promise to free your daughter intact after I smash Miriam to death."

That being said, Morgen unexpectedly gave a nostalgic smile.

If you could kill me, you'd give me back safely, and that would be cork extraction (coke screw) in the wine bottle...

Miriam sighs in her heart.

From afar, I can still hear the anger and the sword trident.

"Is it also my uncles' people who are rambling outside?

"No, it's not. I was on a reconnaissance earlier, and that's Rhoda's Magic Soldier."


Miriam gives an unexpected voice of amazement.

And distorted that adorable face in remorse.

Also, they surpassed my strategy......

Save Mio. In fact, Uncle Rhoda occupied an important place in the operation for this purpose.

In Mio's trial, the final judgment is entrusted to a majority vote.

With the exception of Saratoga and Strasbourg in the absence of the Lords, the remaining seven motorized castle forts and His Majesty the King have that right.

In other words, if you can get at least four out of all eight votes, you can bring them to Even.

Miriam had picked up Uncle Rhoda as a definite voter in a maneuver after arriving in the capital.

If that Uncle Rhoda prevents Saratoga from reaching the capital, instead of voting rights, Uncle Rhoda himself will be treated as a traitor.

After that, even if you bind the possible votes, defeating 3-for-4 is imperative.

It can't be a coincidence.

Perhaps Uncle Rhoda's assault on Saratoga is also the work of the enemy.

Worst case scenario, Uncle Rhoda may have already been turned into a golem.

"Well, Rhoda, how could you do this to Saratoga, who defeated us?

The Saratoga warrior is about to use his hand to defeat this Rhoda. "

Milia spins her thoughts fast as she hears Morgen's weird words of trust in the Saratoga warrior.

Anyway, if we don't get out of here, we can't even hit the hand we need to hit.

And when one thought came together, Miriam said this by staring upwards at the 'liquor barrel' morgen.

"... Uncle, I have a favor to ask you"

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


Beat down the Rhoda soldier in front of you with a whip, with his heel, and then step his head to full force to stun him.

"What a pain in the ass they are..."

Killier murmured so, absurdly breathing, not telling anyone.

I knew it, but the numbers are too different first.

This is about fifty people. In contrast, the enemies in front of them are blinding as if they were Yunxia. Probably about a thousand people.

And Killier was going to beat Theory Street, first off the sorcerer, but two warriors stood in front of one sorcerer, and Killier's attack is hard to reach the sorcerer.

The magicians then continue to perform auxiliary magic to strengthen the two warriors in front of them, and the warriors gain strength every time they chase after time.

If you keep bumping or liking straight from the front like this, even 1000 to 50, you won't be anywhere near buying time, you'll be squashed right away.

Killier pulls two daggers out of a belt wrapped around her waist as she wraps the whip around her body to a tattered hanging.

Some of the teeth have irregularities (oops) as if they were contours. Dagger sword crushing knife (swordbreaker) specializing in defense.

If it's a brawl, it's not in time to use the whip anymore.

"Don't stop your legs! If we're surrounded, we're gonna die!

Kirier tells his men that in loud voice, he jumps into the middle of the enemy soldiers, shouting himself.

In his head, the conversation he had earlier had with Sephal, deputy magician at the bridge, was repeated.

"The opponent is an auxiliary magic centric wizard, so the weakness is presumably direct attack magic"

"You mean fight at a distance?

"No, rather aggressively bring it into the turmoil. It's better if they stay alert."

When Kirier jumped into the enemy soldier's midst, he took the cutting sword with a sword smashing knife (swordbreaker) and broke it one after the other, and the sword broke the recoil, and the moment his opponent laid down his neck, he said no.

One by one, the soldiers panicked at the appearance of their falling allies surrounded Killier in a few pieces and cut him in unison, but Killier danced through the universe as he flipped, poking a sword-breaker (swordbreaker) in the chest of his fallen opponent when he snapped two men down with a foot payment at the same time as he landed.

Kirier rushes through the midst of the enemy Yunxia, scattering death.

The figure reminded me of the figure of the god.

But that won't last forever either.

Around, the black muscles (guttural) are also struggling to wield their metal armor, but that is somewhat of a force push. Many defeat their enemies, but are wounded themselves.

A lot of people are passive. That's exactly what this is.

Breathing on his shoulders, Killier looks at an enemy he never sees a sign of decreasing.

Already painted on full body return blood, the red rabbit shrugged in his heart.

Not yet...

At that moment, one wolf howl after another surrounds this painting, which became a battlefield.

Then, on the roof of the private house, the big men of the werewolf head appeared one after the other.

Some of them look like Arge and Nino.

"Captain, thank you for waiting!

"It's late! Arge, it's late!

"Sorry! Took me a long time to climb on the roof..."

"Why did you climb!? You don't have to climb! It would be awkward if I got hit in the meantime!

It's an awkward problem...

Everyone in the Rhoda soldiers who was listening to that interaction thought so.