Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 56: The Mage Killer's Spear (Additionally Modified)

Rhoda soldiers who temporarily loosened their hand in the attack on the appearance of werewolves (Wolfzoan) soon remember what they were trying to do and start waving their swords again.

But spinning an intermittent concentration is not easy.

Killier thinks, judging the blunt cutting-edge of momentum with ease.

The werewolves (they) wonder what makes them feel critical in time.

Here's what Killier gave us on the bridge.

"Arge, Dear (...), With (...) Special (...) Department (...) Squad (...) and (...) Near (...) Guard (...) Squad (...), we'll delay the invasion anyway."

I understand it's a joke that I've lagged too long to climb the roof.

............... you're kidding, right?

The Secret Service, led by Arge, is seriously delayed in starting out because of the use of a squad station away from the castle instead of a battalion. I understand that too.

But with the howl, from the high ground, what a breeze to appear refreshing!

Doesn't that look like a hit?

If you're late, you're sorry. "Sorry, I'm late," he said. He said, lowering his head, and being low enough to show up.

... that also seems to confuse them.

That said, even though there are more than a dozen werewolves (Wolfzoan) who are superior in strength, both in the raven and in the horn, it is helpful to join the fighting force.

Killier looked up and called on Arge on the roof.

"Arge! Follow me!

Arge gives instructions to the werewolves when he snorts small.

"All hands! Assault!

"Wow, wow, wow!"

Porch, Shilo, Cro, Tama, Edmond III… hereinafter abbreviated.

The werewolves (Wolfzoans) descend one after the other, roaring with the hanging of Arge.


Trying to follow after that, Nino, with his triangular ears slightly out, found him trying to jump down the same way, and Arge rushed to grab Nino's root.

"Derme! Nino's leaving a message here!


Arge says with an accidental bitter smile to Nino, who swells his cheeks.

"Nino is the boss of the wolves."


"Yes, boss. The boss is great, so we need to keep an eye on him from here."

In fact, the wolves have a verse that is celebrating Nino.

Although nominally the captain of the Secret Service is supposed to be Arge, the entity is nothing but a breeder, and the top of the wolves is Nino.

To the word great, Nino makes his eyes shine and nods again and again.

"Nino great. I understand."

When he sneezes Nino's head like that, Arge pulls out two curved knives (shamseals) that can be called his own symbols (trademarks).

And when he smiled at Nino, "Well, I'm coming," he jumped into the sea of enemy soldiers himself.

At the headquarters of the Rhoda Army, which was in the rear of the other side of the chaos with the flashing (flickering) sword blade of the sword spear, Uncle Rhoda, guarded by the powerful soldiers for a moment, turned a blind eye to the girl with two swords flying into the chaos. From there, I raise my gaze even further, and I see a young child on the roof, trying to jump and support his allies.


You didn't hear Uncle Rhoda whining about it, but when the child notices Uncle Rhoda's gaze, he tongues' Akanbei '.

But Uncle Rhoda shrugged, not laughing, not angry, shifting her gaze straight towards the turmoil without changing one expression.

"That number of reinforcements too...... Enemy, but it's a good thing."

The whining was laudable, but I also said it was an adult whine watching children play.

The difference in force strength is more than twenty times greater than the original.

No matter how many feet you scratch in that number, it's not enough to fill it.

Put in a standby force and step on it all at once......

Uncle Rhoda summoned his squire, and when he tried to give instructions to do so, a soldier who was releasing himself from scouting towards Saratoga Castle broke his breath and jumped in.

"It's enemy reinforcement! From Castle Saratoga you can see about 300 infantry soldiers and the rear 50 as magicians."

It was the Saratoga First Army, led by Penel, and the Corps of Mages, led by Sephal.

About 300, if we put the Second Army on civilian evacuation guidance, this is all the people we can deploy now.

In the Saratoga army in the first place, the number of professional servicemen is less than 1,000.

Others are wartime requisitions from civilians, so not so many people can move in abrupt combat.

As in this case, the sudden start of a battle within the walls is highly unexpected.

Uncle Rhoda narrows his eyes and turns to the other side of the riot, the boulevard that leads to Saratoga Castle.

Surely there was a group of soldiers coming this way.

But Uncle Rhoda was just stunned when he saw the Saratoga army's arrival, which appeared as reinforcements.

"Heavy Infantry (Faranx) …. The man in command seems to be too dumb."

Hit a heavy infantry (Faranx) in a brawl.

That is either an amateur from the common sense of a soldier, or an animal who would otherwise sacrifice his allies as well.

A heavily armed infantry (Phalanx) that sticks out a spear from among the great shields and attacks with a 'surface', and if it enters this turmoil, it will naturally involve its allies as well. The same goes for the sorcerers who refrain behind it. We can't do this without sacrificing our allies and infiltrating massive attack magic.

Amateurs, livestock, that is, whether you understand the fact.

And while Uncle Rhoda was watching, the heavily armed infantry (Phalanx) stopped a short distance from the scene of the riot as they lined up to block their way to Saratoga Castle.

In Uncle Rhoda's eyes, it just seemed like the first time I saw the battlefield and realized I couldn't get into it.

"Ha ha! It's not a chig hug at all!

For the first time on this battlefield, Uncle Rhoda gave an expressive look.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇



Kirier sticks out a sword crusher (swordbreaker) where Arge bows himself, and the sword-wielding enemy soldier is swept up and torn through his throat without a scratch.

Arge slaughtered his enemies with a double knife trying to cut Killier's back as he bent forward and around behind Killier.

Like a tornado, the two mutilate their enemies one after the other, repeating the switch.

Sword Crusher (Sword Breaker) and Curved Knife (Sham Seal). Both.

Now the two are holding each other's backs and breathing, scowling at the enemy soldiers surrounding them.

Originally the captain and deputy captain of the Kingsguard, together, ran through many battlefields.

We know each other's movements well.

That's when I saw the Saratoga army flag in the corner of Killier's vision. It is the arrival of the main unit awaited. However, the unit stopped at a distance from this riot alley.



"What are we gonna do from here?


Arge was stunned.

"Do you want to ask me that? Wasn't it the captain who was meeting with Lord Cephal?

"No, from that round face, I'm only asking you to bring it into a brawl"

Arge was also stunned by this.

Arge turns a blind eye to the Saratoga Army Squad as he asks for help.

But there's still no movement. I believe there must be some way. Yes, but in combat, Sephal's command is unknown.

No way, you're not gonna throw us out of stone, are you? No, no, Master Schmelvi could do it, but no way. Only that warm-looking Lord Cephal, that...

Arge shakes his head with a boom so as to shake off the suspicion attached to his head.

Said Killier, who saw how it went.

"Arge. That round face. I'm always nicking, but my eyes aren't laughing."

"Why are you saying that now? Ahhh?!

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Cephal is floating.

I always had a full smile on Nico and Kana's round face.

No heart or your skin looks shiny.

Behind the heavily armed infantry "Phalanx" squad, in front of the magicians squad, Sephal said this without even trying to hide his cowardly appearance.

"Minasa. Finally, the time has come to try it out!

"" "" Yea!

The magicians who respond are also unusually tense.

"While Master Schmelvi was experimenting with the experiment, but it had nothing to do with it, the new magic was made of a detachment that accidentally zeroed (spilled) tea. Ladies and gentlemen, you've mastered it right!

"" "" Yea!

Sephar said Killier and Arge would likely graduate if they heard.

"Then don't gang down from the ready until you run out of magic!

Sephal's words end or no, and the somewhat tense sacraments echo in unison.

"" "" Mage Killer Spear "Ranchia Indulé"!

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Arge, who was anxiously sending his gaze toward Saratoga Squad while continuing the battle, suddenly raises a screaming voice.

"Wow! There's something out there!

To that voice, the enemies around him unwittingly stop the sword and look ahead to Arge's gaze.

There was a sight of a spear of light coming out of the back of a heavy infantry (Phalanx) squad heading toward the middle of a brawl (here).

"Seriously!? That round face! You're seriously going to do this for us!

Killier and Arge can lay on the ground with their heads, stunned, screaming a grudge.

Shortly afterwards, a tremendous bursting sound and the escaping voices of enemy soldiers sounded one after the other.

Miriam! The face that came to Killier's head was my dear sister.

I wonder if this is the end of the day and I close my eyes all the time............ but

"... Oh, that?

The shock I imagined never came.

Killier opens her eyes gently.

If you look up, there is no sign that the spear of light that flies in to fill the sky will stop (or stop).

Nonetheless, flying in one after the other, he continues to dye the enemy soldiers with screams and a tragic bloodbath and repaint the battlefield with a red monochrome.

But for Killier and Arge, it doesn't fly.

"Duh... what is this all about? Captain."

"I don't know, I don't know... you seem to only hit enemies. This."

That's what they say, Arge, roughly stands up.

Looking around, it is certainly only the enemy soldiers who are screaming and running away, and the black muscles (gatimuchi) and werewolves (Wolfzoan) are distracted and, like Arge, they are looking around for a moment.

It only hits the enemy.

There is no reason for Killiers to know that, but Schmelvi modified the spear of light (Ranchia), the magic of this magician-killing spear, Ranchia Indulé, only tracks down magical objects and lands them.

Enemy soldiers with large amounts of auxiliary magic can only be described as good, and after development, the magicians, who had little chance of trying (and occasionally) shooting because of their peculiarities, are now happily beaten.

"Hey, I don't know, but we're retreating into this gap!

When Kirier cried out, the black muscles and werewolves (Wolfzoan) began to flee the spears of the falling light.

Battle stations are weird.

The Rhoda army reduces that number once and for all, without helping to prevent the spear of light that keeps swinging. I just get away with it.

Looking with no expression at the sight, Uncle Rhoda told the left and right.

"Let 'em all down temporarily, heavy infantry (Faranx) will stick next"

That's a retreat instruction.

Staying here just adds to the damage. It is arguably the ultimate right decision.

But to the words that followed, the samurai who were instructed are wary.

"Give me all your reserve power. Let the reserves have their spears, ladies or boys. As soon as the Enemy's Magic Attack reaches an end, it launches a total attack"

It is no exaggeration to say that the damage suffered here is devastating.

If normal, it is damage that should be withdrawn completely.

Even rebuilding the army would take a considerable amount of time to take the troops to their original state.

But Uncle Rhoda wasn't going to pull any strings.

That option has been taken away.

No matter how many sacrifices you make, rescue your dear Fanassard.

Planted paranoia.

I am a brave man saving a princess imprisoned in a evil castle.

Locked in that cage of paranoia, there was a madman figure.