Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 59: Didn't expect such a convenient development.

"" "" "Lady, are you okay?

The men call out to him in unison, and the sense of retreating is drawn back.

All of the voices were heard from behind Miriam's back.

Slowly turning his neck and turning his eyes behind his back, the Asmodimos soldiers, including Morgen, are laying underneath Miriam so that they can fold.

They defended Miriam when she was about to crash into the wall, blown away by a mighty impact.

"Oh! I'm sorry!

Understanding the situation, Miriam hurries to jump off the men. No matter how light Milia is, that impact is the weight of the human being on it. It is not hard to imagine that it would have done considerable damage to the men.

"Mi, you guys, are you okay?

All eight people laugh and thumbs up at Miriam's worried voice at the same time.


Miriam caressing her chest unintentionally.

Thanks to their underlayment, I didn't have to take a single scratch, although in all those shocks I felt pain by the way.

All this time, the number of manoeuvres in his head (Kanbu Jusu) lurked the ringing, and Miriam genuinely appeased the men safely.

"It's okay! I'm pimping."

Miriam bows her head once again deeply when a man with a plain (hiccup) face with a missing tooth answers that in a slightly higher voice, even though it hurts somewhere.

"Thanks to you, it helped. You're all so sweet."

That's what they told me and it lit me up, and the men started saying things they didn't want in their mouths when they looked at each other.

"But if it's going to be underneath anyway, I wish I had a good ass area"

"Me too!

"I wanted you to come in from the front."

"I can tell you. Lady, it's Piotsky Day."

"But hey, you guys. Lady, wasn't it heavier than it looks?

"Ha ha, you can't even say it if you want, it's"

Miriam also knows it's a shade, but isn't it just too much to say all you want?

"It's ruined, too!

When Miriam swelled her cheeks with that said, the men laughed in unison.

And when he finishes laughing, Morgen suddenly squeezes his expression and opens his mouth.

"But now the shock. Then you're worried about your sister in prison. Lady, go ahead."

"What about your uncles?

"We're here, waiting for a break"

"Yeah, okay!

When she replied well, Miriam returned her heel and ran to the back of the prison floor.

The men dropped off their backs, still in a position to fold over the walls.

"She's a good girl."

"Oh, if you want my wife, I like my daughter."

"What's my wife? If I were you, I'd be about my own daughter."

"You're not that old away."

"Come on, you guys, don't move your emotions too far. Maybe we'll fight Saratoga again."

"This is how you become your daughter's cushion, so I don't know about people."


Morgen, who was listening with his eyes meditating, not pinching his mouth at the men's euphemisms, asks with whom, slowly standing up.

"So, really, what do you think?

Again, when the men looked at each other and checked each other's complexion, they answered with a mouthful.

"You can do it. I am."

"I can put up with this, too."

"Captain, that's tough. My leg's broken."

"Me too, I'm a little muddy. I think my intestines might have gone wrong in there."

In the end, with the exception of Morgen, four people were seriously injured. Even for the three of us that it was okay, we weren't in a very tolerable state of combat.

Once again, Morgen looks around at the men and gives them instructions.

"You guys can't move, you can't move. Now get out of here."

"What about the captain?

"There's no way I can leave your daughter, and I'll wait here for your daughter to come out with her sister"

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"Mio Chi, where?

Miriam calls her voice diving (hissing) as she peeks into the iron lattice lined up on both sides of the aisle in turn. No, I don't need to sneak around, but when it's too quiet around me, I feel like I shouldn't be shouting out loud.

Miglia thinks as she walks back down the dim aisle.

Still, I wonder what that shock was earlier......

So questioned, but finally, Miriam's pathetic thoughts began to spin once and for all, and Miriam herself can no longer stop it.

I can only assume that the roar was that something (...) collided with Saratoga.

What bumped into you?

In the middle of a desert like this, what could possibly hit a motorized castle fort with all that shock?

Were you even in the village around Oasis?

No, then it won't be such a shock. Even if it did go in, it was Saratoga just stomped down the village and danced.

That's how the village where Miriam was born disappeared.

Something that can crash into a manoeuvre castle fort, after all, it's just a manoeuvre castle fort.

So which motorized castle fort crashed into Saratoga?

Once the grounded Rhoda went off and stuck in?

Not unlikely, but unlimited.

It's hard to imagine an attack like that with a lord of his own.

If so, when it comes to the manoeuvre castle fort, which could still be in this area, two.

Asmodymos or Gergios.

If these are the only two, I don't even have to think about them.


Asmodimos attacked Saratoga while covering up his presence until he replaced the Demonic Crystal Furnace. Now that we have achieved our objective of saying that we will tailor Saratoga to the rebels, there is no reason to strike Saratoga once again until we take the risk.


Miriam couldn't help but laugh.

I didn't expect such a convenient development.

He was deprived of a handkerchief named Rhoda, and in a pinch of absolute destiny, Miriam drew a path to reversal.

The most challenging of these steps, "Finding Gergios", was resolved on its own shortly after it was put down.

Until earlier, where did the pure expression that was directed at the soldiers of Asmodimos go, and now Miriam had a very unnoticeable look.

"hehe hehe"

So many coincidences that I just think God is on my side.

There's no way you can't get tense.

"hehe hehe hehe"

I can't stop laughing at all. And then,

"I'm scared!

A scratch came in from the back of the iron plaid.

"That, Mio? Are you there?

"I'm not here! If you hear a" hehehe "and a disgusting laugh in the dim passage, you'll be scared!

Miriam narrows her eyes toward those who spoke, searching for Mio in a dim prison.

And I found it.

Mio sitting somewhere on the floor. But to its appearance, Miriam breathes unexpectedly.

Mio's eyelids were heavily swollen and worn out, which means he was in the same condition when he was left in this prison.

"Mi, mio! Are you all right?

Looking back at the panicking Miriam in wonder, Mio answers.

"If it was a shake earlier, I could have spent a lot of time in bed, so it's okay."

"Yes, no, I'm not..."

Seeing Miriam's blue complexion, Mio hit Pong and his hand.

"Oh, I forgot. What the Lord is seeing now is a phantom. I asked Schmelvi to keep the magic."

"Mr. Schmelvi? Didn't you run off with Mr. Schmelvi?

"Well, I didn't tell your lord either. I had Schmelvi do a lot of research on Strasbourg."

Miriam takes a ho breath in that word of Mio.

"Mio is a bad person, too. Tell me. - No more."

I'm sorry.

"Well, for now, let's get out of here. I'll find the keys to the prison."

"Okay, let's find whores together."

That said Mio opens the iron lattice door and comes outside.


A heavy silence lay between them.

If you're normal, say, "You're open!" This would be the occasion to add a twitch.

But Miriam decided to go through.

Because I was frustrated with Mio's long-awaited look.

Mio rushes after Miriam, who returns her kurli and heel and begins walking towards the entrance to the prison floor.

"Mi, Miglia, Boketaratskom, Koledij. Daijiyo."

For some reason, Mio follows the exotic and demands a scratch.

But Miriam doesn't even wave back Mio, lightly embellishing it.

"Yes, sir. Well, I'll give it to you next time, so first, listen, I don't have time. My guess is that Saratoga is now being attacked in a way sandwiched by Rhoda and Gergios..."

"Next time Tsuko Mu...... Bogus is raw..."

Perfectly listening to Mio's lament, Miriam continues the conversation.

"I'm going to use this situation thoroughly. But, Mio. I'm overwhelmed with information. So if you know what I mean, I want you to tell me.

Rhoda and Gergios, each of whom has been called a traitor by the capital, must have a purpose to fulfill by attacking Saratoga. "

In that inquiry, Mio thought with a serious look and opened his mouth.

"I have no idea about Rhoda, but if it's Gergios, the purpose would be 'Nanashi'. When I came back from Guergios, I told him that Nanasi's" Secret of the Desert People "was being targeted by the new lord of Guergios.

Attack the weak spot in Rhoda's raid and abduct Nanashi. You're going to get that "Secret of the Desert People."

"Mio, that's the best information I've got."

"What is it?

"The enemy is enough to read and surpass my strategy. Yet here I couldn't see the inevitability of Gergios attacking Saratoga anywhere.

That's why I suspected he couldn't spot the trap he'd set.

But now I know. This attack on Guergios is highly likely to be an arbitrary preoccupation of the new lord of Guergios. "

"The people of Asmodimos are not involved. I mean, that's not what I meant."

Miriam snorts.

"In that case, the missing information is why Uncle Rhoda attacked Saratoga. I think that's what we're talking about when we first got on board..."

"If the negotiations had taken place, it would have been the deputy."

"Well, I guess so."

"Then it is not a priority to secure the identity of the deputy first. I hope he's not dead..."

"Right. I wish I wasn't dead... but I can imagine where you are."


"Yeah, it was the Saratoga Army fighting the Rhoda Army outside. Being invaded all the way to Central Boulevard in such a short time means that we didn't intercept it on the walls, but after welcoming the Rhoda army, we can assume that it became a battle. I mean, I don't think it was a battle from the beginning."

"I guess so."

"If Uncle Rhoda were to visit and welcome it, it would be natural to assume that the deputy was on his way and that Uncle Rhoda had brought some sort of negotiation there."

"So the bargaining broke and Rhoda broke his fangs."

"If your deputy escapes while the Rhoda army and their direct soldiers are fighting, do you think he'll escape to a place he's never even been? Not to mention, now that Mio has lost his back shield of direct soldiers, the deputy knows that if he comes across our sister, he could be killed in one shot."


"That deputy doesn't seem so incompetent just because he's Onei. Speaking of places where the general soldier doesn't have to worry about coming in first and the deputy knows better..."

"The VIP room."

"Yes, if I were to escape, I'd have to go there."

I see. Let's head to the VIP room before we can escape.

Miriam laughs niggly at Mio's words.

"It's okay. You don't have to do that, but the deputy will be here soon. I wish I was alive."

"What, what do you mean?

That's all I said, the Miriams reached the entrance to the prison floor.

I didn't see any other men, but Morgen stayed there alone and smiled nostalgic when I found Miriam.

"Lady, your sister is safe."

Miriam whispers (whispers) in a small voice, "Talk to Mio" and smiles back at Morgen.

Mio stared at Morgen a lot, then turned to Miriam to show him with one eye closed.

That's Mio, he understands fast and helps. Yes, where Miriam was horrified, Mio opened his mouth.

"So, who is this bear?

Didn't you get it?

"Ha ha, have you come with a bear? You're a mouthless daughter. The eagle is a morgen. It's called 'liquor barrel' morgen."

"Liquor barrel? You in shape?

Miriam found that Morgen was moot for a moment.

"It was when the eagle became known as the barrel of liquor, when the eagle was twenty..."

As Morgen began to explain the origins of the barrel, he heard a slight rub along with slight footsteps from the prison floor to the upper level.

"Hey, can't you hear me? My loyal soldier... Protect the loyal agent of His Majesty the King... hey! Reply."

"I'm really here!

That is the undisputed voice of Pippin.

Mio turns to Miriam in surprise, and Morgen stares at them with a strange look. And Miriam smiled at Nicole and said:

"Uncle, please. Catch someone coming down here now. But don't kill me."