Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 61: Be the wedge through the battlefield!

"There's no way Fana's staying in Saratoga!

"I don't even know you! But it was a little bit of" Unleash Uncle Strasbourg. "

The crews shouted at each other in the corner of the bridge.

The Lord of Voices is the former Uncle Saratoga and the current Uncle Saratoga proxy.

In other words, it is Mio and Pippin.

What was it that Uncle Rhoda demanded of Pippin?

Mio questioned Pippin to find out what purpose Uncle Rhoda had invaded Saratoga. The result is this.

If I try to mio, all I can say is why it does.

This is also a good place for absurdity, such as the fact that Strasbourg Uncle Fanassard is imprisoned in Saratoga's prison.

Rather, it was myself who was imprisoned there - Saratoga Burmio.

Worldwide, Fanasard was to have been killed by Saratoga's Magic Cannon (Magi Driver).

There is no room for misunderstandings, such as being imprisoned in Saratoga's prison.

"Uncle Strasbourg or something, you didn't tell me!

"I told you. I fucking said it! But that asshole, he's not trying to believe me at all!

Mio yelling at all the bites and Summoning (Wow) Kupipin while in a rolling state.

As it is, the story does not move forward.

One sigh, Miriam said, grabbing Mio's shoulder in large part and stroking it under her chin (chin).

"How are you?"


The quickest way to calm down your exciting mio is to tuck it in.

Miriam also gained it.

One went in and made sure Mio calmed down, Miriam asked.

"Is that what Uncle Rhoda is all about?

"No, I've never heard such rumors. I've only met whores about twice at the Council of the Horses, but they're famous lords and noble princes. Damn. He was a serious, uninteresting man..."

"Then why are you so obsessed with Uncle Strasbourg?

"That's... Uncle Rhoda has a problem with Fana unilaterally. Unfortunately, he's the exact opposite of Fana's taste."

"It is. But you're handsome, aren't you?

"You're not a tough guy. I married that one, but at the end of the day. I can't breathe."

Mio looks disgusted even though he is not being proposed.

Miriam chuckled at the way it looked.

But if Uncle Rhoda's personality (be one) is what Mio says, then Uncle Rhoda's behavior is increasingly improbable today.

"Let Uncle Strasbourg go..."

Miriam snapped small.

To sum up Mio and Pippin's story, Uncle Rhoda is attacking Saratoga based on unfounded delusions.

Believing it out of your head, even though it's unfounded, is harder than you can imagine. That is why priests who can unconditionally believe in the existence of God, who do not even know if they are there, are honored.

What Uncle Rhoda loses in this raid is huge.

It prevented Saratoga from appearing in the capital. Naturally, he will henceforth be treated as a rebel against the King.

Is it just a delusion that makes you risk that much?

Damn seriously, a personable person called a famous lord, and thinking so, this reckless and irrational behavior does not engage the figure at all.

And after a brief thought, Miriam mouthed what was most likely.

"You're under some kind of mental rule, you should think so."

Rather, I can only assume so.

"Is that like hypnosis?

"Probably more of a magician's thing. I'm guessing he's pretty deeply eroding Uncle Rhoda because he's been in this state so far."

"Then why don't you unhypnotize him?

To that word of Mio. Miglia stops the movement in a pittance.

I turned my gaze up like I was thinking about something, and I took a breath and laughed niggly.

"No, it's more convenient to keep it that way."

"Lord, you look evil again, you've come up with something."

"Yeah. Even so, your sister won't be talking about it unless she pulls the Gergios side in well."

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"This is horrible..."

Peeping at Saratoga's side from above the walls, Kisk was blushing and whining (crushing).

The sight there. It was already a one-sided slaughter (a nap) that was difficult to say war.

Still under my eyes, I can see the sand wolf (Sandwolf) eating at the shoulders of the Saratoga soldiers, swinging at my mercy and knocking the soldiers down without distinction between enemy allies.

The intense smell of blood climbed the wind into his nasal cavity, and Kisk learned for the first time that the smell of smell of blood smelled so uncomfortable without himself taking part in the fight.

This would have been an unintentional encounter for the soldiers of Saratoga.

Because he was set to enter an interception battle with no line-up, in a sudden raid of enemy soldiers that multiplied his own forces.

However, Saratoga soldiers are still trampling well, regardless of whether they are restrained.

The battlefield presented a scene of turmoil within the bounds of allowances and gradual interception of Gergios soldiers entering one after the other over the walls.

Fortunately for the Saratoga Army, the uniform was a riot specification.

Nevertheless, I wield a hammer in a grumpy way and manage to be abrasive at the critical point, but even if the number of digits is different in the first place, and it is put into a compound called a sand wolf (Sandwolf), it would be about half an hour away.

Though enemies with swords crossed once, pity cannot be forbidden in this situation.

"Kiki, Kisk, Sasa, Saratoga Castle, something's coming."

Hayza, who was breathtaking next to Kisk and staring at the war, points beyond the battlefield, at the end of the road that leads to Saratoga Castle.

Looking at the pointing point, Kisk doubted his eyes.

"Dude, are you serious... Well, that's my unit."

There, fourteen werewolves (Wolfzoan) were seen following the black muscles (Gachimuchi) in the rear and rushing towards the battlefield with fierce momentum.

It seems that Saratoga's people used such means that they could put the captured (barely) Kisk werewolf (Wolfzoan) on the battlefield.

And that's not the only thing that surprised Kisk.

Kisk's eyes were nailed by one of the leading werewolves (Wolfzoan).

"My Honey?!

Yes, the one who clings to the back of a werewolf (Wolfzoan) was Kisk's one-sided man the other day, Killier Alsard, the Saratoga Army Kingsguard.

Why is my chest so loud by now when I think of Killier? Kisk doesn't know that either.

Originally, there is no mistake that the attentive woman was the type, but the opponent is an enemy general who defeated him. Why are you so attracted to such a woman?

As for that, after thinking about it scatterly, 'the more forbidden love burns', I watched a one-off settlement in Kisk.

If Mio found out that Kisk was thinking about Killier, eating Killier's iron claw would break Kisk's brain damage.

Whatever it was, Kisk covered her eyes (ooh) as the beloved woman squeezed a sword crusher (swordbreaker) and led the werewolves (Wolfzoan) into the midst of a riot.

"Stop it, my suite! Don't do anything dangerous."

Next up for My Honey is My Suite (laughs).

Anyway, Hayza asked, suspiciously watching the boring kiss as she spewed out the lost words without lighting.

"Oh, that, is kissing, your lover?

"Oh yeah"

Kisk is in his chest, and he's the one who's going to be, he added.

"Bi, beauty"

"Oh, my God, you have eyes."

"But the Beast of the Raven (Zoanthrope), I've never seen it before."

"Hmm? What are you talking about, you?"

"Because ears..."

Staring at Killier as Hayza pointed, Kisk noticed a little rabbit popping out of his head.

"Are you serious?!

I didn't know she was the Beast Man (Zoanslope).

However, the love emotions that increased unilaterally in Kisk did not show up in this way. Rather, the gauge of "femininity I want to be my sister" goes beyond MAX, and I even feel shaken off.

Kisk is delusional.

If I had a daughter between me and her, would I have a rabbit daughter?


A daydream called that by a rabbit toddler seized Kisk's consciousness for a moment.

"My daughter!! You can't do this!

With so much excitement in his national language, Kisk begins to overcome the walls as he roughs his nose.

It was Hayza who panicked. This behavior of Kisk is completely different from the steps we met earlier.

"Hey, hey, Kisk, we just broke in after Gergios soldiers invaded more and the area around the walls became thin..."

"You're an idiot. Hey, you. It would be a high point if she came in to help when she fell into a pinch!

"No, but the purpose is, what about us, no, Nanashi?

"Uh, I'll look for as many as I can after that."


Hayza learned one thing.

That in front of love, it's only as light as a piece of paper, such as a man's friendship.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Killier clings to the back of a werewolf (Wolfzoan) and glances at Gergios from between the collapsed walls, toward the port wall.

Looking back, I could see Arge and Nino clinging to the backs of werewolves (Wolfzoan) like Killier.

Fourteen werewolves (Wolfzoan) are now forming this unit led by Killier. The black muscles (gatimuchi) continued a little behind them, but the number had decreased considerably, with the exception of only 20 casualties in the previous battle.

Killier is dressed up and down the usual black skin with the rabbits intact.

It's strange because wearing a rabbit brings with it a sense of companionship with the werewolves (Wolfzoans).

"I asked you, Porch!

Killier said so, and when he stroked the head of the werewolf (Wolfzoan) who would grab him, the werewolf (Wolfzoan) shouted.

Wonder and Kirier smiled a little, as if the male bark "let it go."

The smell of iron slowly approaching, intense signs of death. The feast of the beasts unfolding beyond the rising earthly smoke. Madness reigns in the alley of killing each other. As the battlefield approaches, Kirier bites his lips as if it were miserable.

"Damn it, it's a naughty slaughter!

It wasn't Kirier who said so.

Turning around, Arge stares at the battlefield with a glare.

The current situation of the soldiers there, if you say so, seems to be that they are drenched in the waves and float without stopping by (be).

Each one of them wields a boneless hammer with a bloody arm, just stomping on the spot, against the main road to the inevitable death that strikes itself.

"My soldiers. You are the true brave ones."

Kirier shrugged as he wiped (stuffed) his eyeballs with fever at the appearance of the men who turned him into a dead soldier and resisted his fate.

But we cannot always praise the brave battles that do not fear the death of their soldiers. The purpose for which Killier was entrusted to Miriam, is to pull up and retreat the remaining soldiers of his allies and to draw the enemy to the front of the castle of Saratoga.

Kirier is not foolish enough to missee priorities on the battlefield, although his usual words and actions are allergic.

Killier was stepping on the idea that Miriam's aim was to create the state of Saratoga, Rhoda, and Gergios. That's why we need to rescue more than one soldier and build up Saratoga's troops when they are in the Mitsuji state.

Then there's only one tactic to take.

"Arge! Let's go with" Piling (Anchor Pile) "! You will fall back to the rear and gather the soldiers who will escape!

"Captain! That's too dangerous. The captain is at the back!

"Don't be complacent! I'm saying you can't do it with your power! Back the fuck up!"

To Killier's fierce words, Arge opens his eyes wide.

Perhaps Killier's words are not meant to be. But when they tell you not to fall in love with yourself, you are not allowed to fight it any more.

Arge then, after distorting his face with remorse for a moment, leaves the word "good luck" behind, behind the black muscles (gatimuchi) with Nino, and falls to the rear of the line.

As far as Killier can tell, the battlefield stretches long to the side, but the vertical is not that wide.

On the other side of such a battlefield, I see a group of Gergios soldiers with their walls behind them and no movement. Definitely, that would be the main team.

"All hands, two rows of vertical! Stand up! Be a wedge (Pyle) piercing the battlefield at once!

When Killier speaks up, the werewolves (Wolfzoan) and the black muscles (Gachimuchi) turn the line into two rows of columns.

There was already a bloody battlefield ahead of me.

"Saratoga soldier! You guys! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

At the beginning of the line, Kirier, with his back on a werewolf (Wolfzoan), rushed into the midst of a brawl as he raised his voice.

The soldiers crossing their swords jumped from their path to the advance of the werewolf (Wolfzoan), and the center of the battlefield was severed.

Disrupting battles, flying anger and screaming. A battlefield resembling a single organism, wearing its belly, was precisely a wedge.

Those who missed the escape, with the extraneous power of a werewolf man (Wolfzoan), were beaten with a punch and trampled to the ground by successive werewolves (Wolfzoan) and black muscles (Gachimuchi) to mix their own flesh with mud, the most tragic end of the world.

Eventually, the tip of the wedge reaches the enemy formation. Crushing and stopping the soldiers who stood still in an attempt to hold them down.

A wedge shot into the middle of the battlefield.

Two vertical rows of alien Saratoga troops. The soldiers around them watch the trend breathlessly.

"Expansion (split)!"

Kirier jumps off the back of a werewolf (Wolfzoan) and makes a single shout, decree, and starts running toward the main battalion.

The werewolves (Wolfzoan) and the black muscles (Gachimuchi) who received the decree set their backs on each other and began to push towards the left and right, spreading the wedges they had shot themselves into.

This was the tactic of Saratoga's military tradition: Piling (Anchor Pile).

Towards the center of the turmoil, let the two columns of columns penetrate the formidable shield and lengthen the battlefield.

As well as sending the leading soldiers deep into the enemy line, the shield launches an attack to the left and right to open up space in the center.

This creates a passage between two rows of shieldmen, and the soldiers of the allies dive through the shield's crotch, escape there, and escape to the rear of the chaos.

The shields, which have been piled for a long time while the soldiers of the allies pass, must endure and are required to be bent, as well as unlimited possibilities of survival.

Not to mention in past battles, there were no examples of soldiers who were able to survive at the forefront and sent deep into enemy lines.

"Troop leader is anywhere!

Entering the main formation. No, countless white blades flashed from left to right toward Killier, who raised his voice so.

Kirier cuts a dragonfly in the rear and puts a sword blade (sword breaker) in both hands, lowering his posture.

As far as the eyes alone confirm the left and right, there are eight people surrounding Killier. I'm sorry that Killier and I are not safe when we are cut together.

"Saratoga Army, Kingsguard Captain Kirie Alsard is here to sign up for a one-horse hit!

It was the mockery of the enemy soldiers surrounding him who welcomed the words of Killier, who spoke again.

"It's a convenient thing to say in this situation."

Kirier provokes Niyaniya and the laughing soldiers by clapping her shoulders.

"Apparently, Gergios' generals are all weak hips who can't beat a single woman. There are times when boulders are the only bitches who give their lords a little girl who doesn't even know her nature."

For a moment, some frowned uncomfortably, but many still surrounded Kirier with a niggle.

"It's like riding such a cheap provocation. Ah, it's not in our army."

To one of those words, the men laugh out in unison.

Up to this point, it was Killier's reaction to the prospect.

In fact, Killier would be more surprised if this came on a provocation.

A single cut into the enemy's main formation.

Of course, if you can strike an enemy general, that's superimposing, but it's actually hard.

The real purpose of this cut-in is to inhibit (and sow) the collapsed queues from being organized by "Piling (Anchor Pile)".

If they cut off both the head and the foot, there is no one who can stand at the foot. Likewise, it is difficult to lead the entire army while being attacked by the main army.

Escape one ally to the rear. Kirier sacrificed herself to buy that time.

All you have to do is take as long as you can and scatter it gloriously.

So ready Killier tried to take a step forward, when a familiar voice echoed from behind the Gergios soldiers.

"Well, you guys get your swords down. I wish I could spare the life of the Troop Commander."

Gergios soldiers with headquarters, turning their backs simultaneously.

Behind them, at one time, a man with a luxurious armor was kneeling (kneeling), with a sword stuck to his throat.

"And you?!

Kisk snorts satisfactorily at Killier's stunned voice.

In my head, there is already a tearful and thankful Kirier.

"Isn't that a titty sommelier!

It was ruined.