Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Lesson 66: Falling out of the sky is always the girl

"No, poking the void of those who are proud of the king's way. That's the essence of trickery."

Hearing Mio's voice leaking from the spiritual stone for the forced demonic communication (Cole), Red Lotus sword princess Hertrude shrugged as she cared.

"... I'm so excited. Little Lord."

As Rhoda troops besiege Saratoga Castle, Mio is now single, fighting the word as a weapon.

In the spiritual stone at hand, I don't even pick up the voice of the person I'm talking to, but I somehow found out that there's quite a tongue battle going on from the way Mio said it.

After hearing Mio's breath leak again with light noise, the next word he hears is too loud and the sound leaking from the spiritual stone is also cracked.


I don't know what Mio is telling me to point and see because I only hear the sound.

But at the next moment, I could hear Mio squeaking bossy, whispering to such an extent that they didn't hear me.

"... Hi, I'm gonna jump down here"

Yep...... Seriously.

What's the timing of this?

We're still ready...

With a critical whisper as to whether Hertrude can be heard again from the Spirit Stone as he patrols.

"Come on... hey... you can hear me."

And suddenly I heard a voice.

The Red Lotus sword princess sighs heavily with her shoulders clenched.

... Shh. Let's go.

I shrug like that in my heart and look down on the ground from the edge of be (...) p (...) d (...).

From here, both Saratoga and Rhoda are only the earlier sizes of the pinky fingers.

She is wearing a red dress with the usual black frills at all costs.

When I stood up at the edge of the bed, the edge of that three-step skirt was flustered by the wind blowing up from the bottom.

"Why did this happen?"

The last time I whine like that, she's over 5,000 zars on the ground. I let myself leap into space from the top of the bed that floated there.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Why, has that happened?

The story goes back about two minutes.

The timing is around the time Killiers were carrying werewolves (Wolfzoans) towards the starboard walls where fighting with the Gergios army continues.

"This, get up! Wake up!

With her body shaken by itching and frequenting, Hertrude wakes up on the bed while rubbing (rubbing) her decent eyes.

"Already... what the hell"

In front of me is the little lord of Saratoga... a blurry head that still doesn't wake up, and I managed to recognize only that.

"What the hell. It's not! When people say they're struggling, they eat goosebumps! According to what I've heard, Lord, even while the eagle has been bogged down, it seems to have been daunted."

'Cause it's hot every day.

"It's hot... Lord, as the sword princess of the Red Lotus, I must not say the least."

"That's all or that. We tried to fight for Saratoga, and I said," If you'd let me observe (...) of Silver Ridge (...), I would have done so. "

"Well, yes."

"That's what it is. Even though Silver Ridge's is a Love Love Love Wedding Trip, we get to leave a message! No, I'm just gonna have to go to bed!

"A child!

"Yeah wow, with kids!

Buy words for sale.

As it was, Hertrude notices that the surrounding landscape is obviously strange when she tries to wrap it in the blanket again.

Hmm, flowerbeds? Pool or fountain? Implantation or bench?

"Hey, what is this... we, the Lord, were supposed to have slept in the Han room?!

Yes, the bed she slept in was, for some reason, now in the middle of the courtyard of Castel Saratoga.

"Um, because I slept well. For now, he was wounded and forced to carry both black muscles (guts) that he couldn't get out of the battlefield. Bed by Bed"

"Why not!

Unexpectedly, although I saw it in a stumble, a baffling hertrude.

To be clear, I have no idea what Mio wants to do.

"Well, I can't help but be confused, but there's a deep reason for this."


"Um, Lord, I'm going to have you da (...) a (...) b (...) from the height of 5,000 zars above"

The silence to visit.

Plenty of ten seconds had elapsed before Hertrude uttered the next word, with an unexpectedly dumb look on his face.


"Then I say jump out of the sky. Specifically from about 5,000 zars above."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

What are you talking about, you little one?

Hertrude also thought he was more resistant to bokeh, but whatever it is, this bokeh is too dynamic.

"At first, when I woke up, I was already over 5,000 zars, and I thought I'd do something like that, but Miriam just stopped me."

"Then stop it! What, that extra sleeping dodgy!

"I'm fine."

"Where's okay?!

Sir Cerdis has successfully launched a sudden descent attack from over 1,000 Zahrs.

Once again to that word, silence descended between the two of them.

"... seriously?

Mio nods cocklessly as Hertrude squeaks like that in a trembling voice.

"Seriously. Big deal. Then there is no reason for the Lord to name Princess Sword as well."

"No, but if I think about it in the same row, it's Akan."

When Hertrude says so in a trembling voice, Mio gives an excessively surprising look and raises his voice.

"Holy crap! That's what you're trying to say, the Red Lotus Sword Princess is exceptionally weaker than the Silver Ridge Sword Princess! It's a declaration of defeat!

"I don't see why not! Except for the amount of magic, there's nothing worse than that!

Mio laughed niggardly at Hertrude's words.


You can do it!

It's too late when Hertrude thinks so.

Mio said, grinning with Niyaniya, his face close to Hertrude.

"Then you'll do it."

"Ugh... but we wake up and fall asleep"

"Sleeping clothes? What to say, isn't it the usual sword princess style"

When they tell me to check my outfit, it's definitely my usual red dress. Carefully under the futon is even the love sword Red Lotus.

"Huh? Why?

Mio said away to the bewildered Hertrude with a mouthful as if it wasn't even a big deal.

"Um, if you're dressed, I let you change while you're asleep. To the black muscles."


"Ah, don't worry, they're not interested in a woman's body. Instead, as soon as you're done, you must (...) wash your hands (...) to death (...) and (...) wash your hands (...)."

"That hurts!!

I'll wipe out all those muscle Dharmas later. Hertrude made up his mind.

"And I burned the purple sketches that your Lord calls bedtime clothes because they're not good for the healthy development of teenagers."

"Hey, whoa, whoa! It was expensive! What are you doing to me?"

"Anyway, for now, although I've seen it bitchy and bought it, I can't wear it because I'm embarrassed when it comes to it, but it's a waste, so to the extent that I've tried it on within the present where no one is. This seemingly non-bitch."


Hertrude bites his teeth regrettably.

Apparently it was a picture star.

"Well, calm down, I'll give you this one for now"

That's what Mio told Hertrude to hold one spiritual stone.

"The Spirit Stone for Magic Communication (Call) will show you the details, so don't drop it."

"I'm still saying what I'm gonna do!

"Don't guide me. I've already installed thirty spiritual stones under the Lord's bed.


"If a whore says a word, it will activate immediately."


"Let's go!

"Hey, hey, wait a minute"

In a hurry, Hertrude tries to escape from the top of the bed. But it's too late.

It was definitely faster for Mio to say the word.

"Cloth (...) group (...) is (...) blowing (...) eh (...) flying (...) n (...)"

No way. Father gag.

Out of Mio's mouth was a used waste.

But when I wonder if a brilliant light has leaked out from under the bed with that word, the next moment the bed is ejected with fierce momentum toward the sky.

"There's no cole futon, there's no bed or aahhhhh..."

Mio nodded contentedly as he dropped off the bed disappearing across the sky, leaving behind the light of the Spirit Stone and the disciplined scratch.

"Um, good press."

Mio's punitive game against the Red Lotus sword princess... soaking up the aftermath of his departure, someone approached him from behind. It is Miriam.

Because Mio would get in the way of convincing Hertrude, and he was hiding in the implant to see how it was going.

But even from Miriam's eyes, this is just too pitiful.

You can't die the day you're ejected in such a waste.

"It was a lot of force, but are you okay?

Miriam opens her mouth while smiling bitterly.

"You're gonna be okay. You promised."


"Um, it's always a girl who falls out of the sky and the market is set"


Whatever the hell the market was, Miriam tilted her neck.