Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 71: Open your eyes and see someone who can follow Princess Sword.


"Come on, Silver Ridge sword princess! I want you to fit this collar too! And they say,"

A tall housekeeper (maid) stuffs the collar to the sword princess with her hand, super translating the words Malane uttered.

The sword princess bit off her back teeth with her hands on "Silver Ridge (Monte Silvio)".

Behind the housekeeper (maid), Marlene laughed at herself, and next to her, there was a figure of Nanashi who did not keep her down.


"Oops! Let's see some funny moves, your precious husband will get hurt. And they say,"

That said, the housekeeper (maid) rebelled her chest like she was proud to win.

The sword princess was lost.

Malane and the housekeeper. It's easy to slaughter these two.

That's easier than hand-folding a flower.

One wave of "Silver Ridge (Monte Silvio)" and the two necks will roll lightly on the floor.

However, the situation must not allow us to take that simple solution.

If you say you have to persuade Uncle Pericles from now on, and you kill that daughter, that hope will be utterly denied.

But then, thinking about it, Princess Sword remembers.

Wait, wait, wait.

For one thing, if you kill these two, slaughter Uncle Pericles as it moves, and occupy this manoeuvre castle fort, and dedicate the status of Uncle Pericles to the Lord, wouldn't you solve it all?

If you think of this degree of manoeuvre castle fort, the greatness of the Lord, it's never satisfactory, but if you think it's a stepping stone to becoming king sooner or later, it's never bad.

Just the idea of reversal.

Princess Sword's thoughts leapt in a radical direction to one foot.

All right, kill (...) Ro (...) Let's (...).

Noisy. Super noisy.

However, if we have to let Nanashi die instantly so that he cannot bite his tongue, the means available will be limited.

Let's freeze every hour in "Eternal White (Bianco Eterno)"?

Um, this is not it.

The range of effects extends to this whole room. There are no ex-girlfriends or children involved in the Lord.

It would still be appropriate to skewer it from the bottom at once with the "Ice Column (Celion)".

Who would think that Princess Sword's thoughts would reach beyond such common sense?

I don't have a batter to deal with the way Princess Sword is doing his rounds. The housekeeper (maid) who received it thus pressed closer to the sword princess.

"Come on."

"Come on, put the collar on! And they say,"

A collar poked in front of the sword princess.

"Come on! Come on! Come on!"

The nose is also rough, and the housekeeper (maid) stuffs up to the sword princess even more.

Too much vulgarity makes me swell up in the sword princess to kill.

I was about to step on my feet to activate the magic of "The Ice Column", and for some reason the sword princess's expression was strong (frightened).

"Come on! Come on! Come on!"

A housekeeper (maid of honor) stuffed with a sword princess, whose shoulder someone puts on her fingertips.

"I'm busy right now! Later!

The housekeeper (maid) tries to stumble against the sword princess by waving her shoulder away at me.


"Um, can I take this collar off until just before the game? I can't breathe..."

"Uh, I already told you I'm busy right now! Whatever you want!

The housekeeper (maid) stiffened after responding to the voice heard from the back with spinal reflexes.

Hmm? Remove the collar?

The housekeeper (maid) looks back like an oiled machine as she presses the collar against the sword princess.

There was a Nanashi figure gently removing the collar.

Open your mouth so much that your jaw is about to fall off, blank maraine.

The sword princess does not move with a frightened look on her face, and the housekeeper (maid) just makes her eyes black and white.

"Oh, that?

Nanashi makes a loose voice in between to the strangeness of the surrounding reaction.

In the meantime,

"" "Yeah, yeah, huh?!

Without distinction of the enemy allies, the astonishing voice for the three summoned.


"How much, what do you mean?!

Maraine and the housekeeper (maid) are upset as if it had happened even in a natural mutation.


Without even caring about the werewolves, the sword princess begins to cheek on its chest as she jumps on Nanashi.

"Hey! Maris. Because you have eyes! Calm down!"

Malene raises her voice as she shivers her clenched fist toward Nanashi and Princess Sword, who only seem to be flirting at the side (for).


"How can the curse not work! And, oh, I'm saying."

The spokesperson's housekeeper (maid) voice is also shaking.

Nanashi scratched her cheek with her fingertips as she looked down at Princess Sword with a troubled face.

"I know it's an act of immediacy, because the sword princess was also sufficiently surprised, and it's good to say so already. I'm not going to talk about it."

"What, acting?

"What, acting? And they say,"

I guess it's so confusing.

The housekeeper (maid) speaks until there is no need to speak for him.

In fact, wearing a collar didn't make any difference to Nanashi.

But because Maraine and the others are going to talk to each other on their own, this is a prank (dodgy) against the sword princess, and that's what they decided to do and make fun of her.

Nanashi was too used to something called a joke because of Mio.

If you're Mio's schoolmate, you'll naturally be jerking off to this extent of prank. That's what I saw.

"Lord? Are you sure there's nothing?

"What is it?

"With a collar on, my consciousness is falling apart..."

"Yeah, nothing. That collar just might be a little small. I feel like if I wear it all the time, I'll get a sweat rash."

To that answer, which is too swallowing (relaxing), I also thought Princess Sword might have been joking, as Nanashi said for a moment, but that surprise of the marines is not unusual.

For some reason, the curse didn't work on Nanashi.

It would be better to think about it.

When Princess Sword turned to those who had Maraine and the others to ask them exactly what was going on around here, there were no two of them there.

In a hurry, I glance indoors, and I see two people trying to fall back and sneak away.


When Princess Sword strode hard on the ground with Don along with the Holy Word, an ice column (hard) protruded from the ground to hold back the marines' whereabouts.


As the ice-column swept his nose, Maraine sounded like a sneer and fell on her back like a frog.

For the record, Nanashi didn't miss anything that stuck out of the skirt that came up for a moment. A man would naturally have eyes there. Force Majeure. White, by the way.

When Princess Sword approached Maraine and the others, she woke up to help her and put her arms around her shoulders.

"Well, Lord Maraine"

"... Yes"

"It didn't sound good, did you ask (you said) to lick your shoes earlier?

Maraine blushes and desperately points at the housekeeper (maid) as she pretends to have a neck.


Stunning housekeeper (maid).

With a bitter smile at the way it was, Princess Sword whispered (sayingly) in Malene's ear.

"I have many questions for you, but the Lord thinks that what you have done is only a prank."

Maraine couldn't grasp what Princess Sword was trying to say, making her eyes black and white.

"I don't want to worry about extra things to the Lord either. First of all, we'd like to offer the Lord the finest room, wouldn't we?

Maraine nodded so badly that her neck might be lifted.

"Lord, Lord Maraine has promised us his full cooperation."

"Is it true! Helpful!"

Nanashi shows her innocent delight in the report, and when Princess Sword smiles, she tells Nanashi another thing.

"Lord, I would like to take the time to enjoy the Girls Talk with Lord Maraine, so would you mind relaxing in your room first?

Maraine and the housekeeper (maid) faded away at once.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Another housekeeper (maid) was called to show Nanashi out of the reception room.

From Maraine, who looked like nothing more than "Ku, don't be crude!" Because of the strong inclusion, the housekeeper (maid) left the room, freaking out that the miserable boy he guided was actually a very noble person.

When Nanashi leaves the room, the sword princess laughs and opens her mouth.

"Shall we begin the interrogation (Girls Talk)?"

A small and breathtaking maraine and housekeeper (maid).

The sword princess, as always, kept her arm around Malene's shoulder.

At first glance it looks as if we are shouldering each other in friendship, but, of course, it is an appeal of unwillingness to let them escape.

"Come on, let's sit down"

That's what I said, sword princess sitting back on the couch with Malene.

The housekeeper (maid) looks down in a panic as he looks at the housekeeper (maid) standing beside the couch, feeling the small shuddering of the shoulder he is grasping.

They were, pathetically, trembling.

"You don't have to be so frightened. Well, if you try to escape to a boulder, it's a skewer."

"" Skewers...... "

Even the two faces that had faded more pale.

As far as the original white marinade is concerned, the other side is likely to be seen through.

If I am frightened any more, I will not be able to speak to you (properly).

The sword princess quickly decided to move on to interrogation.

"Quickly, I ask you, do you realize the curse didn't work on the Lord?

"This way, I want to hear it"

"I have no idea. As much as I'd like to hear this one. And I say,"

These two won't have the guts to lie in this situation.

Apparently, I really don't have any idea.

Actually, to Princess Sword, maybe... There's only one thing I think, but I don't want to admit it if I can.

In the meantime, I decided to sort it out in the sword princess because 'the Lord is great' on this matter.

"Next question then. Lord Maraine, I was under the impression that your actions were a little chaotic.

When I asked you about Lord Mio, you answered very quickly, "Why did you put us in a trap and push Lord Mio into distress?"

If Nanashi had been here, it would have been surprising that Princess Sword had asked such a sharp question.

It is true that she is a sword princess who has been described as a natural mess from day to day, but her head is not rotated badly. Sometimes it just leaps in strange directions.

Malane mumbles very hard to say and sees the housekeeper (maid) as she seeks salvation.

But the housekeeper (maid) gave up and shook her head small with her face.

No use hiding it. That would be a sign of intent.

Still, after a scattered tour, Maraine said this in a voice that seemed to disappear.

"Mio's Will"

In those words, which were not calm, the sword princess frowned.


"Yes, Mio is dying."

The housekeeper (maid) plugs the word by blocking (whispering) where the sword princess tried to raise her voice to the words spoken by Maraine.

"A little while before you visited here, Mio and I had a little conversation on Magic Communication (Call). Mio also knew that his father would vote guilty, and it is unlikely that he would be spared (but not) the death penalty. That's what he seemed to think. And they say,"

"No way! Otherwise Lord Mio has no reason to send the Lord here!


"Are you sure there's no reason? And they say,"

The two stare at the sword princess as if they had left their fright somewhere earlier.

"... what are you trying to say?"

Maraine glanced at the housekeeper (maid), spinning her words heavily.

"I let him go."

"Mio wants you two to accompany him, even if he's going to die. That's what he said.

Mio asked me, as a last favor, to keep you two here until it was all over, because it doesn't matter if you're incarcerated or whatever, that's what I said. And they say, "


Unexpectedly rising sword princess.

Shook his clenched fist, staring at Maraine.

But like someone else earlier, Malene stares straight into the eyes of the sword princess.


"So I tried to make you guys look good with a slave collar until it was all over. And I say,"

"No, for that matter, I feel like you said something about conquering this country or something!

"Housekeeper (Maid)"

"The housekeeper (maid) just ran wild. And say... eh! Dear Maraine, there was certainly my rampage at the end, but on the way..."


Unexpectedly disturbing housekeepers (maids) and their lords looking in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

The sword princess unwittingly laughed as Mio and Killier lay unconsciously over the sight.

The sword princess, somehow understood.

I guess Mio does think so.

I want you two to accompany me.

If that's what you've been thinking, the more I'm thankful for the tears.

But what did the housekeeper (maid) and military teacher say when they left Saratoga?

Great (...) Praise (...) Cheng (...). That's what I did say.

Run away to escort the Lord's greatest lover?

That stalker-stained girl couldn't have made it any better.

I mean, she expects Nanashi and Princess Sword to accomplish something in Pericles.

Saratoga, to save Mio's life.

Maraine and the housekeeper (maid), overlaid by Mio and Kirier, the poisoned sword princess asks in a gentle tone.

"So how far is it true? Is it a fabrication to say that if you win a gladiator tournament, you have a chance?

"Everything else, but"

"Everything else is true. But I didn't mean for the tournament to actually let you out. The top rankers of gladiator slaves are, to say the least, the strongest warriors in this country. Whatever you are, there is not a single hope of winning in that weak worm (bug). And they say,"

"The next time I say" bug ", I'll chop it down."

The poison gas removed from the corner (because of this) is reinjected.

The housekeeper (maid), who was about to be shot in the sharp eye and saw Malane tremble, turned away from me and looked in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

Princess Sword smiles gently at Maraine when she coughs small with Cohon.

"Lord Maraine. Do you want to save Lord Mio?

Maraine knots her mouth hard and nods cocklessly.

"Now please enter the Lord's tournament"

"Are you sure?

With anxious eyes, Maraine stares back at the sword princess.

"It's okay. If the Lord ever hurts, I'll blow this place away before."

"Huh."?! "

Isn't that pretty much an announcement of the end of Pericles?

There's no way you can beat those top rankers who can say monster.

Unexpectedly, Malene and the housekeeper (maid) despaired in retrospect of the appearance of a weak worm (bug).

The sword princess laughs at the way those two are doing, saying it sounds like fun.

"It's a joke. Open your eyes and see what a sword princess can do."