"This win will be decided by Stormy Perrin."

"No, ranking is like a guide. (Torcher) Bluharn is better than torture."

Rear of the motorized castle fort Pericles.

A cylindrical building in the middle of its circular section, the gladiatorial field (Colosseum).

On the morning of the opening of the gladiatorial tournament, the radial stretch of the road around the gladiatorial field (Colosseum) was all ruined by human waves.

By the side of the road, traveling merchants line up their products on the rug, and a food outhouse connects them.

A lot of festivities.

People are expecting the tournament to go, whilst raising the name of the swordfighter slave (Ishara).

In front of the front of the gladiatorial field (Colosseum), among other things, many human beings came together on purpose to make a scene.

"By the way, what kind of guy is this Nanashi?

"No, I've never heard of it."

"That's it. Rumor has it that Master Maraine has acquired a new gladiator slave."

"Master Maraine and this gladiator slave (Eshara)? Does that mean he pulls in the Uhurspor, ranked 42nd, and makes a point?

"Impossible, there's no such thing as a stronger rookie than a black (black) Uhuru"

"That's why that scaredy-marraine did such a thoughtful thing, and I'm talking about how strong this Nanashi is."

"I see. Then I'll buy him a bite."

Once every six years, this sword fight tournament is pushed by numerous tourists from other motorized castle fortifications in the distance.

Commonly known as "Igzost"

I have a long official name, but few people call it that.

Because the common name "igzost" is too familiar with the tournament format, which can be considered the extreme of this tournament.

Magic is forbidden, weapons are free. The tournament period is as short as six days, and no interval exists during the tournament, except in the event of an undefeated tournament.

In other words, the gladiator slaves (Eshala) who compete will play one game each day as long as they are winning.

No exceptions to that, even if you're significantly tired, whether you're suffering a major injury in the game the day before.

No matter how strong you are, if you struggle even once at some stage, the next day's game will be tough at once.

The only ones who can win through to the end are those who can run through to the final with overwhelming strength.

It was exactly the right tournament to call it a war of attrition (igzost).

Outside the gladiatory (Colosseum), outside the hustle and bustle (about), upstairs in the armoury, Maraine was left alone.

There is only one owner of it who puts it in the second place of a gladiator slave (Echala).

Tricia, the housekeeper (maid) who always stays beside herself, already sits in the gallery (Colosseum) audience as an escort to the Silver Ridge sword princess.


In the absence of windows, it is still dark.

A deep sigh of maraine tumbled down on its stone floor.

Absolutely not.

Yesterday, Nanashi's opponent, determined by the tag (lottery) she herself drew, was the (Giganto) Bagabud, the sixth ranked giant.

Rumored to be the corner of the winning candidate, it's a kind of monster.

Maraine sees with this eye that the 120th place gladiator slave (Ishara) will be rendered irreversible in an instant in a recent ranking match.

There is no such thing as the prospect of that weak boy winning.

Having deliberately entered such a weak gladiator slave (Echala) would make Maraine laugh.

Let's give it a hundred steps. Let's say that's good. It's good if you put up with yourself.

If that boy had also died, the Silver Ridge sword princess would undoubtedly try to blow up Pericles first.

Whatever you think, it was a crisis in Pericles' survival.

I was bored with my troubles (all day) with no exit, and I heard a knock on the concoction and door in Malene's ear.

"Dear Maraine, it's your time. Go to your second seat."

Standing up without even responding, Maraine's footsteps toward the door were as heavy as lead.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The tournament started early in the morning and has already finished digesting six games.

Until now, it's a fair result without madness.

It is good to say that we are off to a relatively undisturbed start.

As Malane descended into the corridor leading to the arena, Nanashi was already standing there.

When she finds Maraine, Nanashi smiles softly without feeling it.

The condition is good when it comes to nature, but it just seemed like a 'fool who didn't think anything' to Malene's eyes.

"Good morning, dear Maraine"

"Oh dear... have you slept?

"Last night? I asked the housekeeper (maid) to have a rope under my bed for a while."

Tight thanks to the rope? I don't know exactly what that means.

Is there still a different ecology in the worm (bug) than the males and your species (Noble)?

"What are the two names?

"He won't tell me."

Nanashi fell shoulder to shoulder and thought of a series of exchanges yesterday.

"Two names."

"The swordfighter slave (Eshara) who competes is to register two names. And they say,"

"Two names?

When Marlene snorts back at Nanashi, who sounds surprised, she puts her chin (chin) on Nanashi's shoulder, sitting on the bed, from behind, and the sword princess interrupts the story.

"Do you feel like my" Silver Ridge's "or Lord Arge's" Double Knife's "or Lord Killier's" Ponky's "?

"The last one is just a bad word."

Nanashi responded to it with a frightened face.


"As part of the tournament's showup, it's basically called by two names for the duration. And they say,"

"To cheer up. I mean, you know what?"


Nanashi looked unfloated.

I don't care if they say two names, honestly, I've never even thought about that.

Is it okay if I say 'of the desert people' or something?

But in contrast to such a nanashi, the sword princess, who looks like a coward, obviously says in a good mood and shaggy manner.

"If you say you are worthy of the Lord, you can say 'the Emperor's', 'the King's', 'the Demon King's'!

'Cause when they call me by those two names, and I leave, it's totally out.'

Nanashi says after putting in the scratch so, he tries to add.

"Make it more plain, not far from the facts, equal in size"

In that one word of Nanashi, the sword princess gave a boring look for a moment, then she must have come up with something, pounding her hand with a pong, a full smile and a word.

"Leave it to me!

That's what I said.

After all, Princess Sword went to register two names, and Nanashi still hasn't been able to tell me what two names he was given.

No matter how many times I ask, Princess Sword only tells me, "As the Lord requests".

Let's get this straight.

I don't like (...) feeling (...) and (...) and (...) (...) (...).

Remember, as Nanashi sighs, so does the progressor's announcement.

"We'll start Game One, Game Seven! Athlete admission. Let's start with the port gate."

A loud cheer echoes in the arena, and the sound of a drum echoes.

"The Tannenberg Family's Sword Slave (Eshara) Ranked # 6 Giant's (Giganto) Bagabuddho!!

There will be a loud cheer at the time and it will be in line with the footsteps of the players who come in, tempered and hear the clapping.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please proceed to the starboard gate."



Malane and Nanashi nodded at each other and stepped across the aisle, towards the arena.

"No Sharis Sword Slave (Eshara) Rankings..."

Two names of Nanashi are called at that moment when they take a step from the dark passage to the sunny arena.

"Ma (...) li (...) s (...) of (...) Nanashi!!

Nanashi collapsed from his knee.

Exactly ownership.

If I thought it was two names, it would have been just a 'I (...) thing (...)' appeal.

As long as it wasn't a big deal, I could put up with it even if it was a little crazy, I thought so.

Until I could say I was aligned with myself and put on 'Silver Ridge's', I was ready for it.

Sweet (...) or (...) Eh (...).

The sword princess pushed far above Nanashi's expectations in a diagonal direction.

An audience meets Nanashi, who suddenly collapsed from her knees.


"Maris, what the hell?

That's what I hear in Nanashi's ear, too.

"Are you okay?"

Malane peeks into Nanashi's face. but the look was, obviously, half a laugh.

Anyway, he managed to get up again and Nanashi stepped down to the arena.

It took an unexpected amount of time to adapt, and Nanashi narrowed her eyes to the sunlight she plugged in.

Hearing the cheer echo the circular gladiatorial field (Colosseum), Nanashi looked around the audience, as he had first noticed at this time, and stopped.

Aren't people from all over the country gathering together?

That was Nanashi's feeling.

At this time, the number of entrants to the gladiatorial field (Colosseum) was less than 20,000, but Nanashi had never seen a crowd so far.

It was a sight of shock for a boy who had lived in the vast desert.

I suddenly feel like people are killing me around me, and I can't breathe unexpectedly, I'm imprisoned by such an illusion.

When I saw the blue-white-faced boy, he sounded like a dismayed, derisive (bruised) voice from the audience.

"What, that little hiccup?"

"You're not a kid yet."

"You're still gonna make it! Get out the black Uhuru!

Cursing flying from the audience.

Well, that's a predictable reaction.

The audience will not know that Nanashi is a desert people because of his far-sightedness, but if this is noticed, this curse will be more intense.

Of these, Nanashi's mental power was most drained by the

"Lord! Kah! Cool! I love you!

In the guest seat, he was the figure of a princess sword who rode herself out and made a scene, banging on the shoulders of a strange man, who looked like a nobleman right next door.

By the way, the housekeeper (maid) sitting next to me has given up and already pretended to be someone else.

Get to work... housekeeper (maid).

The figure of the sword princess stands out anyway.

If you don't know anything, 'The Beauty of the Endless' It's no exaggeration to say so.

Whenever that sword princess cheers to the point of being cool, but loving, to the point where she shows up in the arena, the gaze of the men in the audience degenerates into a disturbing object containing jealousy.

The tongue-in-cheek noise heard from all over it smoothly shredded Nanashi's mentality.

I've been gunned down by a rear ally since before the game started.

Nanashi is now in this state.

Make your mind 'nil'.

As he tells himself that, Nanashi walks to the center of the arena to face his opponent.

"Ha ha, make money, make money. I don't know who this little kid is."

Nanashi looks up unexpectedly at the words, pouring from above his head.

The more you look up, the more amazing the giant.

It is even bigger than the black muscles (gatimuchi) and werewolves (Wolfzoan).

It seemed more like a creature close to a ghost (orga) than a human being.

If you look at the hair or where the inert beard is red, it's apparently the same Nedel as Hertrude or Nino.

(Giganto) Bagabud the Giant.

It is now the corner of the tournament's winning candidate, with its human prowess.


Nanashi, who had eyes with Bagabud, said so, and bowed his head with a pepper.

In the second seat, Maraine accidentally laid her eyes down imagining a one-sided massacre show waiting ahead.

A buzzer sounds to announce the start of the game.

It was Bagabud who moved first.

"Come on," he said, waving the battle axe sideways unconsciously, along with a voice without tension.

The audience won't be worth it if they kill just seconds.

I don't have a hobby for the weak, but Bagabud, who has fought for a long time as a gladiator slave, has a showmanship that entertains the audience.

It was a blow that I didn't intend to let arrive from the start, but the boy didn't look frightened, he just followed the whereabouts of the battle axe blade (if he did) with his gaze, and he didn't look particularly freaked out.


As for Bagabud, this is not funny.

If a child like this is the opponent, he can't entertain the audience if he doesn't get away with it.

Igzost's victory or loss renders the opponent incapable of combat. Or it's up to you to surrender.

Extreme stories, as long as you don't even let them die instantly, you can match any eye.

They cut off their hands and feet, and after the game, they are healed by magic.

Quite a brazen lad, but just drop one of your arms and you'll cry and beg for forgiveness.

"Don't resent me, kid."

Running like that, Bagabud swung the battle axe up to the upper level (Daijin), waving it down Nanashi's shoulder at once.

An unprotected blow you would never do if you hadn't insulted your opponent (ah, etc.).

Imagine where Nanashi would be turned into two pieces, Malene covered her eyes with a second seat, and in the audience, a housekeeper (maid) accompanying Princess Sword turned away.

There was a blunt noise, and the ground of the soil in the arena was worn.

In Malene's eyes, peering in from between his fearful fingers, was the nanashi who wore a battle axe on the ground and immediately beside it, looking the same. And it was Bagabud's wide open eyes.

Bagabud misplaced it at hand for most of the audience. I guess that's what it looks like.

But Princess Sword was watching.

That Nanashi read the sword muscle, and with minimal movement, struck a battle axe blow.

In a hurry, Bagabud swings his battle axe up the stairs again.

At the same time, Nanashi stretched his fingertips to the pattern (s) of the love knife and dropped his hips slightly.

Make it a blow. Make it a blow.

Nanashi's lips moved that way to the sword princess staring at Nanashi.

The sword princess pulls (or grabs) the head of the housekeeper (maid) who is turning away next door and forces her face toward Nanashi.

"Look right in the eye. That's my husband."

I don't see how Nanashi moved.

No. Precisely what I saw Nanashi's divine speed sword pull out, there was very little there. That's what you should say.

At the next moment, Bagabout took the shaken battle axe back and said in the audience, "Ah!" The voice sums up.

Blood smoke erupted all at once as a red line emerged from Bagabud's hips to his right shoulder to be guided by that voice.


"What happened!

As the audience's startling voice echoes, the giant bugabuts lay in the arena with fierce sounds and earthsmoke.

A quiet gladiatorial field (Colosseum).

From the gap between his fingers, Malene saw a nanashi bathing in return blood.

The sword princess sounded her nose even naturally, and the housekeeper (maid), while grabbing her head by the sword princess, was not able to chew (shudder) what was happening in front of her.

"Shit, winner! Maris Nanashi!

With that voice, cheers are raised simultaneously, as if I had remembered.

Nanashi bows his head deeply to Bagabud, who has fallen to the ground.

From behind you the moment you raise your face, the yellow cheer of the sword princess flies.

"Cah! Lord! Steaky! I love you. Ooh!

But now I don't hear a tongue pounding on it.

Everybody, it's not the same thing.

I can't figure out the full story of what happened in front of me, and I'm asking so much about what happened to the people around me.

But "Nanashi the Maris," whenever those two names are heard leaking from among the audience, Nanashi can't help but sigh.

Nanashi felt that way, being buried in the outer moat with tremendous momentum.