"Dear Mio, I have tea in here"

"Oh, let's take a break. Miriam, your lord should sit down for a little while."

Press the wagon with the tea set on it and Miriam will come as far as the side of the operations table.

Operating table permanently located on the bridge.

Now surrounding it are three: Mio and Killier and Arge.

The two lords and captains were leisurely double-six (squad) with nothing to do, if you think about what they were doing with their faces poked at them.

By the way, when it comes to grades, it is the loss of one Killier.

Saratoga has progressed well east since the raids of Rhoda and Gergios.

It would seem like too much swallowing (relaxing) to the side (for).

Sure, the situation around Mio hasn't changed one thing.

If you arrive in the capital, your trial as a traitor awaits.

But that's why, where it's gotten serious, it's not like there's anything good going on, and as a result of my spare time, I'm calling Killier and Arge to let them do their spare time.

As for the properly working bridge (bridge) crews, it was true that they wanted us to do it elsewhere. Well, there's no way I can say it.

Arge casually says as he watches Miriam pour tea into the cups lined up in turn.

"With that being said, I totally forgot it was a bummer, but this was the year the War of Exhaustion (Igzost) was going on, right?"

"Oh, well, Murray's got me tickets, so I would have watched the game locally by now, if I had been there."

"It's a shame, isn't it? Exactly because in this situation, that's not how it works."

Mio and Arge dropping shoulders really unfortunately.

With a bitter smile at the way it looks, Miriam stops pouring tea and interrupts the story.

"Didn't you have a relay or something?

"In today's technology of demonic communication, audio can be transmitted in relay state. At the end of the third day of the tournament, a digest with additional audio commentary was delivered…"

In the wake of Mio's words, Killier looks upwards and shows a contemplative gesture.

"But it looks like today was the fourth day of the tournament...?


That said, Mio includes freshly brewed tea in his mouth and Killier asks the bridge crew.

"Can you put it on the spiritual tablet?

"Yes, I can get it out"

Until then, footage of the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor), which reflected Saratoga's path forward, was switched, and for a moment, the footage was shown after turning black monochrome.

That moment.


Mio sprayed the tea in his mouth into Killier's face.

"Ho, ho, ho!


Too much heat, Killier tumbles off the chair and gets bored, Arge rushes to it, raising his voice like a weird bird noise from a militant in the Far East.

Miriam didn't even notice the tea pouring from the teapot overflowing from the cup, staring at the spiritual tablet (monitor) with a sudden (astute) look, and Mio groaned as she pointed to the monitor with her trembling fingers.

"Hey, Nanashi?!

Yes, it was the face of the Nanashi that was shown on the spiritual tablet (monitor) at this time.

elsewhere (approximate) the bewildering Saratoga face. The screen continues to reflect the Nanashi from all angles, where narrative audio comes in.

"Suddenly, a mysterious newcomer appeared like a comet. He was quick and instant to kill the giant (Giganto) Bagabud, a corner of the winning candidate in Game 1. In the next two fights, destroy the (Lancer) Zigmund of the 26th God Spear, and in the third, destroy the (Faster) Mustadio of the 19th God Speed one after another. As the eyes of the typhoon of the Games, we are now celebrating the war of annihilation (igzost) '

"Hey Nanashi is in the War of Exhaustion (Igzost)?!

"Well, I guess so."

Killier answers with a few tears as she strokes the tip of her reddened nose.

And Mio shook his fist and screamed.

"Asshole. Ahhhhhhh! We've hidden the corner, and now we're not gonna let the Gergios get away with it!

"" "Ah" "

If you ask me, yes, three of Miriam, Arge and Killier made dumb voices.

Immediately after that, the narrative audio closes the story in good time.

"I can't keep an eye on this amazing newbie, Ma (...) Li (...) S (...) from (...) Na (...) Si (...)!



Arge and Miriam recite in a soul-like voice, and after a moment of silence, the two shouts summon.

"" You fucked up! (Ama) Ah!

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The war of attrition (igzost) is already on the fourth day of the tournament.

All the remaining players are narrowed down to seven.

There are three games in total today.

Because of the low number, the tournament itself will start in the afternoon.

The circumstances around Nanashi changed dramatically when he instantly killed a corner of the winning candidate in the first war.

Firstly, Malane and proxy housekeeper (maid) Tricia's treatment of Nanashi became very polite.

And then the housekeeper with the room (maid) and the guards asked me to sign occasionally.

Malane said that in the motorized castle fort Pericles, gladiator slaves (Ishara) are subject to some kind of worship, even if they are in the position of slaves, if they are also top rankers.

As a nanashi who is accustomed to being scorned, but is far from being whispered, I have had bad hip-sitting thoughts over the past few days by the time I was unusual.

Walking in the castle, housekeepers (maids) and noble children find Nanashi, they raise their yellow voices, so they are driven by the desire to escape from the bottom of their hearts.

Finally, it broke my bones to forgive the sword princess for intimidating those women.

With that in mind, I heard a big twist from the outside that resembled a scream as Nanashi waited for Maraine to follow me to the second in the aisle leading to the arena.

After a while, I hear soldiers talking excitedly as they pull away from the arena, leaving their fields to peek at the game.

"It's madness! I can't believe Stormy Perrin disappeared before the semifinals."

"Perrin wasn't feeling well today. The movement also lacked glory."

"I don't care about that. What are you gonna do with the money I put on Perrin?"

Apparently, the fate of the winning candidate was defeated. Yesterday, Nanashi also saw Perrin's game, but with the same double-knife as Arge. However, it is worse for Arge, but strength is a few steps above Perrin.

In doing so, I see a marine-like figure slowly descending the stairs. I say it seems, because I can't see my face because I cover my head with a softly black vale.

"Master Maraine? What's the matter? That's good."

"... on a sunny afternoon, I can't go outside without this"

Maraine has an extremely weak action to protect her skin from sunlight due to the extremely low pigment congenitally. Therefore, even in the afternoon, it was impossible to get on the surface without concealing what was called skin.

"Today is Iron Ball's (Ball and Chain) Zaj"

"Are you an opponent?

"Yes, it probably doesn't go well with you"

"What do you mean?

"I'll set you up from afar"

The way Nanashi has fought so far, if you say so, is all the counter.

They see through the attacks that their opponents have made and decide to fight with a 'Zigen' blow at close range.

Malane is incompatible. It was natural to think so,

"How far away are you attacking me?

"Ten zars."

I see, even if you can do it, it's not the distance you can jump into the nostalgia in an instant.

Nanashi puts his fist on his chin.

And I'm not very good at it... and one shrugged, and when I heard that, Maraine leaned (covered) her neck.

"Game four, we're starting game three! Athlete admission. Let's start with the port gate."

This is also the fourth time I have heard this announcement today.

As usual, there is a loud cheer in the arena and the sound of the drums echoes.

"The Plumier Family's Gladiator Slave (Eshara) Ranked # 33, Iron Ball's (Ball and Chain) Zazi!!

The announcement is followed by cheers, as usual, but that is too small compared to what we have heard so far.

Maybe this player named Zaji isn't very popular.

Ladies and gentlemen, please proceed to the starboard gate.

"I expect"

In Nanashi's eyes, across the vale, it looked like Maraine smiled.


Malane and Nanashi nodded at each other as usual and stepped toward the arena across the aisle.

"Sharis Family Gladiator Slave (Eshara), No Rankings, Maris Nanashi!!

As Nanashi emerges from behind the gate, even today, the sword princess raises her voice as she screams.

"Cah! Lord..."

But Princess Sword's cheer did not reach Nanashi.

Because I was swallowed up by bigger cheers and scratched off.

If you look, countless tall women's voices echo from a picture on the front of the VIP seat where Princess Sword sits.

"Kah! Nanashi kun! Hang in there!

"Fight! Nanashi-kun!

"Cute! Nanashi-kun, I'm with you!

When the sword princess blindly turned her attention to that painting, there was a Nanashi LOVE with a sketch! A transverse section is set out that says:

Even more, a group full of women were waving banners written one letter at a time with Nanashi, which was completely turned into Nanashi's support group seat.

There, there's very little male appearance. It is only young women.

The cute boy, who looked a little sluggish, knocked out the big, muscular men just so badly in the audience.

Nothing strange about a fixed fan, but it was the truth that because of that cheer from Princess Sword, Nanashi bought the jealousy of a male customer and, if he noticed, he was all female fans.

When this happens, it is the sword princess who is not funny.

Bad bugs that catch the Lord's eye are swarming a picture of the gladiator field.

I'm still biting my lower lip off and staring at you with remorse.

As if addicted patients would endure withdrawal symptoms, they were desperately holding back the urge to punch in a single shot of "Ravage blizzard" Bufera di Nave "and do it.

I don't know how Nanashi can react to the cheering of the female fans, but when I grate and bow down to the painting, more cheers (stick) to the wooden spirit on the gladiatorial field (Colosseum).

"If I were you, what would I be deluded of? We're about to play a game, so why are you so relaxed?

When Princess Sword groaned abominably, Tricia, the housekeeper (maid) sitting right next to her, trembled.

Nanashi moves on to the center of the arena and turns to his opponent.

The opponent's figure of Zazi reminded me of the Dwarves appearing in the story.

In a nutshell, unbalanced body shape.

He's short, but his shoulders are wide and his limbs are thick in disguise.

"Shisha. The popularity is yes. Uhima hiya."

That word, which Zaji mocks, is terribly hard to hear what he's talking about because his front teeth are missing, on top of the mess of his teeth.

Popular. It's supposed to be the most remote word for me.

"Thank you," Nanashi lowered her head, smiling so bitterly.

A buzzer sounds to announce the start of the game.

Before the buzzer sounds stopped, both Zaji and Nanashi jump back and distance themselves from each other. That distance is ten zars.

You idiot.

Zaj chuckled inside.

At that distance, you may be able to avoid it, but you don't have the means to attack it from Nanashi.

Zaj begins to wiggle an iron ball tied to the chain overhead.

Heard of chained iron spheres, the diameter of the iron sphere portion is about 10 cm, much smaller than what Nanashi had previously imagined.

Perhaps they place more emphasis on speed of uptake than on destructiveness.

But no matter how small it is, enough to crush a bone if it hits anywhere in your body. Instead, I can say it's appropriate for a one-on-one sword fight.

Suddenly, the audience turned.

Not about Zaji's behavior.

Nanashi pulled the knife out.

No one has seen Nanashi pull out a knife in three previous games.

They were stuck in the sheath, and when they realized it, they were stuck.

Slowly Nanashi tries to cross her arms, turning her back, resting her hips and pulling her half back. In doing so, it became a good idea to lie under Nanashi's jaw (chin) with a backward blade (Sakaba).

A type that specializes in poking. It is the structure of Kasumi (Blur).

Hayza's better at this than I am, though.

In the corner of my head, I think of childhood tampering that I haven't seen in a long time.

That moment.


I see an iron ball flying, and I accidentally run my mouth.

Faster than I imagined.

Nanashi jumps to the ground to flank and painstakingly avoids it.

Right behind where I was earlier. Wearing the ground there, Zazi pulled the iron ball back to hand.

"Shh. I'm a hungry man."

Zaj is convinced of the victory as he turns the iron ball overhead again.

Again, this kid doesn't have the art of attacking himself.

A little avoided, and if I repeat this, one day I will do my best.


In a small exhalation, Nanashi again takes the precept of Kasumi (Blur).

Again, I just stepped in after avoiding it, and it won't reach Zaji, if you will.

Again, Zaji throws an iron ball at Nanashi with his aim.

Iron ball that was spinning over Zaji's head. The moment Zaji returned his wrist to fly it towards Nanashi, Nanashi didn't miss a moment when the chain flexed small.

If only I could try to timing it, I'd try to avoid it, even if it was zero distance. Nanashi had that confidence.

As the iron sphere flies into the Nanashi, breathing together at that moment and jumping into the front at once, you take a small side step, roll the iron sphere with a single piece of paper, and reach the pocket (two places) of the Zaji. He rolled his weight into Zazi's shoulder.

The iron sphere that leaves the hand of the zazi leaves the soil so that it falls through the ground, and soot smoke rises around the two people who fall to be .

Breathtaking audience.

Even the sword princess has a worrying look on her face, covering her mouth with her hands.

At the next moment, the figure of a rising nanashi and the figure of a rhesus rose in earthquake, stitched to the ground by a knife piercing through his shoulder mouth and crying out.

"Shit, winner! Maris Nanashi!

At that moment, a loud international cheer echoes into the gladiatorial arena.

"Cah! Lord..."

Princess Sword's voice was still swallowed up and scratched off by a loud cheer, but Nanashi smiled gently at Princess Sword, as if it had been heard.