Late at night, when the topic of Uncle Pericles and Maraine moved to the wedding phase, the Fort Gergios stopped as he approached the position of only one falsang (about 6 km) from the oasis where the Fort Pericles moored.

Naturally, Pericles' controllers should know that Gergios is approaching this position, and if Gergios, certified a rebel to the King, gets any closer, he will inevitably develop into battle.

A critical line that could be approached was in this position.

The manoeuvring castle fort Gergios stops, and after a while its castle gate opens, and a wagon pulled by two donkeys (bubbles) is pulled out over the operating bridge (or not).

When it comes to carriages, it is not the wheels that support their bodies, but two thin plates like sleighs. The wheels sink in and you can't run in the desert.

There are two of them in the carriage. Along with one man on your stand and a large amount of luggage on the rear carriage, there is one girl on board.

"Dear Kisaragi, I'm leaving"

"Yeah, it's good. Let me out."

When a man plays the reins, the donkey horse (bubble) slowly moves out of the carriage.

"Hey, Schultz, what's this stuff?

It's magically frozen seafood.


Escalis Meermill, a desert country, also goes out to the rich sea if it goes down to the southernmost point.

The seafood caught there is magically frozen and shipped to various places, but the lack of means of distribution makes it a luxury product that does not enter the mouth of ordinary people.

"Yes, frozen seafood bought from Southern merchants remained in the warehouse, so we will enter Pericles in the name of a merchant who came from the South to trade"

"Yeah, I don't have to go around like that, but if it's about Pericles, I think if I hit him with a sand giant (sandgolem), I could let him fall?

The man known as Schultz frowned on Kisaragi's mundane opinion.

"Dear Kisaragi, we are in a position to be chased as traitors not only by the King, but also by the Mahmoud. Think more carefully."

Xaragi replies unconsciously, pointing her mouth in a boring way.

I don't know what you turned on the enemy, but if Anne even got it, it's Atashi's win.

Yes, he shrugged in his chest, and Xaragi fell asleep on the carrier as he was.

There is no reason for them to know, but the humans who left Guergios on this day went up to eight, including them.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

'Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for waiting! We'll start the' Finals' now! Athlete admission. Let's start with the port gate. "

Maraine throws words at Nanashi as she hears the announcement flowing into the gladiatorial field.

"Finish with a blow."


The two nod at each other and head across the aisle, towards the arena.

"Sharis Family Gladiator Slave (Eshara), No Rankings, Maris Nanashi!!

Nanashi steps into the arena as he is called his name.

In a moment, greeted by a great cheer that rocked the earth, Nanashi was slightly bewildered and stopped on his feet.

Such a nashi's hips were breaded, and Maraine whispered from behind the vale.

"What do you do when you're drunk"

"Su, excuse me"

As it was, Maraine headed to her second seat, and Nanashi began walking to the center of the arena.

Looking around the audience, the so-called (so-called) Nanashi support group still seems to be expanding, and about 1/3 of the audience seats are occupied by women wearing white food capes that look just like Nanashi.

Apparently, the replica food cape is admirably on sale at the gladiatorial (Colosseum) store, and Nanashi laughed bitterly, wondering if it was about this that Malane had earlier demanded a licensing fee from a merchant-like man.

As the yellow cheer flew, a voice calling "Nanashi Kun" happened to be in my ear, so I waved back gently toward you, and the opposite direction arose around the VIP seats, causing disaster and killing. Since then, Nanashi has decided to weigh his own reactions to cheer.

Once Nanashi reaches the center of the Arena, the cheer calms down and the next opponent is called.

"Mehmet Family Gladiator Slave (Eshala), Ranked # 3, Hell Death (Healthy) Gordon!!

Overturned the gladiatorial field (Colosseum) as soon as possible was a great cheer over Nanashi.

He seems to have a lot of male fans and the cheering itself is wild.

Some of those cheers say, "Ahoy! There are also many mixed voices, but there is no such nuance as demeaning. Rather, even listening objectively, it seemed like a warm cheer to me to find out that I was loved.

Nanashi turns to his opponent, showing up from the opposite side of the gate.

To be perfectly clear, there is a huge bias in what we are hearing beforehand from Malene.

Orthodox swordsman, very strong. But asshole.

Time has passed and it continues to this day without being able to paint a figure.

The opponent walks slowly to the center of the arena.

The hair was gently applied with oil and stroked to the back.

A stern face and a resilient body.

The appearance has transcended several training grounds, such as warriors of war.

In spite of that, from the audience, I see a man. No, the figure of a person grinning at his fingers and the loving cheer of "ahoy" (?) constantly.

Finally, two finalists (finalists) face each other in the center of the arena.

Nanashi, and Gordon.

Nanashi was sensitive to the killing of the man standing in front of him.

This guy, he's definitely strong.

Gordon looked at Nanashi's body from top to bottom and opened his mouth with a blushing, grumpy face.

"You're the rumored rookie. You're not as strong as me, but you're a lot stronger."

A dignified tone, an intimidating attitude.

If you try from Nanashi, this type is not uncommon.

However, very few cases are accompanied by strength.

"I'm going to borrow your chest and I'll do my best."

Nanashi has a low back attitude as usual. But as soon as he heard that word of Nanashi, Gordon jumped up one eyebrow and whispered, "Mmm, chest?," he murmurs.

The figure looks surprised by something.

And when I showed him the trick of wiping the sweat off his forehead, he shouted up a little for some reason.

"Yes, no. I have confidence in my chest, too. I'm going to rub it all together."

"Rub it..."

Unexpectedly Nanashi screamed out loud from the second seat.

"Tsuko, no!

Yes, it was. Nanashi recalls.

I was advised this morning not to get stuck as much as I could from Malene.

According to Malane, they are outrageous assholes, so it's the pinnacle of stupidity that disrupts their pace with their bokeh.

Gordon goes on to talk further toward Nanashi, who rushes to push silently.

"But be careful, if you rub too much, you may get breast milk."

Are you out?!

I almost say so unexpectedly and bite my lips hard.

Gordon muttered like he was talking to himself as he put his arms together and put his finger under his chin, not even bothering to stop Nanashi, who shuddered his puffy shoulders and endured.

"No, wait... if it was a man, would it be father's milk?

I don't care!!

Nanashi screams in his heart.

Nanashi is a touchy human being in the first place.

I was going to be distracted when I thought I had to leave this bogged down man alone.

But I'm not done talking about Gordon knowing or not knowing what's in Nanashi's chest like that.

"Don't feel the mystery of the human body when you think your father (...) comes out of milk (...)"

"Reverse! Reverse!

So, aren't you the old man jumping out of the milk bath?

Exactly. I have to get stuck with that one now.

When I saw Malane holding her forehead and looking up to heaven, I realized that Nanashi had been lightly broken through her own determination to say she wouldn't be stuck.

What the hell is this guy...

Nanashi felt unsportsmanlike feelings gushing in the back of his chest.

And finally, the buzzer for the start of the game sounds.

Nanashi always sees his way out without taking a stand.

If we don't even talk, we won't be disturbed. Yes, I spoke to myself and contained the disturbance in my mind.

Unlike his previous opponents, Gordon doesn't pull back either. On the spot, he pulls his score from his waist. If one of them takes a step, it is the so-called "tight" time to reach the other person.

Gordon pokes his hand at Nanashi.

At that moment, Nanashi had that gain and his eyes (...) were (...) ah (...) (...).

The sword princess in the audience speaks to Tricia, a spokesperson housekeeper (maid of honor), who believes that Gordon is mistaken in what he is holding.

"Ha... that's an unusual sword"

"That's... Mackerel, right? of frozen."

"Sa, mackerel?

"Yeah, it's probably true mackerel (Masaba) because my belly is white. It's pretty expensive."

The sword princess pretends she didn't listen and returns her gaze to Nanashi again.

Yeah, I'm a sword. It's silver. The sword princess refuses to see reality.

"Um... Mr. Gordon?

"Oh, my God, there's no reason to be afraid, but it's too soon to beg for your life, rookie"

When Nanashi asks about the weasel, Gordon responds to the eagle fry (good morning) while creating (possibly) a spare atmosphere.

Nanashi hesitates again there. But I can't go on without telling you.

"What is that...?

"What, you...... wow! When will my sword be on mackerel?

A mackerel (mackerel) that reflects sunlight. Gordon panics his mackerel in his hand.

But when he notices Nanashi's gaze, Gordon tries to act like nothing happened with his mackerel in one hand.

"Phew... Looks like you missed it when you left home."

Did you get it wrong? With the sword? Mackerel?

If that's true, I'm smashing up an area I can describe with the word asshole.

"Fair enough."

"Are you sure?!

"You have enough mackerel."

Gordon pokes his mackerel (mackerel) toward Nanashi again.

Again, the round eyes of mackerel that seemed to be able to write in a compass, and Nanashi had eyes.

You don't know what fish eyes are thinking.

At this time, Nanashi thought so in a sense of escape from reality.

"No, you know... This is the final, so the audience will be angry if they fight with mackerel. I'll wait while I get my replacement sword..."


And the announcement tells the audience about the temporary interruption.

The audience is a slight (cool) compliment to a scene surrounding mackerel (mackerel) before the interruption.

Inside, Nanashi even raised his voice to the point that it was good to have mackerel (mackerel) and let him hang with mackerel (mackerel).

In the finals, the gladiator slaves (Ishara) who have just scattered will not be rewarded.

Gordon has left temporarily, so Nanashi heads to Malane in the second seat.

"What do you think? Did you find out how horrible he was?

For some reason, Nanashi was frustrated by what Malane said, who was a little good at.

"It's horrible that you don't seem to be after me at all"

Malene nods cocklessly.

"It's best to ignore"


When Gordon came back a while later, he had a buzzer to start the game again.

"You made me wait! Come on, redo it!

That said, it was mackerel (mackerel) that poked at me.

Nanashi, who again had mackerel and eyes, said, "Hey! I felt like I heard mackerel.

"... No, Mr. Gordon? You came for the sword, didn't you?

"Um, if it's a sword, it's here"

Indeed, Gordon's hips have a sword hanging in his sheath.

"Then why..."

"I won't be fooled!

To Nanashi's natural doubts, Gordon shouts out in a playful manner.

What are you talking about, this guy? That was Nanashi's untrue feelings.

"Zubari, your weakness is mackerel!

Pointing to Bishi and Nanashi, Gordon screams.

At that moment,

"" "" "Whatever!

and the audience got their hands on each other in Norinoli. It is an unpleasant call and response.

With his arms together and a mackerel in his arms, Gordon began to talk as he circled around Nanashi.

"I thought it was strange how you behaved when you were stuck with mackerel."

"No, usually if mackerel is poked at in this situation, it will be suspicious behavior."

Nanashi's response, which should be utterly legitimate, is silenced, and Gordon enters the conclusion without any hesitation.

"It's no use hiding it. You were upset when you were stuck with your own bad mackerel, and you tried to get me to let go of the mackerel by mouth. I bet you are!

Saying so, I poke the mackerel again.

This is the fourth time I've seen mackerel (mackerel) and it's a little cute looking wonder.

But there was also the limit of patience in the warm Nanashi.

"Exactly, that's enough"

When she said that and sighed small, Nanashi dropped her hips and crawled her fingers into the love knife pattern (s).

"Make it a blow, make it a kill."

Speak your mind as you distract the nerves in your body.

The clutter calms down like a windless surface (all of them), and the sword line that is about to be carved into the body of the man in front of him floats.

Nanashi's divine speed razor.

Track and pull softly on the sword line your mind's eyes have seen. Above consciousness, that's all the act.

In both hands of the Nanashi, the palm remains.

The torso was cut in two and rolled to the ground.

Mackerel (...) is (...).

(* This mackerel was deliciously served by the competition staff.

The audience follows in unison.

Everyone thought so when Nanashi protested against Gordon, who kept kidding, cutting off mackerel (mackerel).

It is Nanashi of the day and the sword princess who knows otherwise. And just Gordon.

Nanashi did cut Gordon. I meant to.

"If it weren't for mackerel, we'd be in danger, rookie."

To Nanashi with a startling look, Gordon said so in admiration.

But that voice has not reached Nanashi.

What happened? Nanashi is simply asking himself repeatedly.

Gordon whispers (sayings) happily as he watches such a nanashi.

"Use your funny moves, rookie"

When I say that, I drop my hips and make my fingers crawl on my sword so as to imitate Nanashi's structure.

Undressed setup that doesn't even look alike. The center of gravity is also cod (bullshit).

"It's just like this?

But at that moment when Gordon was whining (crushing), the nerves in Nanashi's body issue a warning.

Impossible killings run, and the wars freeze Nanashi's back.

Nanashi flew backwards, no matter what.

Probably to the audience's eyes, it looked like Nanashi suddenly flew backwards.

At the next moment, the chest of Nanashi's short coat (tunic) was slit into a single horizontal letter.

That's definitely a blow from 'Zigen'.

Gordon's sword line, which seemed slight in Nanashi's eyes, was no different from that of "Jigen".