Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 77: Loving means Believing (Part I)

"Heh, heh, heh, heh."

Rub (scrub) your eyes.

Hayza stroked her head gently.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Hazki. Just a little more, but good luck."

The relatively elegant shops connect downtown Pericles. After walking for a while into the smelly alley of (sniffles) a half way to the labourer's loud drinking district.

The only way to get drunk very quickly is to serve Uri mojo (mojoshu) with a little knob in a dirty shop. Hazel and the four of them are in formation right now at the deepest table.

"We're a little bit, too, what a little?

After Hazki thought a little, Marie laughed at the words she had unleashed.

Sometimes a language that is spinned by a toddler's senses is a language that stops being spoken.

Sometimes there's no clapping, and sometimes it's too pleasant, and it just turns into something magical that makes people feel gentle.

However, in this case, in a tongueless tone, Hazki, spinning the words, is half uncomfortable because the contents of his head are toddlers, but he is a beautiful girl with a smooth appearance.

"Hazki, you can go to sleep."

That said, when Hayza gently strokes Hazki's hair again, she makes a big stretch (yawn) just because she can't stand it and leans against Hayza's shoulder.

If a human being who knows nothing about the circumstances sees it, they may look like lovers to each other.

In a few moments, the sun will rise, but the store is very busy. That doesn't mean this store is particularly thriving.

If you go out on the street, the waves are uninterrupted, and you can hear the voice of a powerful caller and the out-of-the-box singing of a drunk coming from every store.

Noisy everywhere you go.

This whole manoeuvring castle fort was a festival throughout the night.

Leaning against Hayza, Marie talks to Kisk as she relaxes and narrows her eyes to what a rowing boat looks like.

"You're not twisted that every inn is full."

"Oh, I didn't know we were in the middle of a war of attrition (igzost). There's no such thing as an empty room."

"You're not really a twit, are you? My husband."

"Well, you say it's my fault. This self-proclaimed fallen woman."

Kisk protrudes his jaw toward Marie as he flies the cactus pulp.

"I'm not calling myself - It wasn't strange to be invited to the guest room at Pericles Castle before. It's a lady, my lady."

Marie pokes her jaw (chin) at Kisk after bothering to confront her.

Once again, he is supposed to be a slave bought by Kisk, but his consciousness is faint.

"Well said. What world has a lady who buys a lot of dried meat and steps down?"

"Ho, do you say that, sir? If you're hungry, I won't give it to you. Dried meat"

Hayza is just looking at each other's cheeks with a fly on her mouth, bitterly laughing that it's starting again.

To Hayza's eyes, these two seem compatible, no matter what they say, but when they say it, the target of the attack moves to Hayza, so I never say it.

After slandering Marie and each other for a while, Kisk tells the policy for now while wiping her cheeks painted with fried oil.

"The War of Exhaustion (Igzone) seems to be over tomorrow, and when it's morning, let's get out of here and find another inn."

This manoeuvrable castle fort is only a relay point for the Kisks to head to the capital.

After escaping Guergios, the four walked in the desert on foot to reach this Pericles.

At first, I was going to climb the walls and break in, but if I tried to get closer, the castle gate is full of people trying to get into the castle even in the middle of the night.

This situation seemed like the gospel to the Kisks.

I honestly had a headache about letting Marie and Hazki climb the walls.

In this situation, I decided to go through the castle gate thinking that I would not examine each person in detail and say that Kisk, with an Asmodimos issued pass, was a slave trader and the other three were merchandise.

When I lined up to enter the castle, the wagon loaded with the luggage in front of the Kisks took a terrible amount of time to inspect the luggage.

"Well, fish is rare."

I told the man on your stand that the gatekeeper would admire me for peeking into the box that was loaded.

"Well, I brought it from the south."

"Then let me tell you something good. Sir Mehmet says the fish have no eyes. I'm sure you'll buy them high."

"Oh, thank you very much."

When the gate soldier squeaks his chin (chin), the wagon slowly advances into the castle gate.

Kisk looked at the rear of the blurry carriage and from there, a little girl appeared.

The girl looked around for a moment and then looked a little surprised for some reason when she found the Kisks.

After that, the Kisks managed to get past the castle gate as well.

It's not like there wasn't a problem.

A gatekeeper who liked Marie insisted on selling it.

After all, Kisk seriously regretted that he should have sold it to Marie, who insisted that it was an order from a sara nobleman and managed to pass, but then laughed "Beauty is a sin".

Upon entering Pericles, despite the time of day, the whole city (incidentally) is not only lit by the light of spiritual stones, but brilliant (like this) and pine (sweet potatoes) are burning, showing a buzz that has never been seen before.

If you listen to the people on the road, tomorrow is the final of the six-year sword fight tournament. Today is the eve of the festival.

Kisk and the others were feeling somewhat dry in the air and enjoyable, but in a few minutes they would feel like blowing up too.

There are too many visitors and every inn is full.

On the contrary, the innkeeper says that during the tournament without enough accommodation, tents are rented out in the square, but it is also full. The others are squares or parks, but everywhere is full of wild people.

Exactly, Nojuku with Hazki in "Looking Beautiful Girl, Inside is Toddler Girl" and Marie in "Looking Beautiful Girl, Inside is a Guess Woman" is too dangerous.

And after wandering around the city, he managed to occupy the table of cheap drinkers and rest his body.

All around the table were men who wanted to be rough, and naturally the center of the conversation was the gladiator tournament.

Hayza and I meet each other face-to-face when many difficult names appear in the story of flying around the table from earlier.

The name was given to us at the table immediately next door.

"Ooh, I think which one wins. Na (...) Na (...) Si (...) and Gordon"

"You can't beat Gordon."

Marie dives into her voice when she sees the men talking aloud and cheap alcohol in one hand.

"Sir, Nanashi is definitely Hayza's..."

When Marie's whisper (sayings) were hand-shielded, Kisk took his seat and headed to the men's table.

"Hey, brothers, I hear you now, what kind of guy is Nanashi?

"What, you don't know Nanashi?

One of the men turns his drunken eyes towards Kisk in surprise as he exhales the smell of alcohol.

No, I just got here.

"Now that we're here, you don't know Nanashi. No, we're laughing."


A man snorts at a great deal.

"Oh, yeah, I'm a gladiator slave to tomorrow's finals, and I'm a funny swordsman, wow. There are rumours that the Lords and this young lady are too."

"I see, you know what?"

So he leaves the men's table and asks Hayza straight away when he returns.

"What do you say? You think it's your childhood tame?

"Wow, I don't know. The name Nanashi is the name of the desert people, but Nanashi is not a woman at all. Well, I don't think you were very good with women."

"It's possible, so it's worth a try to get to the final venue."

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Hayza is running up the stairs leading to the audience.

After nightfall, I managed to run around there to get tickets to the finals, but the official sales office was already closed and I managed to get one as a result of running around looking for a duffle shop around the gladiatorial (Colosseum).

The cheapest seat, I was still seen at my feet by a duff shop, and I was feathered to pay the majority of my cash in hand.

From the audience, I can hear voices rising from earlier that are neither cheering nor cursing without pulling off.

"Nanashi...... is it?

In Hayza, the word "woman" and "nanashi" are not linked to anything.

Yu (more) also, when I was in the settlement, I don't know what really happened because Xaragi was isolated from the other girls by blocks of iron walls.

As we climbed the stairs, it was inside the circular gladiatorial field (Colosseum) that expanded into view.

It was an incredible number of people there.

There are numerous humans in the audience who weave food capes similar to their own, but none of them are desert people.

And Heyza's breathtaking gaze into the center of the gladiatorial field (Colosseum).

There was now a childhood tame appearance, flying precisely to the blow of Gordon's unleashed 'Zigen'.