Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 78: Loving means Believing (Part II)

Nanashi, who dodged Gordon's "Jigenkomori" on a single piece of paper, jumps two, three more steps and backwards, dropping his eyes on the slashed chest as he distance himself greatly.

It's okay, the only thing that got slashed was clothes. Not a single piece of thin skin has been damaged.

With regard to the current blow, the sword line definitely must have been "Jigen", but it can be said that Gordon's blow was only "Jigen".

If Nanashi himself had rolled out "Jigen," he would have said goodbye to this life by now with his chest up and down the border.

When he calms down a little at a distance, the blurring of the audience, which he didn't hear at all while concentrating, returns to Nanashi's ear.

If you had watched the Nanashi game by this final, you would have found that it was something very similar to Nanashi's sword moves that Gordon unleashed, even if you couldn't see the sword movement.

Nanashi thinks.

To be honest, "Jigenkomori" is (...) and (...) is (...) good (...).

It is certainly a shock that it was easily imitated, but what we need to think about now more than that is why Gordon was able (and why) to prevent Nanashi's 'jigen'.

Failure to uncover this secret can mean that, at worst, attacking itself can be lifesaving for Nanashi.

"You seem surprised, rookie. Let me guess what you're thinking."

Gordon laughs at Niyaniya as he takes his distance and looks down (Mikuda) with plenty of room to stretch his finger to the pattern (s) of the love knife again.

"I don't know why ranking stops third when I'm so strong, right!

Bishi makes a noise, Gordon pointing to Nanashi.

But Nanashi is unresponsive.

Yeah, 'cause I'm not even thinking about this.

"You're a star!

Understanding on his own that Nanashi doesn't react, he doesn't have much of a voice to marvel at, and Gordon says it like he's won.

"Let me tell you something. My eyes are specially made. You can see through no matter how fast the attack is, and the moves you see, you can almost imitate them as they are!

At that moment,

"" "" "Whatever!

and the audience got their hands on each other in Norinoli.

Do you have any promises like that?

Maybe Gordon says the same thing every game.


Q: Why were you able to prevent Jigen?

A: Because the eyes are good.

secret (...) secret (...) answer (...) eh (...) to (...) i (...) ki (...) ri (...) book (...) people (...) bah (...) la (...) did (...).

To not uncover this secret...... Or something. Makes me a little embarrassed to think seriously about myself.

In the first place, this kind of thing usually means that while you're fighting, you're like, "You must be!" or something that I'm sure would have been a flag to reverse from there.

But Gordon goes on and on without looking at Nanashi's confusion in any way.

"Well, such an invincible (cheat) me, but I couldn't beat first place Perrin and second place Bullhahn. Perrin has two swords and a warhammer."

Oh, I imagined something, but are you such a dick?

"Unfortunately, with one sword, I couldn't imitate my moves!

Gordon bites his back teeth with remorse.

Nanashi's eyes, looking at it, have already caught a chill under the ice.

Third place because I couldn't imitate it.

Well, it's ranked lower than Gordon, and a lot of people use weapons other than swords, so I guess it's not just the strength to imitate moves.

... I knew you were an asshole, this guy.

"But! Different shapes, swords are swords. As long as your prize is a sword, it's impossible to beat me!

Gordon flicks back so much that he worries about his hips.

I hear a picture of the audience, a parallax of applause from a bunch of people I think are fans of Gordon.

Nanashi just shuddered, and when he was annoyed, Gordon stared at Nanashi like he was looking for a reaction.

What a pain in the ass.

Nanashi asked as he turned his back, ignoring it completely, toward Maraine in the second seat.

"Is it OK to change weapons now?

"Hey?! That's cheating!

"But I just said from myself that Mr. Gordon couldn't imitate if his weapon was different, and I didn't force him to either..."

Nanashi chills out to Gordon in a great panic.

But as Maraine seems sorry, she crosses her arms in front of her chest.

"No? Oh, really?"

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Gordon exhales with great relief.

That's it, if you're panicking, you should say something you don't.

Nanashi squeaks so much in his chest.

Of course, those who change weapons don't mean it.

I'm getting a little sick of boulders, so I just wanted to harass him a little bit.

Among the Nanashi, we can already see how to attack Gordon.

However, if Gordon says he will imitate Nanashi's moves, I want to avoid making any more moves as much as I can.

Knowing the swordsmanship of the desert people externally seems to be synonymous with the fact that it is damaging the entire assets of the desert people.

Only moves that have already been imitated can push Gordon.

But we don't have enough decision-makers to win.

From earlier on, Nanashi's thoughts were repeated there in grandeur.

Worst of all, I had to sacrifice another move or so, and when I looked up at the sigh mix, Nanashi climbed up on the fence (sawdust) in the audience behind Gordon and saw a shadow wave with the boom.

No matter what you think, the person the person is waving at is you.

Because of the distance, he narrowed his eyes and stared at the person, knowing who it was, while Nanashi raised his voice unexpectedly.


It was, my friend in the hometown, one younger childhood tame.

Seeing as it was too unexpected, Hayza is pointing to Hayza herself.

"Right! You had that hand."

Understanding what it meant, Nanashi brightened his expression.

And once again, turning to Gordon, Nanashi says away.

"Now, shall we kill one of them until they fall?"

Nanashi's words, if not threats, are not metaphors.

In that evidence, when Gordon opened his mouth to say something back, Nanashi had already stuffed his distance from Gordon without a trace.

Its distance is 1 zar, the nearest distance you can reach them if you step in.

Gordon also ate the boulder for this.

And without a foretaste, he suddenly unleashes a blow of 'Zigen'.

But even a blow from that close range Gordon sees through.

"It's no use!

Gordon waves his sword straight out toward Nanashi as he recieves Nanashi's sword. The tip of the sword swept over Nanashi's shoulder, and the blood dripped thinly.

Keep swinging your sword up to the upper level, Gordon trying to unleash the next blow.


But the moment I shook up my sword, Gordon gave me a distressed look.

Sharp pain in the flank. Then, the blood dripped.

At some point, Nanashi's sword was choosing Gordon's stomach.

"Hey, what did you do!

To Gordon's dismay, Nanashi returns with an invincible grin.

From there on, too savage a struggle.

By analogy, it was a miserable eating between beasts.

There are no gimmicks, two men facing each other at close range, not a single step apart from each other, just slashing each other in the pipe (even). Such an unscrupulous sight.

Repeated swordsmanship rewards like permanent institutions.

Crazy scenery, with more and more red colors painted on the bodies of the two men, as if they hate the blanks.

Tricia, the valet housekeeper (maid of honor), looks at the fearful sword princess sitting next to her.

Whoever sees it, the situation is not Fang (Kanba).

If we kept slashing each other at the same pace, the loss of those who ran out of strength.

And if that means strength, that's all the physical difference.

Naturally, Gordon will get a military boost.

As she watched for a while, she saw the sword princess laughing sometimes, freaking out that she was going to jump out to the arena, confused by the appearance of the bloody boy.

Tricia unwittingly speaks out, wondering if this is losing its sanity.

"Princess Sword, are you okay?

"What? What?

"No, Master Nanashi is in trouble..."

To that word of Tricia, Princess Sword laughs with her nose all the time.

"It's okay. Fight square and your lord can't lose"

"But not like this..."

When Tricia mumbles so, the sword princess opens her mouth quietly, staring at the arena.

"What exactly do you think you're going to do with love?

Tricia was puzzled by the sudden change in the course of the story.

If you love, what do you do, isn't there one place you can go?

"Is it a porn thing"

"In the direction of excluding porn"

Immediate dismissal.

Tricia trembles with a glance under the ice.

But there's nothing in this question that comes to mind when they say erotic exclusion.

Tricia has no boyfriend = age. Note that the age is private.

I laughed all the time at Tricia for being silent, says the sword princess.

"I think loving means believing"

Tricia turns to the sword princess like a ha-ha surprise and stares at that smile.

And I thought.

Na (...) n (...) remainder (...) just in case (...) people (...).

I can't even give you a little "I, I just said something good" vibe, but clearly, it's not the other way around.

Right now, there's no one around Princess Sword but Tricia.

Even Tricia, if it's not even her job to be here, I want to evacuate now.

Because this perimeter with Princess Sword and Tricia is now the (...) ground (...) prison (...) of the polar (...) cold (...).

The inner agitation of the sword princess is chilling and swirling around the VIP seat.

I don't know, it's already, like, a dud leak.

There was nothing more to be done, it was a daze leak.

Dear sword princess, I am too upset.

Tricia thought so.

From the viewpoint of the audience, it was Nanashi and Gordon who seemed to slash each other mindlessly without any art, but there was a great separation (to) between the two mental states.

The scorching sprouts in Gordon increase in intensity (and) over time as they burn themselves in pieces.

Until recently, there was nothing to lose. There was no way I could have won. Nonetheless, at some point Gordon has been pushed with tremendous momentum.

While Gordon is losing his spare time, Nanashi is getting a little spare.

In the first place, it was Nanashi who brought it into the melee (infighting) at this distance of 1zar.

There was a reason for that.

This is what Gordon said the first time he was prevented from 'Zigen'.

If it weren't for mackerel, it would have been dangerous.

When I cut it out here, it was too tongue-in-cheek a statement, but if I reversed this statement, it was the same as saying that I couldn't beat back Nanashi's jigen.

Then we're just talking about letting Jigen go in time that we can't beat back.

If it is a melee (infighting), it is close range, so the damage per stroke is really small due to the short stroke.

For this reason, Nanashi is increasing the speed of the counter and slashing Gordon to the right time to draw the sword by minimizing the evasive movement on the assumption that he will be slashed somewhat.

No one can do anything like draw a sword and be attacked.

In Nanashi, which could be avoided at all, and Gordon, which could be slashed in a completely no-guard state, it was more obvious which damage was greater than seeing fire.

If anyone could confirm his expression nearby, Gordon would find himself floating a more desperate form.

"Damn it. Ahhhh!

Finally, Gordon takes the limit of his patience and jumps back, no matter how mundane he tries to leave at once.

I can't afford that look anymore.

But Nanashi won't allow me to take the time off.

Fly forward at the same speed and keep slashing while maintaining distance from Gordon.

But what Nanashi packs, Gordon weaves in too.

"That took!

Gordon unleashed his overwhelming thrust at the crawling Nanashi at high speed.

The speed of penetration adds to the speed of Nanashi stepping in, making it no longer an inevitable blow for humans. Gordon laughs so damn sure.

The thrust that is released like a twist and twist of an arm is a special blow that smashes a rock.

Is that Gordon's own move or someone's imitation? Nanashi has no reason to know.

But Nanashi waited for it.

In this short time, you can let it go while stepping backwards, "poking" when it comes to a powerful attack. That's the only way.

When Nanashi sticks a love knife on the ground with each sheath, he steps into the universe with a pattern.

Gordon's sword tip that cuts the sky in vain.

In Gordon's eyes, he left only his sword, and it looked like Nanashi had disappeared.

Nanashi's knee kick pours down Gordon's face as the Jomtien Sun Wheel casts a Nanashi shadow on the ground and Gordon looks up after the Lord of its shadows.

A blow from space reminiscent of the hunting of a raptor.

When Gordon's nose bends with the sound of a missy and blows behind him like a back, a large amount of blood falling from his nose paints an arch into the universe.

But that's not the end of it.

Nanashi landed on the ground or no, jumping on Gordon's shoulder, falling on his back, between his own legs, pinching Gordon's neck and right shoulder together and tightening up at once.

It is called triangulation.

The means Hayza offered to hunt down Gordon, it was physical.

When it comes to physical arts, Hayza has nothing to go out to the right, even for the desert people.

I mean, as synonymous with body surgery, Hayza pointed to herself.

If blood stops spinning in the brain, it won't take three seconds for a human to faint.

When the carotid artery was completely closed and the complexion changed rapidly from red to purple, Gordon stopped moving with the bubbles blown.

A quiet gladiatorial field (Colosseum).

When Nanashi left Gordon slowly, he soiled around his bread and legs, slowly posting his fist.

"Winner, Maris' Nanashi!!

The moment the venue announcement sounds, cheers to explode.

Princess Sword jumps from the VIP seat to the arena, and Malene in the second seat also runs toward the loser and Nanashi.

But earlier than anyone else, it wasn't these two who cling to Nanashi.

"Buh, you're safe! Oh, come on!

"Heh, Hayza?!

That's a boy with the same white hood cloak as Nanashi.

Princess Sword and Maraine stand up, not knowing how to be good, to the figure of a little fat boy crying as he clung to Nanashi and distorted his face in tears and sniffles.

"Lord, who...?

"Er... I'm childhood friendly"

With that said, Nanashi laughs bitterly.

However, the expression looked very happy.