Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Lesson 83 The sun rises equally above everyone.

A ray of light rises along the ridges of the dunes, beginning with the white sky to the east.

The light reflected on the lake surface of the oasis swayed sparklingly, and on the walls of the periphery of Pericles, Hayza watched it blurry, holding her knees.

If you look just below the walls, a woman and a child holding a bucket of water from the street in the center of the oasis walk toward the lake, and by the side of the road, with the sunrise, the open-air merchants are rushing to arrange the products.

I wonder what this thought is, disturbed by a thousand things in my chest.

Hayza is just confused.

My chest has been terribly painful since I discovered last night that Hazki's identity is the missing Uncle Strasbourg.

Listening to the snoring of Kisk, he picked up the dawn without being able to do so, and left the room wandering without thinking of going.

Looking down at the oasis, Hayza thinks about Blur and Hazki.

In a while, this manoeuvring castle fort Pericles will advance towards the capital.

If we get to the capital, there must be a motorized castle fort Strasbourg anchored there.

And that's where I said goodbye to Hazki.

Come to think of it, it's only been about a month since I met the Kisks.

But still, Hayza and the others were like family.

Kisk is my father, Marie is my mother, Hayza is my brother and Hazki is my sister.

With this said, Kisk must smile, but Hayza thinks Hayza loves the relationship.

But that's only Hayza's thought.

If Hazki has a real family, he must return them there.

I see, is this how you feel about losing your sister?

Now I feel a little understandable looking for a manoeuvre castle fort that grabbed Kisaragi and swept away the feeling of Nanashi.

Hayza laughs unexpectedly and buries her own face on the knee she holds.

Don't look at me like that.

At that moment, I heard a kiss from behind.

"You don't think you can take Hazki, even Strasbourg, and yes you can do it with Sayonara, do you?

"Oh, yeah, 'cause"

Kisk throws his feet out of the walls as he sits dodgy right next to Hayza.

"Silly. I'd rather protect him. Uh, hey, after we get to Strasbourg."

"How much? What do you mean?"

"There is no such thing as a lord in Hazki today. It's just convenient to use.

If there's someone I can trust in Strasbourg, it's good, but if not, we'll just take Hazki and the four of us and run away again. "

As I nodded at that word of Kisk, the whole Pericles trembled small.

Continuing, a slight vibration passes through the walls and climbs under the seated body.

At the side of the walls, I could see the sand waving small.

"Yeah, right."

The oasis slowly leaves.

Run after Pericles as the Oasis children wave.

"You're the one who picked it up. Take responsibility till the end."

With that said, Kisk looked at his teeth and laughed as he sneezed and scratched (or stroked) Hayza's hair.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"So, what is this situation?"

Pericles woke up with a gentle shake that progressed. Nanashi saw what was sleeping next to his bed and went to war.

He jumps back and forth in a hurry and once again looks over the bed.

There, Maraine and Princess Sword, wrapped in thin night clothes, held each other in disappointment and rested as they tangled each other's peeling legs.


As if he had been aware of Nanashi's eyes, a troubled voice was zero (spilled) from the mouth of the sword princess, a treacherous line drawn by the spine that seemed clear across the thin night clothes, Nanashi choked his throat unexpectedly at its beauty.

"I'll explain."


Suddenly he was called from behind, and Nanashi jumped up unexpectedly.

Turning hastily, there stands the substitute housekeeper (maid) Tricia.

"T, Mr. Tricia?

Although Tricia is in the same position as usual, she is originally quite tall for a woman, so there is a great intimidation that she and I are overlooked when we face each other.

"After the young lady was off last night, Maraine asked me about it at night."

"Extremely (very), normally at night this is (ok)!?

It is a statement of shock.

"Come to think of it, the sword princess is about to enter the young lady's bed."

"... hold on, hold on"

I thought I heard some strange comments.

At night, as soon as he returned to his room, Nanashi locked up. Definitely called. Just in case, I installed the spare key myself. Even the windows must have been locked.

But without talking about the keys, why, all of a sudden, are you trying to get into bed?

Unexpectedly turning to the door, the floor is rolled with pieces of stone that appear to have been crushed in a petrified state.


Princess Sword on the boulder never broke in until she destroyed the key, at least until now.

Apparently, what happened yesterday was enough to make her cross some line.

"So hurry up. Master Malene will protect the young man, okay? Again, I threw my body between the sword princess and the young lady to protect her."

"Yeah, I don't want to know why I said it twice, but I get it"

"And when they took the young lady, they held each other's bodies, and they fell asleep, holding each other in their arms, while the crumbs were loose."

That didn't happen well while I was asleep.

"Er, that's why. That's good, but what was Tricia doing in the meantime?

"I am Maraine's housekeeper (maid)."


"We were there for you. That's another heartbreak!

That's what Nanashi said to Tricia, who holds his fist in good stead.

"Stop it."

So he said, with a serious eye, and looked away at Tricia.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

By the time the motorized castle fort Pericles had left the oasis and sailed towards the capital, the motorized castle fort Saratoga had already approached the capital until noon tomorrow, when he said he would arrive.

The bridge (bridge) is usually the only place where the early crew is stuffed.

Only this morning is Mio, Killier, Arge, Miriam and Hertrude gathered together, despite such an early morning, and the man who was the Lord.

Moreover, this group was roaring around the operation table with their heads in uniform arms.

In the first place, this face is gathering at the bridge (bridge) so early in the morning to see the Digest of the War of Exhaustion (igzost), which was just delivered this morning.

Everyone here cared about Nanashi's whereabouts.

And with the end of the show, this appeared.

What happened.

First, Arge and Miriam were jealous of the presence of a white girl who jumped on Nanashi.

Next, Hertrude was jealous of the sword princess's moves (Hesobeam), which he had never even seen.

Finally, Mio was furiously jealous of Gordon, who played out a big mess called mackerel.

Only Kirier wasn't jealous.

I knew Hazel and the others were in Pericles, and imagined the man (Kisk) forcing his beloved brother to call him his brother, shaking his shoulders in anger.

One thing I can say. It was at least salvation that the awards ceremony was not included in the video.

Hiding the thought that the bridge crews would do it elsewhere in the air that wrapped them up, I decided not to see it for a moment.

The bridge (bridge) crews stroked down their hearts with a ho when Miriam started talking about the steps after her arrival in the capital tomorrow, because they were gathering around the corner.

Totally, it's an annoying story.

"So let's sort things out for once."


"Arrival in the capital is around noon tomorrow. As soon as we arrive, let the loaders and strasbles dock in first, then the designated position on the capital side. Probably the farthest away from the capital, but I think we're gonna moor Saratoga there."

"Why are you so far away?"

Make sure Kirier jumps one eyebrow and raises the question.

"I obey obedience for once, but Saratoga is a traitor. You can't chase anything that might rip your fangs off to a boulder."

"I see."

"Upon arrival, Master Mio will be taken by the soldiers of the capital.

I know this is probably going to be treated like a jerk, but we can't hit anything.

If you set something up, they might take it backwards and tell you that it's a sign of treason. "

When Miriam says so without exchanging emotions, Killier and Arge give a breathtaking, sinking look. When Mio saw it, he laughed and smiled at both of them.

"Well, until the trial is over, they're not going to kill me. Don't worry about it."

"So, until the trial is over, the crew are all disarmed inside Saratoga, and I guess it's called house arrest. With the premise that Saratoga will be dismantled, civilians may be accommodated in refugee camps outside the capital."

That being said, Miriam turns back to Hertrude as she remembers.

"Yeah, well, not Saratoga's regular crew. Hel moved to Strasbourg by the end of the day. Then you can move freely even in the capital."

"Oh, thank God. We've never been to the capital, so we're looking forward to it, even if we go out for a look?

That's how Killier stares at the fun laughing hertrude.

"You're being careless!

"Fair enough, sister. Hel has something I'd like to ask you to do, so if you could just do it, I'd feel free to look around and do whatever it takes."

After saying that with a bitter smile, Miriam lowers the tone of her voice.

"Now, where the trial in question is going, the trial that will bring this lord to justice is, if it were meant to be, nine votes for all eight lords and His Majesty the King, except the defendant.

But this time, not only is Saratoga without the right to vote from the beginning, but Strasbull in the absence of a lord, and Gergios in the treatment of traitors, has no right to vote. I mean, all seven votes. "

"Hmm, if Fana had lived, she would have let me in innocently."

"Well, I can't help but say that.

First, Asmodimos naturally votes guilty. And His Majesty the King will naturally vote guilty, so will Uncle Carlon and Uncle Vergilius, who have not done anything. There is no reason to shield His Majesty the King.

So, innocence, thanks to Uncle Rhoda and Nana for their hard work, Merklius is also innocent that Pericles turns innocent and only votes the opposite of Asmodimos "

"Wait a minute, Captain's sister, then..."

Arge, who was counting fingers, loses his word.

"Yes, it's a three-to-four conviction situation at the moment."

"Wait a minute, Miriam. I can reverse it four to three. That's what you said!

Miriam pokes her finger at the tip of Killier's nose, who accidentally absurds her voice.

"Sister. Don't panic."

Miriam nodded like this with Mio.

"If the last piece isn't on trial day, they won't fit in."

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"Starboard 35 degrees, enemy mobile castle fort spotted. It's a manoeuvre castle fort Gergios!

At a position of about two days from the capital, the controller of the motorized castle fort Merclius discovers the motorized castle fort Gergios. He raised his voice toward a voice tube connected to the bridge.

Immediate destruction of discovery (Search & Destroy) is the basic action of this military castle fort.

This manoeuvred castle fort, which bears the Krulu alias the Warmonger, simultaneously moves to a combat posture as if it were a carnivore who found his prey, without having to ask for the Lord's instructions.

Krull then heard the report of the discovery of Gergios with his morning awakening, happy to jump up.

There, too, we head to the square, where the soldiers will be aligned early, clamping the clasp of the fluffy leather armor.

On the way down the crossing, Krull accidentally struck his tongue when he saw Kirchheim waiting for him.

"It won't be if you're eating roadgrass here when you say you have to get to the capital as soon as possible. Sister-in-law."

This brother-in-law, who doesn't like the idea, tries to make the Krull look good. But Krull barely passes in front of Kirchheim without stopping his legs.

Just because Kirchheim knew it would be the same, he opens his mouth again, walking side by side in a krull without panic.

"We can't start the trial until all the lords arrive. The later we are, the longer our Lord Uncle Saratoga will be treated unfairly in the capital."

But the appeal gave no emotion whatsoever to Krull.

"Guergios has been contacted about treason against His Majesty the King."

"That's certainly true"

"You want me to overlook this opportunity to carry a big father-in-law name and be able to war without having to worry about one thing?

"There will be times and cases."

"You idiot! Wouldn't a Schlechter woman be able to contain the blood that boils in front of her prey!

Kirchheim looks up to heaven unexpectedly and stops his feet.

Yes, it was. Here's what they all do here.

Arriving in the square or not, Krull thinks of himself as a deputy and speaks to an elderly soldier.

"Prepare my interception armor (interceptor), I'll go out myself today"

And without stopping his legs, as he went out in front of the soldiers in line, Krull said with great pleasure.

"Well, gentlemen! The sun rises equally above everyone, but there is no need to show the fool who stands before us the sun that rises tomorrow.

Slaughter! Let's go! It is the beginning of a fun, fun, struggle "