"Rebel Mio Lefo Jahan.

By the order of His Majesty the King, I will take you further than this.

It should be noted that all of your Lordship's qualifications and rights are denied.

Until the end of the trial, as a single offender, only physical safety shall be guaranteed "

Flip it and I'll spiritually match your eyes. It was a declaration that such dark intentions seemed to penetrate.

A direct Royal soldier comes aboard when Saratoga, a manoeuvring castle fort, docks on a permanent bridge erected at the easternmost end of the area inviolable to sand floods (floods), including the capital city of Carlon (Cosm), waiting on the permanent bridge at the same time.

Among the royal soldiers, the soldiers, thinking that they were at the top, spread the script in front of Saratoga's crew, who were aligned inside the castle gate, poking it in front of Mio's eyes.

He controls the crew of Saratoga with his hands, and Mio silently puts his hands in front of his chest without moving.

As the soldier swung his jaw (chin) to the men behind him, his men entered and put heavy iron shackles on Mio's hands.

When there was a heavy noise of chatter and the soldier let go of his hand from the shackles, Mio painstakingly stomped to too much weight about to fall at the front.

Dropping his hands down slowly, Mio exhales painfully.

Arge stops pushing Killier.

The role Mio gave Arge is to prevent Killier from erupting. Had it not been for that instruction, maybe Arge would have popped out first.

Looking around at the crew of the murderous Saratoga, the Royal Guard tells them even higher pressure.

"All Saratoga crews will be placed under our surveillance. Later, after checking with the crew roster, the call will be made. Until then, stand by in your rooms."

"Um... Are we also treated as crew members?

Raising his hand, he asked about the mistress, Mary, the housekeeper (maid) dedicated to Gustavo.

"You servants, can you deal with them all, fool!

"Hino, su, sorry!

The soldier yells at me, and Mary tries to hold her head and lag behind.

"Both servants will be temporarily accommodated in refugee camps, just like civilians. Start getting ready to leave this castle fort and move to the civilian assembly point!

When they say so to Mary, the soldier looks around to intimidate the Saratoga crew who are in the line again and gives instructions to his men.

"Take him!

When the soldiers hold both sides of Mio, they drag him as he is, and Mio is taken out of Saratoga's castle gate to the permanent bridge.

This is the capital of Escalis Meermill, the king's knee.

Compared to each manoeuvre castle fort, the faith of the inhabitants of the capital in the royal family is profound, even to an area that can be called worship.

Mio is dragged around the city where such a people await him, as a rebel who murdered the royal princess, and connected to the prison until the day of the trial.

Even if he was guaranteed physical safety, Kirier would be about to get his chest ripped off when he wondered how many murderous glances and heartless curses could be thrown at this little girl.

"Mio, sama. Ahhhhhh!

Killier raised her voice, as her throat was slit, and Arge and Pennell just leaned down, and behind her, Cephal snarled and snorted.

At that time, Mio suddenly turned around and said something to the crew.

Unfortunately, Killier didn't know what Mio was trying to say.

But with the movement of his lips, Arge understood what Mio had said, and was wary of Mio's too hard instructions.

This is certainly what Mio did.

"Yes, get bogged down!

Dropping off Mio's back as he disappeared across the castle gate, Arge was now missing one thing about where this little lord was going.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"His Majesty the King says mercifully that there is no sin in folk grass.

You, the general public, will be temporarily accommodated in refugee camps. If the manoeuvre castle fort Saratoga is to be dismantled, the relocation to the respective manoeuvre castle fort will be facilitated "

A soldier coming from the royal family's white armor tells that aloud to the civilians gathered in the square. And the people walked out from the gates of the castle, following the commandments of the soldiers.

"Hey, you got a second?

Among the moving line of Saratoga's inhabitants there are those who speak up against the royal soldiers.

When the soldier turned his eyes to those who spoke, he saw a group in burnt brown leather armor, among them a large man raising his hand.

"We are members of the Asmodimos Army. Occasionally (by chance), I rode this Saratoga as I traveled between the oases, but I guess we wouldn't mind returning to Asmo Dymos!

The soldier looked around at the group in surprise at the words of the big man, and waited a moment and ran to his superior officer for instructions.

I said this after a while that the soldier would be back.

"Allow me to accompany you to Asmodimos and confirm that you are a member of the Asmodimos Army"

"Come on."

Big man - 'liquor barrel' Morgen nodded to Eagle Deep Fried (Good Morning).

"How many of you Asmodimos are there?"

"Um, nine (...) names, including the eagle (...)"

Royal direct soldiers count a group claiming to be Asmodimos soldiers according to their words without speaking up.

In addition to the large man in front of him, there were certainly eight people who thought they were Asmodimos military supplies and leather armor.

As far as I can tell, half of them look like wounded soldiers, some with their legs drawn, others with their arms hanging.

The little man, who looked like a boy soldier among other things, had the majority of his face covered in bandages, which made him imagine the severity of the wound.

From the permanent bridge no. 12 at the eastern end of the berth of Saratoga to the permanent bridge no. 7, close to the berthed capital of Asmodimos, there is a distance of 4 falsang (about 24 km), even within the same inviolable area (cosm).

While walking there, as the seemingly infirm boy soldier began to flutter, the soldiers around him watching it were unusually concerned about it and asked, "Are you okay?" "Shall I take your luggage?," he said.

The accompanying Royal Soldier asks Morgen in suspicion.

"That boy soldier seems to be popular."

"Ha ha! Do I look that way?


Morgen responds to his mood.

"Right. It's such an adorable idol to beat us into a whirlpool of hatred and affection that we end up surpassing our love."


The royal soldiers stopped hearing any more.

I do hear that in a long expedition, few people wake up to homosexuality.

You shouldn't really touch it, that's what I thought.

Upon arrival at Asmo Dymos, we immediately discovered that these men were real Asmo Dymos soldiers.

Because the reaction of the gate soldiers was too dramatic when they stopped looking at Morgen.

The soldier, who lost his voice for a moment, shouted at the inside of the castle gate as he hurriedly saluted Morgen.

"Ooh! Everyone, Master Morgen is home!

From the inside of the castle gate, with a joyful look on his face, he sees the soldiers jump out all the time, and the King's direct soldiers tell Morgen with a bitter smile.

"I got enough confirmation. I beg your pardon."

"Oh well, thank you for your hard work"

"Sake Barrel" Morgen was a more popular general with soldiers than he was before because of his luxurious character, but there is a reason why soldiers are happy about this.

"Iron Beard" Zbonimir, "Liquor Barrel" Morgen, "Mercenary" Kisk and as many as three generals were missing in the battle against the Saratoga army.

Even the lord Sanettone was greatly disturbed by the fact that the warriors did not return as one of the generals who could constrain them, in a situation such as that in which the warriors were sending the monstrous occupiers to the side (buckwheat) for samurai.

Morgen asks the nearest soldier.

"Lady Sanettone is not here?

"Ha! As soon as Sanettone arrived in the capital, he entered the Millennium Palace."

"You mean you'll stay there until the end of the trial?

"Ha! That's what I'm asking!

"Lord Mahmoud with you?

"Ha! I'm with you!

Morgen tells the welcome soldiers to turn around behind him and nod at the boy soldiers in the bandage.

"I'm glad everyone's happy, but I'm going to let you rest first.

The eagles return to their chambers, but those behind them are the warriors who have followed the eagles so far into battle.

Without distinction of class, let them have a room to rest first. I'll ask for complicated procedures after tomorrow. "

The soldiers who stayed there nodded that the boulder was a 'liquor barrel' morgen and praised him for being a great general who thought deeply about his men and not just himself.