After passing through a notorious section of the walls, Fort Pericles entered the Impenetrable Realm (Cosm).

The impenetrable area (cosm) is said to be an area where sand floods (floods) do not occur, but the desert continues as ever after passing through the gate.

But the view from the bridge window changes dramatically from the two colors of blue and white of sand in the sky, which continued unchanged until then.

On the front is a desert surrounded by huge walls of inviolable areas (cosms). The sight of the 'capital', like an island floating in it, extends to the full sight of the Nanashi and the others.

In the distance, the image of the capital was seen with such fun (roughly) as a huge port.

The part of the border with the desert is extended with stone walls from which several embankments stretch towards the desert. And in some of them, a motorized castle fort was seen grounded and moored.

According to Malane's story, this breakthrough - it's called a permanent bridge. all fifteen to the fifteenth at the eastern end with the western end as number one.

Every one of them will see how the capital is huge, given the size of the 3,000-zar class manoeuvre castle fort that can dock.

In the eyes of Nanashi, who is still staring out the window, the two ends of the capital are invisible.

Beyond the stone walls, the border with the desert, the city stretches out, and beyond it you can see buildings as white and large as crossing the capital.

Its height does not appear to be much different from that of Saratoga Castle or Pericles Castle, but in any case it is too wide. It went on indefinitely and extensively, at least to the extent that it was now in Nanashi's sight.

If this building actually follows a full width of the area called 'Capital', it would mean a building with 20 falsangs (120 km) as well.

"What's that white one?

"Millennium Palace"

"That is the Millennial Palace (Millennio), where His Majesty the King lives. I don't know if it's a lie or a truth, but they say it took a thousand years to build. And they say,"

Instead of asking anyone, Maraine answers Bosoli to Nanashi's question that she was only whining (just crushing) and Tricia connects words to it.

It took a thousand years to build.

Nanashi frowns in surprise at the words.

That's impossible. It hasn't been 300 years since the founding of this country.

Nanashi shrugged in her chest so much about what was very different from what was passed down to the desert people, but she wouldn't bother to put it in her mouth.

Probably just being bragged (muffled) to boost the royal authority. I concluded so.

However, some people wondered that Nanashi looked surprised for a moment. It's Malene. Nanashi joked and told me to fix it when she and her eyes stared at Nanashi in wonder.

"Ha ha, in that one when it's that big, you're going to get lost"

"Yes. So I don't know"

"That's right. That's why nobody knows where His Majesty the King is in the Millennial Palace.

Contact with the nearby person will also be conducted in a Magic Communication (call). And they say, "


Maraine snorts silently.

"Yes, I have heard that the last time His Majesty the King went out directly before his subjects was nineteen years ago, the celebration of the birth of His Royal Highness Fatima. And they say,"

At that time, red lights were seen on one of the permanent bridges from the bridge window at times that overlapped the second half of Tricia's words.

Immediately, one of the bridge crew will speak up for the report.

"Guided! Port to port. Standing bridge nine!

Apparently, they instructed me to board that lighted permanent bridge.

Two motorized castle forts can be seen moored alongside it next to its left.

On the seventh there is a pitch-black motorized castle fort, and on the eighth there is a motorized castle fort with a domed roof all over it, each moored in a way that turns its head toward the capital.

"My lord, that black motorized castle fort is Asmo Dymos"

Until then, Princess Sword quietly withholds beside Nanashi's ears.

Asmodymos, a manoeuvre castle fort, that said that it fell into Saratoga.

When Saratoga was under attack by Asmodimos, Nanashi, who was on his way home from Gergios, was only listening to the story about Asmodimos, and this was the first time he had actually seen it.

"Where is Saratoga?

Even if you look around the kyorokyoro and out the window, only these two manoeuvred castle forts can be found within the sight of Nanashi.

"Maybe 14th or 15th"

"Perhaps Saratoga is moored on a permanent bridge number 14 or 15, which is too far from here to be seen, as he is being kept away as a traitor? And they say,"

Around 7th and 8th, near the center of the capital, that would mean the eastern end.

Nanashi gazes eastward.

On the other side of the summer, I saw thin (groaning) and shadowy things. I felt that, but I can't tell if it's Saratoga or not.

Kisk interrupts Nanashi's story to respond to what Tricia has spoken for.

"If you treat me like a traitor, you will. And I'm sure they're combining repair docks from 1st to 3rd, so I guess Strasbourg and Rhoda are in there somewhere. This is the opposite of Saratoga."

With that said, Heyza nodded silently as Kisk turned toward Heyza.

"Well, that means.

The capital city of Carlon is hidden in the back of the Millennial Palace (Millennio), so it's only natural that you can't see it, Strasbourg, Rhoda, and Saratoga each moored at both ends.

I'm staying in front of you with Asmodimos... that's Vergilius.

Well, Gergios became a traitor, so there's no way he could come.

Which means you haven't arrived yet?

That's what I said. Maraine groaned bossly as I watched Kisk break my finger until the eighth one.

"... Merklius"

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The position of the castle gate of the motorized castle fort Pericles, unlike other motorized castle forts, is installed in the circular part of the rear.

For this reason, Pericles had to pivot heavily to get to the side of the permanent bridge once he approached it, and it took him another two minutes to complete the grounding by pushing the rear towards the direction of the capital.

The sun is already close to Jomtien, and in front of the castle gate there is already a crowd of people who want to go out to the capital, with an overturning enthusiasm caged inside the walls.

Behind the people, probably merchants. The cars with a lot of luggage came together from the next to the next, and it looked like a lot of congestion was happening.

The Nanashi and the others had gathered a little further away from the crowd.

"Me and Princess Sword are moving the desert side with something that rips sand (sand spreader), but what about Mr. Kisk?

"Oh, I borrowed a donkey horse from Miss Maraine, about four falsangs (about 24 km) up to number 15. If we do everything we can, we'll be able to reach Saratoga a little late for you guys."

"I, too, borrowed a donkey horse and a luggage truck, so I'll put Hazki and Marie's on it and relax and turn it into a sussy strasble, on my way."

With the blurring of hearing from the castle gate, it is difficult to hear each other's voices, and the Nanashi and the others will look at each other and confirm each other's actions from here.

In doing so, the castle gate slowly began to open after a light impact like the ground bouncing.

I'll see you later.

With that said, Kisk peeled his feet toward the stables, and Heyza began to walk outside the castle gate, as she and Nanashi nodded at each other, beginning to run toward Marie and Hazki, who also waited on the luggage.

Passing the castle gate and descending onto the permanent bridge, Nanashi and Princess Sword walk through the stone wall embankment to the desert side, contrary to the other humans heading toward the city.

Coming to the tip of the breakwater, Nanashi throws the steel plate he was carrying over the desert sand.

And as he jumped on top of it, he turned around and reached out to the sword princess.

"Let's go. Lady Sword."


When Princess Sword smiles at Nicole and takes Nanashi's hand, she jumps straight over what rips the sand (Sand Spreader) and wraps her hand around Nanashi's waist from behind.

Nanashi smiled back at Princess Sword and said: "You wouldn't be offended to say it here, would you," he prefaced, after just looking around.

"Let's go home to Saratoga"