Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 92: Half the straw burden, will you carry it?

"Oh dear, thank you for waiting"

With that said, an old man takes a red-haired girl and enters the room.

The girl wears a red dress with black frills against the man who smiled softly. She turns her attention to Hazel and the others with a less interested expression for her flashy appearance.

It was Uncle Strasbourg's butler Clift and Red Lotus sword princess Hertrude.

About two minutes after leaving Pericles, a two-headed donkey carriage carrying Hayes and the others reached Strasbourg's berthed No. 1 permanent bridge.

At the western edge of the capital, and because it is an immobile manoeuvrable castle fort, there is little shadow of man around it, and only the sound of the hammer (s) of restoration work continues to sound tontenkan.

When I told the gatekeeper soldier that I had brought Uncle Strasbourg, he hurried into the castle gate and brought back a large number of soldiers.

As a result, the area around the castle gate became a fuss like a beehive burst, and as he excused himself from the frightened and crying hazki, he was led by a large group of soldiers to a large mansion adjacent to Strasbourg Castle, where he was passed to the reception room.

The Strasbourg Castle, visible from the window of the reception room, was probably undergoing restoration work while it was being towed to Saratoga.

Still surrounded by wooden scaffolding, its full content had been restored by the time a castle-like silhouette of things could be discerned.

And wait a few minutes.

Clift knocked on the door.

As he enters the room, Clift walks over as he finds Hazki shaking his body in small pieces with gratitude.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, lady! You're safe. I believed in this clift."

But Hazki of the day, frightened by an old man approaching him in an exciting way, said, "Ya!" and when I hit a word of rejection, I hid on Hayza's back.

Marie tells Hazki's unfortunate face to a clift that clearly can't hide her shock from that attitude.

Deacon, Uncle Strasbourg has lost his memory and is now like a child.

"Oh my God!"

Keep your eyes open, two and three steps and a lagging clift.

If the Lord, who had waited with insomniable thoughts for so long, thought he had finally returned, he would have lost his identity and had toddler regressed.

Clift's desperate thoughts will be excessive in words.

"Hmm, Clift Han. You can't be wrong about this kid and this lord."

While Clift loses his word, Hertrude says so in a rather intriguing tone, clamping his face to Hazki, who hides behind Hayza.


With a roaring voice, Hayza panicked and bowed her head to Hertrude at the look of Hazki, who was still going to cry.

"I'm not sooty. Hey, hey, hey, get away from me."

"That scares me, but yeah. There's no reason to eat anything else."

To a hertrude pointing her mouth in dissatisfaction, Hayza rushes again, bowing her head.

"Shh, excuse me. This child is too familiar with Hihiko."

Feeling that he will somehow be made the bad guy as he is, Hertrude pulls back behind the clift.

But this boy named Haysa has the same dark hair, black eyes as the Lord, but has a slightly different atmosphere.

The Lord is the type who "wants to" but this boy is the type who "wants to bully".

A refreshed clift urged everyone to sit on the couch "please hang on" and while grabbing Marie and Hayza's cuffs, Hazki sits in the middle of the couch, burying his face on Hayza's shoulder.

As he stared at the condition with a seemingly complicated look, Clift asked both of them.

"Can you tell us more about the situation?

Hand control Hayza tries to open her mouth and take on Marie telling her how it went. In a poorly spoken Hayza explanation, the sun goes down.

"So this was already the case when Lord Hayza and the Kisk helped your daughter."

As Hayza and Marie nodded at Clift's inquiry, only Hertrude was trying to jump up a single eyebrow and thought of something else.

Kisk? Mm-hmm. Some familiar name or something.

Sounds familiar and natural.

Hertrude was in Asmodimos for a while. However, to the extent that I said I had seen it, I had no direct knowledge of Kisk.

"The question is, what are we going to do from here?"

Marie looks around everyone and catches her eye at Clift's.

"Clifton, Haz... I'm pretty sure it's the muscle to give Uncle Strasbourg back to you."

That's how Marie looks down at Hazki, and Hazki still grabs Hazel and Marie's respective cuffs with a frightened face.

Clift slowly sprinkles his neck.

"The lady now counts solely on you. Would you mind staying in Strasbourg for a while, if I may?

As Marie turned to Hayza, Hayza tied her mouth and nodded small.


Clift laughed lonely at Hazki, who still looked suspiciously at Clift, "Please lady," he lowered his head to Hayza and Marie.

Clift gives her head up and whines as if she were talking to herself, nevertheless with a frivolous look.

"But is this also called fate? I didn't expect Master Marilu to be alive and save your daughter..."


As Hayza followed Clift's gaze, Marie was ahead.

"Dear Marilu. When I heard the rumor that you had died, how much tears the lady wet her pillow and said," You're wrong!

Marie stands up absurdly as she cuts off Clift's words.

Hayza suddenly looks up at Marie, who abhors her voice, with a face like a pigeon ate a bean cannon.

"No, but..."

"I'm saying it's a different person! I'm Marie. I'm Marie the liar. I am a slave bought by Master Kisk. It has nothing to do with that person named Marilou!

That's funny, but Hayza can hear Marie's lies.

So I know this is a lie, but there was a desperation there that was completely different from the usual floating lies.

"Ma, Marilou is like, duh, what kind of person?"

"Lady Hayza!

Hand control Marie absurd her voice, and Hayza asks Clift.

"Yes, Master Marilou was your daughter's best friend.

The lady and Marilu, chosen as alumni of Her Royal Highness Princess Fatima, spent some time in this Strasbourg, but when you were temporarily returned to Elastenes, a motorized castle fort headed by Marilu's father, you heard that the motorized castle fort Merclius had been raided and Elastenes had sunk and Marilu had also died.

It was then that Uncle Saratoga and Lady Malene were chosen as Fatima's alumni.

It's a bad representation, but it's an alternate to Dear Marilu, so to speak. "

"Does Marie resemble someone named Marilou?

"It's not something similar, it's two melons."

Clift still seems to suspect that Marie is Marilou, but Hayza was convinced that Marie is not Marilou.

How Marie was when she first hooked up with Hazki. That was a human reaction that really didn't know about Hazki. Try to remember Marie's previous lies, but that can't be a lie.

"So, but really, I don't think Marie and the guy named Marilou are the same."

After moving his mouth for a moment to say something to Hayza's words, Clift quietly laid his eyes down.

"Really, excuse me"

After that, silence sat in the room for a while.

Untalked awkwardness is relentlessly causing Hayza's glass mentality.

When I looked at Marie, I stared at the floor with a flashing (probably) look, and when I looked at Hazki, I saw her wiping her nose with the hem of Hayza's hood cape, and I wanted to cry.

At that time, Concon and the door were knocked and a voice called to Clift and Hertrude from outside the door.

"Dear Clift, Hertrude, I have a visitor for you both"

Clift and Hertrude face each other unexpectedly.

Anyway, Clift can only be considered an associate of Saratoga if it were to call Hertrude.

"Do who?

"I am named Master Schmelvi"

"Okay, please let me in the other room."

When ordered to do so towards the door, Clift turns back to Hayza and Hazki.

"I'll have a room for two housekeepers (maids), will you please wait here for a while"

So when the two left in a hurry, Marie and Hayza, and a stranger, were left in the room out of sight, with a soothing expression of hazki.

Hayza asks Marie as she sees Hazki.

"Hey, Mr. Marie. Ha, ha, Hazki lived there, so, yes, if you're in this manoeuvre castle fort, why does Hazki, at all, remind you of it?

"Yes... maybe"

"Hey, after the cure, Bo Bo, will Hazki remember us?

"I remember. I'm sure."

Marie narrowed her eyes and whispered to Hayza, who laughed lonely.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Retrospectively (retrospectively) the time.

Just around the time Pericles passed through the gate and entered the impenetrable realm (cosm), on a coarse wooden bed with no cushioning at all, (su) wrapped around a smelly blanket and shivering in the cold, Saratoga Bormio celebrated his third morning in prison.

An underground prison with no single window where only felons can get in.

A dark space where the breath of death spit out by many prisoners, the asthma of suffering, lingers and calms down like starch (discharge).

Yesterday, Mio, shackled and put on a donkey horse, was imprisoned in this prison after being dragged around the city.

Though I say physical security guarantees, nothing actively protects me.

To Mio, a traitor and fallen power who murdered the royal princess, the people turned their gaze of hatred, and many stones were thrown, along with cursing to the point of harshness.

They cannot be treated by magic, and even now, from the bandages wrapped around Mio's head, blood seeps through the thin (groaning) bits, putting a straight face on the pain of blue bruises made in his body.

After a while, the trick and footsteps in the hallway make the patrol soldier stop in front of Mio's cell.

"Hey, it's rice."

When the soldier throws a solid black bread from between the iron lattices to the floor, | he leaves his contemptuous gaze and leaves again across the hallway.

Rolling on the floor, staring at the black bread, Mio sighs.

Sure, I'm hungry, but I can't eat this.

For pride? No, I don't think so. That is not the case.

What's in it. Because it's not what I found out.

For the trial, whatever hand Miriam struck, if Mio of the day was manipulated with hypnotics, I wouldn't even be able to get eyes on him.

When Mio, besides, unwraps the ribbon from Shrulli and her hair, one of the dough above her head unwraps and a round one wrapped in oil paper emerges from inside.

Mio pulled the oil paper and the meat dough (caffeta) appeared from it.


The day before his arrival in the capital, what Mio and Miglia had devised was a stash of food until the beginning of the trial.

I've tried everything.

Pinch the nan on the side. Put a pancake (pervado) on your back. In the valley of his chest, not a single noodle was pinched.

Anyway, somehow, until the trial started, I was supposed to hide it in Mio's head dough, which I conceived for you where you could hide the food.

So when I was taken, Mio's head dough was 20% bigger in size, but surprisingly, no one noticed.

The number of meat dough (caffeta) I brought in is two, one I ate yesterday, so if I eat what I have in my hand now, that's it.

If the trial doesn't even start tomorrow, we'll be cornered on an empty stomach.

Almost at the same time Mio unfortunately put the last slice in his mouth, he sounded like he was pulling the chains together from the adjacent room.

"That's what I said."

Mio mutters like that by himself.

When you're in a quiet space where no one's around, you really talk to yourself more.

Late last night, I heard a new prisoner being thrown into the next room.

Since then, from the adjacent room, along with the sound of the chains rubbing, the woman's slender voice and slight breath of groaning had sounded in the dark passage all night.

If I still clear my ears now, I can hear the groaning breath and the sobbing slightly.

I know I should leave you alone, but Mio's mediation didn't just start.

"Hey next door. Why don't you stop crying?

Being imprisoned here probably means being on death row, but crying doesn't matter.

Then why don't you think of a way to have some fun the rest of the time?

Suddenly, I hear a desperate groaning voice after hearing breathtaking breaths from the next room because of being hung up.

Mio conceives.

A creature called a human needs something to live for.

But if we can find meaning in dying, even dying, we can accept it. It's human splendour, strength.

I guess death row inmates crying next door need something to say about their own meaning of death, which is good for someone by dying.

I don't even know his face. To the death row in the next room, Mio wonders if he can give meaning to his death.

And I said.

"If you can't spare death anyway, Lord, will you bear half the burden of whoring?

By digging a hole in a secret that no one can tell you and shouting into it, I endure. I think we have a fairy tale to say. Wherefore will your Lord be a hole of whore? "

The sobbing voice stops and the silence sits in a dark prison.

"If you agree, anything is fine. Make a sound twice."

As soon as Mio said that, I heard a blunt sound of something hitting the wall with the apple.

Mio slowly opened his mouth as he nodded satisfactorily at the sound.

"It'll be a long story, but I was wondering if you'd listen"

That said, when I took a small breath, I opened my mouth to make up my mind.

"Maneuvered Castle Fort of the Whore. Actually, that's not Saratoga"