Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Lesson 96: Disaster in the Shape of a Girl

No matter how many trained soldiers you say you are, there's no way you can stay calm on a boulder if the neck of your buddy who was standing right next to you falls off.

It was no different for the elites who had dived through the battlefields, even the girls of the Sinful Corps (Liechtenstein).

Splashing blood splashes (chisels) stain the cheeks of some girls, some girls butt cake their hips smashed, and some girls scream in a plundered (spoiled) voice.

In a sudden disaster in the form of a girl, the guilty squad (Liechtenstein) girls were evoked part of their instincts as people called 'scared'.

If you move one of your fingers, the next person to fall is not your neck. If you think about it and start to be frightened, the snake-studded frog will say hello, and you won't even be able to move (as one person).

But it was the cry of their Lord that brought them back to reality.

"Don't get drunk, you idiots! All units deploy Intercept Armor (Intruder)! Get this one out of the sandgolem!

On the permanent bridge towards the city, the Merclius burkurlu, still not far from the girls by a hundred zars, exclaimed his voice as far as possible.

When the girls turn to the Krull to be played, they laugh unknowingly at the sight there.

Krull herself is trying to get back to the girls, but I see Kirchheim clinging to her hips desperately pulling back.

If Krull dies by mistake, the plan to save Mio will be dissolved with one less vote of acquittal. As for Kirchheim, no matter how mad Krull gets, that's all I'll never give in.

Like leeches (yamahiru), Krulu kicks his tibia (shin) with his heel (heel) in an attempt to tear Kirchheim apart from his back, but Kirchheim keeps desperately avoiding it.

They arrived and were serious, but to the eyes of a third party, they just seemed interested in the mysterious ethnic dance.

If we can show that in this slaughtered air, the girls have nothing more to laugh at than bitter, and the air looses in the unintentional form of a krull.

"Drop it if you're a man! I'm gonna slap that bitch with all my strength!

Following Krull, the girl who raised her voice aloud was the girl with the number three tattoo in her left jaw.

It is the only single-digit number among the Guilty Admitting Troop (Liechtenstein) girls here, and it is also the single-digit number, the last one.

While running around the battlefield according to the Krull, both 1st and 2nd were scattered on the battlefield, not to mention 4th to 9th.

It was only natural for her to serve as captain of this Custodial Corps (Liechtenstein), which at some point became the oldest.

The Guilty Squad (Liechten) girls nodded at the third voice, distancing themselves from Kisaragi, simultaneously deploying interception armor (Intruder).

The back armor (much like this) of the chest armor (breast plate) peels (peels) one after the other, and four iron plates rise above each of the girls' heads.

While watching the girls deploy the Intercept Armor (Intruder), I didn't think number three, and I felt sorry for their inertia until earlier.

Forget that you are even wearing Interception Armor (Intruder), the perfect weapon of the whole offense, and fear for one girl. Fighting is a serious matter for the members of the Conviction Corps (Liechtenstein), who will judge Merclius for his own crimes.

No longer exists in the expression of the girls.

There can be no gap in the girls who activated the Magic Weapon Intercept Armor (Intruder).

Around Kisaragi, the Guilty Squad (Liechten) surrounded the circle, and on the outside of the circle Nanashi was dressed to be left behind with Potsun.

As the girls lay down one after the other, Xaragi distorts her mouth as if she didn't see the girls, looking only at Nanashi and having fun.

"It took a long time for that Silver Ridge sword princess (Dogusa bitch) to get away from Ann, sorry"

Nanashi turns away from Xaragi, unwittingly.

I was never afraid.

A monster eating his own sister looks like his own sister.

I felt like if I looked straight in the eye, my emotions would erupt.

"... I guess Kisaragi's soul is safe"

"Of course! Nice to see you again Ann for a long time now... no I wonder if this is sad, hmm, sounds like some complicated mood. I don't know much about maidens."

As soon as Xaragi said so and shook his shoulder, the ground shook.

At the next moment, on the other side of Merclius, behind the sandgolem, which is stopped with its hands hanging on the walls, the ground suddenly rises and the sand protrudes high into heaven.

Shaking the earth, the sandy mountain that suddenly appeared began to turn into an inappropriate human form, like a pile of boxes in the mire, and another giant appeared.

"Aha, the main house, the ancestor Sandgolem is here."

Xaragi laughs innocently as she gets rid of the sand that pours all over her.

On this occasion, the girls of the convicted unit (Liechtenstein), who were in the form of total silence, all together attack Xaragi as they hoisted.

"Die. Yes!

From all directions, countless swords rolled out one after the other, countless iron plates flying in.

Meat chunks (mince) made.

The girls were never in doubt about it. But the next moment, the girls will be feathers of doubt about what they are witnessing now.

The blade that strikes, the iron plate of the intercepting armor (Intruder) that flies in, and all of it, is flat without even plundering.

Impossible! Yep, screaming in my heart, I also ejected Interceptor Armor (Intruder) number 3, who was directing an allied attack outside the circle.

In the shadow of an iron plate that flies toward Xaragi, he hides the blade (if he does) and strikes Xaragi himself.

Attacks from blind spots.

An unprecedented Special Strike.

But even that was not affordable and cut empty in vain.

Kisaragi has not stepped out of the circle surrounding him.

After only a few moves, he cut off the flashing (flickering) sword and spear blade.

"What? Are we done yet?

Looking around at the girls breathing on their shoulders, Xaragi stretches her nails toward the girl close to the stretch (yawn) crossing when she says so in any way boring.

For a moment, a girl with a pierced chest collapses off her knees without having time to speak.

An ultra-fast puncture (hiccups) that can't even make it to an automatic interception of interception armor (Intruder), the opposite of what Xaragi's distractions look like.


The girls went to war.

It seems like even a distant world event when it comes to the sight of the end of the world, where two sandgolems flourish with smoke in the desert, beating each other up and, when collapsed, regenerating.

Air frozen so far.

Totally broken. It broke my heart.

Unmeshing tooth roots, tears that fall zero (spill) within unaware.

"If you don't disturb me, I won't kill you, so make yourself comfortable."

When Xaragi said that in such a tone as to teach the little child, the girls were unwittingly relieved.

I'm relieved.

The word is, sweet poison.

As soon as I heard the words, the ones that had connected the girls were disconnected.

It would help if I didn't do anything.

Who can blame the girls for giving in to that temptation for overwhelming violence?

Kisaragi turns to Nanashi after looking around at the girls who will be dropped.

"So I'm sorry to keep you waiting Ann... is that it?! Not here!"

When Kisaragi looks back, he doesn't see Nanashi who should have been there until just now.

Looking around Kyoro, Nanashi's back caught his eye as he ran the permanent bridge toward the desert.

Apparently, he escaped into a gap (suki) where Kisaragi is arguing with the girls of the Confession Squad (Liechtenstein).

"Ann... isn't it a little too cool to run off with a girl?

When Kisaragi shrugged his shoulder with his face, Kisaragi, who was inside him, said, "Anne will do that!," he heard protesting. "Isn't it similar to survival and mackerel majesty?" And I said to Gordon, "I'll be with you when I speak up," and I gaveled at him, and I looked around, and I nodded my tongue.

"You have no choice. There's another person besides Anne who really missed you, and I think I'll finish you off first."

Ahead of Xaragi's eyes, there was a krull.

"Temehe, you're attacking yourself, but there's no way a lord can leave this place!

In an attempt to pull Kirchheim apart, who clings to the side of his waist, the Krull stifles his body violently.

"No. Nanashi is the one being targeted. If you don't get your hands on it, Nanashi will follow you somewhere!

"Get off me! What's going to happen?" I've had a lot of my men killed!

"You're in trouble if you don't go to trial safely!

"Ugh! That's what I found out!

Kirchheim stops watching Kisaragi walk over to the two arguing people, pales unexpectedly.

"Look, you didn't come over here because you wouldn't listen to me!

"You're here! You idiot! If you're a man, try to defend yourself against your lovely sister-in-law."

"Where do you have a cute sister-in-law! Don't be silly. I'm a civilian, right? If they're after you like that, they'll just stare at you and you'll die instantly. You want to widow your beloved sister?

"Yes, it is! Sister, don't think you can forgive me for anything if I go up there and say it!

I can't help but laugh at the too ugly argument, and the boulder xaragi.

"Yes, Krulu. Long time no see. How have you been?

It's like meeting an old friend.

Kurl stares at Xaragi by creating a very badly patterned look that his pre-dowry daughter should never do.

"Am I right? Temé, don't call me that, Zo"

"Oh? Don't you know me?

"You can't understand, Octopus!

"Well, listen, do you remember what you did on your twelfth birthday?


Xaragi exhales heavily and lays her eyes down.

You said you suffered so much, but you can't remember anything about who you were when you suffered.

Xaragi looks up. Leopard Weird. In his eyes lived a fierce rage.

There's nothing more to talk about.

Xaragi suddenly hit the Krull, shaking up her long stretched nails.

In a sudden attack, Krull also puts his hands on the hips sword, but in no time at all.

Getting hit! Kirchheim turns away unexpectedly with his hips on.

A tall metal noise rang and the spark flied violently.

Metal noise?

Why metal noise? And, as Kirchheim slowly opened his eyes, he saw a plate of lead protruding from the bottom in front of Kurl's eyes inhibiting Xaragi's nails.

Dropping your gaze downwards, you must have jumped in desperately. There was a Nanashi figure jumping up a sand tear (sand spreader) on his leg in an upside down position to inhibit Xaragi's nails.