"I've had a hard time making a situation like you walking through here."

The little fat man's slightly deaf high voice echoes the White Asian entrance hall.

"Hmm, I know you're here to get the rest of your life, but who is it?

The king inquired without any appearance of panic. The voice sounded like it was being plundered, but it wasn't by fear, it was purely by age.

The king is calm.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That doesn't matter. Because you will die here and I will be you. Hey, I sympathize with you. I lost my beloved daughter, and now I'm trying to be replaced by someone else."

"Hmm, my soldiers should hold back across this room, but that's all I'm saying. To call my soldiers here..."

"Of course you can't. This room itself is enchanted with recognition. No matter how much you scream, you never hear it, and you can't even tell where the entrance to the room is."

"It's all around us."

"Whoa, whoa, well, you took a lot of time. Initially, I was going to use Saratoga as bait to take Princess Fatima's body, from here to the deepest part of this palace, to ask you. So many crazy plans."

The king lays his eyes down.

The little fat man who had noticed it and received it - Bozmus glanced at the man in the robe next to him and slowly began to walk over to the king as he confirmed the man snorted.

Tips and footsteps echo on the polished white floor, and Bozmus walks over to the king, laughing at Niyaniya.

Are you just frightened again because you are the king or not disturbed?

In any case, the situation remains the same.

But only the king noticed.

An unnatural shadow falls to the ground on the floor in front of me, not of the king, nor of course of the two suspicious men.

As Bosmus walks, he stretches out his nails, aligns his fingertips and puts on his sharp blade-like nails to make them appear to the king.

And the distance between the two broke two zars.

"Be prepared."

As soon as Bosmus said so and shook up his arm, the anomaly happened.

Between the king and the bosom, the shadow that was unnaturally panned rose up there at once, and out of its shadow, a white blade protruded toward the bosom.

"Become!? What!

While the wolf raised his voice, Bosmus leaped back with his white blade behind his fingernails.

A shadow raised from the ground. From that, I saw a man crawling out with two young girls on his shoulders.

"Sir Meshmendi!

The figure of the honorable man is in Bosmus' memory. General of the First Army of Saratoga.

Two years ago, the fold of Saratoga's recapture, along with Princess Sword, was "The Man with the Devil" that Mio brought in from somewhere.

When he finished crawling out of the shadows, Meshmendi set up his sword and stood between the king and Bosmus.

"Hey, palmiddleboy. Much older."

One of the toddler girls hanging on Meshmendi's shoulder speaks affectionately to the king. It was clearly to man of old knowledge.

"Hmm, Beatrice, that's a lot of it."

"I want you to say you're young."

"Well, the fact that your lord's stuck around means you're Pericles and this kid?

"Why, are you even willing to apologize?


"Oh, you guys! Don't ignore me."

An angry look rises on Bosmus' face in a state of complete abandonment. He opened his mouth for the first time as the man in the robe moved forward with his hand to his shoulder so as to hold it down.

"Are you what Herod calls a devilish man?

Meshmendi sifts his shoulders with Pickle by the name of Herod.

Herod, that's the name of Mio's uncle who was banished from Saratoga two years ago and should have sunk in the desert. It is also convincing if Herod is alive and chews one, that he has set up an obstinate ploy against Saratoga.

"It was unexpected that you would emerge from the shadows. That doesn't seem magical..."

"Heh, I'm only surprised by the shadows. Did Ene and the others come here because they were in the math?

"Right. And of course, you have all the countermeasures against the devil."

"Haha, to say -. I'm letting Ene and the others dance on their own hands, I think so, but no. Because it's funny, the Enes are just dancing and doing it from themselves. If I get it wrong, I'm gonna die miserably?

Close your eyes so Ene can intimidate you.

But the man in the robe gently flushed it and changed the subject.

"Did you know that there are ruins in the northern country of Nedel called the Valley of Death?"

Nostalgic name.

"It was unearthed there."

The man in the robe takes a sword out of his back and throws it to Bosmus.

A one-handed sword embedded with four red gems in a pitch-black body.

"Demon Slayer."

Meshmendi drinks gokuri and spit.

From that sword, I saw a constant eruption of black temper.

"The gargoyles were scattered just to get closer, but how much will you have?"

"Ha, ha, well, there's no way that works."

"Ene, I can't do this, I'm in danger"

Ene had a cramped laugh, and Sarne whispered to Bosori and Ene.

"I have to give you time to use it!

The next moment, Ene's figure, hanging on Meshmendi's shoulder, scratched out.

The next moment, when you show up in front of Bosmus holding the sword, wow! He is beaten to the bosom as he blows a flame out of his body with the sound of

But Bosmus flashed it with his sword.


Raising the voice of the Terminator, Ene fell to the ground with Dobodbo, becoming a black tar-like liquid.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Pay (Paris)! Pay (Paris)! Pay (Paris)!

He lags behind, even paying himself for the sharp nails that roll out one after the other.

I can see a groaning voice leaking out of Nanashi's mouth and I can't afford it at all.

Kisaragi, with the body of a golem who knows no fatigue, although he is watching the gap that turns to counterattack, does not always look like he can rest his hands.

The scaffolding is unstable, even though it is a stone flat roof.

On the roof of a three-story building, behind a few zars, the roof runs out, and if you are pushed that far, you can't even fly backwards and out of much time, facing the ground.

We just have to stay on foot. I just have to go faster than that.

Nanashi stops lagging behind and goes forward.

Use your body (wanting) without taking it with your sword as much as you can, and slash it as you can to get around the attack.

Xaragi gave a surprised look at Nanashi coming forward, then distorted his mouth with pleasure.

"I'll do it, Anne."

Kisaragi and Nanashi were confronted as they pursued him to the roof.

There are a lot of horses gathered beneath the building, pointing at the two of them.

Kisaragi talks to Nanashi as he slashes Nanashi without a scratch.

"So Anne, what's that woman?

"I'm a companion of the same motorized castle fort."

"Do people in the desert usually throw up the same motorized castle fort?

"That's what's so yuki!

Even though I answer, I can't afford Nanashi at all.

Nanashi was in a deep hurry.

I can't kill my sister-in-law, so I'm slashing her off the steeple, but I'm still not slashing her out of my hand.

But Kisaragi will easily slaughter Nanashi.

"Ann, I can't believe Zigen doesn't work for me anymore, so why don't you give up?

"How can you stop pretending to be a xaragi"

"What a sad thing to pretend, Anne. Kisaragi and I have come to an inseparable point."

"What do you mean?

"Become one with Atashi and you'll see that too. Yikes!

When Xaragi plays Nanashi slaughter, he aligns his nails and pokes Nanashi's flank!

He made a blunt noise, and the meat on Nanashi's flank was decided, and more and more blood erupted.

Unexpectedly raise your voice and kneel, Nanashi.

Nanashi rises fluttered as he plays the claws of the xaragi with a knife as he pursues them further.

Blood seeps from between my pressed fingers, and my breath is rising in bitterness.

"Anne, what if it's time to give up? How did you do that? Anne's knife won't hit Atashi. Come on."

Nanashi wiped his bloody fingers with his clothes, holding a knife with both hands, pulled his half and lay his torso about under his chin.

Take a stand specializing in Kasumi and poking moves.

My breath is already up and bitter, my eyes are sumptuous.

With her eyes narrowed and out of her painful breath, Nanashi squeezed out the words.

"I don't think Xaragi will forgive my brother for giving up here."