"I failed... I need to hurry and eat my soul"

Xaragi shrugged as she crawled up from hanging at the end of the house to the roof. While it sounds like a light mouth, the words clearly have a mix of rushing sounds.

If you fall from this height with your shoulder slit, there won't be a single slice (once in a while) of Nanashi on the boulder. Well and dying. If it's bad, it's possible that it's already out.

No matter how many golems you say, after being summoned to heaven, you cannot draw your soul down and eat it. It was a clear failure to drop a nanoshi from the roof, albeit a backlash.

Look down at the one where the nanashi fell off the roof. That's a thin alley between the buildings. Looking down from the top of the roof, it's dim and you can't see down there.

"Totally, Anne, if you do, let Kisaragi take care of you all the time"

Leaking a grunt that would make Nanashi want to protest against the boulder if he heard it, Xaragi follows the route that has climbed this far the other way down to the ground, like a bounce.

Best if Nanashi is dying and unable to move. You can eat as long as you live to lose consciousness.

Originally, a woman of her age would be ashamed to make a heavy-duty landing tone called Zushin, and when Xaragi descends on the ground, people watching in far-flung winds smash their gaze painted with fear and curiosity.

Inside, you can also see a royal soldier in white armor, but there's no way he's going to attack you just looking at you in a far-flung roll. When Kisaragi makes you joke and blink (wink), "If you don't disturb me, I won't kill you," the soldiers are uniformly breathtaking and stiff.

No, you guys would freak out too much. So when he returned the crust and the heel, he began to walk towards the alley where Nanashi had fallen.

Ahead of Xaragi heading, the people on that path flee screaming, and the road paves (hiraki) at will without having to do anything. Feeling like they were chasing sheep around herding, and, well, it might be kind of fun, and even though Xaragi was in a good mood, people were more and more frightened.

When we reach around the entrance of Nanashi's fallen alley, Xaragi abruptly stiffens his expression and stops his leg. The soul of his sister-in-law (Xalagi), behind Xalagi's chest, began to resist sending Xalagi to Nanashi. But then the relationship between the eating side and the eaten side. At best, it's to the extent that the fish jump on the slab. She held her sister-in-law's soul back lightly and gave Xaragi a "futile, futile" look. However,

"... not here"

There was no sign of Nanashi in the alley.

In the cobblestone mossed green because of the lack of sunshine, there are traces of a large amount of blood, like a water reservoir, but there is no sign of a nanashi there. Xaragi looking around in a hurry. And I realized my own failure. A narrow alley runs between buildings like a spider's nest, and if it gets in there, it's too hard to find it.


Unseemingly, he spits out bitterly painted words and peeks into every alley as he runs. There are no ex-girlfriends and no children to run away from because they've hunted us down so far.

"I found it!

Kisaragi shouted delightfully as she peered into the fourth alley.

I found a girl pulling over in a dark alley, trying to lend her shoulders to Nanashi.

Girl in red dress with plenty of black frills. The discomfort jumped all at once in the xaragi as soon as I saw the girl go with a ball of sweat on her white forehead pulling the nannashi together, disturbing her red hair.

"That's the woman!

Xaragi rushed all at once toward the girl as she stretched her nails again to prepare her combat posture.

When the girl in the red dress noticed the footsteps she heard from behind her back, she gave a gleeful look for a moment, then tried to pop it and roll the nanashi behind her back, blocking her in the middle of the alley and pulling out the great sword.

The distance between the girl and Xaragi cuts ten zars. At that moment, the girl waved the crimson sword in her hand as she uttered the sacrament without question.

"Fireball (Fiamma)! Explosion (Ixprogio)! Fireball (Fiamma)!"

From the tip of the great sword as soon as possible, one fireball after another popped up. Three of them.

This woman, she's used to fighting. That's what Xaragi decided.

Instead of releasing them, they interweave two magics with different ejection speeds, making them harder to avoid, and apparently they're not the only ones.

But the same is true of stopping if you hang on to "The Eye that Prospects Everything," which now dwells in the eyes of Xaragi. Besides, every fireball is slower than Nanashi's sword moves by step.

When Xaragi lightly flaunts it, the woman distorts her mouth with remorse and releases more fireballs one after the other.

Kisaragi knows the flying fireball, plays it with his fingernails, and approaches the woman step by step. The look on the face of a woman who gradually runs out of room, inspired by her abusive heart, speaks with a bouncing voice.

"No use! You already know it's no use, right? Give Anne back honestly. Then I'll forgive Anne enough to put a scratch in her face so she can't use her eyes again. Come on."

But the woman put her sword back on, wiping the sweat flowing through her forehead, with a frightened look on her face.

"Nothing to give back. This is our guy. I'm going to go home with you and talk about tail love on the bed, so don't you want to get in the way of it?"


Kisaragi is stiff on the woman's words.

"What, I don't even know what it's like to be a craftsman like you wanting to flaunt our lovely Lord Han. The Lord has a lovely daughter-in-law all the time, and he's going to be adorable every night until morning. I can't afford to deal with you right now!

"Until morning..."

"Seya, you look so cute, but you're so intense."

If xaragi is calm, notice and natural cheap provocation.

But the effect is surface (tempestuous). An unspoken negative emotion dyes the back of Xaragi's chest, and the back of her eyes flashes with a tickle of anger.

I want to tear this woman in front of me to pieces. I want to trick Anne into killing this whore who works infidelity. Kill, kill, kill, kill, colos, colos......

Oh, hey, calm down. Xaragi panicked at the sound of groaning in her. The intense emotions were not those of the main body of Xalagi, Marilu, but of his sister-in-law (Xalagi) behind his chest.

Kisaragi makes her anger rise from her whole body so that she can be drawn to the emotions of her sister-in-law (Xaragi). A voice rises from behind the woman in the red dress as she waves her right hand on the overflowing slaughter. It doesn't belong to the Nanashi that should have fallen there. A woman's voice. It was the voice of a sweet woman on her nose.

"Aha, that's fine, Hel. I know exactly where your sister-in-law is."

Unexpectedly eye-opening xaragi. When the figure of Nanashi, who lay powerless on the other side of the woman in the red dress, scratched off, the figure of a luscious woman appeared there.

He is definitely a magician with a purple robe.

Trap! Mazui mazui mazui mazui, it's a trap. This is a trap. The alarm goes off violently in Xaragi's head. The magic of a direct attack, like a sword or a fireball, can do as much, but you can't wait to come (teasing). Xaragi circles her thoughts as she is still forced to hold down the soul of her sister-in-law (Xaragi), who strips her fangs toward the girl.

If the provocation was to identify where the soul of your sister-in-law (Xaragi) is behind your chest, it would mean that you have the means to do something about it. You should leave here once.

So determined to retreat, something glowed behind the alley stretching to the right, behind its darkness, when Xaragi lagged behind. At that moment when Xaragi tried to turn her gaze toward you, a tremendous lateral impact struck Xaragi's body, making a fierce noise, slamming its body against the wall on the side of the alley.

"Turn back the xaragi. Yeah, yeah!

If you open your eyes to something, in front of you, the face of a Nanashi in desperate shape in a position where the tip of your nose just hits. Nanashi stuck to the sandspreader.

"Nanashi-kun, keep it up. Well, seal the move!

Without needing to be told by the sorcerer, Nanashi, in his supreme shape, eats up his critical teeth and presses his forehead against his forehead, grabbing both wrists of the xaragi. At his feet, the sand tearer (sand spreader) makes a noise, raising his thrust and pushing the xaragi even harder against the wall.

"Damn. Ooh!

Still calmly speculating about Nanashi's condition, even as I raise my voice, I can figure it out. Xaragi was so sure.

The power of the Golem is not comparable to that of a human being. Even Nanashi has been bloodstained, and since he fell off the roof, he has not been treated in any way, and he has remained bleeding from all over his body. If you keep pushing it back, it won't hold up that long, that's what you decided. However,

"The pink black peak, the flaming liao's claw, three thousand claws, coming from beyond hundreds of millions of hills, the table behind, the table behind..."

Xaraghi panicked greatly when he heard the magician chanting.

The magic that has not been shortened by the sacrament indicates that it is a magic that that magician has never used before. I'm trying to use some kind of special magic.

Nanashi is about to be bounced off even more violently by Xaragi. But Nanashi pushes it desperately as he raises his beastly voice.

Kisaragi also wrapped his inner tongue wondering where he had this power in the habit of the injured, but that's not long either. If this was Anne's limit to the power that gradually weakened her, and at that moment when Xaragi gave her strength once more, she heard a woman squeaking bosomly from behind Nanashi.


They say, "Go!"

In a moment, two men running from behind held Xaragi's shoulders as if they were pinching Nanashi in the middle.

"Mr. Bhagabutt!? Even Mr. Zazi!

It is the two gladiator slaves (Ishara) fought by Nanashi in the Battle of Exhaustion (Igzost): the giant Bagabud and the Iron Ball Zaji.

"Ha ha, kid, aren't you dying? That's not cool."

"I really don't want to help Omae!

Zaj looked like a tundra for some reason.

When Nanashi turned around, he saw a tall housekeeper (maid) standing there with a little girl wearing a veil softly.

"I'm here to help."

"I'm worried and worried about your husband, he's not staying, he's not staying, and he's already coming to help because he's going to cry. They say."

"I didn't say that much"

Maraine and Tricia, the substitute housekeeper (maid). Nanashi's cheeks loosen in the same way they look.

"Get off me! Get off me. Yes!

Kisaragi, whose situation worsened, became semi-frequent and called (wow), and after a more violent rampage, he realized that he couldn't shake it off as it was, and stared at Nanashi weakly when he was powerless.

"Anne, it hurts, please help me"

I know you're just trying to bond Nanashi. But when he looked sad in the face of his sister-in-law (or sister-in-law), who kept searching, Nanashi's determination, independently of reason, was powerless and weakened to push.

Sweet. Anne is helplessly sweet. At that moment when Xaragi gave her strength to push Nanashi back, giggling in her heart,

"The inversion of the two worlds, Léviersvillovanier!

The chant is complete.