- Time froze.

Of course, it's a metaphor, but if Nanashi is going to use the sensation he has felt now as a word, this is the expression he deserves.


When Nanashi unexpectedly opens his eyes and inquires, Mio shows a slightly irritating bare gesture.

"So... I hear who your friends are! Your Lord suddenly stepped into the hall and said, 'I want to save my friend! I'm telling you to listen to me because I don't know what to say!

"Hey, hey, wait a minute. Dear Mio, I'm talking about Miriam right now..."

"Am I, Miriam? Who is that...? Ha-ha, now, Lord, you're unconsciously hooked up to a woman again."

When Mio says so with a huge jump of one eyebrow, Arge stops moving perfectly behind Nanashi.

"What is it again! I'm talking about the housekeeper! This is Miriam, Killier's sister!

On the way Mio looks suspiciously at the root of his eyebrows and turns his gaze to Killier.

"Kirie, did you mainly have a sister?

"If you're an air sister, I will...... unfortunately, the real sister"

"E, air sister?

"Nanashi, no! You mustn't touch it there!

Mio raises his voice in haste to the confused Nanashi. Touching it poorly, from here on forward, it is visible to the eye that it will be the party that will be heard of Killier's delusions in an extended manner.

"Is that it? Don't you mind, Master Mio? Sister Air. It's called Chloe..."

"No, I don't care at all"


Leaving Killier pointing her mouth at dissatisfaction, Mio turns to Arge and changes the subject.

"With that said, Arge. I just realized, why were we gathered here?

"Ah, it was certainly like a meeting between Mio's report of his return and... the celebration stage..."

"Well, if you ask me, I'm starting to feel that way."

A voice slowly dwindling. Arge et al. Unconfident answer. But Mio, accepting it lightly, trumped Bassari and suspicion with a word of 'I feel that way'.

"Celebrations are tough on boulders now."

"Well, I was wondering if it would be better tomorrow."

Killier opens her mouth, trying to break into the nodding Mio and Arge stories.

"Dear Mio, then how about the day after tomorrow?

"Why not?

"It's a corner, so he wants time to plant a hidden art. Welcome to" I Have a Sister "..."

"All right, we'll make a decision tomorrow. So, Killier, your lord is exempt from the hidden arts. Orders Bunny Girl all day as an assistant"

"Dear Mio!?"

At the last banquet, Happy (...) Y (...) Mio was talking to Nanasi back from Gergios in a separate room, so he hasn't seen that he has Killier's sister. However, reports have been received from Kirchheim that 'it was a catastrophe'.

Killier falls off her knees. Slightly poked Nanashi's shoulder from behind as he looked at it, and Hertrude laughed nimmatically and said.

"Lord, look forward to it, or our new comic book will blow the fire!

And the Doya face.

"Just the Red Lotus Sword Princess!

I felt like the cold wind had blown through me. Even though it's indoor.

Until then, the conversation between the soldiers who had bothered to do so is interrupted simultaneously and a sudden silence is visited.

Nanashi stares at Hertrude with cold eyes.

But Hertrude's heart was strong.

"Just the Red Lotus Sword Princess!

I wish I could stop. Helltrude to say it again.

But just the second time, all the gaze piercing at Hertrude is icy. The sword princess of Red Lotus, full of bokeh, was abruptly quenched without spraying the flames of laughter.

"Well, Lord Nanashi, if you're going back to Pericles, tell Schmelvi to prepare the hidden arts as well. I thought I'd invite Murray too."

Mio told Nanashi how much he enjoyed himself.

I guess I see a crouching Killier and Hertrude in the corner of my sight, but I'm completely silent.


Nanashi returning a raw reply for now.

Nanashi was confused.

Where was Nanashi's grief when he stepped in here, and now on this occasion, he was returning to Saratoga, the hall of laughter with which he was completely familiar, the fortress of the manoeuvring castle.

If it's just Mio or Hertrude, I don't know if I could give up a hundred steps and do this kind of joke, but there's no way I can be so clever or anything like that because of Killier or Arge's character.

"What's happening..."

Of all the soldiers laughing and laughing with pleasure, Nanashi is the only one bowing down with an unfloating look.


It's like Miriam didn't exist from the beginning.

Nanashi noticed Hatha after squealing like that.

They decided you weren't there?

If you can think about it - the magic of oblivion.

Nanashi looks around with a sharp eye as he sits down.

Not every soldier remembers his face, but no one finds it particularly suspicious.

Apparently, only Nanashi remembers Miriam on this occasion right now.

I can't think of a reason. But if this was due to the magic of oblivion, it would mean that we did magic to so many human beings simultaneously without ever coming into contact. Is it possible to fulfill such a thing?

Suddenly there was footage of Schmelvi busting up behind Nanashi's brain thinking so.

Don't tell everyone why it was a bust. Nanashi is also a boy.

Rather, it is even possible that I only recognize Schmelvi in Soko.

Anyway, if it means magic tears, it's best to ask Schmelvi for backup. In conclusion so, Nanashi began to act.

While I'm guzzling, if there's anything I can make you forget about Miriam up to Nanashi, that's where it all ends.

When Nanashi jumps on something that rips sand (sandspreader), he jumps out of the hall, trying to drive the soldiers away again at a rapid acceleration.

Suddenly a hertrude left behind, desperately raising her voice as she pursues Nanashi, as everyone is bewildered.

"Oh, Lord, I've forgotten about us! Forget it! Souvenirs!

Hertrude's behavior of calling out 'souvenirs' while pointing to his nose tip is completely meaningless.

"A souvenir, what..."

Unexpectedly so twitchy as Nedel, Nanashi decided not to think deeply that this would be a communication gap with exotic born humans.