Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Lesson 113: If you do more than that, Princess Sword dies.

"Oh, no, are you going to do that?

A woman's low voice as it echoes from the bottom of the earth.

Make a sound with piscilli, a stiff nanashi.

That's the voice I could hear. I don't even have to turn around to see who the Lord of that voice is.

"... Lord, keep holding on to that poisonous woman. Because I'm going to make a delightful ice statue with the chest recessed in the shape of the Lord's face."

"Hey! Lady Sword! Tamma, stop!

Nanashi waves Malane's hand away and looks up momentously from her chest.

What a horrible thing to say.

Of course, we know about Maraine, but if she leaves any further traces of porn (konseki) that cannot be escaped, it is not an accumulation.

"No, it's not. That's not what this is about!

As she wandered over, to Nanashi, who raised her voice, Princess Sword stood with her hands on her hips as she walked over once. I looked down at the two of them in an angry manner.

"Lord Maraine! Even though you promised to wait until it was all over, what the hell are you going to do about running out!

"Misunderstood. I was just comforting my husband"

"No excuses! The Lord is the Lord too! Even if I try to accompany you to bed, you're going to be categorically rejected. What? Would Lolita's milk pillow be good! Is that your maniac hobby!

"No, you know, it's not really like that... Lady Sword, please calm down."

"Can this calm you down! I struggled so hard to defend Lord Mio (...) Zhang (...) and (...) came (...)!

"Oh, really?

"That's right! It's what the Lord wanted you to see, too. Uncle Asmodymos paled in my sharp pursuit. It is no exaggeration that Lord Mio was able to win his acquittal, almost as much as I (...) 's (...) merit (...)!

It's not an overstatement noise.

If there had been a clift on this occasion, it would not be strange to vomit blood because of this thick comment.

But Nanashi and Malene know nothing.

Show me a bare gesture that I honestly admire and slap my hands with a pussy.

"Princess Sword, if you do it, you can do it"

"It's a boulder, a sword princess. No, it's amazing!

"Eh heh. Well, not so much."

A sword princess who deflects herself satisfactorily from the obvious obedience of Malane and Nanashi.

All right, we've succeeded in getting off topic.

With that in mind, Nanashi exhales unexpectedly.

However, the structure of the brain is not so simple as to be deluded by boulders recently by the silver ridge sword princess whose asshole child suspicion has been whispered.


A sword princess who suddenly leans over and shudders.

Sassy blood draws from the faces of Nanashi and Malane at disturbing signs of rising from that body.

"Yet! Mr. Clift leaves me, and he just carries me home, and if I walk home with a snag, the Lord will bury my face in another woman's milk pillow, and it's a carnival with a dairy mambo! Cocksucker."

"People listen too badly. No, no, no!

Unsurprisingly disturbing Nanashi.

"You know what! Lady Sword, that's not what we were doing..."

Blocking Nanashi's words, desperately trying to explain the situation, Princess Sword shakes her head all the time telling everyone not to say it when she pounds Nanashi's shoulder with a slightly better smile.

"I know, Lord. Maris understands. You got flustered and craved for that obstinate temptation of lolliwasting meat because of the loneliness I'm not around. It's okay. Everything bad is the tits giant there. Oh, abbreviate it, Piant. The Lord is just like being bit by a dog."

"You have no idea. Hey, hey, hey!... I don't know why I abbreviated it!

As always, the sword princess becomes an unreasonable chunk when it comes to Nanashi.

Ultimately, the spearhead never goes to Nanashi.

In her, the Lord is always right = the immovable formula of bad opponents is established as a matter of course.

And as the sword princess glanced over Maraine, Maraine took her gaze directly from the front,

"I'm not as inclusive as Princess Sword"

And when he said unto them, he hid behind their backs, as if he had made the sassy nanashi.

It was a bug-like move.

If you do talk about size alone, Princess Sword is the so-called 'standard'.

If you say so, it is middle class. I can't compare it to a heavy maraine.

The next moment,

Biscuit, like pulling a string from both, sounds like that, and blue muscles rise up in the temples of the sword princess.

Oh, this, Akan or Tsuya.

Nanashi's instinct tells.

"Lord Maraine, I must speak to you alone once."

The wrath (burning) sprays from the whole body of the Pulp and Trembling Sword Princess.

"Hey, sword princess, calm down!

"Absolutely, it's a miscalculation. I thought you should be wary of Mi (...) Li (...) A (...) Lord."

Nanashi doubted his ears.

The sword princess ends the word No, Nanashi holds the sword princess's hand and stuffs it with excitement.

"Lady Sword! Did you just say Lord Miriam!?

To too much nanashi momentum, the boulder sword princess also escapes her upper body to be frightened.

"Yeah, yeah, what's that?

"Miriam the housekeeper (maid)?

"Yeah, yeah."

"Mr. Killier's sister, Mr. Miriam?

"Well, yes."

"Princess Sword, you remember Miriam!

"No, nothing I remember...... If you're talking about that stalker housekeeper (maid), you're always on guard. Even this time it is about the Lord, so I hurried back because I thought I would never leave that housekeeper (maid) in the trap. That's what's been hitched at the carnival..."

To that word of the sword princess, Nanashi shudders himself to stiffness for a moment, then turns into a crying, laughing, complex look.

And the next moment,

"Thank you!

and screamed, hugging him hard about the sword princess.

"What! What's this? Heaven? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

A sword princess who makes a very strange scream of wolves.

But Nanashi jumps around with a big shag, holding the sword princess like she forgot me.

"Thank you! Thanks! Ha! Yes, yes, I'm not wrong. It's everyone who's forgotten!

It is rare for Nanashi to explode feelings of joy so far.

After a while, Maraine suddenly looked at the bouncing Nanashi as if she noticed something.

"... sir"

"What is it, Mr. Malene?"

"If you do any more, the sword princess dies"


Returning to me, she looked happy in Nanashi's arms, and let the hot air rise from her head with her burnt face on, and there was a sword princess who was fainting.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Nanashi visited Schmelvi's room again, accompanied by the sword princess and Malene, who managed to regain consciousness.

The time was already late at night, and the shaped Schmelvi, awakened where she was asleep, seemed a little grumpy, but she let the Nanashi and the others into the room lightly, thinking she couldn't help but come with me to Lord Pericles' daughter on the boulder.

When Nanashi explains to Shumelvi that she is not the only one who remembers Miriam, she puts her finger on her jaw (chin) and thinks deeply.

"Well, suppose we all forget about our daughter, Miriam, Nanashi, you and Serdis are the only ones, why did you remember that?

Extremely serious question, the sword princess raises her hand forever.

"Um... actually I have an idea about that... It's very hard to say, but the contract between me and the Lord is magical..."

Nanashi accidentally dropped his eyes on the crest, like a snow crystal, engraved in the back of his own hand, and Schmelvi, who followed its gaze, slaps his bread and hand.

"Oh, I see... I get it. Wow. I see. That's what you're talking about."

"Hey, wait a minute. Mr. Schmelvy, please explain it to us so we can see it."

"You've come to me before to request an appraisal of that crest, haven't you?

"Yeah, that's the guy Miriam asked for from Mr. Schmelvy."

"... Killier in my memory, though."

Memory tampering is thorough.

Apparently, Tsujitsu can be replaced by others so that it fits.

"At first, when I saw that crest, well, I just thought it was a 'curse'. I just thought I'd carefully deciphered it and explained that ancient magic and sacred magic were messy, mixed, unscrupulous, intricate manipulative magic."

"Yeah, I did hear that,"

"Partly, there was a part of me that didn't even know what it was."

The sword princess shivers her body in a vicious manner.

"The part you don't know?

"Yes, I think that's where the seeds are this time. So, aside from that, I can't do oblivion magic to everyone at once. That's what I said earlier. If you reverse the idea, you can do the same thing."

"Reversing the idea means…"

"Forgotten (...), not forgotten (...), forgotten (...)"

Schmelvi nods small at Maraine's whining.

"That sort of thing. The magic that everyone can forget about her... in this case it's a curse. I wonder if this would be the case if I hung up"

"Not that everyone forgot, but that Miriam was forgotten by everyone."

So Maraine slaps Pong and his hand.

"I see, the curse doesn't work on your husband"

As for Malane, who was scattered by the sword princess because the curse of the slave collar did not work, it is a very convincing story. But Nanashi, who hadn't noticed the curse of the slave collar itself, doesn't really know what the hell Malane is talking about.

"Nanashi-kun, the Miriam is the reason I never forgot about my daughter. That's the crest. The curse does not double. Only the more powerful ones are activated."

"Huh? I mean? What is it? What..."

"Nanashi-kun, well, it doesn't mean you weren't affected by the curse of oblivion because Sir Cerdis didn't curse you already"

Nanashi to be extinct.

In a great panic, the sword princess opens her mouth.

"No, I didn't know there was a curse mixed with that magic. It's true. Maybe it's not a curse. Maybe it's not a host-eating kind of guy."

"Probably... I think my nerves are getting corroded by Princess Sword's remarks right now."

When Nanashi exhales heavily, he turns again to Schmelvi.

"So what does Princess Sword remember?

"Nanashi-kun, the contract doesn't work alone. Naturally, Sir Cerdis must have the same crest."

"Really? Where is it? Let me see."

".................. Ri"

Turn bright red and bow.

"What? I'm sorry. Please try again."

"I said butt! Shiri! Ketsu! Hip!


Don Pull Nanashi.

So why Soko?

"So, what are you going to do? Nanashi-kun."

Schmelvi looks at Nanasi with a serious look.

"No, you can't check your butt on a boulder..."

"I don't want to! I'm asking you what Miriam is going to do with her!

"Of course I'll help!

"Are you sure that's all right? My daughter Miriam might not want that."

"... what do you mean?

"To help that daughter is to disobey the Empire. Until this curse strikes me, I wonder if I'm trying to be forgotten by everyone, to help them, to keep them out of danger."


Nanashi can unconsciously swim his gaze toward the sword princess.

If one Nanashi meets a dangerous eye, nothing gets lost. But Princess Sword will always follow Nanashi.

When Nanashi and I met each other, the sword princess smiled and nodded small.

"We just have to be able to do what the Lord wants to do. I will eliminate all those who stand in front of the Lord."

Next to the sword princess, Maraine nods too.

"Whatever your husband wants"

At that moment when a jittery and a hot thing rose up in Nanashi's eyes, there was a man whose door would step in with a baton of momentum.

"Let me ask you something, we're not the only ones who get rid of it. I don't feel comfortable trying to help other women!

"Ah, a souvenir!

"Don't say goodbye!

It was a souvenir and a hertrude.

Apparently, Nanashi, who cemented her resolve, grinned at Schmelvi.

Schmelvi exhaled,

"It's not like I'm the only one with a view of heights."

And I laughed bitterly.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The morning of the day Miriam was executed.

Mio slept well.

Until yesterday, I couldn't sleep in Locke on a hard bunk (bed) in prison. Compared to that, the feeling of a fuzzy bunk (bed) in my room could be called heaven.

Early in the morning, when the newly born sun across the horizon gave just a little head, someone shook Mio's body, sleeping happily.

"Dear Mio! Oh, my God! Wake up!

"Hmm... I can't eat anymore."

"Yes, thank you for the promised betty bedtime. Please wake up, not... It's tough. Wake up and come to the bridge now!

I try to wake Mio up like Killier panicked.

"What the hell..."

"Manoeuvre Castle Fort Pericles has been taken over by a mysterious group!