Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 115: How to Get the Right Maid Back

As a big premise.

Video cannot be delivered in real time by magic communication (call).

In other words, the "Mysterious Organization" statement that Mio and the Lords were watching is edited recorded footage.

It's edited, but it's like an NG collection.

Naturally, that's intentional.

There are two reasons.

Now that Mio and Killier have forgotten about Miriam, there is no reason why Saratoga should not obey the Empire. Not to mention that if the manoeuvre castle fort of Malane, my best friend, were to be occupied, Mio would surely send out soldiers for the rescue, genuinely for Malane.

Mio can fight Saratoga if he doesn't understand that it's some kind of marinade craziness.

Another aim is to keep Pericles from getting tired after it's all over. Because Pericles was threatened by a 'mysterious group' to make any move since then, to insist so.

Initially, there was a proposal to hold Malane hostage and demand Milia's identity straight, but he couldn't possibly give me the felon who tried to kill the royal princess.

It concerns the dignity of the Empire.

Instead, putting out Miriam's name would only increase her vigilance around her, which would do no good.

What I aimed for was halfway, like wondering if I should really deal with it.

Fluffy condition that makes everything clear except the fact that Pericles is occupied.

It was a 'fluffy offense statement' that didn't inspire the other person while telling them what they wanted to tell them.

Also, it was Schmelvi who drew the muscles.

She had a reputation for taking Mio in her hand.

The delivery of that Fluffy Offender Statement was over, and Nanashi and the others were poking each other in the bridge (bridge) of Pericles.

"So, you've got the grip inside Pericles?

Schmelvi asked Maraine as she elbowed to the operations table.

Maraine nods distorting only her mouth to the shape of a ni smile.


"Perfect. The men of his father's children were gathered in one place and imprisoned, and the whole army of Pericles was already in possession. And they say,"

Whistle with Hugh to make a bare gesture that Hertrude was impressed with.

"It's white, don't do it inside."

They decided how to call Maraine 'white'.

"Of course."

"Naturally. The military side of Pericles was originally, almost, in my grasp. My father is an asshole, dumb hipster, ballless bastard who can't help it, so I'm oblivious to the military. And they say,"

"... I didn't say that much"

Somehow, this substitute housekeeper (maid) is tough on Uncle Pericles by the point of being unusual. I do feel like I've been dealing with garbage before.

One, Nanashi, sitting in a luxurious seat off the table, laughs bitterly.

Against the luxury of the chair, Nanashi circles his back and gets smaller, looking somewhere restless and frivolous.

That, too, should have been the original seat of Uncle Pericles, the top seat in this motorized castle fort.

I wanted to stop by, and although I was forced to sit there, Nanashi couldn't help but want to escape due to the poor rest of her hips.

When it comes to why Nanashi is in such a place, there is naturally a reason for that as well.

The broadcast toward the outside was such a guddah feeling, but inside the manoeuvre castle fort Pericles presented a completely different look.

"The Sword Emperor Nanashi, the next Pericles uncle, had a coup against the present Pericles uncle with" Fiancée Maraine ". That's what's supposed to be an extremely serial situation.

No one moves Pericles in the name of saving one housekeeper (maid). It is a necessary measure for Pericles to have full authority.

... but no matter how crazy they were, the fat role of usurper was too heavy on the herbivorous Nanashi in one way or another.

"Um... it's time for me to move to your table too... right?

"Then I'll explain the operation."

Shumelvi opens his mouth, listening perfectly to Nanashi's remarks and looking around at the faces on the operations table.


Schmelvi tries to say the human name we're trying to save for a moment. After all, the curse seems to be considerable, powerful. No matter how many times I remember it, I quickly forget the maid's name.

"Regarding the execution of the housekeeper (maid) in the matter (Kun Kun). Huh, there are already a lot of announcements out there all over the capital. Wow. According to this, the place of execution is the Arena (Colosseum), and the time is noon."

"Arena (Colosseum)? Is it normal to execute people like that?

When Hertrude tilts his neck, Malene waves his head next to it, and Tricia standing behind it speaks for herself as usual.

"It's not normal. That's what they say."

"His Majesty the King had given instructions to inform him to dispel the stigma of Lord Mio, so it must be a kind of showup"

The only person, Princess Sword, who knows how the trial went, said so.

"I mean, let the housekeeper (the maid) carry all the sins, and by executing him in front of the audience, I don't mean to completely end this noise while dispelling Mio's stigma."

"Wow, don't be shy. What's the audience like?

Fifty thousand.

"The capital's Arena (Colosseum) has a capacity of up to 50,000 people. And they say,"

"Fifty thousand!? Akan, imagine that already."

I look up at the ceiling so that the hertrude can scratch.

"Where is that arena?

Nanashi pinched his mouth from a distance.

I really am off the record, so I want you to let me sit at the table.

When Malane glances at Tricia, she nods one and opens her mouth.

"The place will be at the northwest end of the capital. It stands just behind the number one permanent bridge, on a small high cape, so it's a cliff on the north side."

Assuming the capital is a horizontal rectangular island, Pericles, where the Nanashi and the others are, is around the center of the bottom, and the arena is towards the upper left corner. That seems to be the kind of positional relationship.

"Cliffs on the back mean we have to go from the front."

"Let it go. But if you let the audience in, it's going to get lost in there and easy?

When the two sword princesses look at each other and tilt their necks together, Schmelvi gives a playful look.

"You think so."

"You don't?

"Sure, it's just as easy to get into the audience, if you look at past examples, and if executions are carried out in the arena, it's like setting up an execution stage on a stakeout stage in the third floor section. If we're going to head from the audience, we're going to have to climb the stairs set on the north side through the middle of the arena."

"The soldiers are deployed. We have to go inside. That's what I'm saying."

"I don't know, a little bit, and if you do this face, it's a problem."

Schmelvi slowly shakes his head as he watches Hertrude put his hands behind his head and hang them in his chair as well.

"Otherwise, if they notice you're trying to take the housekeeper (maid), they'll just execute you while you're fighting, and that's it."

There's no point in being executed as a housekeeper (maid) by the time you get to the execution bench, no matter how much you take down the soldiers.

"So what do you say we aim for him on his way there?

"Sir Cerdis, do you know what route they'll escort you on? I don't know if it's true or false, but there are rumors that everything from the Millennial Palace to the Colosseum is connected by underground corridors."

The sword princess leaks a small groaning voice.

"So that's probably the only chance there is between the time the housekeeper (maid) is pulled out to the execution bench and the time she is executed."

"Well then... with the magic of 'Flying (Cielo Andante)' from the audience"

"I can't do that. Pericles has more than one Spirit Stone installed inside the Arena (Colosseum) that usually inhibits magic activation. Even if you don't, assuming you sent Nanashi in 'Flying (Cielo Andante)', are you coming down the stairs with a housekeeper (maid) fighting a large number of soldiers?

"Ugh... so what if I crash from the sky and storm in Cadille Varanga Grosso?

Schmelvi sighs in disgust at the sword princess who tries to devour her.

"If it's okay to crush every housekeeper."

For a moment, after he gave a cursory expression, Noh, the sword princess was drooled with such writing letters on her back.

"octagonal plug"

"It's not an octagonal plug. And they say,"

Tricia speaks for Malane with a swollen expression without changing one complexion.

But Schmelvi said with a smile.

"That's where the manoeuvre castle fort Pericles comes in. Dear Maraine, what is the height of Pericles' walls?

"About thirty."

"About thirty zers." Oh, that's fine, I don't have time. "

Tricia tries to speak for herself, Schmelvy cuts, and poor substitute housekeeper (maid) is denied existential significance, making her mouth pucker like a goldfish.

"The north side of the arena is a cliff of ten zars, and the height of the Colosseum standing on it is about fifty zars. That means the entire height of the arena is about 60 zars from the desert."


Control of the sword princess who tried to pinch her mouth, Schmelvi continues the conversation.

"Well, when it's in the same 30-zar position as Pericles' walls, that's about upstairs. In other words, pretend to leave the capital at the manoeuvre castle fort Pericles, and go around to the rear and catch the boat behind the arena (Colosseum), and if you break in from there, you'll have to go up the stairs for the first floor to the execution bench."

"I see!

At the time Hertrude raised his voice, a soldier jumped in as he panicked to the bridge.

"Royal and Carlon soldiers are gathering outside the gates."

There is no way to panic about what is on this scene, targeted at the soldiers trying to panic. I delivered that footage. Naturally, it is woven that there is some reaction.

"Let the soldiers out?

Malane confirms to Schmelvi.

Tricia is messing with me, by the way.

"Folding horn, Pericles treats you as just a victim of being occupied and threatened. No, it doesn't mean you intercepted him with Pericles soldiers."

"Well, for what we're gathering outside the walls, there's nothing wrong with letting it go."

The soldier hastily adds words to Princess Sword's statement.

"The enemy has already started using the unlocked hammer to launch an attack on the castle gate!

"It's hard to be broken through the castle gate."

Malane lowers her eyebrows to the letter (c).

Pericles can't drive with the castle gate broken. Santrisia is still messing with me.

"Don't be shy, do we?

To Hertrude's words, Schmelvi shakes his head.

"Wow, I'm coming. If a large number of opponents can do as much magic as they can around the 'Paralysis Cloud', I'm going to make them take care of themselves so they don't get their victims out. Wow."

That being said, Schmelvi leaves the bridge (bridge) smiling and waving.

It is certainly better decided if we can simply render it powerless than to wage flashy fights and make noise louder.

Nanashi asks Maraine as she drops off Schmelvi's back.

"Mr. Maraine, how long before Pericles can move?

"Half an hour more"

It takes roughly half a day for a manoeuvring castle fort in a fully suspended state to move out. The demonic crystal furnace activation sequence I ordered within last night should be completed by now.

"Then, as soon as Mr. Schmelvy returns, let's set off"

"Speaking of which, how many enemies?

When Hertrude asks the soldier, the soldier answers remaining in an upright immobile position.

"Ha, I was wondering if there are about 200 people at the moment, it's just..."


I have a bad feeling about Nanashi's head.

"There was a strange woman at the beginning, and she said, 'Give my brother back!" and they're spreading things that don't make sense. "