"Ma'am, give me your hand"

Parking for passenger carriages near the centre of the harbour area, between the permanent bridges Nos. 8 and 9.

A skinny swordfight-slave-like man gets in first and reaches back over the freshly arrived carriage.


Nicole smiled and grabbed her hand and pulled it up onto the carriage by a tall woman.

Sometimes they bring two gladiator slaves (Eshala), but the woman's calm moves are not the same as those of a young lady in a big store somewhere (oh yeah).

The outfit, which was decorated with understated outfits (accessories), was elegant, but it was not something like dragging people's eyes, and it was somewhat too plain.

Rather, it was another gladiator slave (Eshara) who followed the woman into the carriage, which caught the passenger's eye.

Some of the passengers turn their eyes round as soon as they see the gladiator slave (Eshara).

It should be, too, that he sat at the top of the rankings of gladiator slaves (Ishara) for a long time, until his defeat at the Battle of Exhaustion (Igzost) at Fort Pericles, a motorized castle, the other day.

If you say so, celebrity.

Few in the far capital knew its face.

He referred to the two names as Stormy (Stormy) Perrin, a gladiator slave (Eshara) who boarded the carriage first, and God Speed's (Faster) Mustadio, as the pattern of his colleagues serving the Pericles aristocrat Lord Falkan.

The appearance of Perrin gave the car a rough vibe on Russia, and the tall woman - the substitute housekeeper (maid) Tricia - bends her mouth to the letter to wonder if she missed the selection.

Maraine chose the man of strength and gave it to me as her confession, but given the task (mission) of disguising herself as the wife of a merchant and distracting herself from the audience, Perrin's presence can only be described as a miscast.

But he doesn't even know inside Tricia's chest like that, and Perrin herself has a satisfying look, which is against her chest. That was sexually angry with Tricia.

"Customer, I'll let you out!

The passenger in the carriage waits for Tricia and the others to get to their seats and whips them into the donkey horse. A slow moving carriage. The destination is the gladiatorial stadium (Colosseum), far from where you can walk, and half the way around the capital.

"Lord Tricia, is Pericles okay?

A mustadio sitting next to me asks, lurking his voice.

While waiting for the carriage earlier, the line had seen the motorized castle fort Merclius set off away from the permanent bridge.

Of course, I don't have to bother thinking about what Merclius moved for, etc.

"It's okay. Let's do our job."

Tricia turned to the desert as she answered so, lurking her voice in the same way.

The main road in the port area, the carriage, is heading west along the desert.

Lady... you're safe.

Mobile castle fort Pericles barely visible far away.

Tricia tangled her fingers in front of her chest and prayed for the Lord as she followed a bean-grain-like sole with her eyes.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

By the time Tricia and the others boarded the carriage, the motorized castle fort Pericles had turned off its rudder to the west and changed course to draw an arc.

Centrifugal force exerted on the body towards the starboard direction.

Outside the window, watching the sun flow towards the rear, Schmelvi exhales in a ho and looks back towards Nanashi.

"For now, it looks like it's off the ray of a magic cannon."

"Sounds like..."

Looking at the overlooking footage shown on the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor), it appears that it was able to come off the front of Merklius, the manoeuvre castle fort, coming from behind.

What's more, I could have earned more distance than I expected.

As Pericles cut his rudder to the west, Merclius also began to swirl, but for less than a small turn, a further distance became open.

The relative distance is roughly 1,000 zars. The positional relationship is almost parallel.

Currently the motorized castle fort Merclius is driving behind the starboard side of the motorized castle fort Pericles.

Merclius is faster than you might have imagined, but Pericles is a lightweight manoeuvre castle fort. In terms of speed, you're never losing.

Even if the magic of "Flying (Cielo Andante)" is used, the flight distance is precisely limited to 100 to 150 zars. If you keep your distance, you won't reach boulders no matter how proud you are of the ultra-long jump.

In a reassuring situation, Schmelvi carefully begins to verify whether the researcher is sexually (safely) or if there are any other risks in advance.

Then, if I kept running away at this distance, at some point, I thought the risk would be aggregated.

That's when we cut the rudder north to get around to the back of the capital.

Whatever you think, you'll have to get into the Merclius magic cannon (Magi Driver) ray at that time. That's the question of how to do it there.

"I don't know what to do with it..."

Wherever it goes, it takes the form of a commanding officer, but Schmelvi himself is inherently only a magician.

Normally, they are caged in laboratories (labs) and immersed in research, and in times of war, backward support is their original role. He didn't even have a defensive or retreat method or one of the doctrines, as opposed to accumulating tactics, in a good place to take command.

"Um... Mr. Schmelvy, are you okay?

"At least it's hard to say it's okay."

I can see that Schmelvi is troubled, but Nanasi doesn't see the thoughts shaped in Schmelvi's head.

I didn't know how to react to her fragmented whining, I just had a puzzled look on my face.

When he notices Nanashi's worried expression and smiles weakly, Schmelvi asks the bridge (bridge) crew.

"Ser Cerdis and the others. Ha, we're already at the walls, huh?

"Please wait. We're going to show you the starboard wall."

The Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor), which shows overlooking footage of two manoeuvring castle fortifications from above, is shown on the walls of the castle in a small window-like fashion at the bottom of it, showing the two sword princesses.

"I wonder what you're doing? Arr."

I don't know the details, but apparently the two sword princesses are arguing about something. As always, those two aren't sure if they're close or bad.

"Can you communicate with the two of us?

"No, you two don't seem to have spiritual stones for communication. Using external speakers, it is possible to call…. Do you call?

"Thanks, it's still good now wow"

Schmelvi turns again to Merklius, the manoeuvring castle fort in the overlooking footage. Then, 'I have nothing to say if you give up on me like this,' Maraine returned to the bridge (Bridge), where she left to summon the gladiator slaves (Echala) as combat personnel, whining in her chest about her perhaps impossible aspirations.

"How'd it go?

"I gathered the gladiator slaves and instructed them to go to the walls. to Zaj and Bagabud."

Zaj and Bagabud. The two of them would know Schmelvi well. but neither of us seems like the type of leader.

"Where's Don?

If that's how it works, it seemed to Schmelvi that Don - Gordon, who looked like Xaragi, was somewhat better. But Maraine shakes her head as she sifts.

In fact, Maraine also went looking for Gordon at first.

Unlike Zaj and Bagabud, Gordon is given a room in the castle until Xaragi wakes up.

The closest gladiator (Eshala). It should be, but there was no one in the room to see where he was fluttering.

At the moment Schmelvi sighed in Malane's response, tension ran over the bridge as the crew bothered to russia.

"Merclius had a move! I'll show you the footage!

At the same time that one of the crew members raised his voice, the overlooking footage on the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) gradually focuses on Merclius.

Merclius, a manoeuvring castle fort, the most distinctive part of which is that the deck (deck) stretched out from around the middle of the castle extends to the left and right walls.

The Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) captured hundreds of units of soldiers aligning on its deck. Troops full of young women. Each face was seen to be surrounded by ethnic (tribal) characters and numbers were drawn.

That's the rumored Decriminalization Squad.

Schmelvi's voice is entwined with a slightly derisive sound.

I don't even think she's sane because of her senses, such as a woman tattooing her face. An excuse for a hot woman. At this point, that's how I perceived it all I wanted.

However, Schmelvi's face was pale while looking at the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor), and such room would blow away somewhere.

"I'm not kidding! I'm not stupid!

Schmelvi speaks up unexpectedly.

It was a giant crossbow (Ishiyumi) that the soldiers pulled heavily over the deck.

Twenty of them. All of it was adjusted toward Pericles, and it was not the arrows that were loaded on the strings, but the soldiers who fell asleep in depression.

"Looks like you're going to shoot me out with that one."

Nanashi doesn't look surprised because he has been shot out of a stone thrower (Trebusiette) in the past. Otherwise, I usually doubt my sanity.

"There's no way it's gonna arrive"

Pale white skin, maraine groans bossly.

"Not normally. But I hear the Decrimination Squad (Liechten) is making ultra-long leaps happen. Wow. When I think about it together, oh, it arrives. I guess that's the way it works."


"Actually, it's crazy, those people, huh?"

Inside the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) also during that barren interaction between Malane and Schmelvi, steadily its insane work progresses.


"You've been ejected!

The crew raised a similar voice to the scream.

The Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) follows the figure of twenty soldiers shot out at a terrible speed.

The first speed is fast, but the speed drops rapidly around the height reaching its peak.

fall. As soon as the Nanashi and the others thought so, four steel plates popped out of their backs and gathered over each head. Then their bodies rise up on steel plates shaped like flowers or four-leaf clovers as if they were suspended by invisible threads, slipping straight through the universe and heading towards Pericles.

In addition, successive sequences were ejected, and the footage of the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) looked like a large group of flying inago.

"Well, at least it's going to reach the top of the walls."

Schmelvi laughs bitterly as she wipes the sweat seeping out of her forehead with the cuffs of her robe.

Above the walls are the sword princesses. All we have to do is leave it to them.

Maraine, who was pale and anxious until earlier, on the other hand, when Schmelvi was perceived by a kind of thought similar to that of giving up, came here and began to move resolutely about what had blown off.

"Instruct the sword princesses to step back!

Running elsewhere (approx.) to the center of the bridge (bridge), Schmelvi, confused by the sudden action of Malane, sends instructions to the crew one after the other.

"Air defense control, control, come here! Get the console out!

"Air defense control, activate! I'm transferring control!

Together with the response of the crew, several small spiritual tablets (monitors) and countless button-lined consoles (consoles) emerge from the floor to surround the middle of the bridge (bridge) and the marinade.

Maraine lays her hands on her chest, meditates (crushes) her eyes, and exhales deeply.

And when you open your eyes, you next gaze at one of the smaller spiritual tablets (monitors).

"Fall Forecast, 25 of 3, 3 of 7, 76 of 12, 44 of 4..."

Maraine lines up the numbers like singing bumps with a serious look.

"Um... ma, mr. maraine?

Nanashi has no idea what Malane is trying to do.

The small spiritual tablet (monitor) that Malane is staring at captures the soldiers of the Guilty Squad (Liechten) approaching the walls of Pericles.

And the first soldier landed on the wall inside the screen, exactly at that moment.

"Amendment, 26 of 3"

While Maraine raised her voice like that, she slapped the button.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"If the Lord says he wants to return to the desert, then naturally, it should be respected!

"Say it, asshole. Lord Han is a kind man. I live in the desert, and I don't see us struggling."

"That's just because you want to be extravagant, isn't it?

"Shit! It's blue, you don't know anything. I don't know what it's like to live in poverty with this young lady."

Merclius, that way.

Above the walls, the two sword princesses were even arguing.

It ends with Nanashi showing restlessness in Uncle Pericles's seat. Specifically, on the road to the walls, Nanashi hated the current situation, so we talked about what we would do next once we had a paragraph.

The trial of Mio has already been completed, and Nanashi's sister-in-law, who has not regained consciousness, has been rescued. Regardless, Maraine would disagree, but there is no reason to stay in Pericles forever.

Leave Pericles. That was good. Until then, the two of us were in agreement. The problem is then.

The sword princess of Silver Ridge said that if the Lord wanted, she would not even quit to reach the desert people's settlement, and the sword princess of Red Lotus took the position of stopping it no matter what.

Together, we were thinking about Nanashi, but on the one hand, it was "Lord fundamentalism" that absolutely sees Nanashi's demands, and on the other hand, from a more realistic point of view, it was "the euphoria main Han reformist" that let Nanashi get used to urban life so that he could spend time in a good environment.

The two arguments no longer presented a similar appearance to the religious controversy.

But the situation shouldn't wait for the end of the dispute between the two of us.

As far as the enemy soldiers ejected from Merclius go to cover the sky within sight, the quarrel is also interrupted by boulders.

"I'll settle it exactly later!

"Don't cry when it's time!


They stare at each other and then look into the sky.

"So, if we shoot down monsters in the air, it's our turn."

"Well, then, it's me who's been diving through it, and I'll deal with it."

That being said, the two nodded at each other, and when they hit each other with fists they gripped, they laid a sword of love on each of them.

But in the meantime, abruptly, zazzle! When the noise runs over the walls, the announcement then sounds from somewhere.

"Lady Sword, you two must evacuate from the top of the castle wall to the stairs as soon as possible."

Unexpectedly, the two look at each other.

"Hey, wait! I'm in the mood for a corner. What do you mean?

Red Lotus Sword Princess yells at those who hear the announcement as she jumps around pussy. On the other hand, the sword princess of Silver Ridge puts her shoulder down and grabs the shoulder of the sword princess of Red Lotus so that she can peel.

"Is it red? It doesn't make sense to scream. We can't reach the bridge."

"Holy shit!

"Let's do as I say. Think about where this instruction came from."

"Hmm? What do you mean?

"I don't know which instructions came out of Lord Schmelvi or Lord Malene, but either way it must not be Locke"

"Let it go. Those two, they're both flat out with us involved."

It's a rude thing to say for a long time, but it's certainly not strange that Schmelvy would have hit Waza and Maraine by accident, with a hand that would involve his allies.

As they ran toward Patapata and the stairs, they looked back a few steps down, with their swords in place just in case.

Turn around and there you will find a number of enemy soldiers who will exchange clouds.

"Even some of you should shoot it off. Yeah?


But as soon as the sword princesses started moving to move into action, Zazzle again! Maraine's voice echoed over the walls, wondering if the noise had run.

"25 of 3, 3 of 7, 76 of 12, 44 of 4 in the drop forecast......"

"What? White, what are you trying to do?"

In the meantime, a first line of enemies is about to descend on the walls.

And finally, right next to the stairs, in front of the eyes of the sword princesses, the first one there stepped down.

At that moment,

"Amendment, 26 of 3"

Again, as Malane's voice sounds, and backwards and forth,


The scream echoes over the walls.

The moment the enemy soldiers land, the floor at its feet pakah! And it opened, and the enemy soldiers fell into it.

"" What!?

The blazing sword princesses.

But that's not the end of it.

Whenever an enemy soldier lands, one floor after the other opens, he swallows the enemy soldier lightly.

"Three of Seven."


"76 of 12"


'44 of Amendment 3'


Enemy soldiers in the air see their allies down ahead swallowed up into holes drilled in the floor, pulling their faces in fear and scratching their feet with jitter, but they can't resist natural falls no matter how.

Open the floor.

Swallow enemy soldiers.

Close the floor.

Too surreal repetition.

"" Ha ha... "

Staring at it with more and more eyes, the two sword princesses leaked a dry laugh.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"I suppose it should be called reverse mole tapping..."

As Schmelvi looks at it with a dazzling look, Maraine still stares at the small spiritual tablet (monitor) at hand and continues to tap the button from next to next with horrible speed.

Nanashi surprised me, but if I cut it off as a pit, I wouldn't be convinced.

But even if I was convinced, there was one thing that bothered me.

"That, what happens when you fall inside?

"I'm not gonna kill you."

"You mean capture?

Maraine slowly shakes her head as she moves her hand.

"After a while, the mysterious mucus coating will drain from under the walls."

"Mucus paint?

"Yes, roughly now I lose my will to fight"

Nanashi unexpectedly loses his word.

From a motorized castle fort while driving, mysterious mucus paint, thrown out in the middle of a desert with no water to wash off, or worse than poor torture.

In fact, the lower part of the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) shows an enemy soldier already ejected in the form of a small window.

On the desert, the muddy, sandy girls were crying over their eyes.

"Well, you cry... that's"

To that grunt of a dong-pulling Nanashi, Maraine pointed her mouth just to say how out-of-heart she was.

"The girl is wet. My husband should be more excited."

"No, even if they say it should..."

To be clear, I only feel guilty.

Or get excited about the wet painted girl, or what pervert is Maraine trying to tailor Nanashi to?

A crew member reports the dong-pulling nanashi elsewhere.

"Looks like a few people jumped over the walls and stepped downtown! He's in a state of engagement with a gladiator slave."


When I rushed to the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor), I saw Zazi swinging an iron ball overhead, staring at the enemy.

"I'm going to the rescue!

"It's okay."

To the rising Nanashi, Maraine tells him plainly.

"By the way, this air defense control extends inside the castle and throughout the city"

As soon as Maraine said that and hit the button with momentum,

............... Zaji disappeared from the screen.


"Hey!? Zaj, come on. Uh-huh!