In the centre of the bridge (bridge), a maraine surrounded by a console and a small spiritual tablet (monitor) frowns (hissing) in good shape, while remaining stiff with her fingers hanging from the button at hand.

The spiritual tablet (monitor) on the front shows the sight on the walls.

On the other side of the screen, Silver Ridge sword princess Mass Maricis and war freak (warmonger) Krull play a fierce melee (dusty).

Maraine has been exploring the timing of dropping the Krull into a trap since earlier, but she was too close, could drop every sword princess, only a few millimeters, and hesitated to sink the button.

Princess Sword is an important force in the present situation.

After I drop it, in 'Wrong', I can't let the boulder finish me off.

* Note Even Zaj can't go wrong. (See Lesson 118)

Maraine was among the enemy soldiers flying in from the motorized castle fort Merclius, capturing a completely different orbit from the rest - the appearance of a war freak (warmonger) Krull.

Yes, I did capture it, but I can't do anything about it if it falls right from the top to where the sword princesses are.

By then, after beating down the girls of the Scattered Decrimination Unit (Liechtenstein) into a trap, it was obvious how the Kurl who flew in as a successor could not be dropped.

Nanashi shook her head small as Maraine put her finger on the button and gave her a scattered look for salvation to the Nanashi behind her.

"It's okay. The sword princess is unbeatable."

There is no basis. But I am certain.

The strength of the sword princess Nanashi has seen so far is not to this extent.

Looking back into Nanashi's confident eyes, he snorts, maraine takes her finger off the button and looks up at the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor).

"Make it so, Uncle Merclius. Ha, I wonder why you attacked me?

Similar to the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor), Schmelvi tilted his neck just beside Nanasi.

"Why... isn't it because of that offensive statement?

Normally, if a group of people with no taste took over the fortress of Friendly Land, it's not strange that they came after us with outrage.

Schmelvi, however, looks frightened and shakes her head small.

"That's impossible. Wow, that war freak (warmonger) can't move a finger for people. That, if you say so, is the ultimate self. Something you only do the way you want to do it."

"Well, I didn't come in here to rescue Pericles or to detect that we were trying to help Miriam..."

"There isn't."

Neither did Nanashi at this point imagine that the cause of Merklius' assault was that he saved Krull.

Having received Nanashi's rescue as a humiliation, Kulu has returned to his castle after Mio's trial, where he may have two maneuverable castle fortifications - Pericles and Saratoga. As soon as any of them left the capital, they were after the tigers.

"Anyway, I have to go help Mr. Hertrude..."

Hertrude lying behind the Silver Ridge sword princess.

Over the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor), you can see that there are more and more bloody clumps on the flank of the Hertrude.

"Hey, that looks pretty fucked up, Hel. Wow."

"We need to hurry."

With that said, Schmelvi grabs his shoulder and pushes away Nanashi, who floats his hips from his seat.

"So you're telling me not to forget my purpose, right? Nanashi-kun can't help it. I can't even treat him."


"But it's not like that. Don't worry, I'll go."

"Mr. Schmelvi"

"That said, I've already used the magic of 'Regeneration (Linashente)' twice today, so one more time is the limit for the rest of the magic. After that, I can't use magic anymore. I don't think I can be a warrior after that."

To Nanashi, who looked up anxiously, Schmelvi hurriedly left the bridge (bridge) as he smiled and meditated with one eye.

While chasing Schmelvi's back with his eyes, Maraine asks the crew.

"What about the enemy soldiers who went into the city?

"We are currently responding mainly to black (black) Uhuru, giant (giant) Bhagabuts, and torturing (torturing) Bullhahns, but the situation is not good. It's a downside. Everyone seems to be struggling with that weird steel plate."

Maraine points her lips in any dissatisfaction with the crew member's answer.

"Don't go anywhere!

"I haven't discovered it yet!

"Where are you going?

Nanashi twisting his neck accidentally.

I don't know why. Maraine looks like she said she would.

"Gordon, where have you been?"

"No, you don't normally understand, that instruction"

Malane's lack of words has not begun now, but rather the bridge (bridge) crews (crews) who can see it now are over-trained, no matter how many?

At that moment when Nanashi shrugs back, one of the bridge (bridge) crew raises a similar scream.

"Ma'am, it's tough! Magic furnace reactions increase at the No. 1 permanent bridge! Motorized Castle Fort Rhoda is in the launch sequence!

"It doesn't. Rhoda must have blown the bridge."

Malane bends her mouth to a letter to.

"No, but I did, ah... I started moving. Trace speed, but starting straight south. If you keep going, Rhoda will block your path."

"Why don't you let me?

"I can't. If the Rhoda keeps going south, it will be blocked by speed adjustment only if we change course slightly."

"Turn around big..."

"You can swirl to swell to the south, but in that case, the estimated time to reach your destination is at least a positive moment."

Maraine bites her thumb hard as she stares at Rhoda's path predictions reflected on the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor).

If it were a moment late, the housekeeper (maid) 's neck would be after it had fallen to the ground.

Imagine Nanashi falling into mourning, and Maraine shook her head unexpectedly.

I won't let you. I will never let that happen.

Maraine silenced and wondered if she had shown herself thinking for a while, suddenly, staring at the little monitor in front of her, slamming out the keyboard with cataclysm and tremendous momentum.

And at the end of the day turn big! And when I tapped the key, I raised my voice surprisingly loud as I looked around at the crew.

"Swirl along the orbital calculations I just sent!

And that moment when Pericles' future path appears on the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor).

The crew was full of bridges.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Above the walls, the battle between Silver Ridge sword princess Masmarisis and the war freak (warmonger) Krull continues with greater intensity.

The sword princess unleashes a slaughter with a sword wrapped in cold air, and the Krull bounces it back with a 'Peace (Frieden)' steel plate.

Occasionally, the tip of the sword sweeps the body of the crucible by sewing the gap between the steel plates, while the crucible sticks out the cross spear for a flash of clearance that the sword princess can do after waving the sword.

While lacking each other's decision-makers, they meet with countless wounds to a certain extent, but without retreating a single step.

Eventually when the paralyzed Krull jumps backwards like a sword princess poke, at that moment, four of the six steel plates gather over the Krull's head for a gliding posture,

Keep it up. Increase the flight distance wide to take a distance of at least ten zars.

Freed from the prolonged melee (infighting), Princess Sword and Krull, the two exhale loudly at each other.

"Ha, you're breathlessly disappointed, you sword princess!

"You're the one"

At this time, they were wrapping their hearts and tongues around each other in the anomaly of their other's existence.

Rather than just rolling out a poke with a cross spear, six steel plates attack, the maneuver is more overwhelming in the Krull.

However, despite such an attack, the Silver Ridge sword princess is meeting without retreating a step.

"I didn't expect you to hold up to my 'Peace' opponent."

"I can't believe I defeated the sword princess with such a broken board, licking it is probably..."

As soon as I almost said that, Krull squeezes his jaw toward the back of the sword princess. with an unexpected eye behind her back. The sword princess


and leak his voice.

There, 'Some (What) of the Red Lotus', hit by the slab, lowered his eyebrow root and was soggy and depressed.

Even though he is dying of bleeding a lot, this is what you would call whipping a corpse in our eyes.

"Well, I wonder if there's ever been anything like that..."

I should have been trying to provoke the Krull, but Princess Sword's words only left a subtle air on the spot, which interrupted.