Suddenly, Uncle Pericles stands up with his voice up.

"What have you done?

Uncle Rhoda looks surprised.

Uncle Pericles mutters with a full look of amazement when he slightly trembles his body.

"Yes, now..."


Uncle Rhoda is breathtaking, not to mention Uncle Pericles.

"I thought Mare Mare told me she loved it. Aaah!

A moment of silence.

"It's an illusion."

Man who doesn't crack jokes, Rhoda Uncle Bolft Lot.

Most of the bridge crew members said they were weakened by Uncle Pericles' screams, but cut it off lightly.

"No, it's not. That's not true, Uncle Rhoda."


"Pericles to the Spirit Plate (Monitor), please? Come on!"

Uncle Rhoda asks the bridge crew, looking suspiciously at Uncle Pericles, who is clearly in a hurry.

"Can you get it out?

"I'll get the footage!

The video switches from the overlooking (fukan) video, which indicates the positional relationship of the manoeuvre castle fort, to the close-up of the manoeuvre castle fort Pericles.


At that moment, Uncle Rhoda spoke briefly and lost her words as they were.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

A long whistle (slightly dizzy) that sounds like a strange bird's chirping.

Then a low roar began to roar from the tip of Pericles to scratch it off.



Forgetting that he was on the enemy's side, the moment Krull and Princess Sword looked at each other, Pericles' giant suddenly bounced like a rough horse in a hissing, and the illusion of the cobblestone waving at his feet struck the sword princesses.


Sudden and intense vibration.

You can't even stop with your wounded legs, and the sword princess lifts up her loose voice between them, two or three steps behind her, and when you stick with the dosari and the buttocks as you go, from beneath its buttocks,


And I heard a frog crumble.

As you can imagine, the Lord of Voices, the Red Lotus Sword Princess Hertrude.

"Ass" of Princess Sword of Silver Ridge fell where she was about to regain consciousness with the magic of Schmelvi. Eat a butt attack (Hip Attack) on the back of your head in a push-up state and hit your forehead hard on the cobblestone. It clouds the consciousness again.

"Sir Cerdis, are you okay?

"Oh, thank you. Lord Schmelvi."

Schmelvi, who was kneeling (kneeling first) beside the lying Hertrude, hastily supported Princess Sword's body, but there was no sign that the vibration would subside.

Princess Sword and Schmelvy grasp each other's bodies and endure such vibrations that they are likely to be blown behind their backs as soon as they are distracted.

"The one who names the sword princess is to this extent......!

"No, Sir Cerdis! Don't move!

Schmelvi rushes to stop the sword princess trying to get up while eating her teeth away.

"Now, if it moves, Hell, they'll throw it out back!


That's what they say, and the sword princess looks down.

"Hey, hey! Red! Where are you sticking your head in?

Under Princess Sword's ass, the back of Hertrude's head.

It's not like Hertrude stuck his head in.

Hertrude answers nothing to that protest of the sword princess. There's no way I can answer that.


Grasping the status quo, the sword princess accidentally stuffs her voice behind her throat.

Exposed to severe vibrations with only his head pressed against Princess Sword's ass, Hertrude's body was falling like a willow in a storm, with tremendous momentum.

If the vibration continues like this, my neck will likely lift at the end of the day, but that's why, now, if the sword princess is anything to put her hips up at all, Hertrude will definitely roll off the walls instantly.

No, for Hertrude, the sword princess's butt was the lifeline, as well as the life butt.

Princess Sword and Schmelvi support each other, holding down Hertrude with their asses to withstand the vibrations. On the other side of such a ridiculous sight, the other krull also had a distressed look on its face, which appeared on the walls of the walls.

Krull turns his eyes to the black dagger in his hands for remorse.

Now, if you scratch a single strand of hair, Princess Sword will fall during Krull's surgery. That way Kurl's victory will not waver. I thought it was supposed to be.

"What the heck is this?! Cancer or shelling!

At that moment when the octagonal teeth were swept out and the krull roared (ho), behind the krull, at the tip of Pericles, a small explosion sounded continuously.

Spring black smoke. That's the wind pressure that pushed me away and swallowed up the Krulls and the Sword Princesses.

"Ho ho ho, what the fuck! Damn..."

Krull, holding his mouth down, looks toward the tip of Pericles, where the explosion occurred, and opens his eyes.

From beyond the black smoke, countless pieces of stone (crushed) were seen flying towards the Krull.


Rain and falling stone rubble.

Krull skilfully manipulates the Interception Armor (Intruder) that leaves two pieces to prevent it, but not one or two pieces of stone rubble fly in.

He flies away to the rear of the Fort of Motorized Castle, hurting all over Kurl's body.

Pericles is crumbling?

Krull gazes across the black smoke.

I saw the giant teardrop-shaped (teardrop) part of the manoeuvre castle fort Pericles, its tip making a fierce noise like a hundred lightning bolts, scattering blocks of stone and beginning to collapse.


I'm still getting shelling from somewhere.

Krull assumes so and looks around.

What looks like a bean grain on the diagonal rear is its own motorized castle fort Merclius.

It's impossible for Merclius to shoot the manoeuvre castle fort that Krull is boarding. Not to mention being able to hit the tip from the rear.

If you look toward the port side, you will see a motorized castle fort that joins you far away.

"Is that him?

After accidentally putting it in his mouth, Krull calmly denies it.

I have never heard of a manoeuvre castle fort that can release a magic cannon (Magi driver) directly next to it in a concurrent state.

From the front, then?

At the constant hour of black smoke, ahead of Pericles began to see the shadows of the capital on the other side of the horizon, nothing else.

There's no way Pericles is slowing down.

The walls of the tip that continue to collapse become rubble (crumble) and fly away from the walls toward the rear, causing blocks of stone falling over the desert sand to rise flashly with smoke.

"Damn, I guess I'll have to leave..."

When Krull muttered so unexpectedly, he saw white things rushing through the edge of his sight, inside the walls, toward the tip of the cobblestone road running through the center of Pericles.

"That son of a bitch!

Instantly Krull's blood boils.

What Krull saw, that's the look of a boy with a white hooded cape.

Turning a blind eye to the sword princesses, you can see them unfolding an ice-covered tornado to withstand the rubble.

But you won't be able to follow me like that.

Krull releases his hand from the walls as impulses.

A castle wall that trembles like an attempt to shake off the body of a krull that no longer has anything to support.

Krull's body is instantly bounced up to dance in space.

At that moment trying to fall inside the walls, Krull saw.

The other side of the black smoke, the extra ridiculous thing that emerged from beneath the fallen walls.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"What the hell!? Pericles is coming in this way, huh?

Raising her hysterical voice, Marie stares at the old man in front of her.

Manoeuvre Castle Fort Strasbourg anchored on the permanent bridge number 2, in the factory (dock) area of the capital.

A manoeuvre castle fort in a fully suspended state. There is no one else on that bridge right now but Butler Clift and Marie, who specialize in the Strasbourg family.

"No, it's predicted to be between the number one permanent bridge and the number two permanent bridge..."

"So, you're okay"

"Yes, just in case, I'd like to ask Marie and Hayza to take the lady to evacuation."

"... how long will you be here? Pericles is."

"I thought that was..., like a quarter of an hour (15 minutes)"

"Huh? You don't have time for half an hour."

"So he wants you to leave now"


Marie takes a big sigh and holds her temples down with her fingers after cramping her eyebrows out of her mind.

"Well, I'm not determined to bump into you..."

"Yes, but it's too late since something happened. So she wants us to evacuate just the lady."

"I can't, Hazki went out with Hayza earlier. You should be walking on the walls by now. If we go after him now, it'll only be about four and a half minutes."

"It's a joke... isn't it? Isn't it time for the rest of the day, lady?"

Marie shakes her head slowly.

Neither does Marie, the liar, who has no choice but to throw up.