A tall metal noise caused the iron ladder (ladder) to peel off the wall, and the boy and the girl were thrown into space for no reason.

In a roaring backwind, the two begin to fall, with a full look of amazement at the sudden events.


"Kuru, kuru. Come on!

The two reach towards each other reflexively.

But at the end of the day, the feeling of each other's fingertips slightly touching each other, ruthlessly the two are swallowed up by separate wind streams and fall to be torn apart.

Fall from near the beginning of the manoeuvre castle fort that lifted the heavens to impulse, hundreds of zars at height. Even if you jump off the spire of Saratoga Castle, you're not this tall.

As he fell with his back to the ground, Nanashi followed with his eyes the appearance of a krull being thrown outside the walls.

Fortunately, I still saw two steel plates circling the perimeter of the Krull.

There's nothing like being slammed against the walls like this, and if she's thrown into the desert, she'll be able to land safely in those two steel plates.

Nanashi caresses his chest down unexpectedly and shakes his head with a blurb.

No, not quite.

The problem is rather with Nanashi himself falling inside the walls.

If you keep falling straight, you will inevitably be crushed like a tomato by either the walls of Castle Pericles or the arena behind it (Colosseum), or the outer walls at the end.

Imagine yourself unbroken after a few decades, bloody from your face, scratching the universe with your fingers unnecessarily awesome, Nanashi thinks desperately.

Is there any way we can help?

Nanashi asked herself that and came to think of a blunt (frightened) streamlined object on her back.

Make an attitude so that you can land off your feet and activate something that rips sand at the moment of landing (sand spreader). That's it! That's all I got.

Whatever it is, it's falling from hundreds of zar heights. I don't think I can kill all of the shock. but I can't think of any more ways.

While gasping (ah) for breathless wind pressure in the roaring wind, Nanashi reaches desperately for something that rips sand (sandspreader).

I crawl my fingers looking for the clasp on the belt that holds the sand torn (sand spreader) in place, but I don't see the feel of the clasp where it should be.

"Hey, no! No clasp."

My heart is bouncing around in the back of my chest, dodgy and noisy about my beating.

Even Nanashi knows that if you panic, the worse the situation gets.

But Nanashi hadn't noticed.

That the belt had spinned in a crevice between getting here and the clasp had moved to the center of Nanashi's unreachable back.

The idea was to turn the belt itself if he calmed down, but Nanashi panicked, desperately crawling his fingertips towards the belt so as to scratch it.

I think I heard the footsteps of Reaper.

I can't see myself dyed bright red through my head.

We don't have much time.

Unexpectedly Nanashi turns his neck and turns his eyes behind his back.

Too late.

There was a wall in front of me.

With a stunned look on his face, Nanashi couldn't even loosen his momentum and clashed against the wall.

The feeling of your body slipping into the wall.

Nanashi's consciousness broke off there.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

A unicorn was eaten by the throat of the maiden of Reiki.

That is what the later poets will hear about the landing of the motorized castle fort Pericles in the capital.

The manoeuvre castle fort Pericles jumps up the front into space, whilst hissing the front leg of a rampaging horse.

It sounded like the roar of the beast and the noise of the beast, sprinkling fragments of the outer wall from the tip and winding up the sand, and it began its invasion of the capital.

It was at this time that the boy and the girl were thrown into space by the ladder.

But in events similar to this catastrophe, it is also only a very small phase.

The raised sand smoke is rolled up in the raised wind of the moving castle fortress, and it also appears as if the cloud is moving yellow and smoky, wrapped around its giant like a sandstorm.

Eventually, upon reaching the capital port area, the slowed down motorized castle fort drops its enormous shadow over the factory (dock) area.

Heavy wind cutting sound. Wind pressure while breezing.

A motorized castle fort defeats its giant to the earth.

A violent earthquake that rocks the earth's axis, a thunderbolt near the ground, and a similar burst sound echoes into the desert.

The overly unrealistic sight of the city trampling and crushing the city.

A huge mass, which extends to 1500 zars in width, falls out of space and crushes everything directly beneath it.

Factory (dock) dome roof covered with thinly extended copper. That's the number one permanent bridge. There were several buildings in a row.

They were not given time to make the crushing noise, but were instantly crushed, and only the sound of Merrimeri trampling the wreckage was echoed in the rising smoke.


Rape is treading. "Rin" means rubbing (scrubbing) on the ground.

The sight was exactly what we would call a ravage.

The battlefield (Colosseum) you're aiming for is already at the end of your eyes and nose.

While returning what was a city to its land, the giant unicorn of stone moves forward as it draws its giant.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The entire arena swayed.

At first I wondered if I even had dizziness (dizziness) due to the nervousness, but the thunderous sound of Dawn echoed from afar, followed by vibrations crawling up my body through my knees on cobblestone.

"Hey, what?

"Sand Flood!?

The chant of the Word of Prayer broke, and Miriam slowly raised her face with her eyes closed as she heard the voices of the executioners and monks lulling behind her back.

Orange-mixed red and black darkness with capillary embellishments sits in sight, permeating the sunlight with a tightly closed eyelid (eyelid).

Once I opened my eyes, I felt like I was about to cry because I was ready to melt down like ice cream and hesitated to open my eyelids.

I was going to be ready, but my heart is still terrorizing me against my will, carving my heartbeat like an early bell. I feel a severe pulsation around the carotid artery where the shackles (calluses) are touching.

My face is hot.

I have a dull headache like my head is swollen.

It's like all the blood in your body is gathering on your head.

If the execution were carried out now, the blood would erupt with momentum.

"Hey, somebody look outside!

I can see the stiff footsteps of the boots (or so) going around the back, the earlier vibrations of the executioners and monks don't know the situation, and they are frustrated or frightened.


When Miriam felt the discomfort of countless ants wanting to burst into the crowd in the audience, and the body that Miriam would not be free, the audience screamed and a bigger scream arose.

Behind my back I heard the executioner tongue pounding "chip".

"What are you doing! Grow them up!

As the executing officer abhorred his voice so abominably, there was a noise of some running down the stairs.

What's happening?

Miriam rattles her throat, opening her fearful eyes.

"Hey, what are you...?

When I began to twist and focus temporarily, I saw a mixed yellow and black cloud rising in the blue sky, which looked strange until earlier, as if it had been painted with mud.

Slowly turn your sight downstairs and you'll see a twitchy upstairs seat directly in front of you, an empty space around it.

The audience is getting away with screaming and stuffing.

There are a total of three glittering things in it.

I could see the two men waving their swords as I gazed.

I don't know until I look at you, but one of you is duplicitous. I thought it might be arge for a moment, but that one doesn't matter what you think, man. No matter how much Arge says he looks like a man, if he tells a boulder he missaw an array, he could be butchered.

"Don't fight at this time..."

Miriam exhales small.

The longer the execution prolongs because of this, the more time you will be exposed to the fear of death. I don't want to die aggressively, but I've never suffered for a short time.

Miriam felt uncomfortable as she watched the blurry eyes and the men meeting their swords.

Unnatural. Too unnatural.

Two men in Miriam's eyes seemed to be driving the audience away from it, making it look like they were meeting each other.

"I'm gonna get caught up in this. - Everybody's running away."

If I do, the tall lady is screaming out loud.

That woman is unnatural, too. With all that loudness, he does not even try to escape himself, but moves around a lot of people, he exhorts them out loud to escape.

Unnatural, unnatural, unnatural.

Even in this situation, the brains of Miriam's workers begin to spin for answers.

What does this situation indicate?

As far as that goes, I don't think it's an outrageous brawl. Without a doubt those two men and tall women are trying to keep the audience away from there.

What's over there?

Why now?

What does that have to do with the thunder that goes off outside?

Every piece of information is organized in her head as usual, tagged and classified. attached as a possibility with percentages on it.

And the conclusion that came out, it was,

- I don't know.

This place, this timing.

Whatever you think is irrelevant to you, it's hard to think, but no hypothesis can overcome the wall of the condition that 'Miriam's existence is forgotten from everyone'.

I feel terrible about Miriam.

Something is happening in front of me that I can't grasp with my own head.

Disgusting. Disgusting. I don't know.

On top of that, he was kind of in such a mess that, while everyone was running away, the execution was carried out and he was dead. That's kind of pathetic about boulders.

No... it's not like I want to be noticed anything else, but I kind of feel unreasonable about being treated like a sidekick until I die.

If they postpone the execution because of that, they will have another extended taste of the fear of death, but if they want to die soon, I have to say to the boulders that's different.

"Ah, already!

Not sure which way to turn her feelings, Miriam swelled her cheeks in dissatisfaction for now.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Run! Everybody's in danger! Run!

Tricia, the substitute housekeeper (maid), was just in a hurry when Miriam was haunted by complicated emotions on the stick-out stage and smoking from her head.

Mustadio and Perrin, the two gladiator slaves (Eshara), wave their weapons and exaggerate, and when they find where people are staying, they rush towards you as they meet.

In a hurry, Tricia also shouts her voice as far as possible, driving the people around her.

We don't have time. We don't have much time anyway.

Tricia knows who the roaring noise was earlier.

They know who the ringing of the earth is coming closer and closer.

What Malane is trying to do can only be described as outrageous.

It's a big runoff of crazy girls in love.

Love is a disease. Love sometime eroded Malane and progressed to a state where he could do anything for the boy.

Tricia puts her thoughts on the days she once fell in love and reminds me if she did the same.

Love that just ended up letting me raise the thought of being betrayed.

Reminiscent of the days when she was scorched by that championed man, Tricia looked uncomfortably at her face, showing her "oozing" and vomiting spells.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

On the desert, a small shadow falls.

Krull falls barely into the desert while gliding with the two remaining steel plates.

After a distant roar, swinging back the manoeuvring castle fort Pericles, which is causing the smoke to rise in the distance, Krull stares at his hand.

How did I reach out to Nanashi then?

Duh. Reflectively.

That would be so. The problem is the words that follow.

You tried to help me? You wanted to be helped?

I wonder what would have happened if I had reached out and grabbed Nanashi's hand like that.

Think that far. Krull stops thinking.

Scared by the inexplicable emotions that sprang up in his chest, Krull refused to give the answer.