Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 134: I won't die, so the idiot won't heal.

"What, what's wrong?

"Fine! Run, please!

He pulls his hand forcefully and Miriam runs without understanding why.

And as you pass by the side of Bosmus' body,

Miriam saw.

Bosmus head cracked in two.

From that cross section, something like a viscous black liquid is starting to stain.

Turning around, the black liquid is as dumb as a tentacle and gathers in one as it intertwines.

Miriam shudders unexpectedly.

... I'm in trouble.

Looking at that black liquid, I remember that kind of underlying fear, like peeking into an ancient well in the dark.

I feel such an evil sign of nausea, like I'm waiting for an opportunity to come.

Miriam looks at the look of that black liquid as she runs, without being able to take her eyes off it.

Eventually, its black liquid overflowed like a rupture all at once, wondering if it swelled like a balloon between the heads of a broken bosom to the left and right.

It looks like it stretches out its hands and feet in all directions, stuffing like a muckade at death.

So for the first time, Miriam comes to mind.

- Trap.

Yes, this was a trap.

That golem, if you will, is only a vessel.

It's just that it was a disposable container that was used only to bring this possessed presence so far.

What, who sent you here for what?

Miriam immediately began to circle her thoughts, but there was no clue anywhere.

- I don't know.

There's nothing to know at the moment.

"Miriam! Hurry!"


Drawing Miriam from the sea of thought with strength, Nanashi jumps onto the sand ripper (sandspreader) who was rolling over the cobblestone.

The behavior was an unassuming and abusive one, but if you look at his expression, you can imagine how pressing the situation is.

Miglia observes the side of Nanashi still.


Nana remembers who that black liquid is.

"Nana, are you..."

"Miriam! Hold on to my hips! Hurry up!"

Blocking Miriam's words, Nanashi stares behind her back as she makes her hips glimpse.

impending black liquid.

As much as I wonder where in that golem this much was jammed up, it slowly overflows and approaches both of us as we erode the cobblestone floor.

"Go, yeah, yeah!

The spiritual stones of those who tear sand (sand spreaders) shine a pale light in response to the cry of the Nanashi.

At that moment, that black liquid suddenly peeled its fangs off.

It stands high as if it were a tsunami, pushing at once towards both of us.

It looks like a total furry scourge, and it's covered in both of us as if a giant black moth were coming down.

At once, the sand tearer (sandspreader) burst forth in momentum, and the black liquid eroded the cobblestone around where they were until now.


To a sudden rapid acceleration, Miriam screams unexpectedly.

The sand tearers (sandspreaders) carrying the two accelerate in a straight line toward the wall around the Arena (Colosseum).

approaching stone walls.

We're gonna bump!

At that moment when Miriam unexpectedly stiffens and stretches her body, Nanashi lifts the tip of the sand tearer (sandspreader) by weighing it behind her all at once, driving the wall (wall ride). Running through the wall like a parabola drawing, going over the wall that separates the stretched stage from the audience seat.


Despite how much centrifugal force is working, the body is almost perpendicular to the wall.

If you break your attitude at all, first of all, there is definitely no life.

As for Miriam, who rides the sandspreader for the first time, all she can say is fear.

Hiddenly screaming, Miriam stares at the side of Nanashi.

It's a desperate phase like nothing I've ever seen before.

Until now, in Miriam's eyes, Nanashi seemed to be able to afford somewhere, under any circumstances.

That's close to giving up.

As for Milia, she can afford to feel badly irritated, even dying, as if she had no choice in some cases.

But now, Nanashi at this moment, I don't see that.

Mixed with wind cuts running through the circular inner walls of the arena (Colosseum), you can hear a slight whine of a nanashi in Miglia's ear.

"... has not been solved"

If you look, Nanashi is crawling his fingers into a hipster's knife.

"... it's not a further fault. What is it?

Solo, that's a grunt that sounds like you're even talking to someone.

But there's nobody else here but Miriam. There's no way he's here.

Within doing so, the darkness overflowing from the stakeout stage drips down to the lower audience seats and arenas, like pulling threads, and down to the overhead of people fleeing directly beneath it.

Untranslated, people who just raise their voices. A sad cry that makes you want to block your ears fills the interior of the cylindrical arena (Colosseum), and mourning overshadows the earth with an irrational calamity that suddenly appears.

"Shit! Mr. Malene! Fast!"

Rarely does Nanashi tongue.

Shortly afterwards, suddenly, the entire building wobbles and a huge cone (drill) that was breaking through the wall slowly begins to retreat as it collapses to shake off the left and right spectator seats.

Maneuver Castle Fort Pericles is starting to move.

Nanashi said it was early, but as far as the arena goes, that black liquid still looks like it's trying to attach to Pericles.

Even from Miriam's eyes, this is the critical time for a manoeuvre castle fort to escape intact.

If you consider the time to fully accelerate, one breath later, that black liquid will have begun to erode the walls of Pericles.


"Miriam, don't talk! I'll bite your tongue!

When she screams like that in a frustrating mixed voice, Nanashi further falls back to the front and takes a forward leaning position.

The speed increases further, and those who tear the sand (sand spreaders) make noises like golden cuts with fine vibrations.

The difficulty of balancing increases even more if you increase your speed so far, even after doing a curvy thing of driving around the inner walls of a circular arena (Colosseum).

Miriam can't even scream anymore, desperately spinning her thoughts.

Think logically, if you are in what position, you will not be in Nanashi's way.

Eventually, a rift in the Arena (Colosseum) is imminent where the cone (drill) of the motorized castle fort Pericles has shot out.

When Nanashi glances at Miriam for a moment, he grabs the tip of the lead plate with his hands so that it falls, forcibly changing course, and the sand tearer (sandspreader) slides up the inner wall of the arena (Colosseum) so that it follows the rift.

The feeling of being pulled by downward gravity through a chain of lateral centrifugal forces that hung as you were running through the inner wall. Acceleration, shaking off gravity. The one who rips the sand that trembles in small pieces (sandspreader), and at once the walls of the arena (Colosseum), the two jumped out of its top.

"Deliver, yeah!

Nanashi screaming with her eyes open, Miriam desperate on its back.

A sandspreader (sandspreader) breaks through the rising smoke.

Eyes glaring high, tons of sand strikes the two faces.

The impending walls of Pericles.

No... not tall enough. As it is, it clashes against the walls of the castle.

Nanashi speaks up when Miriam turns away unexpectedly.

"I'm sorry! Mr. Miriam! Pull the jaw!


At the next moment, Nanashi waved Miriam's hand away, grabbing her right arm with both hands, making sure she held it on her shoulder.

- I threw it.

The floating sensation wraps Miglia. Unexpectedly opens his eyes. He who rips sand that stalls in the sight of the heavens and the earth turned upside down (sandspreader).

Miriam saw. Look at the Nanashi going stalled with those who smile lonely and tear the sand (sandspreader).

"Nana ahhhhhhhh!!

Miriam falls from her back onto the wall at the moment she hears a shock sound like metal hitting something hard.


Severe impact, stars scattered across your sight. Unexpectedly my consciousness is about to diminish.

After bouncing over the cobblestone with momentum and rolling a few zars, Miriam stopped in a lying position on her back.

"Ugh... Ugh..."

Severe pain strikes all over your body, your breath squeezed out of your lungs and you gasp moving your mouth like a goldfish. I'm hitting hard all over my body.

"Na... Na..."

As she squeezed out from under her rough breath, Miriam called Nanashi's name.

But I haven't heard back.

Miriam knows exactly what happened to her.

- It won't arrive.

Nanashi, who decided so, threw her over the walls in order to survive Miriam.


When I try to move, I run a severe pain in my shoulder. Maybe it's broken. Still, he is forced to wake up and sit on the cobblestone, and Miriam looks around.

Above the walls where the rising smoke can stand like fog, there are no other figures of Miriam there.

"... Nana! Nana, ahhh!

Miriam's voice, similar to crying, disappears in the wind.

Always have, that desert people boy treats his life too lightly.

"If it's to redeem the life of a lord, if it's just the life of a housekeeper, it's cheap."

It's no different from the people who said so.

I have to preach well to him...... yet.

"Nana, you're ridiculous! Silly. Awwwwww!

Tears tell Miriam's cheek. Zero potatoes and droplets fell on the sanded cobblestone.

At that time,

I heard something. I couldn't help but look at Miriam, I could see her hand grabbing the edge of the walls.

As Miriam approaches to crawl forgetting the pain, she peeks under the walls and opens her eyes.

"Can I be a fool or whatever...... Ra, can you pull it? I'm at my limit... so..."

There, there was a Nanashi figure.


Miriam panicked and grabbed Nanashi's arm with her moving left hand, pulling Nanashi's arm as she fell back.

As he rolled up on the walls of the castle with momentum, Nanashi lay on a large letter.

"... I thought I was going to die"

In that one word of Nanashi, Miriam smiles unexpectedly after a moment of pompous expression.

"I know what it is.... Nana's idiot won't heal because she won't die."

And Miriam lay quietly next to Nanashi, trying to lean her cheek against his chest.