Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 135: The Girls on the Execution Table

Inside the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) you can see Nanashi and Miriam lying on the walls.

Shortly after I've dived through all that training ground, Nanashi's sleeping face, when I look at it like this, is somewhere unusual.

Maraine exhales.

At least Nanashi came back alive.

He grabbed what he hoped to save and returned without taking it away.

And so the things that were taken away fell upon the heart of Maraine. I have a life I couldn't pick up.

"... Tricia"

Malane's face, scarce in expression, is slightly distorted.

Shumelvi opened her mouth quietly as she stared at Maraine as she was drooling.

"It's not your fault, 'cause I couldn't have predicted my appearance. Oh, yeah?

"... abandon, that's what I decided"

A drop of tears from Maraine's eyes as she leaned down.

Heavy air flows to the bridge, and in silence, from among the occupants (crews), the sound of sipping (soaking) their noses.

Hertrude, who would not like to be damp no matter what he thinks, puts his hands on Maraine's shoulder with a cozy shoulder.

Maraine shrugged in a trembling voice, along with a squeaky exhale.

"... sleep in peace"

At that moment, a slightly troubled voice sounds from around the entrance to the bridge.

"Um... I'd like you not to kill me on your own."


With a simultaneous eye toward those who spoke, Malene jumped up unexpectedly.

"Trishi ah!?

There was a slightly sorry look at Tricia in her usual maid's clothes.

"Duh, how!

"I don't know... as soon as Pericles came in, I went back through the lower level entrance."

Malane rushes toward Tricia so that she can be bounced, her hips peel and her face drizzles.

"I thought he was dead"

"I thought you were going to die."

With a bitter smile, Tricia also hugs Maraine and gently strokes her hair.

The appearance made me think of the mother who found her lost self.

"No, good. Good for you, hon. Congratulations, happy ending guys!

Until now, I don't know how comfortable it must have been.

As Hertrude shouted out loud at the temper, a smile peeked out of the bridge crew. But there Schmelvi watered it.

"It might be happy for now, but it's not the end."

Schmelvi goes on to talk even more, laughing unexpectedly at the mucky Hertrude.

"'Cause we haven't even gotten out of downtown yet, you don't think there's a single chase before we get down to the desert and through the inviolable realm? Asmodymos will be about to start up, and if Merclius is done retrieving the Battle Crazy (Warmonger), he might come at you, huh?

Because of that word, I can see the air drifting on the bridge (bridge) cooling rapidly. However, unfortunately, it was an indisputable fact.

Tricia asks, peeking into Malane's face.

"Right, the first prerequisite is to get out of the inviolable realm (cosm) safely, ma'am, and then which way?

"... South"

Hertrude laughs unexpectedly at the response.

"To the south......, I don't know if it's absurd. If you think calmly, we are utterly defenceless rebels and... major criminals. Perhaps we'll be blamed for the damage caused by the [darkness]. It's pretty important to know where you're going."


"The sea?"

"I was surprised even in the pool"

I didn't know what Malene was talking about, and when Hertrude accidentally frowned, Tricia opened her mouth.

"I want to show my husband the ocean, because he was so surprised even in the pool. Absolutely welcome… and you say"

"Kah, maiden chick, hey, at sea! In this situation, at sea!

Next to Hertrude saying so, Schmelvi gives a slight hint of contemplation.

"... so, isn't it bad?"

"What's wrong?"

"I've never tried it. Doesn't Fort Maneuver float a little?

"What's wrong with that?"

"So maybe we can cross... the ocean"

"Beyond the sea!? So, what do we do then?

"Vacation on the South Island...... I wonder?

One of the bridge crew raised his voice at a moment when Hertrude had an unexpected look like he had eaten something weird.

"It's tough! Someone is approaching the young lady!

Tension runs over the bridge in Russia.

If you think calmly, you didn't confirm the annihilation of the Sinner Squad (Liechten) that flew in from Merclius. There's nothing strange about lurking somewhere in Pericles in this mayhem.

"Show me!

"I'll put it on the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor)!

Again, I see Nanashi lying on the walls.

From the outside of the screen, next to Momozo and Nanashi, there is a shadow that crawls over.

All the humans on the bridge (bridge) froze for a moment in a disgusting motion like a worm without hands and feet.

And when the identity of that shadow is revealed............,

Schmelvi smiled bitterly, Malene roared "uh-huh," Tricia was sighing (sighs) loudly, and Hertrude held her head.

The identity of the shadow on the screen...... it is the Silver Ridge sword princess.

A sword princess, who should have left her in the infirmary, crawls over to Nanashi's side as she draws her bandage-painted legs.

And after staring at Miriam sleeping on the left side of the Nanashi, forming straight on the right side of the Nanashi, he carefully adjusted the position of the Nanashi's arm and laid it to sleep on the pillow.

Of course, Princess Sword does not realize that it is shown on the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor).

On the sleeping Nanashi's chest, cheeky enough to wonder if that's what makes the fire out of friction, he is sloppily nibbling "eheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh".

As the difficult air drifts across the bridge (bridge) to the brush tongue, the words fall unexpectedly from the mouths of Schmelvi and Tricia.

"... you're a crazy bitch"

"... crazy bitch. Wow"

But unlike the two of us, Hertrude, who has ever named a sword princess rival, there is something very tight about being made to look like that.

"Your colours are messed up..."

Hertrude with a look like a bitter bug chewed up.

Schmelvi slaps him on the shoulder so that he can forgive him.

"... Tricia"

"No way... do you want the lady to go too?

Maraine snorted.

"Ha... well, come back as soon as something happens. Nice."

As soon as Tricia said so in a sigh, Malane leaves the bridge (bridge) for a small run with Patapata.

"So, is Hel good? Don't go."

"As it were, well... we're just 'balls' aimless. We're so obsessed."

"Well, dry..."

As Schmelvi poked his lips slightly unexpectedly, Hertrude began to twitch as soon as possible.

"... but even though it's blue, I don't know what to lose... I'm just gonna go, I don't know!

Helltrude leaves the bridge (bridge), creating an atmosphere of unwillingness.

But as soon as she left the bridge (bridge), Schmelvi and Tricia erupted unexpectedly when they heard the patter and rushing footsteps moving away down the hallway.

"You're not being honest."


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The screams of those who were so resounding are quiet, as if they were events in some distant world.

Raw wind.

A dark cloud that can stand in drops a shadow over a huge, black-dyed building.

Collapsed, missing corner Arena (Colosseum).

If you look at the surface of that huge building, you can see that the [darkness] that sticks there is peristaltic (almost) to the small slices, as if it were the guts of an organism.

"Well, that's settled."



It was the voices of young children that broke the painful silence.

Soon the three young girls are floating right on the stakeout stage.

Except for the hair and ribbon colors, three toddler girls with almost the same face.

A pure white dress with adorable puff sleeves floats and looks in the [darkness] that fills the surroundings.

The young girls slowly lower their altitude and rise and descend onto the stakeout stage.

When the young girls came down, [the darkness] swept away its surroundings as if they were afraid of them.

The young girls stepped down on the execution bench.

Sitting side by side on a wooden shackle left behind, they look over a collapsed rift at Pericles, a manoeuvring castle fort that turns away.

He's the one who's distorting his doomed destiny.

"Haha, you don't say it's a rebirth of a (...) le (...)"

"Ha...... Marne is really smart"


As Sarne shrugged her shoulder, Marne stirred up.

Ene puts her little hand on Marne's shoulder so that she can hold it down.

"Just like Sarne said, Marne is stupid after all."

"Until Ene! I'm not following you there."

"'Cause there's no way anyone who didn't die in the first place will be reborn."

Marne raised her voice and laughed after a moment of decent expression.

"... haha, right, right"

When Marne put her fingers together behind her head and nodded as if she were convinced, Sarne put that Marne shoulder at her fingertips and put it on a bit.

"Hmm? What are you doing?

"There, it's still okay"

"Oh, no, really, it's starting to disappear."

Ahead of what Sarne pointed out, around the eastern corner of the arena, I could see the darkness slowly beginning to fade, which was so thick.

"It's a replica made just from memory, well, it's like this."

When Ene says so naturally, [the darkness] fades acceleratively, as if she had obtained forgiveness.

The sight is like the earth that welcomes the morning.

The darkness fades as the veil is stripped away, and what was hidden beneath it regains its colour.

But as soon as I regained the color, it began to crumble to pieces.

The stone walls, the jaws, and the humans, they become grains of sand and blow in the wind to dance in the universe.

Marne asks her ass as a giant building makes a noise like a Great Falls, scattering sand and collapsing.

"So, what do we do? Want to hang up a little?


Ene shakes her head loudly.

"The next storm is coming that far. Leave him alone, but he'll stick his neck in."

Marne laughs at her garlic and opens her mouth like she said she couldn't help but look forward to it.

"As much as before, can you see the glow of life?

Already, the stakeout stage where they are has begun to collapse.

But there's no way to panic to the toddlers.

Ene exhales small.

"So, Marne's an idiot."

"Ene, it's awful! I said stupid again!?

"Now the earth is full of sons of men. You can't see anything like it."

Again, Marne breaks up as if convinced after a decent look on her face.

"Oh, well... right"

"Yeah, I don't know."


"" "Heh heh heh heh" "

The young girls began to sneeze together as Sarne began to sneeze.

The groaning voices of young girls mixed with the crumbling sand sounds.

Eventually, when the place where the arena was, when it became a giant sand mountain, there was a noise of dolary, and the wooden shackles on which they were sitting fell on the sand.

I don't see the toddlers anywhere anymore.

Only a wooden shackle was left on the spot, like a toy left in the sand.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"By the way, Master Schmelvi, what was that [darkness]?"

After Malane and the others had left the bridge (bridge) for some time, Tricia asked Schmelvi after giving the bridge (bridge) crew a single instruction.

"Hmm, I don't know. Wow."

"Don't you understand, Master Schmelvi?

"Right. I've never seen or heard of it. Wow. Just to be honest, right now, I'd like to start my investigation in a cage in Strasbourg's library."

When Tricia smiles unexpectedly, Schmelvi abruptly changes the subject.

"Pursuit, you think they're coming?

"Aren't you coming... when it comes to a manoeuvrable castle fort that can move properly, it's about Asmodimos and Vergilius"

"Vergilius didn't start... Asmodimos will come"

With that said, Schmelvi turns to the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor).

"Then I'll just rub it in and let you like it"

"About a half an hour."

Schmelvi and Tricia, on the other side of the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) where the two stared, with the boy's body on their pillows, appeared the girls who gathered around and slept quietly.