Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 136: The Demon King and the Four Heavens King

"I don't believe it."

Small spiritual tablets (monitors) like men's palms (baskets) placed on the table.

On the other side of the small screen, Saratoga burmio was slightly drooled.

Clear upset enough to tell over the screen.

- I can't even do it.

Schmelvi thinks so.

A motorized castle fort, Pericles, with Nanashi and the others on it, shakes off the fierce pursuit of the motorized castle fort Asmodimos, spicy (from), escaping the inviolable realm (cosm), and then a month and a half early (Hayatsuki Han).

Currently, the manoeuvring castle fortress Pericles is sailing straight (even) to the south.

In the beginning, be wary of pursuit, without the shadows or shapes of what was coming, inside Pericles, where tension was straining, if a month passed, it would also relax on the boulder.

Thus, when reconstruction work began under the castle and the voices of the merchants began to sound, gradually the city began to return to vibrancy.

If we don't have to worry about ourselves, it's only logical that we start to worry about the situation in Saratoga, the original 'house', the fortress of the motorized castle.

That said, communicating from Pericles, who is now in a position to be chased, to Saratoga on normal lines is nothing more than putting Saratoga at risk.

Because of this, Schmelvi built a magic circuit for secret communication, but it didn't connect very well, and after making improvements, communication with Mio was finally connected today.

Mio on the other side of the screen asked slowly, placing his hand on his chest and getting his breath ready, making sure towards Schmelvi.

"In other words, the Lord said Killier had a real sister who was not a pillow, and that Soyato was a good friend of the whores, who were cursed of oblivion and nearly executed himself to save the whores... Your lords went out on such an outrage to save Soya... That's what I'm saying."

"Yes, you're right."

Mio stares into Schmelvi's eyes and eventually exhales heavily.

That appearance still seemed distressing to Schmelvi in the way he organized his emotions.

"And what's his name?

"Er... I forgot."

Gaku, and Mio slipping his legs.

This area is a body stained reaction.

Schmelvi is not joking.

The curse on the housekeeper (maid) remains alive.

So even Schmelvi, no matter how many times he remembers, quickly forgets the face and name of that housekeeper (maid).

Over the past month and a half, Schmelvi has continued to decurse (dispel) over and over again, so that only the part of the "Forgotten Being" curse could be removed.

"Forgetfulness of Being"

- I mean, even if you forget your face and your name, the only thing that you can't forget is that there are people like that.

But on the contrary, that was the best I could do.

"Fair enough. On the contrary, then, who cursed Soya?


On this inquiry too, Schmelvi's words are badly toothed.

"He also seems to know in his head that when he tries to talk about the person, he forgets what he was trying to talk about."

"Is that a curse, too?


Mio slowly meditates (crushes) his eyes as he rebuts Schmelvi's words so far.

An indescribable and painful silence lay between the two of them across the distance of thousands of falsangs.

"Either way, it looks like you should stay down with Kirier about Soya for a while. Even though I accidentally put my sister Air in the laundry and the colour just diminished, I can't imagine what would happen to a whore on the day I found out that she actually had a real sister and tried to kill her."

"That's right."

Schmelvi smiles unexpectedly.

Behind her brain was a figure of Killier rushing through the desert with all his might and storming into Pericles.

No matter how long we keep this story going, it's just going to deepen Mio's misery and it's not going to be a mutually fruitful story.

Schmelvi decides so and turns to the situation on Saratoga's side.

"So, how's it going over there?

"Hmm, Saratoga's repairs are almost complete. I don't know if the Sephal guy can handle it."

"Is Sir Kirchheim back?

"Kirchheim? It's rare that your Lord cares about him. Looks like we're going to Mercurius today, but Kirchheim and Meshmendi are coming back."

"I'm glad we're all okay. In fact, Sir Kirchheim has something to look into in the Strasbourg library..."

At that moment, Mio's expression clouded.

"Is that an example?

"That's right. About [Darkness] appearing in the Arena (Colosseum)"

"Is that a clue, too?

"No, I just want you to find out if there's any mythology or ancient history that resembles me."

Just a reckoning.

Though so spoken, Schmelvi had a certain certainty.

"Hmm, aye. All right, let me check it out."

"Thank you very much."

But listening to Schmelvi's gratitude, Mio's expression suddenly becomes magical.

"But... the way the world sees it, that [darkness] is the work of your lords."

"That's not us..."

"I know. But the damage is enormous, because some 50,000 people in the arena are missing at the same time. The voices of those who are left behind will turn to the royal family if they turn somewhere."

"That's right..."

As Schmelvi, I know without being told, I can't help but think that the boulders are irrational to rub everything down.

"The lords who fled the scene were just the right sacrifices (scapegoat). Three days ago, there was a proclamation calling you" Demon Kings. "

"What? Demon King?

Unexpectedly, Schmelvi stunned with his mouth open.

"That's funny, isn't it? The fact that a grown man looks so serious and drools over a speech like" Crusade the Demon King "is so funny, he's desperate to laugh."

"I don't know about the Demon King. I don't ask."

As the notation (...) (...), which represents an inexplicable threat, it would have been more convenient to make the public aware of it.

"Especially not even the royal ones have grabbed you to the point where you are who you are. The idea of being a saboteur in another country seems to make up a lot of people."

"I'm glad no one remembers the maid. Normally, if you check the identity of the housekeeper (maid), you'll be in Saratoga soon."

"Yes, and those who were in the arena that day, and survived, were none other than your lords."

Schmelvy, however, unwittingly twists his neck there.

"Is that it? Uncle Merclius should know it's us on Pericles...?

"Are you a war freak? No, since then, twice, there's been a Lords' meeting, but Ayato didn't say anything... I may have missed hearing Uncle Pericles crying too much..."

Mio opens his mouth as he remembers after stunning his eyebrows.

"Whatever Warmonger is, let's get Vergilius and Rhoda ready to head south now."

"Is it Vergilius and Rhoda..."

A deeply distressing color floats in Schmelvi's expression.

It's hard to beat two manoeuvre castle forts on a boulder, facing them from the front.

"Well, we're a month and a half away, so we won't have to catch up. You just have to get away with it."

"I get it."

"At the end of the day, Schmelvi, your Lord is counting on you. I don't rely on Nanashi, and the rest of them don't know what to do with assholes. Adults like your lord and whore are going to be in trouble if you don't keep an eye on them."

Where Mio finishes saying that, communications are interrupted.

Schmelvi shrugged as he watched the Spirit Stone Plate (Monitor) return to the black only stone plate.

"Dear Mio... an adult"

Saratoga Bormio, twelve years too old for mental age.

I was a hard worker.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Dim room with raw air cage.

On the table, a spiritual stone with an elephant (dokuro) emits a spooky blue light from the spot where it touches the eye.

The silhouette of the three men wearing the robe deep in their eyes stretched out distorted (snoring) on the stone wall, as it was illuminated from the bottom by its pale light.

"Did the dirt guy get hit..."

The voice is a woman, the voice of a woman who pushed her to death.

The other two open their mouths to answer that voice.

"Kukukukuku, he is the weakest of the four kings."

"The face of our Four Heavenly Kings, such as losing every weak soldier in the royal family."

In addition to these three if you listen, you can hear them breathing small.

A shadow nestled in the deepest part of the room, on the other side of the deep darkness.

The shadow of a man on a luxurious chair with his feet bent over his elbow.

"We, the Four Heavens, were also insulted..."

Once again one of the three surrounding the table, 'Blue Robe' said so, the latter two nodded quietly.

"Next time, I'll let you out!

"Say what, it's me!

When the two "red robes" and "purple robes" stare at each other, "blue robes" just open their mouths when they are late.

"Well, then, I will!

The two people who were staring at each other on the way back to the 'blue robe' said with a voice.

"" Go ahead, go ahead ""

"Hey!? Hey!"

Unexpectedly, he returns to his vegetables and rises from his chair, the 'blue robe'.

When "Red Robe" and "Purple Robe" grabbed the shoulder of "Blue Robe" on each one and shook their heads small, "Blue Robe" also returned to me, again seated as if nothing had happened.

"Oh, you know..."

A man standing in the back of the room calls out to the three of them with a mosquito crying voice.

But when the three ignored it altogether, they stood up simultaneously and took flashy action on the robe that was wrapped around them, undressing and raising their voices.

"Flaming Hertrudo!

"Thunder Schmelvii!

"Ice Mass Maricissu!

"" "We! Four Heavenly Kings Oh!" "

Gather around than the three of us, Bishi! and the self-proclaimed Four Heavenly Kings who pose.

The shadow in the back speaks to the Four Heavenly Kings as he looks at them with a glimpse.

"You know... Gentlemen, it's time to end this? Four (...) Heaven (...) King (...) Oh (...) Ko (...)"

The shadow, of course, is Nanashi, but from the neck down, if you look good, was brilliantly petrified with a carefree pose.

I don't need to tell you who did it, but when I see something like this, I usually find the words I like frigid without interruption.

Hertrude and Schmelvi point their mouths down at the immobile Nanashi. It is an attitude that just goes on to say, "It was a good place because of it".

"What the hell. Lord, Nori, I'm sorry."

"Yes, the Demon King."

"Who is the Demon King!

Nanashi accidentally puts in a scratch.

Ever since Schmelvi asked us what we call the 'Demon King's Party', it just seems like they're trying to tailor Nanashi to the Demon King in Norinoli.

"It's bad luck, Nanashi-kun. I told you I treated you like a Demon King. That's the name of the warrant."

"No, no, no, that's for convenience, isn't it?

"For convenience or whatever. Yeah, but when it comes to a lot of fighting, the Lord Han, I think, 'You demon king! They say," Don't get attacked. "


Nanashi unexpectedly frowns.

That's pretty painful.

But only the Silver Ridge sword princess, subject to the fact that other humans are amused by its' pain ', has a verse in which she is seriously delighted with the designation Demon King.

"After all, I thought the Lord was the one to be king. What do you think, because you're the Demon King, what do you mean, try to wield all the atrocities?

"Because of!? That's why!?

The motorized castle fort Pericles escaped the impenetrable realm (cosm) by shaking off the spicy (from) chase of Asmodimos as early as a month and a half (Hayatsuki solder).

The sword princesses, who were told by Schmelvi that their name had become 'one of the demon kings', were all tense.

Sometimes the journey towards the southern edge of the desert went too well, and for the bored sword princesses, the boat crossed. It was such a good play tool.

This is also the fourth time that the Four Heavens King has had this.

Sometimes it's settled.

"One Four Heavenly Kings a Day," "Four Heavenly Kings Up to a Minute a Day"

It should be noted that the personnel of the Four Heavenly Kings are performed in rotation, including Malane and Tricia, but for now, the first set of Four Heavenly Kings is always "Sat" for some reason, and the promises are kept.

Indeed, it was a serious' demon king's faction '.